Christ stilling the waves

The Trumpeteer

  • What Must Be Done

    There is a sense in which lunacy has taken over the World and the Vatican, the former is understandable, the latter unfortunate. to say the least. The Gospel is not easy to follow if you rely on yourself; if you indulge in the heresy of Pelagianism, namely that one can get to Heaven by one’s own effort one will realize what a difficult thing that is. Augustine was merciless with Pelagianism, as he knew only too well, from bitter experience, how weak we human beings are, and how weak he was, and that it was his mother’s prayers and sacrifices which conquered the Heart of God and deluged her son with torrents of grace. Whatever the Orthodox East’s understandable reservations regarding Augustine might be, and they have a point, Augustine did understand grace. We cannot get to Heaven on our own efforts, but these days you would be forgiven for thinking that that is precisely what the Church teaches, and would that it were classic Pelagianism, which would require heroic effort. These days the daunting words of Jesus that many are called but few are chosen have been reversed, and it has been transformed into many are called and all are chosen. This mind set would be understandable if it had emanated from the oracular utterances of an Edward Schillebeex or a Hans Kung, but when this view that all are saved comes from the pen of one of the good guys at the Second Vatican Council, namely the revered Jacques Maritain one begins to get rather worried. At least Hans Urs von Balthasar only wrote a book called “Dare we hope that all men are saved?” Well we can hope, but I fear it will be hope against hope, and it will be unfulfilled. That modern Man cannot bear the idea of punishment is succinctly summed up by Professor James Hitchcock in his book on the Liturgy published in 1974, when things were bad, but in a different way as to what they are now. He says the following:

    “For reasons which are still obscure, the modern Western psyche cannot endure the thought of being under judgment, of having one’s thoughts and actions definitively summed up by the Supreme Judge. To maintain what they regard as healthy self-esteem, modern Christians excuse most transgression, define sin in terms like “failure to grow”, and shut out even the possibility of divine punishment.”

    Here are some examples of the madness that consume the not so great and the good. At the World Meeting of families 2015 to be held in Philadelphia between 22nd and 25th September, and which the Pope will attend, some of the leading people involved in this event are well known supporters of the infamous and rightly detested Planned Parenthood, that recently has been under furious fire for its selling of body parts of aborted babies. This has not surprisingly caused the sparks to fly with not a few Catholics fiercely attacking Archbishop Chaput of knowing this and doing nothing about it.

    From what one can gather from the Lepanto Institute (presumably not the Lepanto Institute in Italy founded by that excellent historian Roberto de Mattei) and Church Militant, the whole organizing of the Meeting seems to be an exercise in lunacy.

    Apparently Robert Ciaruffoli who is the President of The World Meeting of Families donated $1,000 to one of the political candidates, and possible one of the honorary co-chairs of the meeting, (whatever that means; goodness me all these endless permutation of bureaucratic terms emanating from endless committees is enough to drive one to drink!) an Allyson Schwartz who founded the Elizabeth Women’s Center, which is described as a Planned Parenthood facility; yet another grey unexciting title for a wicked use. She of course, is boringly, totally for “Gay Marriage”, “contraception” and “abortion”; and of course there are other people, who are exactly like Allyson Schwartz, and have benefited from Mr Ciaruffoli’s generosity and who are co-chairs of the World Meeting of Families. However before we start throwing moral stones at Mr. Ciaruffoli’s very un-Catholic behaviour, we find out that he has been lavishing funds upon excellent pro-lifers! What are we dealing with? We are dealing with the dangerous effects of pluralism, which completely blurs the distinctions between immoral, or even amoral behaviour, and moral behaviour. Somehow fellow politicians and well educated professionals are worthy of help, precisely because they are competent, professional, pleasant, obviously a bonus, and even charming. However the problem with this that it also includes so many of the clergy who are professional, competent, etc. Heaven help us, the last thing we want are professional priests. We want a Curé d’Ars, a St. Richard of Chicester, a St. Joseph Benedict Cottolengo, a St. Vincent de Paul, a St. Francis de Sales. We do not want spiritual or clerical salesman dishing out dubious dollops of charm, spin, and utterly vacuous statements, and heresy. We do not want them to behave like politicians, because they don’t to it as well as politicians, who at least know what they are doing, namely playing the Devil’s game.

    If this is true, then it is very sad as the Archbishop is supposedly one of “The great and the good” in the Church. It would appear, on a superficial reading of this curious muddled story that this is true, and that the Lepanto Institute and Church Militant are quite right to be very worried as to the behaviour of the press and communications offices within the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

    However the madness continues for we have the bizarre case of Naomi Klein and Jeffrey Sachs, who are both ethnically Jewish, quite what their religious affiliations are, I do not know, and who are being used as consultants to the Holy See with regard to Climate Change, which at least is rather more scientific than evolution, but equally questionable. Have they informed The Holy See that HARP have been changing the weather for well over 60 years as far as I can make out, and which has now apparently stopped interfering with the weather? I would imagine not.

    Now these two professional people could not be more different in their political and ideological view points. Klein is left wing and obsessed with global warming etc. Sachs is right wing and his advice to the governments of Poland, Estonia, and the emerging post-Communist Russia of the Yeltsin era was fairly disastrous. Naomi Klein who is pro-abortion is harshly critical of Sach’s advice to, not only these countries, but particularly with regard to Bolivia. Here Sachs’ policies were so disastrous that he reduced the peasant farmers to such penury that there were forced to produce opium. The madness of the Vatican is rather like Ukraine asking the Americans and the Russians into their country to advise on state security and defence, or rather more ludicrously Poland, early in 1939, asking Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union to advise on how to understand Communism and the Jewish Question. Such behaviour would be considered either treacherous or suicidal, and this within the Vatican City; even the hopelessly optimistic St. John XXIII would not have been quite so naïve.

    And so we reach the apogee of nonsense when we find that in the benighted world of greater Germany the following, which I quote in its entirety from the excellent website of Lifesite News:

    While the Swiss Bishop Vitus Huonder of the Diocese of Chur is still under public criticism for upholding the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church on homosexuality, the Swiss Bishops' Conference is coming under pressure because of its alliance with a man who has been himself promoting the homosexual and gender agenda for many years. Dr. Arnd Bünker is the head of the Swiss Institute for Pastoral Sociology, which wrote the Swiss Bishops' Conferencemuch-criticized report in preparation for the upcoming 2015 Synod of Bishops on the Family in Rome. The report explicitly and insistently requests that the Church cease excluding remarried divorcees from the Sacraments and that she give a place to the partnerships of male and female homosexuals.

    In 2014, the same man, Dr. Bünker, wrote the Swiss bishops’ report for the 2014 Synod of Bishops on Marriage and the Family, and he received, as a consequence, harsh criticism. For example, the Swiss newspaper Die Weltwoche said on March 6, 2014:

    Of all people, the Swiss Bishops' Conference asks a homo activist and declared follower of the Gender Mainstreaming (that is to say the attempt, to flatten out the natural differences between the sexes) to formulate its policy with regard to the family.

    Die Weltwoche continues to point out that Bünker openly lobbies for “homosexual intentions” and was conspicuously helping out with the “Project of a Queer Mass Parish, together with the Working Group Male Homosexual Theology.” In this context, Bünker was trying to “develop a homosexual liturgy,” says the newspaper. Additional research has now shown one of his essays where he is specifically dealing with this topic of a Queer Parish in Münster, Germany.

    Words fail me to describe such juvenile, infantile hogwash. That anyone could employ a man like Dr. Bünker as an authentic scholar beggars belief. Things are almost as bad with regard to the German bishops’ conference, who are advised by Stephen Goertz a professor of moral theology, who has taken Pope Francis’ disastrous question “Whom am I to judge?” (This of course was to do with homosexuals trying to live a Christian life, which is also very ambiguous these days, which is like having one’s cake and eat it, and that might have eluded the Argentinian Pope who is operating in the far more sophisticated world of Western Europe, which is not at all like the New World of South America.) and made it the title of his book. Once again I quote from Lifesite news on one more dotty story about bishops and clergy losing the plot on a grand scale:

    On August 25,, the official website of the German Bishops' Conference, published an interview with the German moral theologian Stephan Goertz concerning his new book, Who Am I to Judge? Homosexuality and the Catholic Church.

    In the interview, Goertz makes the claim that homosexuality should no longer be condemned because the times have changed. In biblical times, says the theologian, "procreation was the first God-given purpose of sexuality." At that time, "sexuality had as its first purpose to secure the survival of the people"; however, "that is obviously not any more our situation, and that is since the [Second Vatican] Council also not any more our moral teaching on sexuality."

    I would suggest that Professor Goertz read Fr. Seraphim Rose’s stupendous book, “Genesis, Creation and Early Man”, which, God willing, will knock some sense into the silly professor’s head, which is obviously a hot house of higher criticism based not on true scholarship but on Enlightenment rationalism which is simply prejudice and certainly not real research, but all about pushing a view point that is supposedly modern, and stuck bang in the late 18th century, an era dominated by false philosophy and a hatred for Christianity.

    The question one has to ask is this? Why does the Church have to call in outsiders who have no sympathy with the Church’s life, tradition, and Faith to give answers and provide solutions when Christ has done so already, or to listen to Catholic academics who have obviously lost the Faith? It is perfectly ridiculous behaviour on the part of the bishops, and they must stop this nonsense, and get down on their knees and pray for wisdom, and remain in the ancient tradition of the Church East and West? Did Athanasius ask Arians to help him deal with the Arian crisis; certainly not! He simply responded to them by saying that Christ is God, full stop. The Church looks very silly if she starts asking people for advice, who a) do not understand the Church, and b) who most probably want to see its destruction, or c) are traitorous Catholics.

    Another analogy might be this. A publican asks a member of the local teetotal association and a drugs baron on how to run his pub? It is a rather crude analogy, but it shows how preposterous the Vatican is looking these days. It seems that the Church is turning into Little Riding Hood, who in the original, and I only discovered this recently, does get gobbled up by the wolf. No doubt Pope Benedict XVI, at his inauguration as Pope, remembered this fairy tale, when he prayed that the wolves did not get him. Well they sort of did, and thus we find ourselves in this unhappy state today.

    How have we arrived at this state of affairs? It would take a genius to unpick the whole bemusing skein of tangled wool, but here is a start.

    Yes the Latin Church has suffered terribly from the nominalism of Ockham, which says that the only difference between a sea lion sunning himself and having an afternoon nap on an iceberg, and the heroic Gordon of Khartoum, is in a name. It is only the name that differentiates the two. This shows how silly philosophers and theologians can be. There was 30 or more years ago ridiculous notions flying around the Christian world of “God becoming”. This is palpable tosh. God said to Moses “I Am Who Am.”, and that is that. He then in Jesus revealed that he was three persons and one God. Does one need to say anymore, well of course, with the appearance of the professional theologian, following on from the professional politician, who has to earn his bread or butter, they have got to write about something, and more’s the pity, for most of it is rubbish. The liberals who see in St. John XXIII, one of themselves, in which they are mistaken, should then take heed of his words; “Theologians, theologians, can’t we just say the Our Father, Hail Mary and Creed and be done with it” or words to that effect. Well obviously not!

    Let us look to the Orthodox East for some wisdom and sanity before we bring the great edifice of the Catholic Church crashing down around our ears because of our stupid infatuation with the Modern Western World. If we carry on this unhappy political, religious, and philosophical relationship with the contemporary world we may find that it will not be modern at all, but in the past, and that may just be our saving grace, but for that to happen millions upon millions of people may die before they can be reconciled with God or even get to know him. The fault will be ours, who have slumbered too long in the belief that if we ignore all these terrible things, they will go away. However they are not ghosts in the night, who are gone with the dawn, they are the terrible hordes of Hell waiting to drag us all to the Devils disastrous domain ,namely Eternal Hell.

  • God is for us a Refuge and Strength

    People everywhere seem to think that there will be an economic collapse and its wake World War III will break out later this year. Some think that it will be in September. Gerald Celente of Trends, and Alex Jones would be very much of this view, and both men are moral and principled men. Alex noted how extraordinary it was to see so many Chinese millionaires in his home town of Austin, Texas. The rich are fleeing everywhere, many of them to New Zealand. One would have thought that the Chinese should be going to New Zealand aswell as it is, after all, much closer to home. The idea of these young Chinese in ultra expensive cars is somewhat ludicrous; after all a car is a car and is there to get one from a to b. Where then are the great of the earth going? Apparently underground cities and bunkers. There will be a candle lit vigil for all those who have died of Aids at the Gay Pride festivities in Manchester next week. In the real sense of the word it is all truly pathetic.

    What are people doing about all those suffering appallingly in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, to name just a few of the trouble spots of the world, where the innocent are being brutally massacred to fulfil the whims and lusts of the rich, and the power of politicians? We have the appalling sentimentality displayed by the LGBT, which has depressing similarities to Bolshevism, in an utterly complete devotion to a false ideology that must be foisted on everyone, a kind of religion. And this from the corrupt West while the rest of the World has to suffer for our sins of sensuality, power exercised as brute force, and poverty on a grand scale. The answer to all this is, not the newly resurgent and somewhat changed Liberation Theology, or an optimistic view of fallen human nature, nor is it firstly about feeding all the poor of the world, or making everyone equal, it is about worshipping God in spirit and truth.

    The truth is that man for the most part rebels against God who he wants to give him good things. He wants a heaven on earth. He has absolutely no idea of how terrible evil is. He is ignorant of sin and what a rebellion it is against God. Today people in the West think that they are so wonderful, and that one must do what makes one feel happy. Even Christians are unaware of what Christ must have suffered in his life on Earth. They sentimentalize Christmas and pass over Easter as something somewhat incomprehensible to the modern mind.

    The Medievals had a much better idea. Sin and death loomed all around them. Modern technology has brought about a sort of pseudo heaven on earth, and it is pretty horrible, for some that is. In the West, the young may be cared for by the State, something of a two edged sword. But how many of these poor things have been brought up in families with no fathers, or an endless procession of “uncles”, who certainly do not love them, and very possibly neither do their fathers. The mothers will not often be able to know how to bring up their children. Nothing will give these young people a glimpse of heaven, for saturated with drink, drugs, sex, and T.V. and the Media, the face of God will be far from them, and where are the preachers of old who would call people to repentance? Where are the Dominicans and Franciscans, who if we are to believe the old chronicles of those two great orders prevented the end of the World, or more precisely their founders did? Where is the spirit of sacrifice that would send Blessed Joseph Gerard that wonderful apostle to the Zulus from his beloved France, which he never saw again, to carry on what must have more often than not seemed a fruitless mission among the Zulus, whom he ultimately converted, all the while suffering harassment from the Boers? Where is the heroism of St. Therese’s Little Way? Where in the West will we find great asceticism these days? Since Psychology displaced philosophy as the handmaiden of Theology in the 60’s we have seen the priesthood and religious life collapse into a world of comfort and self absorption, that will only disappear if a terrible scourge will come upon them. The Latin West and the Protestant Christians will very soon undergo what the Russians endured under Communism, and then we will, God willing, see great heroism, love, and self-sacrifice, which the LGBT, the United Nations, America and Europe cannot do, for they have all fallen in love with Humanity, and worshipping at the shrine of this new strange and androgynous God concocted by scientists and perverted thinkers and ideologues , have unwittingly begun to worship Satan, and if you will believe one line of thinking, most of the American film stars and music stars do in fact worship Satan.

    God will not be mocked and what matters to him, and should matter to us, is that if we lose everything, our reputations ,our homes, our goods, our families, and even our lives, as long as we love God, it does not matter. It is our duty to make modern men and women understand the love of God which surpasses all that we know, a point that St. Paul never fails to hammer home. The length and width, the height and depth of God’s love is infinite, and he wants us to share in that love, but to do that we must follow in his Son’s footsteps. Can anyone not be moved, or excited by the Gospels? Do people ever read the Gospels and see the resplendent figure of Christ inviting them to live his life here and now? All it takes is a leap in the dark and trust. If we could all do that, the dire predictions of so many people may not come true in September or later this year. But even if these terrible things do befall us, nothing matters as long as Christ is dwelling in our hearts, warming them, changing them and transforming them with the fire of the Holy Spirit, and leading us towards the resplendent Father of us all, God the Father.

    In these dark times let us invoke the help of St. Joseph guardian of the Holy Family and protector of the Church. May he spread his protective cloak not only over the Church, but over the whole human race. St. Joseph most just pray for us.

  • Mary The New Deborah

    When we were reflecting on the great feast of the Assumption today, our little community was granted extraordinary insights.

    I was saying that Our Lady’s life on earth was a very hidden one. We think of a St. Therese, or a St. John Berchmans as very ordinary saints, who only show their glory after their deaths. However, on one level Our Lady could not be normal. She is the most normal mother of the most normal son, and that is what makes them perfect. It is we who are abnormal because of sin. Such abnormality is all too obvious today with the lunacy of homosexual marriage, whose illogicality is compounded with trans genderism, trans-humanism, and no doubt people will soon be indulging in trans-animalism if there is such a thing. The lunacy and lying of not a few scientists and doctors far outstrips the venality and lying of politicians, and journalists;, these latter groups are mere amateurs by comparison. Sin leads to abnormality, and then to depravity and ends up in sheer and utter madness.

    Our Lady’s life is one of total love for God, total love for her Son, utter obedience to the Father, and an absolute openness to the love of the Holy Spirit. This is all achieved in a spirit of continual contemplation, so that when she falls asleep in the Lord, and enters triumphantly into Heaven, then her true work begins. Then begins the great battle against Satan.

    The reading of the Apocalypse simply jumped out at me today in a remarkable way. Our Lady, having appeared with the sun behind her, crowned with stars and the moon under her feet, is about to give birth to Christ when Satan appears in all his terrifying splendour as the red dragon:

    “His tail swept down a third of the stars of heaven, and cast them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman that he might devour her child when she brought it forth.” (Apocalypse 12: v.4). Of course he fails in this attempt and Christ is snatched up to Heaven. Of course the Fathers of the Church saw in the woman, the Church, but that still does not exhaust the scene of its meaning. But I had never really thought about Satan devouring Christ before; incredibly it eluded me. Sister Colette then pointed out something quite extraordinary namely that Eve eats the forbidden fruit and here we have Satan trying to eat Christ - the fruit of Mary's womb. It is almost like some sacrilegious communion, but is this not what the Black Mass is all about? Then when we see the wicked and utterly abominable behaviour of Planned Parenthood we see this Satanic desire in operation. Why does Satan want to devour Christ? He is after all not a cannibal who eats his human victims because he wishes to have the power of that particular human being. Cannibalistic societies do not eat weak specimens of the human race, but only strong ones for they want their power. Obviously Satan wants Christ’s power, but he is not human, and he cannot eat God. He is pure spirit, and is on a hiding to nothing. We in communion can eat God the Son, but only if we are in a state of grace. In that communion Christ gives himself to us, and makes us more like him. He is building up his mystical body, the Church. This is indeed a stupendous mystery.

    Then Brother Damon said that for him Our Lady was the new Deborah in Israel, the one who achieves victory through her Son. Deborah, when she was judging Israel which was being ground down by Jabin King of Canaan, who had at hand 900 chariots of iron, summons the military commander of Israel, Barak and tells him:

    “The Lord the God of Israel commands you, ‘Go gather your men at Mount Tabor, taking ten thousand form the tribe of Naphtali and the tribe of Zebulun. And I will draw Sisera, the general of Jabin’s army, to meet you by the river Kishon with his chariots and his troops; and I will give him into your hand.’ “ Barak said to her, “If you will go with me, I will go; but if you will not go with me, I will not go.” And she said, “I will surely go with you; nevertheless, the road on which you are going will not lead to your glory, for the Lord will sell Sisera into the hand of a woman”. Then Deborah arose and went with Barak to Kedesh. (Judges 4: 6-9)

    Everything comes to pass as Deborah predicted. Barak wins the battle but it is Jael the wife of Heber the Kenite who kills Sisera in a very underhand way, by appearing to give him hospitality and then driving a tent peg through the exhausted man’s temple, while he is sleeping. Jael however is not the important person in this story, it is Deborah. Barak does not have the courage to do battle with Sisera without the presence of Deborah.

    The battle since the birth of Christ has been unrelenting. Satan’s hold on the world, destroyed with the redemption, can still work powerfully because Man still has free will and a natural propensity to choose to do good rather than bad. Sin attracts more often than not, and Satan is the master of deception and temptation.

    Since Our Lady was assumed into Heaven her great hymn of the Magnificat from being a joyful song when she meets her cousin Elizabeth has become louder and more glorious through the ages. As evil appears to grow in strength and malignancy, so this great song of victory becomes more wonderful, and beautiful in its music through the lives of the saints, especially those who are martyrs. Though the cacophony of evil is truly terrible now, and is best exemplified in the tunelessness of atonalism, and the savagery of different forms of punk and rock, so too the beauty of the marshal music of the new Deborah becomes more and more triumphant as the crescendo is building up to the climax.

    The battle is joined, and the forces of evil are unmasked. The decadent and depraved West, grown drunk on Luciferian silliness, does not know that several Trojan horses have entered its collapsing Empire, but approaching the gates of this deathly city of the West comes a great army, at the head of which is Mary the Mother of God. She comes with her army and behind her comes an even greater army led by her Son the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

    Leaders of the West especially, know that your doom has come, and leaders of the East know that your hope is here. The Queen of Heaven, the dawn proceeds the rising Christ. Repent for behold the Bridegroom is here. Mary is “comely as Jerusalem, terrible as an army with banners.” And the sight of her must cause joy or terror. Her great weapon is her prayer before the throne of God. Let all those who wish to be in the white robed army of her son put themselves under her banner, the banner that will call the armies of all faithful Christians to the side of her Son Jesus who is the way the truth and the life.

  • Man in the Machine, A recipe for Insanity

    We live in a world gone mad. If we are to believe Alex Jones, then Pope Francis would appear to be the Beast in the Apocalypse, which really is quite ridiculous. When the Antichrist comes he will be incredibly dynamic, a glittering personality, and not the boring individual that Barak Obama is so obviously to anyone who has eyes to see, and the beast will not be a pope; I think we can be sure of that, for he will mimic the Baptist, and St. John was not a priest, nor a bishop, and certainly not a pope. Pope Francis is simply a man of his time, and a Jesuit. He is like so many of his age group a hostage to the sixties, and though things were going wrong long before the sixties, it was in that turbulent and utterly indisciplined age that everything went crazy. It was the age of featherbrained enthusiasms, psychedelic art, drugs, free sex, but certainly not the free love that it proposed. If it had been free love that would have solved all the problems. All those who were in their twenties in the early to mid-sixties suddenly became quite adolescent and got stuck there, and it is they today who want to look young in their seventies; no danger of growing old gracefully. It was the age described by Isaiah in the following words:

    For behold, the Lord, the LORD of hosts,

    Is taking away from Jerusalem and from Judah stay and staff,

    the whole stay of bread,

    and the whole stay of water;

    the mighty man and the soldier,

    the judge and the prophet,

    the diviner and the elder,

    the captain of fifty

    and the man of rank,

    the counsellor and the skilful magician

    and the expert in charms.

    And I will make boys their princes,

    and babes shall rule over them.

    And the people will oppress one another,

    every man his fellow,

    and every man his neighbour;

    the youth will be insolent to the elder,

    and the base fellow to the honourable. (Isaiah 3: vv.1-5)

    That, described by Isaiah, is precisely what happened. Children became all important, no doubt because people were having so few of them compared to the past. Parents, rights were more and more being questioned, and the State became not simply a Nanny State, but a socialist Nanny State, and this has continued under Tory governments. Who would have thought the present government would begin to set upon a road of rigid political correctness and almost Bolshevik contro?. I am amazed that a Stalin has not appeared in Westminster. However Stalin’s early career in the 20’s up until his wife Nadya’s death would have more in common with Victorian England when it came to sexual morals, even though, as usua,l these were being observed, by not a few of them, in the breach. But in the sixties the 20 somethings were right and their parents were definitely wrong. The fact that the poor parents had gone through the horrors of the Second World War was neither here nor there, and nothing was more emblematic for that era than the face of the iconic (for once I think that is apt.) Che Guevara, who was undoubtedly handsome, but were these young people at all concerned that this doctor turned revolutionary could happily murder Bolivian peasant villagers who just happened to disagree with him. Had it not occurred to that ruined doctor that a doctor is meant to save lives, and not take lives, and that he happened to be a middle class Argentinian. What right had he to pontificate to Colombian peasants, but then he had a role model in Stalin, who was not Russian, but Georgian, and who waged a pitiless war against the Russian and Ukrainian kulaks.

    Marxism was obsessed with mechanization and industry and this was utterly true of Stalin. Man was to be simply a cog in that gargantuan creature called industry. The Communists had their slaves in industry and so did the Capitalists in the West. At least in the West you had freedom, not so much in Nazi Germany obviously. It is always better to have freedom than equality, because equality can be the enemy of freedom, while purporting to be its twin.

    However now you have the bizarre possibility, most probably in the minds of mad and immoral scientists, whereby people want to live for ever in computers or machines. Have these insane people ever thought how uninteresting that would be. If you merge with a computer can you enjoy a nice meal, go out trekking or sailing, play different sports, o go swimming? Can you play a musical instrument, or simply have a snooze on a Summer’s afternoon in a cool and tranquil garden; I suspect not. The trans-human might get gobbled up by a great white shark, or exploded by a bomb, of find itself being blown up by volcano or carried up into the air by a tornado. Where is the romance of being part machine? This materialism at its most grimly banal. Man who was made in the image of God blasphemes his Creator by wanting to be a machine. People want everlasting human life, but what happens when the world is destroyed, how are they going to live then? Why do they not want Eternal Life with God? The answer is that they unknowingly are deeply attracted to the demonic though they know it not. They have chosen death over life.

    And a final penny for your thoughts. The great religious epics that start in the post war era fizzle out with the almost medieval “The Greatest Story ever Told” and sex begins to invade the film genre and every other genre for that matter. It is only in the latter part of the seventies that religious films return with the Zefferelli’s Jesus of Nazareth, and with the appearance on the World Stage of St. John Paul II. With the death of that saintly titan the World has been on the downhill road to Hell on the car named “The Culture of Death”, and its destination is Globalization and everything that pertains to that nonsensical and evil notion. The battle between the spirit of Antichrist and Christ has begun. God willing there will be an intermission when Our Lady’s Immaculate heart will triumph, if not perhaps we should pray that Christ returns and returns quickly before the governments of the World truly become sadistic and monstrous Frankensteins producing unutterable suffering through mechanic and scientific monstrosities who mimic the hordes of Hell.

  • The English, The Scots and the Welsh are Religious

    Having arrived in our temporary home, back in Scotland after a brief and disastrous mission to our fellow countrymen the English, we were musing recently over their spiritual plight. Brother Damon observed that the English are a religious people. For since the Reformation they have founded the Baptist Church, the Methodist Church, the Congregationalist Churches, and the Salvation Army that have spread far and wide over the Anglophone world, and that is not to forget Anglicanism, which though it is a monarchical creation, and so renders it highly ambiguous, for created by Henry, it became puritanical under Edward VI and truly ambiguous under Elizabeth, it still did wonderful work in the 19th century missionary endeavour

    However when think of such great men as the Pilgrim Fathers, and George Whitefield, the spiritual companion in arms of Wesley, we see an intense religiosity that would render Lutheranism a trifle easygoing and not so global in scope. Added to all this we have the highly missionary and highly effective Calvinism of the Church of Scotland,though now it would appear to be in its twilit years. When we think of all the empty Baptist churches in Wales, and all the closed Church of Scotland churches we ask where has all the passion gone? For the vocations crisis is not simply a Catholic affair, and at present maybe somewhat halted in Anglicanism because of the ordination of women. What has happened to weaken all these churches. It hinges on one thing and one thing only; the forgetfulness of Hell, and that the Christian is a warrior against the world, the flesh and the devil. Calvin would have understood it, the Anabaptists would has understood it, and the Tridentine Catholic Church would have understood it, and Wesley and Whitefield would have understood it. Souls are no longer to be saved, it is bodies, memories, and emotions that have to be healed, but all this is a subtle form of Pelagianism. If I pursue the right spirituality, the right Christian counselling (some of which are excellent) then I will be healed and whole. Sadly perfect healing and perfect holiness are only to be found in Heaven, and the World is not Heaven.

    The current fad of Global warming that seems to carry all before it, and like evolution, and more so, harks back to ancient Grecian philosophies; (Indeed there is nothing new under the sun.) is far less important than Christianity standing up to Islam and saying “Thus far and no further”. It is not for the Christian to kowtow to the Moslem world, it is for Christians to preach the Gospel to the Moslems so that they can be saved. This would have been obvious to any missionary Catholic or Protestant up until October 1962 when the Second Vatican Council opened. Catholics and Protestant alike prized the spiritual over the temporal.

    The Holy Father rightly goes on about the terrible scourge of unemployment, but then he should be taking the Banks and the Huge Financiers to task and tell them not to manipulate money and manipulate men. I have been reading Ian Ker’s magnificent biography of Chesterton and been reminded, though I needed no reminder, of Chesterton’s greatness, which, in some ways, is in a class of its own, and surpasses Dr. Johnson’s. Ker writing about Chesterton’s financial problems in keeping G.K.’s Weekly going in 1928 gives a précis of Chesterton’s appeal for money. Chesterton realized that his paper was independent of the main papers, which then as now, control the media, and the way in which they brainwash the ordinary man and woman into thinking in the way that the media moguls want them to think. Sadly little changes. The way that both the capitalists and socialists want to control the masses, especially in their working conditions and living conditions has changed little since Chesterton’s time. Chesterton felt that if both groups had their way then “history would ‘take that turn which we regard as the tragedy of civilisation; the restoration of order in its old and heathen form of slavery.,” We see that this is the case with Greece at the mercy of International Finance which is no more interested in human beings than they are interested in Chess men. For what matters to financiers is the making of money and the efficiency of economics; everything is abstract and so unreal. So that is why economically it is good for a country to have quite a few unemployed. Spiritually of course such reasoning is madness and badness. For Capitalists money counts and people don’t, for the classic socialist the worker counts but only as a cog in the wheel of the collective economy. Both groups are materialists.

    There is nothing in these two materialist groups of the romance of the Christian conquest of the World; the desire not for Utopia but a harking back to Eden and a hope filled vision of Heaven. This is what prompted those intrepid British missionaries to set out and conquer the 19th century world for Christ. These heroic attempts at evangelization were hampered by the Imperial Colonial powers, and the worst sadly were the Catholic Belgians in the Congo. Are not the problems of the Belgian Catholic Church, too terrible to behold, the direct consequence of King Leopold II of the Belgians making the Congo into his private fiefdom, and then creating a nation of slaves just as Chesterton warned?

    Let us not forget that the early Christians were for the most part, the poor and slaves. On these groups was built the City of God. The Victorian age produced great Christian missionaries, sadly it also produced wicked and unstoppable bankers and businessmen. They are still with us today, and no amount of social programmes, no amount of UN directives, suspect at the best of times, will help. No calls from Church leaders will change anything until all Christians begin to preach and act with the same glorious fervour of those heroic missionaries of the 18th and 19th centuries that England, Wales and Scotland produced in such abundance.

  • An Intermission whilst we move

    We will not be able to access the internet for a while until we are connected to the telephone system again.

    So in the meantime just a couple of pictures.

    The first is from a 15th century fresco at the Monte Oliveto Maggiore monastery in Tuscany. A scene from the life of St. Benedict.

    There were always animals in monasteries, St. Colette even had a lamb which they taught to genuflect in Church, and St. Clare had a cat who used to bring her embroidery matterials to her when she was ill!

    The second picture is a charming17th century painting on a silk scroll. It is thought that it was painted in Nagasaki by migrant Chinese painters.

    As it says in the psalms and other places in the Bible, all creation, including the sun, the stars, the earth itself, the plants and the animals, and human beings too, nust praise God with our very beings:

    O let the earth bless the Lord: let it praise and exalt Him above all for ever.

    O ye mountains and hills, bless ye the Lord: bless the Lord, all things that spring forth upon the earth.

    O ye fountains, bless ye the Lord: bless the Lord, all ye fowls of the air.

    O all ye whales, and all that move in the waters, bless ye the Lord: bless the Lord all ye fowls of the air.

    O all ye beasts and cattle, bless ye the Lord: bless the Lord, ye sons of men...

    Let us bless the Father, and the Son, with the Holy Ghost: let us praise and exalt him above all for ever.

    Blessed art thou, O Lord, in the firmament of heaven, worthy to be praised, and glorious, and exalted above all for ever.

    (Dan. 3:66-88,56)

  • A Greek Doctor's Report

    We see in the press about the problems Greece has at present, but it is difficult to think what it is actually like in this nearby country where so many British people used to go to live or holiday.

    I therefore have inserted this interview with a Greek doctor to give some insight to what the headlines actually mean for those living there. And may God help them, and all strugling to help others in this materialistic financially ruled world.

    A Greek doctor’s report: “Those who have no money, die”

    Interview with Dr Giorgios Vichas* by Harald Schumann

    Dr Giorgios Vichas. (picture ma) * Giorgios Vichas is physician and heart specialist in an Athens hospital. Next to this engagement he has headed a polyclinic for four years, where doctors and other medical personal supply medical help to patients without a health insurance, in their free time and free of charge. Giorgios Vichas is married and has two daughters.

    Harald Schumann: Mr Vichas, don’t you worry about having a heart attack?

    Dr Giorgiops Vichas: No, why should I? Because you are doing two full-time jobs at the same time. You are a salaried cardiologist in a hospital and furthermore, you conduct a facility where you and your colleagues voluntarily treat thousands of patients who otherwise would no longer get any medical help. No one will go like that for long. I work a lot and I sleep just five hours per night, that’s right. But I’m fit, and I would definitely get really sick if I did not do it and stood on the sidelines, while many of our compatriots have to fight so hard.

    Your family is supporting this?

    My daughters stopped asking when the crisis will come to an end, six months ago. And my wife is also working with us, since she sees how badly we are needed.

    How did you come to found a clinic with volunteers for free medical treatment?

    I had been working for many years in a public hospital, and therefore, in spring of 2011, I saw the consequences what it means when hundreds of thousands of people suddenly lose their jobs and therefore their health insurance, as well. At that time I had a 52-year-old heart patient who nearly died because he couldn’t get the necessary drugs for half a year. That struck me deeply, I felt guilty.

    Why? It was not your fault?

    I saw how the people suffered, and I couldn’t do anything about it, because I did not know what to do. This changed in August 2011. I was at a concert with Mikis Theodorakis, our great composer. He gave an impassioned speech saying, among other things, what I had been thinking all along, that doctors in particular should do something at last to care for the people in their distress and anxiety without insurance coverage. That shook me up deeply. The concert took place here on the site of the old airport, and that was where I got the idea: There were all these empty buildings, and I thought that it might be possible to set up an outpatient clinic with free medical treatment in one of these buildings. Luckily, the mayor of the district supported us. He gave us this house, electricity and water are being paid for.

    Does your employer let you do another job on the side?

    The managing director of our hospital was the first one whom I convinced. He saw the misery and even set to work with us, as well. The funding for the National Health Service has been cut by more than 40 per cent due to the requirements of the creditors and their Troika of International Monetary Fund, ECB and EU Commission. Half of all doctors in the public hospitals and outpatient clinics were fired. At the same time about one quarter of the population lost their health insurance together with their jobs. And even those who are still getting wages or pensions, often have so little money that they cannot pay the high additional costs for drugs or treatments.

    What is the practical implication for somebody who has no longer any insurance?

    Imagine, you became ill and should go to a hospital for an operation or medical treatment. Later on you receive a bill about some thousand euros. If you were not able to pay, the Tax Office would declare it as your debt to the state. The officials might initiate proceedings against you and your house or your pension would become put in pawn, or you would be thrown into prison.

    Did this really happen ever before?

    Luckily, only very seldom. Nevertheless, this threat is real and has bad implications: the people try to avoid medical treatments as long as possible. Due to this, many illnesses become aggravated and more severe than they would have been with an early treatment.

    In Greece people die, only because they no longer have an insurance?

    Yes, that is right. But this is not documented statistically. However, we have seen it in our daily practice. During the first three years we treated two hundred patients suffering from cancer. Ten per cent of them came to us in a very late stage of the disease. Half of them had to die because they where treated much too late. Our colleagues from other volunteer medical centres report the same experiences. We have to keep in mind that thousands of people have died because they received no medical treatment.

    Are there disorders which are typical for the crisis?

    AIDS, tuberculosis, and hepatitis. The infected persons are mainly the poor ones who cannot afford a medical treatment. Due to this, they transmit the infection to other people and the infection spreads. It is also hard for people with diabetes when they cannot keep on their diet or do not get enough insulin: there is the risk of blindness or amputation. And, increasingly, we can see malnourished mothers, babies, and children. This will damage many children for their whole life.

    If this is the truth, then the financial restrictions themselves, analysed by economical criteria, are completely irrational.

    Yes, that’s the strange thing. In the end, the financial restrictions will cost the Greek national economy much more, than the Greek treasury will benefit from. The money which was “saved” in the case of diabetic patients during the three years from 2010 will create a rebound of additionally 200 million euros. This was precisely shown by a study.

    And the responsible parties really don’t worry about that?

    Listen, last year until August we had a Health Minister who gave the order that hospitals should not hand the newborn babies to their mothers as long as the mothers did not pay the bill. He did not worry!

    You exaggerate!

    No, this really happened. It was practised for six months in public hospitals. Even worse is the fact that money for vaccinations was restricted. Most children who come to us are not vaccinated. Due to that we will have to expect a new breakout of polio, the infantile paralysis. This bears a risk across Europe. The pathogens don’t respect borders.

    Did you ever talk to lenders’ representatives from the Eurozone or to the Troika about how counterproductive these cutbacks are?

    I did so but only with parliamentarians of the national parliaments and of the European Parliament. Only once a delegation of the German “Bundestag” was here. They then admitted that they themselves had bad experiences with austerity measures, and the latter had to be taken back because of that experience. I told them that they please should persuade the government of Ms Merkel to urge for the withdrawal of economy measures, meaning cutbacks in the Greek health system. I received the answer that the Troika was responsible for this, not the German government.

    But it is the German government, isn’t it, together with the governments of the other euro states which instructed the Troika to enforce those measures in Greece.

    That’s right. Nevertheless the parliamentarians didn’t feel responsible.

    Not even those of the ruling parties CDU (Christian Democratic Party) and SPD (Social Democratic Party)?

    No, not even them. Instead they offered us donations for our clinic.

    There were good reasons to thoroughly reform the old system. After all, it was highly wasteful and corrupt.

    Sure, reforms were urgently necessary, but it was not reformed, the whole system was destroyed. One should have better distributed doctors and practices all over the country, one should have made the purchase of medical drugs cheaper and push back the influence of the pharmaceutical companies. And of course corruption had to be combated. All this has not happened, there were simply cutbacks and dismissals.

    But was this the fault of the creditors from Germany and the Eurozone? The responsibility rather lies with the former Greek government of conservatives and social democrats.

    Sure, formally the main responsibility lies with the former Greek governments. And the officials of the Troika will always say just that. Only, if you read the memoranda and the reports of the Troika, you see, that they have planned this brutal programme down to the last detail.

    Why should unconcerned officials in Brussels or Washington want things like this if there is no advantage to take of them?

    I often asked this myself. Why do they enforce such radical spending cuts although it leads to even more debts? In the end there was only one explanation left: It is a matter of implementing an ideology which says: Who owns money is allowed to live, who doesn’t, dies.

    Earlier Greek doctors demanded money from their patients additional to their state salary. Are you doing that as well?

    No, I never did. It is unbearable that this happens even today – and none of them was brought before court up to now – not even one! I have been trying for months to persuade the responsible commissions of the Medical Association to take action against that. But up to now unfortunately without success. At the same time, there are many who are trying to mitigate the misery.

    How many doctors are doing unpaid work here?

    We are 100 doctors here, from all fields, plus 200 nurses and assistants.

    And how many of these free outpatient clinics for needy persons do exist?

    There are 50 all over Greece, eight of them in Athens. How are you financing this? As a principle, we are not accepting money, only donations in kind. Fortunately we are getting a lot of them from citizens all over Europe, mostly from Germany and Austria. A smaller fraction is also coming from France and Italy. Last month we were able to hand over two full truckloads to public hospitals.

    The donations are coming from Greek citizens abroad?

    No, not from the Greek, our donors are normal people from other European countries.

    So these citizens practise solidarity where their governments are refusing to do so?

    Also in Germany and France there are those who reject this policy. I have met many who feel embarrassed by what their governments have imposed on Greece.

    Are you and your colleagues in the other volunteer health centres now able to provide the care which is lacking in the public system, due to the cutbacks?

    Oh, we dare not even think of that. We can mitigate the misery, but this does not replace a decent health care. It is really a tragedy. The public hospitals are lacking everything, not only doctors, but even dressing material or disinfectants. This has severe consequences. Last year, for example, no real umbilical clamps were available in a birth clinic in northern Greece. This almost killed a lot of babies.

    If the situation is so bad, there are probably a lot of people calling you every day, asking urgently for help. How do you cope with that?

    Sometimes it is terrible. Then I wake up in the middle of the night, thinking of the mother who cannot save her child or the cancer patient who is in need of an expensive treatment which we cannot provide. There are days when I am very frustrated and depressed.

    The new left-wing government has promised to tackle this humanitarian emergency situation. Hasn’t the situation improved since February when it took office?

    Well, when a car is going downhill with full throttle, and you change the driver, the downhill course will not immediately be changed. At least there are now food vouchers and electricity for the really poor. The new government has also passed a law which provides access to public clinics also for non-insured persons. In practice this does not really help because the public system is completely overstrained, lacking staff and equipment.

    There is a lack of physicians and nurses?

    Sure. 4,000 physicians have gone abroad, 2,500 of them to Germany. And even if people get an appointment, it does not mean that they can be helped. Often the necessary equipment is missing or the pharmaceuticals are excessively expensive. So we have to go on fighting, all the time, putting pressure on the government.

    Chances are not high for an improvement of the situation?

    Frankly, I do not expect much from governments; neither here nor in the rest of Europe. The situation is too messy and heated. What gives me the biggest hope is the immense solidarity of the people here and the big support from our friends in Germany and the other European countries. This is what encourages me.

    Have you ever considered going into politics in order to change the system?

    Yes, I have. More out of despair than out of conviction. In the recent elections, I have even been nominated for SYRIZA because I felt I was obliged. But I did not tell any journalist about it, I did not conduct any campaign and so I did not get elected. But I am not sad about this. I should be with those who are ill, they need me the most. •

    You can find more about the “Metropolitan Community Clinic” on the website: www.mkiellinikou. org/en/ 2 June 2015.

  • Savage Continent, Cruel Hearts, Disobedient Christians

    At present we are reading at lunch Keith Lowe’s “Savage Continent”. To say that this is an important book is an understatement. I think its only lack is that he does not appear to be a Christian, but as we have seen with such a man as Matthew Parris, the homosexual atheist journalist and former Conservative politician, how in his recent article for the Spectator regarding Ireland’s catastrophic referendum in support of Gay Marriage, it is often the enemy or the opposition who can state one’s case better than oneself.

    Lowe describes the terrible vengeance wreaked upon the Germans by The Russians, the Czechs, and the Poles in particular. He describes the hatred that the Poles felt for the Ukrainians, who carried on a policy of ethnic cleansing against those Polish communities who lived in Western Ukraine, especially the genocide against the Jews in Volhynia during the Second World War, and the fierce vengeance of the Poles against the Ukrainians after War had finished. Lowe in harrowing terms describes how the Ukrainians in Poland were torn from their villages and dispersed throughout Poland, and cruelly ostracised. We see how the Poles who suffered so much during the War becoming little better than the Nazis. Then, with an inexorable quality to the narrative, Lowe describes how much of eastern Germany was given to Poland, and how the Poles brutally expelled the Germans from this new area of Poland, and the terrible sufferings they then had to endure. The narrative describes those sins which litter history in a time of war, namely raping, looting, killing, maiming and mutilation which provde the continual back drop to this seemingly endless migration, and hovering above it all the wretched behaviour of politicians.

    We see Churchill powerless in some respects, unable to do what he should do, giving way to Stalin and Roosevelt. We see the shoddy compromises at work, the cynicism disguised by a sort of treacherous bonhomie, and under this cloud of political opportunism and weak morality, peoples are shunted all over Europe in an endless migration whose destination seems to be despair.

    Here is a statistic from the book: The statistics with the expulsion of the Germans between 1945 and 1949 defy imagination. By far the greatest number of them came from the lands east of the Oder and Neisse that had been incorporated into the New Poland – almost 7 million, according to the German government figures. Almost another 3 million were removed from Czechoslovakia, and more than 1.8 million from other lands, making a total of 11,730,000. (Savage Continent, Keith Lowe, pp.242-243)

    Even when Poland was partitioned by Russia, Austria and Prussia in the 18th century, I do not think there was such cruelty displayed. What does all this tell one; that beneath the surface of most peoples’ outward behaviour the seven deadly sins are ready to explode into the light of day. In times of war and violence, it is envy, greed, lust, and anger that dominate. The victims so often are women, children, and the elderly. Those who violate these people are usually soldiers, or gangs of vigilantes, but when it comes to looting, too often it is neighbours and former friends. Men in these situations show who brutish and callous they can be. Blood lust and lust, like maddened horses, drag the wagon of vengeance over the bodies and hearts of their victims.

    We are just over half way through the book and we have the horrors of Yugoslavia, the Greek Civil War and the inauguration of the Iron Curtain to look forward to. However it makes one think. The Germans in the 1930’s were a God fearing people, and despite this they still fell under Hitler’s spell or they cowered before his terrible police cum military state. Poland was known for being staunchly Catholic, and the Ukrainians would have been devout. However at the end of the day all these countries, as well Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Greece, would have had many practicing Christians, but how many had been transformed by the Gospel? I would suggest a minority.

    70 years later the World is a far worse place. Now in Civil Life we have a total rebellion against God, especially in the West, with the homosexual elite re-defining morality, the Transgenderists rewriting what gender means, and others happily corrupting sex with massive contraception and an epidemic of abortions. All these things are often championed by Christians, and even in the Catholic Church by Cardinals, it would seem. If the Faith is dying in the West because of immorality, what will the violence be that will emerge like some terrifying fury and wreak its destruction upon these benighted lands in Western Europe, North America, and Australasia? It will make the Second World War look delightful, and its aftermath like a picnic. How and why could this happen? I will tell you why; it is because we Christians, and especially we Catholics, too often practice our Faith, but have no real love for it, and more worryingly we do not want to be true disciples of Christ. We do not wish to accompany him in all the sufferings and joys of his earthly life so that we will obtain the Heaven that he opened to us through his Passion, Death, and Resurrection. We want comfort not the Cross, pleasure rather than holy leisure, Hubris rather than humility, War rather than Peace. We are at War with God, and soon we will be at War with ourselves, and I fear that the Greek Financial Crisis will be the spark that lights the Inferno and what a Hellish Inferno that will be.

    So dear friends let us, sinners though we are, cling to the Cross of Christ and proclaim its saving power. Let us be Christ’s true disciples and his faithful friends, and let us read Lowe’s great book and realize what a shoddy lot we humans so often are.

  • A World That Does Not Know That It Is Lost

    As that wonderful maverick journalist and devout Texan Christian, Alex Jones, founder of “Infowars” warned us all yesterday, there is a very real possibility of a Third World War breaking out in the imminent future. If that doesn’t happen then there is a distinct possibility that there will be such a huge financial breakdown that the masters of the New World Order will impose a cashless world economy, and we will be all forced to have chips put into us, and if we do not have these chips we will not be able to buy and sell. This is what the evangelical Christians have been saying for years, seeing that when this happens then will come the reign of the Antichrist, and one can see that they have a point.

    However there is one problem and it is this, before the end of the World and the coming of the Antichrist Our Lady’s reign of peace prophesied at Fatima must come, So it is to Our Lady that we must turn with all the confidence of children, who know that their mother always listens to them when they make a truly heartfelt request. If the two scenarios of war or financial collapse seem pretty dreadful, then there is also the other possibility that in the U.S.A. and in other countries friendly to that nation, millions of people will be rounded up and placed in vast concentration camps who are thought to be useful as slaves or simply to be dispensed with as was the case with Death Camps in Nazi Germany. Now this is not so far-fetched as it seems, for the simple reason that the Germans who welcomed Hitler and the Nazi party were far more moral and Christian than we are today. Wars, famine, disease, and natural disasters are the price we pay for sin, as also are concentration camps or Gulags. Precisely because we think, very oddly, that we are morally better because technology can enable us to do wonderful things to help the human race, we have forgotten that for the most part vast amounts of money are spent by military scientists and mad Frankenstein scientists who believe that if you can do something, then do it, regardless of whether it is right or wrong. Iraq has been devastated by such military scientists, and it looks as if much of the Middle East will be similarly devastated. Who suffers because of wars, women, children and the elderly.

    Whether the Illuminati, the Freemasons, or a re-emergent communism will arise like the terrible Red Dragon of the Apocalypse is a moot point. What we do know is that since the Redemption, Satan has been raising up Antichrist after Antichrist, and they seem to get worse each time a new one emerges. The 20th century was choc-a-block full of them; Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, and others that remain in the dark, who are hidden under the cloak of respectability and wealth, will be only known to us on the Day of Judgement.

    Just as things seem to be getting really bad Our Lady is waiting patiently and gathering her armies, who are the humble hearted, the courageous who say the rosary and pray for peace, and who will be only too happy to lay down their lives for the Son of this Great Lady, Queen of Heaven and Earth. She will usher in an age of Peace, but it will arise from the ashes of Western Civilization.

    Now I am not sure whether I have put down a forecast of the the coming age, which Bartolomeus Holzhauer calls the Sixth Age, which ends with the coming of the Antichrist and the Last Judgement. It is the best forecast that I have come across. So I offer it to you for your reflection. I know of none better in English.

    A Hypothetical Chronology of Future Events by Desmond Birch

    B. The Minor Chastisement

    (1) At some time in the future, the corrupt and faithless age we live in now will come to an end either through inner conversion of a sufficient number of people who turn to prayer, sacrifice, and penance,--- or there will be a chastisement (which can be ameliorated by a lesser number of people through inner conversion). This would be a Minor Chastisement preceding the Age of Peace. St. Louis De Montfort described this Age of Peace as the Age of Mary.

    (2) If this chastisement is not averted through conversion, the Latin Church will be terribly afflicted by heresy and schism.

    (3) The chastising elements will come in two forms, (a) manmade and (b) Heaven-sent.

    (4) Civil war will break out in France and Italy at almost the same time. This is the sign given by many prophets that the Chastisement has begun.

    (5) This will spread to general wars, and, famine and pestilence (the usual bi-products of war).

    (6) At the same time there will be civil war on almost a worldwide scale. THIS IS TOTAL CHAOS.

    (7) Earthquakes, tidal waves, floods and all other sorts of “natural” disasters will occur.

    (8) Some Moslems will cause great trouble for the Church and Europe in general.

    (9) Somewhere in all of this, an army of Russians will invade Western Europe just when everyone thinks that this is impossible.

    (10) England will suffer terrible civil war which starts after the French and Italians have gone into theirs.

    (11) The Pope will flee Rome in the company of several Cardinals and go into hiding, be found, and cruelly murdered. What the extent of his travels will be we do not know, but some of the prophecies state that at one point he will be in Cologne.

    (12) A man who will subsequently be known as a great saint will ultimately be elected Pope near the end of the chastisement.

    (13) He will be heavily responsible for the French acceptance of a king to be their military and civil leader.

    (14) The Great King will lead his forces ( against terrible odds) until finally, after attending Mass at Bremen, he leads his troops to a victory in Cologne and then their great final victory in Westphalia (The Birch Tree country). It will be obvious to all that Christ --- through the agency of his Mother....has taken a direct miraculous hand in the victory.

    (15) The Russians and the Prussians will subsequently be totally defeated by the Great Kin. Their immediate end will begin when the Great King’s forces (against terrible odds) deliver them a defeat near Cologne. The Russians and Prussians retreat to somewhere in Westphalia, Germany. They are crushed during a battle wherein a miraculous event will turn the tide in favor of the Christians forces.

    (16) At some point, the Great King chases an invading Moslem army back to the Holy Land.

    (17) Somewhere near the end of the chastisement, God sends Three Days of Darkness.

    (18) The three days of darkness occur sometime after the final and total victory over the Russians and Moslems.

    [In the event that sufficient souls cooperate with requests for prayer, sacrifice and penance to avert a chastisement at this time; There is an alternate possible interpretative scenario, that the prophesied Great King and Great Pope come near the end of the age of Peace which is about to be describe in the next outline section.

    In the latter scenario, there is a great deal of civil war and general war which is ended by three days of darkness. Near the end of a lengthy ensuing period of peace , things again turn bad. It might be then that the great king comes to usher in a final period of peace which lasts only as long as he lives. That is the alternate possibility. The prophecies simply do give sufficient details for us to tell.]

    C. The Age of Peace

    (1) Through a historically very unique series of events there will be a complete restoration of Christian Culture in the West.

    (2) The Great King will be crowned Holy Roman Emperor by the reigning Pope.

    (3) The Great King will establish peace and justice in civil matters on a worldwide basis, and protect the primacy of the Church in spiritual matters. He will defend the poor. Organized and systematic exploitation of the poor will be brought to an end.

    (4) The former disciplines of the Church are fully restored and order is re-established.

    (5) The Pope calls an Ecumenical Council which will be viewed as the greatest in the history of the Church. It will Dogmatically define the theological meaning of many Scriptural texts not previously explicated.

    (6) The world is spiritually and materially prosperous as never before and many Jews, Mohammedans, heathens and heretics will enter the Church.

    (7) Extended prosperity causes people to begin to grow lax in the practice of the Faith.

    (8) Wars and bad economic times break out again after some period of time during which the faithful fall into laxity. This prepares the way for the death of the Last Holy Roman Emperor.

    (9) After his death (or retirement) ten kings divide up the boundaries of the Holy Roman Empire which has been established.

    (10) The Empire of the Great King is broken up into Ten kingdoms. If the people cooperate sufficiently with grace during the Age of Peace --- that age will be extended. Therefore, (dependent upon the degree of “cooperation”) this division could happen centuries of a millennium later under one of the successors of the Great King. Several prophecies state this possibility.

    (11) Many of the above events (except the Age of Peace) may never happen at all. First of all, they are conditional prophecies. It is possible that mankind will sufficiently cooperate with grace that many of these events are curtailed by such cooperation.

    D. The Major Chastisement --- Antichrist

    (1) A great military leader: the last (Roman), which has been divided up into “Ten Kingdoms” is dismantled by a great (but evil)k military leader. Three of the Ten Kingdoms will not go along with this. They are crushed. See – Book of Rev. Ch. 13, book of Dan. Ch. 7&8. Also see St. Jerome’s commentary in this book of Antichrist will kill the three kings “of who will not bow to him.”

    (2) The “False Prophet” arrives --- the Precursor of Antichrist. He will “ape” the role that St. John the Baptist performed in preparing the people for the arrival of the Messiah.

    (3) All this prepares the way for the coming of Antichrist. He begins his rise to power at about the age of thirty. After he seizes power he begins his there and one half year bestial persecution of the Church.

    (4) During this period, Enoch and Elias, who have never died but have been maintained in “Paradise” return to the presence of men and preach to the people against Antichrist. Elias preaches mainly to the Jews and Enoch primarily to the Gentiles. It is the arrival of the “Two Witnesses” which foreshadows the foretold conversion of the Jews to Christianity.

    (5) Antichrist finally kills them by his own hand in Jerusalem and their bodies lie in the street by his command for three and one half days, at the end of which a voice from Heaven is heard by everyone present to command Enoch and Elias to arise. To the surprise and stark terror of the onlookers they do.

    (6) Antichrist, stung again by this latest heavenly miracle, tries to restore his prestige with the Jews by simulating Christ’s ascension from Mt. Olivet, and St. Michael casts him down screaming to his death.

    E. The Four Last Things.

    (1) After the death of Antichrist, a period of time of unknown duration is given to the remaining inhabitants of the earth to repent and accept Our Lord and the message of his Gospel. According to Our Lord’s words in the Gospels, “as in the days of Noe” the judgment will come upon mankind suddenly “as a thief in the night”, when “they married wives, and were given in marriage. They bought and sold, they planted and built.” In other words, after the death of Antichrist, there will be a time of sufficient duration for things to have gotten back to normal (Matt 24: 37-39 & Lk 17: 26-30). Scripture give no exact indication of how long, but according to Tradition, it will be a short period of time.

    (2) Then Jesus comes in glory to judge the living and the dead. It is the end of the world and time. The Four Last things for all mankind, Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell.

    (3) The exact time when these things happen is unknown to us for no one “knows the day or the hour.” As to those things which come from outside Revelation, outside “Sacred Tradition an Sacred Scripture,” i.e., private prophecy, no Catholic has to believe them, not even those of Fatima or Akita.

  • The Desecration of Creation

    A hundred years ago, or perhaps a bit more, heavily tattooed people, or people with a lot of piercings, or with extended lips, or bits of ivory stuck through their noses would have been considered barbaric by Western Society. This was not altogether an unfair attitude, nor was it racist or the result of Western Supremacy. In fact a different kind of barbarism, or should we say exotic vanity could be seen in late 18th century women’s hairstyles, where some aristocratic ladies had model boats emerging from their hair. Also the huge Victorian crinolines were rather bizarre, though they had their own beauty; but there is in all this a flight from reality, a pre-occupation with one’ s beauty. Compared to some of the tattooing and strange concepts of beauty to be found in Africa, and Asia, and for that matter among the ancient Britons, the giraffe neck women of the Kayan people in Burma look the picture of elegance, and the Plains Indians look superb. Both groups display a modesty that would put the plunging neck lines of a Victorian matron to shame.

    This pre-occupation with one’s beauty, be one a woman or a man, finds it source in Satan’s pride at his own beauty. St. Francis de Sales praised Madame Acarie, the great French mystic for her plunging neck lines, not because he thought them harmless, but because he admired her obedience to her husband, who liked to show off his wife’s beauty. The “Gentle Doctor” of course was moving everyone to perfection by degrees, often unnoticed by his penitents, and the way he did it was brilliant for its discipline, its discretion and its aim which was true detachment.

    Returning to barbarity of dress and body piercings and goodness knows what passes for adornment in the West, and sadly most of all in England, one wonders who is manipulating all this? Are the men in power getting people to dress like barbarians so that they will behave like barabarians? Are all these games and films about brutal barbarians a method of brutalizing the population? I suspect they are. It becomes more apparent in the realm of mistaken identity, when not a few men want to become women. It is a philosophical and biological impossibility. It is like putting the wrong book cover on a novel. If you put the cover of War and Peace on Pickwick Papers, the novel still remains Pickwick Papers, and the cover has nothing to do with the story. If you read it and then said it was War and Peace you would be carted off to a mental hospital.

    What does this distortion of human beauty do, or this attempt to change one’s sex? It insults the Creator. God who made us out of love knows exactly what he is doing, and the clay cannot tell the potter what he should or should not do. God does not make mistakes. Such behaviour is either unwitting or witting, but what the person is saying is that “God is wrong and I am right.” Christians who get involved with barbaric concepts of adornment, which are usually very ugly even if they are sexually exciting, are in grave danger of a sort of blasphemy, and this is true of those who have the biologically impossible task of attempting to change their sex.

    Christians, and indeed the whole human race, are asked to imitate the God Man, Jesus Christ, and his mother The Blessed Virgin Mary. Modesty is beautiful and a certain amount of adornment is a not a bad thing at all, but the extraordinary body piercings and extensive tattoos that decorate so many of the British today, and particularly the English, are not part of the Christian tradition. One of things I want to ask so many of these heavily tattooed men and women is this; “One day you will grow old and then what will you look like?” The problem is that many people, far too many, seem to only live in the present, not in the presence of God, but for pleasure alone, and that will land one in one place only, Hell which is a place to be avoided at all costs.


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