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    Normally we identify the term “The New Adam” with Christ and rightly so but in the marriage of Joseph and Mary we something of the New Adam in Joseph. Let us see what St. John Paul has to say in his Apostolic Exhortation “Redemptoris Custos”

    “We see that at the beginning of the New Testament, as at the beginning of the Old, there is a married couple. But whereas Adam and Eve were the source of evil which was unleashed on the world, Joseph and Mary achieve the summit from which holiness spreads all over the earth. The Savior began the work of salvation by this virginal and holy union, wherein is manifested his all-powerful will to purify and sanctify the family - that sanctuary of love and cradle of life."(17)

    With these words St. John Paul gives us Joseph and Mary as the New Adam and New Eve. Mary is perfectly the New Eve, whereas Joseph is not the “New Adam” as Jesus is the “New Adam”. Only Jesus can save the Human race, Joseph is so to speak closer to us in his creatureliness.

    Adam’s behaviour at the Fall has been illuminated for me in a quite wonderful way, when recently I read a wonderful book by an American Evangelical writer called John Eldgredge called Wild at Heart, Discovering the secret of Man’s soul. It is one of those books that come along once in 10 or 15 years and in many ways is a masterpiece. Brother Damon recommended it to me. I was a bit sceptical because Eldredge who is involved in Male Spirituality which emerged on to the scene in the early 1990’s as a response to the emasculation of men by the feminist movement. It’s secular prophet was the American poet Robert Bly. Eldredge’s understanding of Adam’s behaviour at the Fall is superb.

    “Adam was not deceived by the serpent. Did you know that? Paul makes it clear in 1Timothy 2:14 ------Adam did not fall because he was deceived. His sin was different; in some ways, it was more serious in that he did it with open eyes. We do not know how long it lasted, but there was a moment in Eden when Eve was fallen and Adam was not; she had eaten , but he had a choice. I believe something took place in his heart that went like this: I have lost my ezer kenegdo, my soul mate, the most vital companion I’ve known. I do not know what life will be like, but I know I cannot live without her.

    Adam chose Eve over God.” ( Eldredge John. Wild at Heart, Discovering The Secret of a Man’s Soul, Thomas Nelson, 2001; pp.115-116)

    Now let us look more closely at Adam and Eve, and Joseph and Mary. Both couples must undergo a test. Adam and Eve are told that they can eat of all the fruits of the trees in the Garden of Eden, but they must not eat of the fruit of the tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil. We know that Eve falls and then so does Adam. They fail the test.

    We come to the Annunciation and we see as the Fathers of the Church note, an Angel and a Virgin. It is a re-run of Eden but it is different, for here the Angel is good and like Lucifer is an Archangel. The test for Mary is a different one from Eve’s and far more wonderful and serious. Gabriel asks Mary if she will consent to be the Mother of the Messiah, the Mother of the Son of God, the mother of the God Man. She says “Yes!” What is the difference between Mary and Eve. One very small but tremendous thing. Mary trusts God and believes that he loves her, and she will do whatever he asks. Now what we have to ask is this; what was Adam doing when Eve was being tempted by the Devil? He was close by to her when she offered him the fruit. There is no indication that he was far away from her. She eats the fruit and then offers him some. “Then the eyes of both were opened, and they knew that they were naked.” The horrible reality of their sin invades their souls, and they are overcome with fear and remorse. They see that they are naked. Their eyes are turned in on themselves. Can we see that in this they make themselves into objects, they see themselves as such, and from this wound comes all the sins but particularly those that involve sexual sin, jealousy, anger, remorse.

    Adam gives his life for Eve, but in the wrong way. He was meant to lay down his life for her, as Christ will lay down his life for his spouse, the Church. He is meant to protect Eve from the Devil, but he takes the easy way out. As Eldredge says Adam chooses Eve over God, and that is why we Men are in the mess we are today. Eldredge’s thesis is a very simple one.

    Men look to women for their strength when they should be looking to God the Father for their strength. Women look to men for protection. In every woman there is a desire for the man to protect her, save from dragons, rescue her from castles. Women want to be cherished and adored in the right way, but because men have chosen to look at Eve rather than God, they have idolised woman. Thus men and women are looking for the wrong thing.

    Mary and Joseph right this wrong, and in them we have the image of what a man and a woman should be, and an image of what a family should be.

    Joseph, a new Adam, but not “The New Adam” is faced with a test. He is not offered the forbidden fruit, instead he is overwhelmed by the fruit of Mary’s womb. He does not know who the child is. Taking the view of St. Jerome, and St. Bernard, he is absolutely convinced of Mary’s innocence, but nothing makes any sense at all. It is a mystery too deep for him. He is literally in the dark, and the only thing he feels he can do, is put Mary away privately, and hope for the best. He no doubt, was tempted to believe that she was guilty as we know how skilful the Devil is, but he wrestles with the mystery, and in this terrible torture of the mind, he falls asleep, and then the Angel, no doubt Gabriel makes everything clear to him;

    Joseph, son of David, do not fear to take Mary your wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit; she will bear a son, and you call his name Jesus for he will save his people from his sins. (Matthew 1: vv.20-22)

    He is that just man who is doing his very best in the most difficult circumstances. He loves Mary but totally differently. It is a wonderful, and in these times an inconceivable love, for it is a virginal love. His love for God is above his love for Mary. He feels that he must obey God whatever the cost, and if that means putting Mary away privately then he will do it. See how different this is from Adam, who will hold onto Mary if that means disobeying God. How often do we see men who foreswear the faith to marry a woman who, for them, becomes more important than God.

    What we see in Joseph is that marvellous mixture of courage, humility and real love. It is that kind of love that women so often crave for. For women want to see in their husbands, not only the lover, but something of the Father.

    What is commonly called the father wound, and which particularly causes harm to men is also felt by women. However they can see the Father in their husbands, whereas a man cannot see the father in his wife. Eldredge quite rightly claims that men see in women the beauty of God, which he does not ascribe to any one of the Trinity, but would seem to be the Holy Spirit.

    Here he explains what the woman wants and how she suffers.

    “Every woman can tell you about her wound; some came with violence, others came with neglect. Just as every little boy is asking one question, every little girl is, as well. But her question isn’t so much about her strength. No, the deep cry of a little girl’s heart is am I lovely? Every woman needs to know that she is exquisite and exotic and chosen. This is the core to her identity, the way she bears the image of God. Will he pursue me? Do you delight in me? Will you fight for me? And like every little boy, she has taken a wound as well. The wound strikes right at the core of her heart ob beauty and leaves a devastating message with it: No. You’re not beautiful and no one will really fight for you. Like your wound, hers always comes at the hand of her father.”

    It comes ultimately from the first earthly father Adam. Cain is a murderer. And very interestingly we have the names of only three of the sons of Adam and Eve, but of the daughters we have no names. So even in the beginning we see the father wound. With Cain the feeling that God does not love him, with the daughters a strange anonymity.

    Thus the marriage of Adam and Eve is unbalanced from the start. Eve loved knowledge over God, and Adam loved Eve over God. Mary and Joseph love each other in the Father’s love. Their love for each other is in the service of a greater love. That is the only way that marriage can work.

    Maurice Zundel who was a Swiss priest and theologian who died in 1975 in writing about St. Joseph and Our Lady’s marriage and marriage in general has this to say>

    If marriage is called to this height, if it is in Christ the sacrament which represent and in a certain manner accomplishes the mystery of the Church, it is no matter for surprise that the union of two Christians should be in the full stream of the supernatural life, under the primacy of Divine Charity, whose ineffable altruism it symbolises in the flesh and confirms in the spirit.

    Clearly we must expect to see marriage, obedient to the movement of grace, tend towards the virginity of heart which flowers in the flesh in a flesh that has become as though interior to the spirit --- so that one thinks not of the soul as in the body but of the body in the soul..............

    Surely we can hope that an ever wider recourse to the sources of the mystical life will direct Christian feeling ever more closely to the ideal represented at its highest by the marriage of Mary and Joseph: so that, in the light of the Wisdom which reconciles extremes by impressing upon all aspects of being the God centredness of charity, conjugal love itself will become the guardian of virginity, bringing to life a tenderness wholly of God, in God and for God.

    Thus the acceptance of God’s plan for both Mary and Joseph and their total obedience to God’s will restores to marriage its dignity which was destroyed by Adam and Eve’s sin, whose different desires relegated God to second best. Joseph and Mary however become that perfect husband and wife that God intended Adam and Eve to be, and in so doing through their respective vows of virginity, become the parents of Jesus who is Christ the Lord, the New Adam in which humanity and all Creation are redeemed.



    What connects shepherds and wise men you might ask; a short answer would be vigilance in regard to the truth and the night sky. In the case of the shepherds in the fields around Bethlehem and the Wise men we could add the word danger. After all the shepherd had to protect the sheep from the wolf and presumably sheep stealers. Let us look firstly at the shepherds.

    What sort of men would the shepherds be? Well they would be very simple. The Pharisees looked down on them, much as we used to look with a critical eye on the lapsed. Today, however, there are so many lapsed, or to use the old term public sinners that shock is no longer in our emotional arsenal. The reason for the Pharisees looking down on the shepherds was that their lifestyle meant that they could not keep all the laws that the pious Jew was meant to keep. Today the equivalent might be the unemployed. The shepherds were the target of the pious man and woman’s snobbery. Amazingly it still carries on today. The shepherd was very much the second class citizen, which is odd as the greatest of the kings of Israel was a shepherd, namely David himself, and Christ will describe himself as a good shepherd, and bishops have crosiers which are of course shepherds’ crooks. I have only met one bishop who has literally been a shepherd and that was the Conventual Franciscan bishop, Bishop John Jukes. Also the rabbis had obviously forgotten that Abraham and Moses were shepherds, and that it was when Moses saw the burning bush he was tending sheep. Here we have a prophetic allusion to the star. The bush is made radiant with the glory of God, and the shepherds are overwhelmed with the glory of Heaven, where God dwells.

    The shepherds are watching over their sheep when suddenly an angel appears with the good news that the Messiah has been born in Bethlehem:

    And this shall be a sign unto you: You shall find the infant wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude a multitude of the heavenly army praising God, and saying : Glory to God in the highest; and on earth peace to men of good will. ” (Luke 1: 12-14).

    The shepherds do as the angel tells them, and find everything as he has said. God always reveals himself to the humble, and the simple. That is why Our Lady so often appears to children. They are too young to be taken up with themselves. From adolescence into the 20’s and 30’s and even into the mid to late 40’s too often we are taken up with jobs getting on, dreaming of a better future, or regretting blighted hopes and ambitions. In our present Western Society we are so taken up with analysing why we do things and the keys we use, namely politics, sociology, anthropology, and psychology are the wrong keys. They are badly made, doubtful in their use or success. Our minds if not full of dreams and ambitions can be overwhelmed by computers, I pads, I phones, and goodness knows what else. They have now made a hologram that you can touch, and most of these extraordinary things are not reality, but the shepherds who, like fisherman, have to spend a lot of time by themselves dealing with the elements, and this is still true today in the more ancient societies, still live a life that has been lived for thousands of years are very realistic people.

    God enters the uncluttered mind, the simple heart, and above all appears before the child’s gaze, even if that child is an old man, or old woman. The proud, educated person usually has a closed mind, and is too often a prey to the latest fashion.

    At the other end of the spectrum we have the humble but brilliant Magi. Who were the Magi? They appear to have been a mixture of astrologer, academic, and important leader of sorts. As they came from the East it is more than probable that they came from Persia or what had been Babylonia. One theory is that they were spiritual and intellectual descendants of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. So they were acquainted with Daniel’s prophecy regarding the coming of Christ. The star that they saw in the East was then no surprise. It would be something that astronomers would be expecting.

    The star is something that continues to fascinate. Frederick A. Larson, an American lawyer has produced a very glossy DVD that is extraordinarily professional, very persuasive, but the facts are rather forced and it depends as to when Herod is meant to have died. He is convinced that Herod died in 1 B.C., and maintains that the later copies of Josephus’ account of Herod’s death are wrong due to a copyist’s error. He also presents his theories as if they were original, but most of them have been proposed by other people. He holds that the star was a combination of light from Jupiter and Venus. He then draws together scripture, the constellations, and the names of the planets into a marvellous synthesis, whereby what is seen in the night sky is Our Lady, standing on the moon, clothed in the Sun with 12 stars as a crown, and the Dragon is Herod. Larson does not tell us whether the stars being swept down from Heaven are the holy innocents, which would be a very peculiar interpretation of the text.

    Dr.Hugh Ross a Canadian convert to Christianity and an astro physicist gives a somewhat different interpretation of what the star might be:

    “From an astronomical perspective, one remaining candidate would be a recurring nova. The nova (plural, novae) is a stellar explosion that produces a sudden increase in brightness followed by a gradual dimming (within a few months or years). This type of event lacks the brightness of a supernova and yet would be clearly noticeable to a careful observer. The brightest novae are about as bright as Polaris, the North Star.

    Nova events are sufficiently uncommon to catch the attention of observers as alert and well trained as the magi must have been. However, nearly all novae that occurred during the Roman Empire era were sufficiently unspectacular as to escape the attention of casual observers. Chinese astronomers recorded a nova in the constellation Capricorn in March-April of 5 BC, and Korean astronomers noted something in 4 BC that could have been either a nova or a comet. These two sightings are the only ones on record near the estimated time of Christ’s birth.

    Most novae experience a single explosion, but a rare few undergo multiple explosions separated by months or years. This repeat occurrence would seem to fit the Matthew 2 indication that the star appeared, disappeared, and then reappeared. According to Herod’s murderous decree, the time separation between the first and second appearance of the star would have been somewhere between 15 and 30 months. Unlike other suggestions for the identity of the Christmas star, a recurring nova would appear and then reappear in exactly the same location on the celestial sphere.

    Let me emphasize again that my suggestion represents nothing more than a possibility. Matthew provides the only record of this star, and his record gives us insufficient data to make a definitive conclusion.”

    Recently Hugh Ross has seen this as even more likely given the latest astronomical data. However at the end of the day it does not matter. I am inclined to think that the star was miraculous and that it was like the miracle of the Sun at Fatima.

    Far more important however is the faith that spurred the Magi on. This spirit of adventure is so important for the spiritual life. Too often we lead lives of “quiet desperation” as Thoreau says. It is not what the Christian life is about. Somebody who followed her star was Jackie Pullinger the famous Christian Evangelist who on the basis of a dream in which her aunt was pointing to Hong Kong, she took it as a sign that she was meant to go. She had no idea why she was going. She got on a slow boat to China, and when she arrived was nearly turned back, until she mentioned that her mother’s god son was a member of the Hong Kong police. She still was no further to understanding what God wanted from her, and found herself at a prayer group of Chinese Pentacostalist Christians who prayed over her, and she found that she had been given the gift of tongues, which she found rather odd, and then even more strangely she began her mission, which was to convert drug triads in the Old City.

    God will do wonderful things in our lives if we let him. We cannot play safe with the Christian life. Mary was open to the will of God, and was silent about what God had done in her. She could have been accused of adultery. Joseph might have decided to not be just, and in doing so ironically endanger Mary’s life and reputation. Putting Mary away quietly which would break his heart seemed the best thing.

    The shepherds were used to life being dangerous, and were considered of no importance so it did not really matter. They could afford to be open; there was nothing to lose. They were truly the Anawim “The Quiet in the Land”. The Magi in following the star and coming from very far away were risking their reputations as men of learning, if they came back having found nothing. They would have been the laughing stock of their servants and those who journeyed with them and they would have been in danger from robbers, and thus in danger of losing their lives, and Herod would have had no scruples in killing them if they stood in his way.

    There is then in the Christmas story elements of danger. Going to Bethlehem was dangerous for Mary and Joseph. Anything could happen on the way. Mary could have had her baby prematurely. Where were they going to stay? These are things that afflict so many of us, but Joseph and Mary trusted totally in God. Do we? The Magi believed that God was leading them by a star, and were not deceived. The Shepherds were so open to God in their simplicity that they saw all Heaven thrown open to them.

    Frederick Larson might be wrong astronomically but not theologically. The journey to Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus, and the flight of the Holy Family into Egypt was the vision of the Woman clothed in the Sun. And so I finish with a quote from John Eldredge again.

    “As Philip Yancey says, I have never seen this version of the story on a Christmas card. Yet it is the truer story, the rest of the picture of what was going on on that fateful night. Yancey calls the birth of Christ the Great Invasion, “a daring raid by the ruler of the forces of good into the universe’s seat of “ Spiritually speaking, this is no silent night. It is D-Day. “It is almost beyond my comprehension too, and yet I accept that this notion is the key to understanding Christmas and is, in fact, the touchstone of my faith. As a Christian I believe in parallel worlds. One world consists of barns, politicians and shepherds watching their flocks by night. The other consists of angels and sinister forces” and the whole spiritual realm. The child is born, the woman escapes and the story continues like this.

    Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to make war against the rest of her offspring ---- those who obey God’s commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus (Rev. 12:17)

    Behind the world and the flesh is an even more deadly enemy... one we rarely speak of and are even much less ready to resist. Yet this is where we live now --- on the front lines of a fierce spiritual war that is to blame for most of the casualties you around you and most of the assault against you. It’s time we prepared ourselves for it.” ( Eldredge; pp. 154-55)


    My thanks to an Orthodox Religious site who republished this report about Professor Paul McHugh of the John Hoskins Hospital in the USA.

    Although it was published in the Wall Street Journal last summer (2014) it is not surprising that somehow the media didn't make it well known. The transgender lobby does not like to have its views challenged, especially by such a well respected figure.

    August 25, 2014

    Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.

    Dr. McHugh, the author of six books and at least 125 peer-reviewed medical articles, made his remarks in a recent commentary in the Wall Street Journal, where he explained that transgender surgery is not the solution for people who suffer a “disorder of ‘assumption’” – the notion that their maleness or femaleness is different than what nature assigned to them biologically.

    He also reported on a new study showing that the suicide rate among transgendered people who had reassignment surgery is 20 times higher than the suicide rate among non-transgender people. Dr. McHugh further noted studies from Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic of children who had expressed transgender feelings but for whom, over time, 70%-80% “spontaneously lost those feelings.”

    While the Obama administration, Hollywood, and major media such as Time magazine promote transgenderism as normal, said Dr. McHugh, these “policy makers and the media are doing no favors either to the public or the transgendered by treating their confusions as a right in need of defending rather than as a mental disorder that deserves understanding, treatment and prevention.”

    “This intensely felt sense of being transgendered constitutes a mental disorder in two respects. The first is that the idea of sex misalignment is simply mistaken – it does not correspond with physical reality. The second is that it can lead to grim psychological outcomes.”

    The transgendered person’s disorder, said Dr. McHugh, is in the person’s “assumption” that they are different than the physical reality of their body, their maleness or femaleness, as assigned by nature. It is a disorder similar to a “dangerously thin” person suffering anorexia who looks in the mirror and thinks they are “overweight,” said McHugh.

    This assumption, that one’s gender is only in the mind regardless of anatomical reality, has led some transgendered people to push for social acceptance and affirmation of their own subjective “personal truth,” said Dr. McHugh. As a result, some states – California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts – have passed laws barring psychiatrists, “even with parental permission, from striving to restore natural gender feelings to a transgender minor,” he said.

    The pro-transgender advocates do not want to know, said McHugh, that studies show between 70% and 80% of children who express transgender feelings “spontaneously lose those feelings” over time. Also, for those who had sexual reassignment surgery, most said they were “satisfied” with the operation “but their subsequent psycho-social adjustments were no better than those who didn’t have the surgery.”

    “And so at Hopkins we stopped doing sex-reassignment surgery, since producing a ‘satisfied’ but still troubled patient seemed an inadequate reason for surgically amputating normal organs,” said Dr. McHugh.

    The former Johns Hopkins chief of psychiatry also warned against enabling or encouraging certain subgroups of the transgendered, such as young people “susceptible to suggestion from ‘everything is normal’ sex education,” and the schools’ “diversity counselors” who, like “cult leaders,” may “encourage these young people to distance themselves from their families and offer advice on rebutting arguments against having transgender surgery.”

    Dr. McHugh also reported that there are “misguided doctors” who, working with very young children who seem to imitate the opposite sex, will administer “puberty-delaying hormones to render later sex-change surgeries less onerous – even though the drugs stunt the children’s growth and risk causing sterility.”

    Such action comes “close to child abuse,” said Dr. McHugh, given that close to 80% of those kids will “abandon their confusion and grow naturally into adult life if untreated ….”

    “’Sex change’ is biologically impossible,” said McHugh. “People who undergo sex-reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women. Claiming that this is civil-rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder.”

  • Sad day for all pro-life health carers

    The Supreme Court has ruled today that the conscience clause does not apply to any health worker except those actually physically killing the unborn baby. This means that pro-life GP's, Gynaecologists, and others have to refer patients wanting abortions to doctors willing to carry the murders, that pro-life senior nurses and midwives have to send other nurses to become murderers or to help in the murder, where will it end? In my past life as a Consultant in Accident and Emergency I remember having to support a Nurse Practitioner who in conscience could not prescribe the (abortionafactant) 'morning after pill' when her seniors did not want to acknowledge that the 'conscience clause' should apply to those who realized the action of the morning after pill, which prevents the tiny human being attaching to the wall of its mother's womb, so that it falls to its death through the cervix.

    Here is the link to the full article in the Life Site News.

    Please pray for all those involved in health care who are affected by this ruling, that they will have the strength to stand up against this wicked law, even though it may well affect their jobs and therefore their lives.

  • Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of Life

    Today is the Feastday of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

    What a feast!

    The appearance of a young pregnant Mary, pregnant with God and by God, talking affectionately to a poor man in his fifties, who instinctively calls her his Mother, his Queen. The miracle of the roses and of the Image on his tilma which can still be seen today, the image rich with symbolic meaning which could be understood by the Aztec people and converted millions. But above all, Our Lady, pregnant with new life, the Life of the world.

    For our little band of three hermits it is even more significant this year. And not just for us but for the Western world in general, because the battle lines are being drawn between eternal life and eternal death.

    The Devil has done a very good job over the last few decades. He has made himself friendly and cuddly! Think of the symbol of Manchester United football team, the little red devil on the shirts and flags of the 'Red Devils'. It is so 'cute' so 'harmless' that it is difficult to realize that it is the representation of one of the minions of that Chief of Devils, Satan himself. But of course it is not just Manchester United, the jolly red Devil with his little horns and his tail appears everywhere, even advertising spicy hot food.

    In a way it wouldn't matter too much if there was still a true general acceptance of the reality of evil, but that has disappeared together with 'hell-fire sermons' and the like. Instead we life in an upside-down world, where even our very language is inverted.

    To explain what I mean, when I was growing up, indeed when I was grown up, to be gay was to be happy. Now it is to be a homosexual, whether they are happy or sad.

    If you were proud you would confess it as a sin, now it is a virtue! "I am proud to have won gold / to have been awarded an Oscar / of my daughter's achievement / etc. etc

    And of course 'Pride' has acheived a meaning all of its own - Brighton Pride, London Pride, a Pride event and so on.

    As far as temptation being something bad, that started changing a long time ago. But I do remember the early Bounty chocolate bar adverts, with the gentle tropical music and setting and the beautiful woman seductively caressing the sweet as she ate it. And the advertising media has carried on 'tempting' us ever since. Now even some cat foods are called 'Temptation'!

    Evil is rampant in this world, it does feel as if this is the time when Satan, the Prince of the world, is let loose for a while. But it is only for a while, and Christ is victorious, so we must hold out. And as Satan tries to drag as many people as possible down to hell with him, we must try to win as many souls as possible for Christ, so that they may live in heaven in true joy for ever.

    There is a price to pay, and it can be hard. But it is worth it! Who would not want to work fo r the all merciful God!

    To truly love our fellow man is to want his eternal happiness, to yearn for it, to suffer for it. At present Br. Damon is beginning to feel this suffering, but he does not regret it. And that is another modern inversion. If you love someone enough to want their eternal happiness, and to try to get them to realize that they, like us are sinners in need of repentance, and that will lead to them gaining life eternal, you will be accused by man and by the civil law of hate! To love is to hate, and to preach forgiveness is to be a bigot!

    Oh well, it is a good job that this life is not for ever!

    P.S. Pink News has been investigation Br. Damon's background, and has published that he is 'the leader' of the Black Hermit Scottish Charity. This is basically true, we, the hermits, set up a charity so as to manage our income (which is dependant on donations) and so that we would be financially transparent. We called it the Black Hermits as we wore black habits at that time, and we couldn't think of anything else!We are all directors of the Charity, so that saying that Br. Damon is in charge of it is both true and untrue. Public proclamation of the Gospel does come under the aims of the charity.

    I have included this information so that you will not be confused by any publicity that Gay News may promulgate.

  • Brother Damon's Mission

    Tonight, after Br Damon Jonah's most recent arrest, I felt down. I worried that the price he was paying was too high. We do not know if his leafleting has converted anyone. We do know it has caused quite a storm on the social networks, Pink News etc, and some of the comments have been positive, or at least bemoaning the death of free speech, but most comments are from members of the LGBT community who are angry at not everybody thinking how the Government have told us to think. (To be fair, some of the positive comments have also come from people who term themselves homosexuals).

    I asked God for help in knowing his will, and no answer came.

    Then I read the article I have published below., and an article from the Nigerian Bishops saying about how destructive to their communities is the 'gift' from the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation of injectable contraceptives, which often cause permanent infertility after just four uses.

    God is Life.

    And He gave us to ability to pro-create life by the loving union of one man with one woman in marriage.

    Abortion, contraceptives, homosexual unions, 'test-tube' babies, (where for every one human person implanted an average of 23 human persons are discarded, ie killed), and euthanasia, are all anti-life, are all pro-death. Are all of the culture of death which is the culture of Satan. Whereas supporting life is supporting God, is of the culture of life, which is the culture of God.

    So yes, what Damon is doing, and we are supporting, is worth it. But we don't know what will now happen. So please, can everyone who reads this say a prayer for him. Not so much for his protection or that he should excape from the clutches of the civil law. But that God's will is done. That Br. Damon will be given the gift of wisdom from the Holy Spirit so that he may proclaim God's truth clearly and loudly. And that God and the Blessed Virgin Mary will give him strength and comfort in this difficult time.

    Thank you,

    Sr. Colette

  • Women who miss their babies

    8 unbelievably heart-rending quotes from women who aborted their babies sourced from Lifesitenews

    Abortion , Post-Abortion Syndrome

    We as a society are constantly bombarded with the pro-choice rhetoric that abortion is sometimes necessary. We also hear the words of post-abortive women like Cecile Richards who will say that their abortions were the right thing to do. But whether they are stuffing down their emotions or just plain lying, abortion is never a happy ending.

    It kills a child and leaves a mother to live the rest of her life with the knowledge that she took her child’s life. Nothing brings that pain to light better than the words directly from the mouths of everyday post-abortive mothers who are ignored by the major media outlets.

    Unlike Richards, these women have nothing to gain from sharing their stories. They only hope to help other mothers choose life.

    Lori Nerad, Former National President of Women Exploited by Abortion:

    “Two weeks after the abortion, I went into labor. I staggered into the bathroom. And there, with my husband beside me, I delivered a part of my baby the doctor had missed. It was the head of my baby. . . I’ll wake up in the middle of the night, thinking I hear a baby crying. And I still have nightmares in which I am forced to watch my baby being ripped apart in front of me. I simply miss my baby. I constantly wake up wanting to nurse my child, wanting to hold my child. And that’s something the doctor never told me I would experience.”

    Abby Johnson, Founder of And Then There Were None:

    One day in the car, my daughter (out of nowhere) asked if some day she would be able to see her siblings in Heaven. I asked her what she meant…honestly, hoping that she was not talking about my own two abortions. She said that she knew I had two abortions and she wanted to know if she would ever get to meet those babies because she said, “in my heart, I miss them.” I never knew I would pass that sort of heartbreak on to my children.

    When I had my abortions, I never thought about how it would affect others. I didn’t think about my future children. I never thought about how I would have to explain my selfishness to them.

    My abortions live in me, and unfortunately, they live in them. ”

    Ashley Granger, Wife, mother, sonography student:

    Now that my son is 4 years old, I sometimes look at his sweet face and wonder what features my other child would have had. I still have dreams about holding him or her and it makes me so deeply sad to think that I have robbed my son of a sibling. Why not just try and conceive a sibling for him today you may ask? Well, I would love to but my husband and I have been struggling with infertility for two and half years. I never once dreamed that I wouldn’t be able to conceive when I wanted to! Every night my sweet boy prays to God for a sibling and every time I hear those precious prayers my heart aches over what I did. Because in retrospect an abortion isn’t an easy fix or a solution to a problem….it is the problem, and it leaves a lasting effect on generations to come.

    Katrina Fernadez, Catholic humor writer at Patheos:

    “I killed two of my children, robbed my parents of grand-children, and murdered my son’s siblings. These abortions directly caused a medical condition known as incompetent cervix which resulted in the premature birth of another son who died after a week long struggle in the NICU in 2001. The suffering I’ve endured and caused others is immeasurable and the guilt almost drove me suicidal. I am a coward in every way.”

    Addie Morfoot, mother, writer:

    “Ross likes to tell me that Annie is our son’s guardian angel, but that idea scares me. Do I want my son’s protector to be someone whose mother gave her up? Ended her existence prematurely? She must be so mad, disappointed and hurt. So I keep her ultrasound images, along with a Hallmark “It’s a Girl!” card that my best friend sent, along with a Christmas tree ornament engraved with Annie’s due date, which my parents gave me the week I found out I was pregnant, locked away in a closet far from my son’s bedroom. […] But Annie still haunts me. When her due date rolls around, or when our son has a bad cough, or with the birth of my sister’s baby girl — I think of Annie. And once every year — on her birthday — I let myself cry. I think about how it would feel to hold her in my arms. And then I ask her to please understand that I did what I thought was best for my child.”

    Beatrice Fedor, Member of the Silent No More Campaign:

    “I flushed my baby in the toilet and it was horrifying. And it didn’t help me to graduate. It’s been nineteen years and to this day, I don’t have a degree. […] Seven years later, I got pregnant again. The father was twice my age and he was abusive. Abortion was the quick fix solution to protect myself and my baby from the abuser. So I went to a clinic and in great anxiety, I was put to sleep. When I woke up with blood on my legs, I burst into tears and I was inconsolable. I sank deeper and deeper into depression and suicidal thoughts.

    Then, I met my husband and he brought Jesus into my life but I was still hurting. When I was pregnant with our first child, my abortions resurfaced and the guilt was overwhelming. I went to counseling and I started to heal. Later, I attended a Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat and finally, I was able to forgive myself and find peace.

    Abortion promised to free me from two crisis situations and instead, it has nearly destroyed me. But there is hope for all those who are hurting and it is for them that I am Silent No More.”

    Jewels Green, former abortion clinic worker and public speaker:

    “[…]January 6, 1989, at 9 1/2 weeks gestation, I had an abortion. It nearly killed me. No, not the surgical procedure, the psychological aftermath. I attempted suicide three times after my abortion and finally ended up in an adolescent psychiatric ward of a community hospital for a month to recover. […] Working in the autoclave room was never, ever easy. I saw my lost child in every jar of aborted baby parts. One night after working autoclave my nightmares about dead babies were so gruesome and terrifying and intense I met with the clinic’s director to talk about my feelings. She was very understanding, open and honest, and painfully forthright when she told me, “What we do here is end a life. Pure and simple.”

    Brice Griffin, Founder, Charlotte Center for Women

    “After napping [after the abortion] I was raring to get back out to the bar scene. There was not enough whiskey in DC to satisfy me that night, or any night for many months following. When I woke up the morning after my abortion, Brian asked how I slept. I said, ‘Like a baby.’ He said, ‘You mean like a baby KILLER?!’ […] For months after that, I knew nothing except that I wanted to die. Death was the only certain escape from the horrific pit that had formed in my soul. I begged for therapy. I screamed for help. But only inside. How could I admit what I had done?

    So I buried it. No one else needed to know. No one else needed to judge me as harshly as I had come to judge myself.

    I trudged through several more years, feeling happy at times and doomed at others. One day I was running and listening to a homily by Fr. Larry Richards about Confession. He said (loosely), “If you’ve had an abortion, confess it. Your child is praying for you in Heaven.” My chest heaved with uncontrollable sobs and I ran home to arrange an appointment for Confession with my dear Priest. There in the confessional, heaving with sobs once more, I truly expected to be struck by lightning. I now sat there acknowledging that I was guilty of the worst sin possible, murder. My dear Priest smiled and handed me a box of tissues and said, ‘God is so happy you are here. You will be forgiven, but you need healing.’ He then proceeded to tell me about Rachel’s Vineyard, a ministry aimed towards healing from abortion.”

    These are just eight of the women who are speaking out about the aftermath of their abortions. Lifetimes of pain and regret. Lifetimes spent yearning for a child they will never get to hold. Due dates come and go and always bring about another year of remorse. Abortion isn’t something someone does one day. It lasts a lifetime.

  • Men and Women in Christ's Kingdom

    Last Sunday we celebrated the feast of Christ The King. Looking at the World in its present state one would think that there is no Kingdom to celebrate. The Western Protestant Churches , for the most part, seem to resemble the Gaderene swine rushing down the banks of heresy, into the abyss of what only God knows. The Catholic Church is wracked with heresy and the Popes from Paul VI onwards have been wringing their hands trying to deal with it, but somehow things have got worse, possibly because dialogue and patience are meant to help the heretical and unorthodox see the errors of their ways, but when the unorthodox appear to be leading Cardinals one begins to be extremely concerned. Eastern Orthodoxy clings tenaciously to the first Seven Councils of the undivided Church, but is hopelessly wrong on divorce and re-marriage, and this is all going on against a background of cruelty, lunacy, and rampant sexual immorality in the West, which is penetrating into the East; and wars and rumours of wars are everywhere.

    We are not helped when Christ’s Kingship is being understood mainly from the view point of the Good Shepherd, or the King at the end of the World coming to judge us on our charity or lack of it. That is not to say that the great parable of the Last Judgment is not a magnificent scene of the end of Time. However it must be seen against the Cross. Christ the Lamb is slain on the Cross and rises as the Lion of Judah. He conquers as the Warrior King of the Apocalypse and his look terrifies the demons from whom he exacts homage.

    How are we to act as citizens of Christ’s Kingdom.? Christ’s Kingdom, as he tells Pilate, is not of this World. His followers must not be of this World. The Catholic Church and the Protestant Churches in the West sit too lightly with the secular society. They too easily applaud its successes, too rarely condemn its failures. They are lulled into a false sense of security. The benefits of modern civilization dull the conscience and anaesthetise the imagination. Most people in the World do not benefit from the luxuries of Western civilization; in fact they pay the price, which is poverty.

    Though are Holy Father is right to stress the importance of trying to arrive at a more equitable balance of the good things of this world for the poor and starving, who make up the majority of the World’s population, it might be an idea if he now dealt with morals and modesty.

    Following on from St. Peter’s directives women should be modestly attired like the wives of the Patriarchs. In public they should be modestly veiled, or have some headress like Moslem and Hindu women, in fact like Our Lady. They should not wear seductive makeup, and they should be beautiful in their deeds. If they do not, then the man always falls, and then drags a whole lot of women with him. This is not sexist, this is the command of Peter the Apostle.

    Let not yours be the outward adorning with braiding of hair, decoration of gold, and wearing of robes, but let it be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable jewel of a gentle and quite spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious. (I Peter, Chapter 3: vv.3-4).

    Men also must be modestly dressed. Both sexes should not be accentuating their private parts, which is so much the fashion today. For such a very long time we have been immodestly dressed; even in the Victorian era the décolletage was erotic. We have all fallen very short of what we should be. This has been certainly the case since the 1920’s and very definitely since the sixties with the dominance of the erotic in fashion. Christian modesty belongs to a bygone era.

    The Pope should issue a degree forbidding Catholics from divorcing, (legal separations are much better). She has too easily capitulated to the State in this regard, and it is divorce more than anything else that has created the moral chaos in the West. For how can children trust their parents when they betray them like this? A gaping wound is left in the heart of the children, which sometimes never heals. Where husbands are known for their cruelty, the priest must intervene along with the leading men in the parish and bring the man to his senses. Such suggestions seem mad, but they are not mad. What is mad is cloning, giving children multiple parents, or having them brought up by male homosexuals, or lesbians. This is madness and badness.

    Such things necessitate and a complete moral and intellectual revolution. Why, because if we do not convert from so much sexual morality we will be destroyed. The good will go the Kingdom of Heaven, the bad to the Abyss of Hell. Also the Pope should make a dogmatic statement regarding the sinfulness of contraception.

    We could begin to rebuild the collapsing Church, but it requires penance and heroism, and a rejection of much that has happened over the last 500 or 600 years, and which has had such a devastating effect on the Church and particularly Western Christendom. What has been the source of this havoc? In two words materialism and secularism.

    St. Francis of Assisi scented what was wrong back in the 13th century --- money, and the accumulation of wealth and the rise of competitive commerce. In the battle against this he fought with the arms of evangelical poverty. St. Dominic wanted to protect the Church with theological truth, and his son St. Thomas tried his best, and was only partially successful as you need more than Aristotelian philosophy to save the world, even if it is brought under the sway of the Gospel.

    The Counter Reformation was sadly too dominated by the Jesuits and the Clerks Regular, and the Jesuits’ attempt to save as many souls as possible wrought disastrous long term effects, because they sat too comfortably with the World, and were too easy with wielders of power. They were too happy to take on the mores and the dress of the people to whom they were preaching, and so paved the wave for the worker priests, the trendy priest, the revolutionary priest, and so they forgot that “My Kingdom is not of this World”.

    We are called to be citizens of Heaven on Earth, and we are asked to be disciples of Christ like his first disciples, and we are asked not to conform to the cultures of the World, the Flesh and the Devil, but too get the secularized cultures to conform to culture of Christ. Obviously we cannot dress just like the men and women of First Century Palestine, but we can move in that general direction. We can learn again that the handmaiden of humility is modesty. Why not give it a chance?

  • More Pressure to Abolish the Age of Consent

    A few days ago I reported on the move by the British Prgnancy Advisory council to bring down the age of consent to 13. Now a committee of the United Nations is trying to abolish the age of consent completely. And people were surprised at Br. Damon saying that the homosexuals would be trying to lower it in his pamphlets, well it seems that other very influencial groups are already well on the way to trying to get it lowered.

    Below are excerpts of the article on C-Fam. Here is a link to their web-site so that you can read it in full, and if you want to read the whole U.N. report it is here.

    UNFPA: Children Have Right to Sex, Drugs, Abortion to Reduce Population

    By Rebecca Oas, Ph.D | November 20, 2014

    UNFPA State of World Pop Report 2014

    NEW YORK, November 21 (C-Fam)

    "There are more young people in the world now than ever before. According to the United Nations Population Fund’s latest report, this represents an unprecedented opportunity for progress, but only if future generations are smaller.

    UNFPA’s prescription to ensure a “demographic dividend” includes freely available abortion for adolescents, removing age of consent, drug and prostitution laws, and reduced parental involvement in the sexual formation of their children.

    “[Y]oung people require a wide range of sexual and reproductive health services, including . . . safe abortion care,” says the 2014 State of World Population, released Tuesday. According to UNFPA, legal systems in most countries lag behind commitments they made in international human rights treaties, and have “yet to catch up with the realities of adolescents and youth.”

    No UN treaty mentions abortion, nor obliges countries to make youth vulnerable to adults offering sexual and reproductive services.

    Of particular concern to UNFPA are age of consent laws requiring parental permission to access abortion, contraceptives, or other services like needle exchange programs for drug users.

    “[A]ge of consent laws contradict the idea that young people should participate in decisions that affect them in line with their evolving capabilities,” says the report, equating participation in decision-making with unilateral control.

    UNFPA also criticizes laws against “same-sex behaviour, drug use, and selling sex or sex work,” on the grounds that they “fall particularly hard on young people realizing their sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights.”

    The report posits that positive behavior changes among young people “could be influenced by policy interventions, such as those that loosen age or parental-consent restrictions on adolescents’ access to services.”

    In total, the UNFPA report asserts that the key to development is ensuring that adolescents’ sexual behavior is unsupervised, unrestricted, publicly funded, and, above all, non-procreative. UNFPA posits that the imposition of sexual anarchy upon youth will ensure their well-being and that of the whole world."

    When will the powers that be look at what they are doing and the consequenses of their actions. Even without expecting them to recognise sin for what it is, at least they should be able to see the physical consequences of what they are proposing: the increase in sexually transmitted diseases, cervical and breast cancers, pelvic / uterine infections due to coils etc, hormone imballances due to the 'pill', the risks of abortion to the young mothers (and the deaths of the unborn children), decreased later fertility due to using contraceptive hormones at a young age, and the loss of the precious jewel of the innocence of youth.

    May the sweet, gentle and powerful Virgin Mary, and the chaste and strong St Joseph, protect the youth from the evil perpetrated against them. Amen

  • A Good Wife Who can Find?

    A Good Wife Who can Find?

    The destruction of sexual identity

    And the Demise of Chivlary

    The mother of King Lemuel must have been a very wise woman, when she taught him what a good wife was all about. The description of the good wife closes the Book of Proverbs, and until recently was regarded as being a perfect description of the perfect wife and mother. No longer is this the case. For with women soldiers, and women chief constables, women head of MI5, the world is a different place, and a far more dangerous place. Women are there to compete with men as equals, and encouraged to do all things that men do. There is no doubt that woman make wonderful teachers, nurses and doctors, and often excel in the academic realm, but as fire-fighters and front line soldiers? The question is “Why”? What is driving women to take up such agressive and muscular jobs? And it is a question that is remarkably difficult to answer. Superficially the answer might be that it is to do with women’s revolt against the terrible treatment meted out to them by men over the centuries; after all why did they not fight back sooner? I suspect that the answer may be simply that technology has given them power, and no more efficiently than in the contraceptive pill.

    In a peasant and agrarian culture there is so much work to do to keep alive that the jobs must be apportioned according to ability. Farming, iron working, building, carpentry, and fishing needs a man’s strength. He does not suffer from periods. He is not going to have babies. In a simple society, without technology, you do not have the pill or the condom. Married couples will have lots of children, and so a woman has all her time taken up providing for her family. Life is difficult, and should not be idealized or idolized, but it is realistic, if not fatalistic, and people see life as it is, not as some fantasy.

    With the development of steam engines, electricity, and the use of gas and oil, and new inventions such as fridges, freezers, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, cars, lorries (trucks in the US) aeroplanes, computers, and every conceivable convenience, along with modern weaponry, a woman can take her place alongside a man, but she can only do it in a modern society. Take all these material aids away, and there will be little time for either sex to waste in frivolity, fantasy, or evil. Man and Woman find themselves before the uncertainty of nature, and climate.

    In an agrarian society you will not get the woman soldier, because she will be having babies, and will be too busy to be wielding heavy weaponry. She will find it impossible to be a sailor because dealing with heavy rigging will be beyond her, and she will not be able to take steroids and go to the gym which for its body building may require the best of modern technology. The Woman will find herself vulnerable, and will need the Man to protect her. Feminists will not like such an assessment as this, but they must think and realize that Marx’s dialectical materialism breaks down, when the working classes disappear and ancient society reasserts itself. Most of our sins have taken on more and more exotic forms precisely because of technology, which has opened the floodgates and out has gushed Satanic vice; no more so than in the form of Internet Pornography.

    At heart I think that most women simply want a man who really will love them, and care for them, and who will be indissolubly bound to them. Do Men and Women really want multiple relationships, and divorce and remarriage on an epidemic scale. I think not? The Man does want to protect the Woman, and the Woman does appreciate chivalry from Man, whatever the Media says to the contrary. And remember that Chivalry is a Christian concept. Nothing is so emblematic of chivalry as the Knight errant, who finds his perfect personification in Galahad, Parsifal, and in his own flawed way, Lancelot. The final apotheosis is the cowboy who is nothing if not mythical, but all the more real for being a personification of masculine qualities, especially bravery, and the protection of women and children.

    Who is behind this curious de-sexualization of the sexes where the man becomes less masculine, and the woman less feminine; and this must be stated boldly, a woman who dresses in clothes that are hardly different from a man’s still retains her femininity, but it is not the case with men. Fashions seem to be emasculating men. The trousers or jeans that young men wear seem to exaggerate the stick like qualities of their legs, unless this tells one more about the lack of sports classes in schools, I do not know.

    It must be added that we see this attempt at destroying the difference between the sexes being made by the Bolsheviks during the early years of the Russian Revolution. Firstly everyone had to wear the dress of the worker, and we see this wonderfully displayed in a photograph of Gorky and his son and daughter-in-law while visiting the Solovetsky Gulag, which was a former monastery.

    Gorky stands at the centre of the group on, what looks like, a bridge. It is a sunny day in May 1929. As you look at the picture, to the left of Gorky is a man who seems to be a camp guard, if not the commandant and next to him appears to be Gorky’s son, between these two and slightly in front is the daughter-in-law, who is wearing a leather jacket and boots. They and the others in the picture, have as a backdrop to their group, the Sekirka church, which has been turned into the punishment cell. The church would have been beautiful and decorated with icons but now has been transformed into a place of cruelty. The Woman who should be a being of beauty looks wrong and ridiculous. Since then this folly was exported to China, Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia, Cuba, to name just a few countries, and then the fashion took off in the West in the 60’s and jeans became everyman’s and everywoman’s wear. Levis are yet another example of the genius of Jewish business. This amazing business acumen of this remarkable race, when it is not under God’s governing hand, tragically finds itself coming under Lucifer’s sway. Christ tells us that we cannot serve God and money, and that was the problem with the Pharisees, they loved money. Be we Jews, Christians, Moslems, Hindus, when we become obsessed with money and we worship it, then the beauty of the God’s creation is forgotten.

    God created Man, “So God created man in his own image, in the imaged of God he created him; male and female he created them” (Genesis 1; v.27)That is all we need to know. Man and Woman are complementary, equal in grace, different in their chromosome make up. Woman is first and foremost Mother, and Man is in the image of both the Father and the Son. The Dignity given to Man and Woman is immense. Though this was lost by the sin of Adam and Eve, it was restored and elevated by Christ, the perfect image of his Father, the Father of All.

    This attempt to destroy the difference between Man and Woman is the Devil’s spite against God. He hates God’s infinite love and beauty, for it reminds him of his lost beauty and dazzling radiance. St. Hildegard remarks that why the Devil hates precious stones is because they remind him of his jewel like beauty as the greatest of the angels. Thus he must destroy all beauty, and he begins by trying to destroy the beautiful differences between Man and Woman. He rejoices in sterile sex, abortion, torture, murder and war because they make him feel at home in his world which is one of destruction and hatred, and that is why he had to destroy Eden, which he did not, and there is a mystery.

    Western Society is so prone to hatred, revolution, and rebellion against the Divine Order of God the Father Creator of Heaven and Earth that he must make everything as much like Hell as possible. Most of the Media, the rulers, the politicians, the rich and the powerful wittingly or unwittingly serve The Prince of This World, and wittingly or unwittingly hate Christ, because they cannot believe that God could suffer, and that they are in need of Redemption, but until they can accept these two truths, they will live a lie and an illusion. If they do not awaken from this terrible sleep, then they will open their eyes upon the terrible terrain of Hell, eternal fire, eternal hatred, eternal despair, and worst of all the absence of God. It will be too late then, and they can have no excuse.

    And so we entrust all these deluded Men and Women who are slaves to wealth, power, lust and greed to the prayers of that perfect woman and mother, Mary The Mother of God.

    “Our Lady of Refuge of Sinners” pray for them.

  • The Slippery Sexual Slope

    How far have we in Britain slipped down the slippery slope of corrupting children? Further than we would like to think. Parents have an increasingly difficult job of protecting the innocence of their children, the schools, who should be helping the parents in nurturing their children, have joined with the media and other groups to make the children sexually aware at an increasingly young age.

    We have mentioned Br. Damon's pamphleteering work, trying to spread the message of the Gospel to people by simply posting leaflets through their letterboxes. This simple non-aggressive act has caused some uproar in the social media, but the leaflets have been passed as not containing 'hate' matterial by the Crown Prosecution Service several times, who say that he has the legal right to continue posting them. However, Nottingham Police Force has cautioned him under the Public Order Offence (even though there was no public disorder!), and Brighton Police Force will be arresting him and questioning him next week (we are not sure under what law), and later this month he also has to report to Cheshire under the 'Malicious Communications Act' in which someone only has to say that they are 'offended' at something that has been written in order for it to be an offence!

    Well, on his 'Homosexualism' leaflet, written in responce to the 'gay marriage' new law, Br. Damon states that the LGBT agenda includes lowering the age of consent to puberty. Now we have confirmation of that. And the confirmation comes from Brook Advisory Services themselves. They have produced a 'tool' which they have distributed to schools to 'help' teachers know what sexual behaviour is appropriate at various ages. As far as they are concerned it is 'appropriate' for children from the age of 13 to have penetrative sexual intercourse with other children of simular age, both heterosexual and homosexual. The fact that it is illegal for them to do so doesn't concern them, and they do not seem to think that should concern teachers or parents either. So that you can see the 'tool' in full the link is here.

    This 'tool' has been approved by the UK Society of Sexual Health Advisers (SSHA), but is being discussed in a Commons Select Committee and there are voices of concern and reason being heard there. To quote from Life Site News article:

    "Dr. David Paton, a professor of industrial economics at Nottingham University and a leading expert in teenage pregnancy rates, has consistently warned that explicit sex education and easy availability of contraceptives, including the morning-after pill, has not led to a decrease in teen pregnancies or abortions, but has led to a staggering increase in STD's because of an increase in sexual activity in children.

    Paton told the education select committee that he has a "big issue" with the guidelines in the "tool" suggesting that sexual relations among 13-to-17-year-olds are a "safe and healthy development."

    "The advice is both misleading and potentially dangerous,” Paton said. "There’s an awful of evidence that early sexual activity is associated with all sorts of adverse outcomes – including early pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, but also mental health issues and adverse academic outcomes.”

    Graham Stuart, a Labour MP and chair of the education committee, concurred with Dr. Paton. Telling 13-year-olds that having sex is part of growing up, but "not to send out a message that it's wrong, that it's harmful, it's dangerous, is in fact to almost to collude with something which we know is damaging to young people."

    However, I think the 'tool' has already been diseminated, lowering the age of consent to puberty might not yet be law, but it is being taught as appropriate, whether the children's parents wish it or not.

    We might not be at the bottom of the slippery slope yet, but we are still sliding!

    Please keep praying that as few souls as possible are lost in these dark days of evil.


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