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Michael Voris, of Church Militant, has recently called the American Episcopate to order with a thunderous denunciation of Cardinal MacCarrick for his homosexual activities, and for those other bishops who have been doing likewise. He then rounds on the bishops who have covered everything up. The style of his writing is ferocious, which given the appalling state of the episcopate and the priesthood worldwide, is hardly surprising. However, excellent though Michael Voris is, he has little understanding of the Orthodox Church, and the resolution to so many of our problems lies in reunion with the Orthodox Church, who he simply writes off as Greek schismatics!
The present unprecedented crisis in the Church has come about through sexual sin; the sexual sins of the laity, the sexual sins of the priests, and the sexual sins of bishops and Cardinals, but it is symptomatic of a far more serious sin, the loss of the real meaning of what being a Christian should be.
Vatican II, something of a curate’s egg (namely there is good and bad in it) made two incredible blunders, one was the disastrous document on Non-Christian religions and the other was the modernization of religious life. Everything had to be updated. Religious habits of women had to be simplified, quite why I do not know, as decades later we see many Muslim women in traditional dress, not remotely worried about climate and who have no problems functioning. And now, as both traditionalists and modernists have to admit, the Roman Catholic Church, and many if not most of the other Christian denominations, is in chaos.
The deeper roots of this chaos lies in the history of Chrisitanity since the 4th Century. And I state my reasoning for this in the ‘end note’ so as not to distract from the main points of what I want to say.
The Catholic Church is tearing herself asunder in a bizarre form of self-hatred and mad sexual libertarianism. On one hand there are the people who are celebrating the ‘modern, relevant, liberal Church’, on the other hand there is in the Church in retreat, very understandably, into the world of Tridentine Theology while the world around them seems to be falling apart. A final strand which I belong to, and have ever since I was a child, is Apocalypticism. I am now 65 so I do remember the Tridentine Church, which was wonderful, but we need something more, and that is the ancient Church of the first 1000 years of the Church’s history. This will only come about after terrible persecution and a chastisement sent by God, and that will be truly terrible indeed.
Dispassionately we must look at what the great Protestant Churches of the last five hundred years have produced. For all Luther’s faults he did emphasize the all importance of Faith, being as the great Bede Jarret said “the basis of Life”. Calvinism for all its dread filled qualities regarding the salvation of only a few (Interestingly Calvin said two thirds would be damned, and Thomas Aquinas said three quarters!!) was very faithful to the hard sayings of Christ in the Gospels. Then in the 18th century with Wesley and Whitefield the picture changes as it does with the Baptists. We now begin to see more and more among these simple Christians, and among the best of today’s Evangelical Christians, an intense personal relationship with Christ which would put both the Latins and the Greeks to shame. We see a tremendous love and loyalty to Christ that makes so many of them become missionaries. Such a vocation which is left to certain religious orders and congregations in the Catholic Church, is the treasured vocation for a multitude of Evangelical Christians. It produces such magnificent Apostles as Brother Andrew the great Dutch Evangelist that set up Open Doors for the persecuted Christians. It has seen Brother Jun, the great Chinese Evangelist, undergo the most terrible tortures at the hands of his fellow countrymen, none of which dampened his magnificent faith or his missionary activities which leave one amazed, and lost in admiration for a Christian witness that reminds us of the great Apostolic age. What do we say of that legendary Lutheran Pastor and convert Jew Richard Wurmbrand, who suffered terribly at the hands of the Communists during the Cold War, and was as great a confessor of the Faith as any of the great confessors of the Faith during the Roman persecutions.
Then we turn to the extraordinary conversions taking place among the Jews and the Moslems throughout the World, where Christ personally intervenes in their lives in the most extraordinary fashion. We see astonishing conversions of thousands of Iranian Moslems to Christ, so much so, that there are not enough prisons to hold them in that country.
So God is working in the most dramatic ways in the lives of Moslems and Jews, as the Catholic Church seems to be descending into lunacy characterized by the latest interview that Archbishop Rino Fisichella has given to Vatican News on 6th August 2018 which is so bizarre that one wonders if he is a character out of Brave New World or 1984 indulging in Newspeak! And then today Thomas Rosica applauding Pope Francis for ruling without recourse to the Scriptures!
But what so many Catholics and mainline Christians from the great Protestant Churches have lost sight of is the Cross. Do they think it cost Christ nothing to die for our sins, and open the gates of Heaven to us? Do they not realize that the suffering of Christ on the Cross was infinite? Do our contemporary theologians ponder prayerfully on what this tremendous truth means? Well it means everything. Without the Cross there would be no salvation. Without Christ’s suffering there would be no human being in Heaven. Do these professional theologians, men, and women, clerical and religious and laymen have any passion in their hearts? Do they have any imagination? Can they understand Pascal’s words “Christ suffers until the end of time?” Do they understand little St. Francisco of Fatima’s burning desire to comfort the Crucified Christ? Do they understand the horror of sin, even the smallest venial sin? Do they understand Newman’s stark statement from his “Apologia Pro Vita Sua” that it would be better for the entire World to suffer in the most extreme agony (I quote from memory) rather than that one venial sin be committed? No! They do not. Why? Because so many of these men and women are like parents spoiling their children. They give them everything that modern men and women want; a life of ease and pleasure. They give so many Christians the promise of a hedonistic life here with lots of immoral sex, food, drink, drugs, holidays etc. and promise happiness in the next world, but what the Heaven they promise is, I do not know. It is all about pleasure, but it is not what Heaven is really about: namely Praise and thanksgiving to God for saving us. Oh no! In the eyes of the modern heterodox Catholic (something of an oxymoron) and other dubious Christians, we are so good, so wonderful, so gifted that God can forgive us anything. The truth is that so many of us Christians are utterly deluded to the point of madness. Sin has sent most of Western Christians mad, and if the poison is allowed to spread to the Christians of Latin American, Africa, Oceania and Asia they will be become corrupted too.
God will not be mocked, he will soon wreak on us a terrible punishment, and then we will know the truth, but for many of us, far too many of us it will be too late and we will find ourselves plunged into the unquenchable fires of Hell.
And so I say this to you Cardinals, bishops, priests, religious and laity: look upon Christ Crucified, meditate on his infinite sufferings; comfort him with your prayers, your sufferings, your virtuous life and have something of that ardour and that passion for the Gospel that so many Evangelical Christians have, and who desire to save souls, not just accompany them.
One of these, one of the great Protestant missionaries of the 19th century was the Englishman James Hudson Taylor, born in Barnsley. He had a conversion at the age of 17 and became one of the greatest missionaries to China. The historian and academic Ruth Tucker seems, possibly to overstate things, but she may be right:
No other missionary in the nineteen centuries since the Apostle Paul has had a wider vision and has carried out a more systematized plan of evangelizing a broad geographical area than Hudson Taylor
However if we want a Catholic perspective on this great 19th century Protestant we should turn to the great French Church historian and man of letters Henri Daniel-Rops who in his 10th and final volume of History of the Church of Christ describes Hudson Taylor with both enthusiasm and objectivity.

Then there was Hudson Taylor (1832-1905) and his wife; he has been compared to St. John Bosco in the fervour of his missionary zeal, the apostle of inland China, founder of the Inland Missionary Society. It was while practising as a doctor in Shanghai that he first became aware of the appalling material and spiritual misery of the Chinese masses. He had no other thought but to bring them God and the charity of Christ, and to this end he recruited the services of as many men and women of like mind as possible; 600 missionaries responded to his appeal, plus 700 unmarried women missionaries, rather similar to the Sisters of St Vincent de Paul (who were entering China at the same moment), and also 190 doctors. Nothing was to stop him in his drive, neither criticism nor misunderstandings, nor even the Boxer Rebellion. On his death Protestantism had been implanted in half the Chinese Empire (Volume 10 p.141)

So I ask you all as I bring this piece to a close. Do you wish to save souls, do you wish to give your life for Christ and the extension of his Kingdom, do you want to enter into his life, his sufferings? For if you do not, you should not count yourself a Christian. Know this you members of the Laity, that you have a duty to preach the Gospel and preach the truth in your homes, in your work, and whenever the opportunity comes your way, and you can learn from our Evangelical brethren.
You, who are priests, must teach the truth about chastity, and that active homosexuality, transvestitism, and transgenderism is mortally sinful, as is remarriage without an annulment. And the increasing number of couples living together are living in a state or mortal sin. Know this - that all these groups cannot receive communion without repenting of these sins! If you say nothing you will be condoning these mortal sins yourself and will be yourself in a state of mortal sin. Silence means consent.
You, who are bishops, and you who are Cardinals are in the gravest danger of losing your souls if you do not preach The Truth, especially those of you who are not heretics, and know the truth. There is nothing worse than when a good man is silent. Courage, you good bishops, and remember St. Athanasius The Great, St. Augustine the Great, St. Basil The Great, St. Gregory Nazianzen, St. John Chrysostom, St. Stanislaus, and St. John Fisher. These men were fearless; model yourselves on them.
Throughout my priestly ministry of 36 years I have warned my hearers on not a few occasions that one day they will have to give their lives for Christ. There is no greater witness than martyrdom, no greater prize for the Christian. But why talk of the witness of the saints, look upon the one whom you serve, and who you are asked to follow with all your heart mind and soul, Christ Our Lord God and Man, The Alpha and Omega, King of All Creation. Remember that he died on the Cross out of love for you, and the anguish and infinite pain of that sacrifice is so extraordinary that all eternity will not be enough for us to understand the vast love of Christ for every human being both redeemed and damned.
Ultimately peace will come out of this. We will see the unity of all Christians, we will see something wonderful, but quite what I am not quite sure. However it will come about not through Popes, or Patriarchs, or that dreary creature “The World Council of Churches”, it will come about through the direct intervention of the Head of the Church, namely Christ Our Lord, whose words below should be write fire upon the tablets of our hearts.

But I say to you, that whosoever shall look on a woman to lust after, hath already committed adultery with her in his heart (Matthew 5. 28)…but I say to you that whosoever shall put away his wife, excepting for the cause of fornication, maketh her to commit adultery; and he that shall marry her that is put away, committeth adultery (Matthew 5. 32)….But the things which proceed out of the mouth, come forth from the heart, and those things defile a man. For from the heart come forth evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false testimonies, blasphemies (Matthew 15. 18-19)…For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife, and they two shall be in one flesh. Therefore now they are not two but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder. (Matthew 19. 5-6)

Enter ye in at the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there are who go in thereat.
How narrow is the gate, and strait is the way that leadeth to life: and few there are that find it! (Matthew 7.13-14)
And again I say to you: It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, that for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven.
And when they heard this, the disciples wondered very much, saying: Who then can be saved?
And Jesus beholding, said to them: With men this is impossible: but with God all things are possible. (Matthew 19. 24-26)
Amen I say to you, unless you be converted, and become as little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.
Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, he is the greater in the kingdom of heaven. (18. 3-4
I am Alpha and Omega, the first and last, the beginning and the end.
Blessed are they that wash their robes in the blood of the Lamb; that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter in by the gates into the city.
Without are dogs, and sorcerers, and unchaste, and murderers, and servers of idols, and everyone that loveth and maketh a lie.
I Jesus have sent my angel, to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the root and stock of David, the bright and morning star. (Apocalyse 22.13-16)

End Note:
The Catholic Church, throughout its history since Constantine embraced Christianity early in the 4th Century, has been far too taken up with how the Church should operate in the World; this has not been a problem for Orthodoxy as for the most part “Symphonia” (The way the Emperor or King works with the Church) has worked pretty well. Orthodoxy did not have the problem of the Papal States, which meant that it did not work out of a state which would always tempt Popes to behave like earthly rulers, and that is what so often they did. Up until the catastrophic split between the Latin West and the Orthodox East in 1054, both Churches were very similar. It is after the split that things begin to go wrong. Up until the split you simply had monasticism in both East and West, but after the schism monasticism in the West began to change, or perhaps we should say develop. Suddenly Canons appeared, then the friars, and then with the Tridentine Church we have clerks regular, the most famous and now the most infamous, being the Jesuits.

I think it would not be unfair to say that the problem is with Augustine the Great. His personality dominates the Roman Catholic Church and European civilization. Reading the Confessions makes one feel that one is reading a 19th or 20th century writer. This great man so fascinated with how the human heart works, and how everything works, is a million miles away from the rest of the Fathers of the Church, and that includes the three other Western Fathers of the Church, namely Ambrose, Jerome, and Gregory. Augustine writes his theology in some ways by himself, and his form of Monasticism is utterly different from the Rule of St. Basil. The two next great personalities are St. Francis of Assisi, and Luther. Temperamentally, but not theologically Lutheranism and Calvinism have more in common with Catholicism for the simple reason that the three churches are overshadowed by the Great Augustine.

Could it also be that the appearance of the Papal States, something that Gregory the Great, the greatest of all Popes, (That is only my personal opinion) took on out of necessity, was to spell the doom of the Catholic Church in her political aspects. The Pope became an earthly ruler and therefore had to deal with politics as a politician, all the while trying to be a bishop. Gregory, a truly humble man, was not taken up with papal prerogatives, in the way that St. Leo the Great, St. Gelasius, and St. Nicholas the Great were taken up with them (Looking at Nicholas from the Orthodox point of view, he is the villain of the piece, and Photius, the Patriarch of Constantinople is the Great Photius. Where is the truth in it all?). Gregory was doing his best in a very difficult situation, namely the breaking up of the Empire of the West.

This politicization of the Papacy then led to the development of the Papacy, and finds its zenith with Boniface VIII’s thundering encyclical “Unam Sanctam”, where the Papacy is above every Emperor and King and the entire world. The fight for far too long was between the Holy Roman Emperor and the Papacy, but it was the Papacy, looking for a protector, which created Charlemagne and it was St. Leo III who gave power to a Frankish king, and the Holy Roman Emperors from then on are in an endless battle with the Papacy, no more so than with Charles V the nephew of Catherine of Aragon. It would be worthwhile to just take a moment and recount how this creation of the Holy Roman Empire happened. The spare and fair account of the matter is given by that excellent Anglican scholar J.N.D. Kelly in his Oxford Dictionary of Popes, which you will find quoted at the end of the article.

With the development of the Papacy, you get the development of the Papal States, and continual conflict with the Holy Roman Empire. So often the theology of the Papacy develops precisely because of conflicts with the Emperor, of because the Emperor feels the need to impose his theological views on the Church. This is particularly the case with Charlemagne who is determined that Leo III insert the Filioque into the Creed, which should never have happened: The Nicene Creed was enough, nothing needed to be added to it, but Charlemagne being an enthusiastic devotee of Augustine was intent on having the Filioque inserted into the Creed. This has done unbelievable damage to the relationship between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches.

Although his election was unanimous, Leo’s personality and methods aroused hostility in aristocratic circles led by Hadrian I’s relative Paschalis, chief notary, and Campulus, papal purse-keeper, and on 25th Apr. 799, as he was riding in procession to mass, a gang violently attacked him attempting without success to cut out his eyes and tongue; after a formal ceremony of deposition he was shut up in a monastery. Helped by his friends, however, he made his escape to Charles, at Paderborn, who received him with solemn courtesy, clearly not recognizing his deposition. Representatives of the rebels arrived too, and laid formal charges of perjury and adultery against him. The situation was delicate, for in Frankish circles these charges were held to be well founded. Charles’s adviser Alcuin (c.735-804) reminded him that no power on earth could judge the apostolic see, and so, postponing a decision, the king had Leo escorted back to Rome, which he reached on 29th November. In December an investigation of the attack on the pope and of the accusations were carried out in the Lateran by Frankish agents, but though suspecting the latter to be true they had no power of decision and referred the affair to the king; meanwhile, to ensure peace in the city, the conspirators were temporarily sent to Frankland.

Charles took his time over the affair, reaching Rome in late Nov. 800 and was greeted in imperial-style ceremonial. On 1 Dec. he held a council of Frankish and Roman notables in St. Peter’s explaining in his opening address that its purpose was to examine the charges against the pope, but the assembly replied that it did not wish to sit in judgement on him. Leo then declared his readiness to purge himself of ‘the false charges….following the example of his predecessors’, and at a plenary session on 23 Dec. took an oath of purgation concerning them. His opponents were then condemned to death, but on his intercession the sentence was commuted to exile. Two days later, as the Christmas mass was beginning and Charles arose from praying before St. Peter’s tomb, the pope placed the imperial crown on his head; the assembled crowd acclaimed him emperor, and Leo knelt in homage (the first and last obeisance a pope was to offer a western emperor). In spite of the chronicler Einhard’s report that the coronation came as an unwelcome surprise to Charles, everything indicates that the ceremony, of momentous significance for subsequent history, had been carefully prearranged.

Now fully rehabilitated, Leo continued to enjoy Charles’s confidence, journeying (for example) to Aachen to spend Christmas 804 with him. As pope, however, he was overshadowed by the towering personality of the emperor, who paid little attention to papal rights and, despite repeated complaints, interfered through his agents in the affairs of Rome and the papal state. As his subject, Leo dated his coins by Charles, too, who took the lead in organizing religious affairs in his realms.

Thus it was at his prompting that in 798 Leo raised Salzburg to metropolitan status and held a synod at Rome which confirmed the condemnation of the adoptionism of Felix of Urgel in Spain (d.818). It was Charles who instructed Leo, after the conquest of the Avars, to take in hand the organization of the church in their regions. All the more striking was Leo’s resistance, in 810, to Charles’s request that he should add the clause ‘and from the Son’, i.e. the Filioque, already adopted by the Frankish church, to the article on the procession of the Holy Spirit in the creed; he approved the doctrine implied by the proposed addition, but disapproved alterations in the creed.

On Charles’s death (28 Jan.814) Leo was able to act more independently, and when a fresh conspiracy to depose and assassinate him was discovered, he personally tried those involved (something Charles would never have permitted) on charges of treason, and ruthlessly condemned scores to death (815). His action alarmed the court at Aachen, but Leo was able to provide explanations which satisfied it.

Then you have the development of Canon Law in the 12th century, mandatory celibacy for the priests from the 11th century onwards, which has always looked as if it were a losing battle, and finally Blessed Pius IX, feeling quite rightly that he must try to preserve the Faith, comes up with the Dogma of Infallibility, and inserted the discussions and vote on it into the Council, even though it had not been on the agenda of Vatican I. The problem is that with the development of the Papacy and Canon Law you have a development of theology, usually in response to heresies, and the Reformation. Pius IX in the light of the development of the Papacy brings great pressure to bear on the bishops of Vatican I to vote for Papal Infallibility, being aided greatly by that overpowering character Cardinal Manning. The Cardinal living at the zenith of the British Empire on which the Sun never set, would have been utterly sympathetic to the Dogma temperamentally in the light of Britain’s Imperial greatness. However rather oddly, having thought that the Church could not do without the Papal States, the Cardinal quite happily accepted their loss, which certainly Pius IX did not. It’s almost as if the Pope was trying to twist Christ’s arm, and the dear Pope by dogmatising infallibility unfortunately ends up creating a Pandora’s box, which has recently been opened in the present Pontificate to dire effect.

And so a peculiar liberal type of Ultramontanism now appeared on the Church’s stage, and the whole plot has changed. It’s rather like an Agatha Christie play becoming, in the second act a romantic comedy like Top Hat or, perhaps worse, becomes more accurately like Becket’s “Waiting for Godot”.
I remember some 20 years ago when I was studying Church History at Heythrop College at London University meeting Deacon Maximus, the secretary to the Ecumenical Patriarch, no less, who said to me one day, when were having coffee together. “They do not say anything about the Filioque here” I said that they wouldn’t be very interested. No wonder that the East thought that the Westerners were barbarians. We certainly are now in every sense of the word. More peculiarly Deacon Maximus said “The Pope is very conservative”, which was odd coming from an Orthodox, as he would not have been liberal. I said “No, he is in the tradition”. Twenty years down the line and with a greater knowledge of Orthodoxy, it is patent that John Paul was not in the tradition as the Orthodox would like, but he was trying to understand Orthodoxy better. However this did not prevent him sending a Polish Archbishop to Moscow to look after the Russian Catholic Church, a somewhat odd thing to do given that the great John Paul must have known the visceral hatred that the two countries have for each other. In true Imperial fashion Putin as able to make the Patriarch of Moscow meet with Pope Francis; a work of genius.


“For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions.” (2 Tim. 4-3)
It came as no surprise to me to see that Peter Doyle, the Roman Catholic bishop of Northampton, was in attendance at the recent meeting of “Quest”; the pressure group within the R.C. Church which advocates acceptance of the homosexual life-style. Nor did it surprise me that a leading Jesuit, James Martin was also on the panel along with other Jesuits. The Jesuits, consistent with their moral relativism generally, have in recent years taken up the homosexual cause with a particular keeness. The HQ of the Catholic LGBT in Britain is of course the Jesuit Church at Farm Street, London. The Marxist inspired “Liberation Theology”, which they so enthusiastically promote, now includes the “freedom” to practice Sodomy, sadomasochism, and pederasty, while being able to receive the body of Christ in the Eucharist (Obviously when St. Paul said that we cannot be joined to the body of a harlot and be joined to the body of Christ, he only meant harlots and not sodomites or any other sexually immoral union……..?)

Regarding Peter Doyle, (who was educated by Jesuits), he has declared himself, in an interview with Vatican Radio in 2015, pro-LGBT, and is dedicated to the task of accommodating the Homosexual life-style within the R.C Church. An excerpt from that interview leaves one baffled at the poor theology and an inability to see that the word of God never changes, and cannot be manipulated:
PD: I think it's a combination of it being too difficult and also the basic, I suppose, theological anthropology - what I mean by that is that our understanding, from the Scripture, of man and woman... there is no room at the moment for a same-sex relationship. And so, I think they've sort of said - well, they haven't actually said this, but in my heart I wonder if they're saying - "We don't know what to do." Now, that's not going to be very helpful for these good people, and maybe something will come out unexpectedly, but at the moment, it seems to be being parked to one side.

That the bishop could say anything so disastrous and sentimental as there is no room at the moment for a same-sex relationship beggars belief. There never has been and never will be a moment for a same-sex relationship. It is forbidden by God, and it is a lifestyle that leads to destruction.

Peter Doyle, for all we know, may well be homosexual himself, active or passive, but he has shown a reluctance in dealing swiftly with at least one active homosexual priest in his diocese, who is now dead. He was informed in Lent of 2013 of the homosexual priest’s activities by two priests of his diocese, and then in Easter week by a layman (the priest was also a regular visitor to the flesh pots of Brighton). Apart from the homosexual priest being interviewed in 2013 by the safeguarding officer of the diocese, no real action of a safeguarding nature was done until 2014, a year later when the homosexual priest propositioned a leading Catholic layman of the diocese. Doyle was forced eventually to take him off active duty (of the clerical variety) and put him in a home for the incapacitated (He wasn’t a well man.) The action of the Bishop was tardy to say the least.

I read somewhere that Doyle won a scholarship in his final year at school to Sandhurst as a prospective Artillery officer, which strains the imagination to incredulity, as anyone could testify. An insipid, somewhat effeminate individual who would most likely have had swift recourse to his mother’s skirts at the first whiff of grapeshot. Fortunately for him he thought better of it and sought the safety and comfort of the clerical life instead (still, it was a close call for the Royal Artillery).

The Gay action group “Quest” was banned by Cardinal Basil Hume back in the late 1980’s, for being at odds with Catholic moral teaching (as it stood then). But under the more “with it” cardinalates of Murphy O’Connor and Vincent Nicholls it has enjoyed official favour. Nicholls is a steady supporter of the homosexual cause, yet disguises this under the ambiguity which so readily comes to the Catholic hierarchy (a forked tongue being a necessary piece of equipment for bishops, Roman and Anglican). In fact, not just Nicholls and Doyle in this country, but as Quest “proudly” announces, a growing number of bishops are entertaining their designs. This is hardly surprising, given the carefully crafted ambiguity of the Bergoglio pontificate as regards traditional Catholic moral teaching. We have recently been informed that the pronouncements of the Duce of Rome cannot be questioned, even by recourse to Scripture, tradition, previous Magisterium documents or encyclicals of previous popes…(”L’Eglise c’est moi” says the Sun-king of Rome). Nor does the steady advance of the homosexual cult within the R.C. church come as a surprise when one considers the dreary fact that the Catholic clergy are awash with homosexualism, as they are with heresy. Most don’t believe in the Divine inspiration and infallibility of Scripture, and as devoted adherents to the doctrine of evolution (which makes nonsense of the Fall and Original Sin, and therefore the atonement of Christ, and therefore the sacraments) they readily accept the now much vaunted doctrine of “Development”; a notion which neatly suits the purposes of Dictator Francis --- the faith is whatever I say it is.

In time the Roman Catholic Church will accept homosexualism (the process has started), revise the Catechism (which the clergy hated anyway), and accommodate itself to the new secular world order. Not for this Church the prospect of being a small, despised remnant, faithfully holding fast the truth (once delivered and unchangeable), and consequently subjected to the rigours of the Cross by the latest version of the totalitarian state, demanding singular allegiance to is villainies and obscenities (This new secular, “designer Catholicism” has been under way since the Second Vatican Council.)

The day can’t be far off, if it hasn't already happened somewhere, when the likes of Vincent Nicholls and Peter Doyle, and a whole host of other Catholic prelates and priests take their long desired place in a Gay Pride march, proudly displaying their rainbow flags, and thereby nullifying the need for anyone else to dress up as priests, cardinals and popes, which has been such a fixed feature of the “Pride” pantomime.

Should anyone think that I’ve drifted off into the realms of fantasy they should consider the inconceivable spectacle of Catholic bishops allowing, inviting even, Quest and Stonewall (the spearhead of the homosexual movement) to go into Catholic schools and indoctrinate children with LGBT ideology. Ambiguity strikes again as Catholic prelates re-assure us that they are committed to the traditional view of marriage as being between a man and a woman and that the fundamental purpose of that union is the procreation of children, while at the same time they give furtive consent to a lifestyle which contradicts the very nature of marriage.

The reality of the homosexual cult, which is gaining increasing acceptance among a morally compromised Catholic Clergy (not to say, increasing practice) is a demonic, world of buggering each others’ annuses, sucking each others penises, licking each others’ anuses, fisting each others’ anuses, urinating on each other (“watersports”), the sexualisation of faeces and urine, and sadomasochism. This is the world being embraced by the Roman Catholic hierarchy; the world they would have the children in their schools introduced to. Do any of these pea-brained prelates have the wit to perceive that this “gay” world is one of depravity, drug abuse, disease, depression, demonic possession, despair, death by suicide, and finally destruction and damnation? Apparently not.

Yet they will be held accountable by God for their part in the promotion of what is called in the Holy Bible, which is the Word of God, an abomination. Homosexualism is condemned in both the Old and New Testaments, and those who practice it will be among the damned souls when the Final Judgement takes place. Homosexuals and lesbians, bi-sexuals and transgenders will not enter the kingdom of heaven. (Gen. 19; Lev.18:22; Rom. I: 18-32; I Cor. 6:9; I Tim. 1: 9-10; Jude 7) Neither will many bishops and cardinals, for that matter. In the Apocalypse Christ reproves the Church of Thyateira for listening to the false prophetess Jezebel, who has led them into heresy and sexual immorality. Just so, many bishops, encouraged by the Bergolio Papacy, are leading people astray in the Roman Catholic Church.

“Love not the World”, says the Word of God through St. John; “if anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him, for all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world” (I Jn 2: 15-16).

Damon Jonah Kelly

Brother Damon, who was a member of our community until recently, asked me to put this on our website. I felt that given the appalling gravity of the immense scandal being given by Cardinal McGarrick and many bishops in the U.S. that it was appropriate to do this, so that no more “little ones” be scandalized. Brother Damon is one of these little ones who was baptized into the Catholic Church as an adult in 1987. Even then things must have been puzzling for him, as his sponsor was a practicing homosexual, and his parish priest said that it was alright to have a sexual relationship with a woman if you were sincere. Such things are not isolated and have been increasing over the years. God knows how many thousands or millions have been led astray and found themselves damned for all eternity because of the scandal that we priests have caused. I too have to examine my conscience and ask how many have I scandalized, for while I always preached against sexual immorality I all too easily succumbed to a tendency to Universalism, which is a common modern heresy. I certainly did not go the whole way, but I thought that the majority would be saved. I realize now this was not in accord with scripture, but it is the heresy more than anything else which allows men to sin with impunity, trusting in a mercy that is not true.

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