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There is a very serious and well researched article that I read on LifesiteNews today (18th May 2018). It refers to the increasing use of starvation and dehydration in the hospitals of the UK. I would encourage everyone to read it, especially if you or your loved ones are dependant on the British health system. As a former hospital doctor I myself witnessed the early stages of these policies, I know it is true, but I didn't know the numbers of deaths that it has been involved in.

To help you understand the numbers that are quoted from the death certificates; doctors when filling in the Death Certificate have to put down the main cause of death, plus there is a section where they can add contributory causes. I think, due to my own experience, that the numbers of times that dehydration or starvation are stated on death certificates as contributory causes would grossly underestimate the true number of times that they were actually implicated, as often only the main cause of death is stated.

To read the article please click on the link below (which quotes the final paragraph of the article):
"It seems that at the level of medical ethics, the 'Battle of Britain' is currently being won by the long-dead Third Reich."

Fr. Stephen is now starting a new book, in which he attempts to draw together, in his own rather wide-ranging and idiosycrantic way, the historical and truth based facts about God and the world. The prologue is below, and chapters will be added as he writes them.

Paradise, the City, and the Kingdom of the Father

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