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The Trumpeteer

  • A Plea To The Great Irish Nation

    Tomorrow the Irish will vote in a referendum on whether or not to accept “Gay Marriage”as a valid alternative to marriage. That such a strange and terrifying thing could happen in such a Catholic Country can only be attributed to one thing. What is that thing which could have allowed this referendum to occur? In a word’ the betrayal of the Irish people by far too many priests and religious in the sex abuse, and violent abuse cases. However it is not as simple as that.

    I have always wondered at how the Irish can be either very puritanical or dancing on the table tops and painting the town red. How they can be absolute teetotallers or drinking everyone under the table? A dear friend of mine, a former priest who was with me in the Capuchins, and whose parents were Irish said that an Irish Puritanism, in fact a Jansenism, was the result of the Irish seminary formation. He said that in the 17th and possibly 18th centuries, many of the Irish priests were trained at San Sulplice in Paris, and there they imbibed the awful atmosphere of Jansenism. What the Irish needed and finally got was the absolutely freeing spirituality of St. Thérèse of Lisieux , but she had a tough opponent in Jansenius. So here was an imported Puritanism, which fitted all too well with the penitential way of life of the early Irish monks, which was very penitential indeed. Added to all this how many Irish families gave to the Church reluctant priestly and religious vocations ,as a way of helping their children and as feather in their family hats, a religious trophy? How many false vocations ended up in cruelty and sexual abuse? How many of these poor priests and religious destroyed, not only their own souls, but the souls of those they abused, and those that they scandalized.

    If the vote is “Yes” for “Gay Marriage”, then we will see the horror of scandal given by consecrated souls, both priestly and religious, and what will look like the destruction of Catholic Ireland, one of the great jewels of the Church.

    Well tomorrow is the feast of St. Rita, “The Patron of the Impossible”, so God willing she will work a wonderful miracle, and save the Irish, and give this great nation her faith back in all its ancient glory. For, have they not suffered enough at the hands of the English, and let us not forget that that great hero of Scotland Robert The Bruce invaded Ireland and was ruthless; it was not just the English who behaved badly, but in truth we are mostly to blame. May St. Patrick, St. Columba and all the Irish saints come to the aid of the Irish, and may they uphold the Catholic family, which they did so, so valiantly over so many centuries, and with such great heroism, despite poverty and persecution.

    St Patrick pray for Ireland, and you who cast out of that land all the snakes, with the aid of the Mother of God, Our Lady of Victories, may you help crush Satan’s head, and may Ireland shine in all her ancient glory, and flood the world with its great love of God, the truth and the Church.

  • The Ascension in a Time of Chaos

    One of the most conspicuous lacks in our time is glory. There has been a determination since the Russian Revolution to make everyone grey, dismal and the same. The Lenin cap and the semi military look of the Bolsheviks gave way to the Chairman Mao look, and goodness knows what the Pol Pot look was like. The dress of the common working man has become the norm, and its apotheosis is blue jeans. Everyone in the world seems subject to jeans, teashirts, and base ball caps. Rather like sacraments, these clothes are an outward sign of an inward disposition, but certainly not of an inward grace. In fact such dressing amazingly is seen to be erotic. And so from Tierra del Fuego to Northern Canada, from Siberia to Peking, from Paris to Perth, from Cairo to Cape Town the ubiquitous jeans are seen everywhere. On one level this appears to be a small thing, but it affects very important people such as St. John Paul II, and now Pope Francis. Both very different men are still under the shadow of the French Revolution and the whole Sans- culottes movement where many revolutionaries wore long trousers, a working man’s jacket, and a red knitted liberty cap. So we see both Popes being forced to wear strange hats, do strange things, and in the case of Pope Francis to get rid of anything that seems to ostentatious or pompous. So the Pope got rid of the red shoes, which would I think have been an excellent mortification, and exchanges the loneliness of the papal apartments for the dubiously social Casa Santa Martha. The proletarian fashion which is more of a philosophy than simply about dress, fails to address what St. Irenaeus says about Man and God; “The Glory of God is Man fully alive.” The problem is that Western Man seems half dead, and fashions deceive. One cannot imagine Our Lady being very interested in fashions, and Mary Magdalene would have renounced it as so much rubbish having found her Lord and God. It is only God who raises Man and Woman to glory through his death and resurrection. If he had not done that we would have never been able to get to Heaven. Communism, Nazism, Secularism, Materialism, Freemasonry cannot build a stairway to Heaven, all they can do is cast down to Hell.

    In ancient societies the wisdom that will prevail is that there are clothes rather than fashions, and different clothes are worn for different things. In India women still wear saris, which they have been wearing for centuries, and the Moslem World seems to be, for the most part, a world which knows little of fashion. People have their everyday clothes, and then they put on their finery for special occasions, and other clothes for other events, and warriors need clothes for fighting. What is most important for most people in the West today is to feel comfortable. There is no real sense of occasion or what clothes are for, except when it comes to Sport, which has become a veritable religion.

    We can, however, be pretty sure that Christ wore very simple clothes, as did his Mother, Mary, and St. Joseph would have been simply dressed as well. What is wonderful about so much of the dress of the orient is its beauty and simplicity. One is always aware that the veil enhances a woman’s beauty and her modesty, and that the head coverings of men be they the turban, or some kind of veil for the man, is equally modest and becoming. Whether you are dealing with sophisticated New Yorkers’ or chic Parisians, or flamboyant Italians there is a lack of what can be called “Glory”. Supernaturally for the majority there will be little glory at all, for “Glory” is in many ways the outward manifestation of grace in dramatic form.

    Western Christians, be they Catholic or Protestant seem quite happy, the majority that is, to use artificial contraception, not a few abort, and many seem quite happy with immoral sexual life styles, and destroy families by divorcing. It is all done for pleasure and comfort. Heroism is only to be found in a tiny minority. This retreat from glory, and grandeur is seen to startling effect in recent legislation proposed in Sweden, once very puritanical, and now very sensual, and remarkably dull and conformist to boot.

    It appears that there is a proposal from Swedish socialists to tax the population to pay for returning ISIS fighters, or those who have fought with ISIS, so that they can be re-integrated into Swedish society, get counselling for the traumatic experiences that they would have undergone in Syria and Iraq, and be enabled to find jobs. The mind simply boggles at such evil nonsense. So as the hordes of ISIS have destroyed the tomb of Jonah, the ancient city of Nineveh, and other ancient cities and shrines, they seem to be very close to destroying the fabled city of Palmyra, one realizes that the members of the Swedish Establishment are not simply politically correct, they are actually terrified. They would like, I suspect in their heart of hearts, to expel all the Islamic jihadists, but they cannot, for the simple reason that they have rejected Christ in favour of the ideals of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, namely liberty, equality, and brotherhood. However you cannot have any of these things in truth without God, and without Christ the brother to all brothers and sisters who he has adopted through his life, death and resurrection.

    In rejecting the Risen and Glorified Christ, the decadent countries of the West have fallen into a spiritual torpor. Overwhelmed with the rights of man, they have, through mortal sin, lost their rights to Heaven, and so God has handed them over to their enemies, those who wish to enthrone Man on the throne of Christ the King. That they will be unable to do; and so as the West is spiritually, morally, and physically exterminating itself through contraception and abortion, the eagles of ISIS are about to descend on their prey. No amount of pacification will work. What is required is prayer and penance and above all the praying of the Rosary.

    Christ ascends into Heaven to take his rightful place as King of Creation on his throne by the side of his Father. He then sends the Holy Spirit down on his apostles and disciples, and the great gift that he gives to them and to us is the gift of Fortitude, commonly known as courage. This courage must proclaim the Lordship of Christ to all Creation, and the truth that only by the name of Jesus can we be saved. The Men of the West must arise, and this call of the mythical Aragorn in “Lord of the Rings”, is strangely prophetic today. What we need in the West are warriors, spiritual and temporal, what we do not need are wimps, for that in the West is all we have today. No-one has any desire to lay down his life for his beliefs, except it would appear the terrifying hordes of ISIS who are wittingly or unwittingly fighting against their Lord and Saviour, their King and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, God and Man, our true brother and the one who died to save us.

  • Why Are So Many So Evil?

    Recently General Waldemar Skrzypczak, one time Commander of the Polish land forces, and then deputy minister of Defence showed his utter disgust for the re-emergence of militant nationalism in Ukraine, which has shown its true colours in its recent legislation. Within hours of the Polish President addressing members of the Ukraine Parliament, that same Parliament passed an extraordinary law.

    The law that was passed gives benefits for all those who fought for Ukraine’s independence throughout that country’s history (Recent history one would presume, because who would the benefits go to if it was in the 18th or 19th centuries?) One group of people who fought for Ukraine’s independence was the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). This army was responsible for the massacre of thousands of Poles, which was know as the Volhynia Slaughter. It was nothing more and nothing less than a genocide. They crucified Catholic priests, killed pregnant mothers with bayonets, and cut children in half. This terrible army killed 100,000 Poles, as if the Poles hadn’t suffered enough under the Nazis.

    The General was rightly amazed that the Polish President could be taken in by this law being enacted just after he left the Ukrainian Parliament. Reflecting on this bizarre situation he said:

    I realized that Ukraine has no concern for the Polish People. I am talking about what happened at Volhynia, the slaughter of 100,000 Poles by the UPA.....The UPA murdered my uncle. They nailed him with forks to a barn door. For what I know he was dying for three days. Their savagery was beyond imagination. And Nazi Germany didn’t invent the things the Ukrainians did to us. They hacked people with axes.

    In case we think that the good General is, understandably, somewhat biased, let us listen to a description of Ukrainian cruelty from the pen of the great historian of the Third Reich, Richard J. Evans. He describes the massacre of Jews in Lvov through the eyes of a member of the SS, Felix Landau a 30 year old Austrian and former cabinet maker. As he had no great problem shooting Jews, his description of this massacre is all the more compelling.

    He saw “ hundreds of Jews walking along the street with blood pouring down their faces, holes in their heads, their hands broken, and their eyes hanging out of their sockets. They were covered in blood. Some of them were carrying others who had collapsed. We went to the Citadel; there we saw things that few people have ever seen. At the entrance of the citadel there were soldiers standing guard. They were holding clubs as thick as a man’s wrist and were lashing out and hitting anyone who crossed their path. The Jews were pouring out of the entrance. There were rows of Jews lying one on top of the other like pigs, whimpering horribly. The Jews kept streaming out of the Citadel completely covered in blood. We stopped and tried to see who was in charge of the unit. Someone had let the Jews go. They were just being hit out of rage and hatred” (Richard Evans, The Third Reich at War, pp.222-223)

    Despite the fact that Landau thought the killing of the Jews was quite right, even he has to admit “we saw things that few people have ever seen”

    Now in the Media you can see things that few people have ever seen, and now they are being seen by millions. The World has not get any better, in fact it is a lot worse. We see the martyrdom of Christian students at Garissa University during Holy Week this year. Some of the students were preparing to commemorate the Last Supper on Holy Thursday, only to find themselves taking part in Calvary. The Syrian and Iraqi Christians have given thousands of martyrs to the Church in recent months, and the nobility of the Coptic martyrs in Libya earlier this year commands our respect, our awe, and our admiration.

    The World has been living under the Redemption for 2000 years and we appear to be no better. We are now far worse than the Human Race was on the eve of the Flood; that is certainly the opinion of Sister Agnes Sasagawa the seer of Akita. Why are we worse? Because we have failed to live as brothers and sisters of Christ, his adopted brothers and sisters. We Christians, through our baptism are raised to a higher dignity than Adam and Eve had, and they were created to be immortal. When we reject our baptism through grave sin, we plunge lower than the sinners of the Old Testament, and lower than the present day sinners, who are not Christian. The higher one is exalted by God, the lower one falls when one rejects him, and that is what has happened to so many Christians over the last 2000 years, and so is it any wonder that we are far worse than the sinners who sinned before the Redemption. Never before have we been in so need of saints. So let us thank God from the bottom of our hearts for these wonderful martyrs who raise us up on eagles’ wings.

  • The Third Revolution

    The ever elusive, but much talked about Illuminati, has according to some writers certain aims for implementing a Satanic World Order. Its aims which were proposed by Adam Weishaupt in the late 18th century were for three world wars and three revolutions to precede it. We have had two world wars and apparently only two revolutions, The French revolution, and the Russian Revolution. The aim of the French revolution was to give to the human race fraternity, equality, and liberty. It patently did not; there has never been so much talk of equality, and still the vast amount of people have little, and only a few possess almost all the World’s wealth. Men do not live as brothers, otherwise there would not be so much violence in the home, on the streets, and between nations, and throughout the world civil liberties are being eroded, while people continually quote the United Nations Charter. Here are the purposes of the United Nations when it was founded.

    The Purposes of the United Nations are:

    1. To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace, and to bring about by peaceful means, and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace;

    2. To develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples, and to take other appropriate measures to strengthen universal peace;

    3. To achieve international co-operation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character, and in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion; and

    4. To be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations in the attainment of these common ends.

    Sadly these noble purposes are observed more in the breach than in reality. However when Ban Ki-Moon began pushing the gay and LGBT agenda at the United Nations, one begins to wonder if the world has not gone mad. The hint that all is not well with this thoroughly Westernized Korean gentleman, is that he does not belong to any church or religion though his mother is a Buddhist. Is the One World Order behind the United Nations? One would imagine that this is the case. For when God is ignored by rulers, then Satan rules them and rules through them. Behind so much of the sexual liberation and gender liberation there lies a detestation of children, which is the appalling legacy of one woman, Margaret Sanger. Time does not allow to say much about this woman who was a racist and eugenicist, suffice it to say that she is the High Priestess of Planned Parenthood. This dreadful movement has nothing but contempt for most races, just like its founder. Margaret Sanger saw supposedly inferior races as being nothing but human weeds. What she forgets is, that often weeds are healing herbs, but being a thoroughly early 20th century liberated woman , she was also depressingly elitist. The common man and woman would not interest her at all.

    Sanger, Marie Stopes and Kinsey, and so many other people like them, view people as specimens; they might as well be insects, or rats. People are there to be manipulated. The people who are behind this very dull and deadly New World Order, be they the Illuminati, the Freemasons, of simply the incredibly rich, view people as things. They do not view them as made in the image of God, and that is why they cynically try to control and manipulate people, especially those who they make into their servants, be they politicians, artists, and sadly even clergy. This came home to me when I was made aware of an American comedian by the name of Dave Chapelle, whom I had never heard of, and who did not appear to me very funny, but it may be that his particular brand of humour is not mine; however as a man, he is a man of integrity. He said that he could not think of any Black American actor who did not turn up on screen without, once in his career , having to wear a dress! He refused to, and despite pressure got away with it.

    This little incident tells you something. The third revolution is the sexual revolution, and is not simply about everyone having sex with whomsoever they want, and when they want, and wherever they want it, it is about the breaking down of gender. Why would this be? Quite simply it is this: Angels have no gender, and the bad angels, the devils, know this, and it causes them to want to make their followers like them, before they finally lure them to hell.

    The whole liberation from gender is a Satanic ploy that our ridiculous politicians in Britain are, in the main, pursuing it whether they know it or not. What I can guarantee is this, Britain will be even unhappier place than it is today, after the General election on this coming Thursday. The question I would like to ask is where are the Men, where are the warriors of old who would lay down their life for their beliefs? We live in a world of androgyny, which was not what God intended. Will the Men please stand up; if they still exist?

  • St. Pius V, Pray for us

    Today is the feastday of St Pius V. The Pope who motivated people everywhere to pray the Rosary to defeat the invading Ottoman Turks, and was rewarded with the decisive victory at Lepanto. If that hadn't happened, would the Christian religion still be present in Europe, or would we be living under Muslim Rule, for that is what the Ottoman Turks were bringing with them.

    As you may have read, Christ recently appeared to a Bishop in Nigeria, telling him that the Rosary would defeat Boko Haram. A repeat of Lepanto.

    Today we, or in particular Br. Damon Jonah, recieved an unwelcome surprise. As you know, all his leaflets have been passed as not containing hate language or any other illegal content by the Crown Prosecution Service. So this afternoon he went to collect the leaflets which had been seized by Warwickshire Police. They had the leaflets waiting for him, that was as expected. What was not expected is that one of the female Police Constables who had interviewed him earlier, and had seemed to be unusually emotionally involved in the case, (almost all of the police he has encounters with have behaved in a very professional and pleasant manner), was waiting for him with a piece of paper which was to inform him that she was intending to take out an injunction against him. He couldn't take in what she was saying at the time, so he has phoned her Inspecter who explained that Warwickshire Police Force has given this Police Constable permission to explore whether she can, in the name of Warwickshire Police, serve Br. Damon with an Injunction which would prevent him from distributing leaflets anywhere in Warwickshire anytime, i.e. for the rest of his life. The idea for this action had come, according to the Inspector, from the Constable herself. Remember, the leaflets have all been passed as legal, and Br. Damon is legally entitled to distribute or post legal leaflets. So this injunction would prevent him from doing something which is legal!

    I see a real danger here. This, if successful, could be taken up by the other police forces across the country to prevent Br. Damon, or anyone else, from preaching about sins. For that is what his leaflets were basically doing. Leaflets such as Works of Darkness were simply stating that adultery, fornication, abortion, sodomy etc were sins against God. Seeing as the CPS has confirmed that there is no criminal content in the leaflets the only reason for them not to be distributed is to 'protect' people from knowing that sin is real, sin exists, and that we are all sinners, and must all repent and turn to God who will then forgive us. This development, if allowed to happen and spread, would put all preachers of all denominations in breach of the law if they dared to mention the laws of God, if they dared to obey Jesus Christ who charged: "that repentance and forgivenes of sins should be preached in His Name to all nations" (Lk. 24:47).

    We don't know why this Police Officer became so emotionally involved in this case. We do know that as she and another Officer were driving Br. Damon to the Police Custody Suite before they interviewed him last month, she was vehmently denouncing the Church in general, and blasphemed the Holy Name twice, both times ticked off by the other female Police Constable who wasn't even a believer but behaved very professionally.

    The reason why I am putting this on our website now, in this early stage of the Warwickshire Police Constable exploring the possibility of bring the injunction against Br. Damon Jonah, is the existance of something called a 'super-injunction', which in the words of a solicitor : "A “super injunction” is an interim injunction which restrains a person from: ......and publicising or informing others of the existence of the order and the proceedings (the 'super' element of the order)". So, in other words, if they were to serve this super interim injunction we could not legally let you know that the police were trying to prevent the word of God being spread by legal means. So, I'm legally publishing what happened today at Rugby Police Station, that is, I am letting the horse out of the stable before there is any chance of the door being bolted! But I have not, and will not, publish the name of the Police Officer concerned, as that has no bearing on the seriousness of the threat to the spread of the Gospel.

    We have spoken often enough on this website about the incremental control and persecution of Christians and the preaching of the Gospel. This is just another sign of its encroachment on the right of every person to spread the Good News.

    Please pray that this attempt to further silence God's Word is unsuccessful. The Rosary is a weapon indeed, and Our Lady is the Queen of the heavenly army.

    Also, please do not let Br. Damon be the only pamphleteer that God has in this country preaching to the 'non-Churched'. It does carry risks as we personally know, but "blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so man persecuted the prophets who were before you." (Mt. 5:11).

    Sr. Colette

  • St Catherine of Siena, a saint for today

    Today is the feast of St Catherine of Siena, one of my favourite saints for a very good reason, she knew the pain of a fractured Church, and she died literally feeling the wieght of it bearing down upon her.

    She also had a lovely attractive personality, drawing all and sundry towards her, from holy woman, priests, lay men of all types, a hermit and even a 'spoiled priest'; all loved her company and travelled around the country with her.

    She founded a female monastery, but did not have much time to live there herself, as she was always trying to work for the unity of the Church, the restoration of the Papacy to Rome, and for peace between various cities, including her own beloved Siena.

    He 'active apostolate', to put it in modern terminology, did not stop her being a contemplative and mystic. If you haven't read her 'Dialogue'; the book recording her conversations with God the Father, I highly suggest you get yourself a copy. The two books you need for this 'Year of Mercy' must be the 'Diary of St. Faustina' to give you a first hand account and understanding of Divine Mercy as revealed by Christ Himself to her, and St. Catherine's Dialogue where God the Father illustrates the meaning and the greatness of His Mercy.

    Besides all the people St. Catherine drew back to Christ by her preaching of the need for repentance, she also communicated freely with the Bishops and even the Pope, reprimanding them for their faults and managing, by a mix of stricture and cojoling, to get the Pope to return from his exile to take up residence in Rome again. She even made him the luxurient sweetmeat of a traditional glace orange when he had returned to Rome.

    But she could see the divisions still riven through the Church, and when at the Vatican one day about four months before she died she felt the weight of the Barque of Peter and never recovered from that vison of what would happen to the Church.

    May she help us in this time of strife within and without the Church, and may she remind God of our need for His Mercy.

    “Out of mercy you have washed us in his Blood, out of mercy you have wished to converse with creatures. O crazed with love! It did not suffice for you to take flesh, but you also wished to die!... O mercy! My heart drowns in thinking of you: for no matter where I turn to think, I find only mercy”

    God the Father said to her: "I gave My Word, My Only-begotten Son, because the whole. . . human generation was corrupted. . .[that] He might endure suffering in that self-same nature in which man had offended. . .so He satisfied My justice and My Divine Mercy. For My Mercy willed to make satisfaction for the sin of man and to dispose him to that good for which I had created him. . . My mercy is greater without any comparison than all the sins which any creature can commit. . . it greatly displeases Me that they should consider their sins to be greater. Despair is the sin which is pardoned neither here nor hereafter, and it is because despair displeases Me so much that I wish them to hope in My mercy at the point of death, even if their life has been disordered and wicked."

  • A New Martyr every 5 Minutes

    I was looking at a news report about the Turin Shroud when I was diverted by a Fox News headline about Christians across America wearing orange.

    It is a movement - the Orange Jumpsuit Campaign - designed to raise awareness, to protest against, and most importantly to get people to pray about, the persecution against Christians in the Middle East. And of course also there are many Christian martyrs dyimg now in Africa, such as those young people killed in their college recently, and all those killed because they are Christians in Nigeria and the other central African States.

    This movement was started by an Evangelical Pastor with others, and is now spreading widely, and so it should. For if we do not try to stop this genocide it will continue, and it is showing all the signs of the start of a genocide. It is wonderful in one way that there are so many martyrs, but it is also tragic. Prayer is our most important weapon, for heavenly armies, the host of angels headed by St. Michael, have more power than all the earthly armies combined. And unlike human armies they can help people to have conversion of hearts and minds, and then there would be no need of martyrs.

    Would we, the Christians living a comfortable and often immoral life in the West be prepared to give up our lives for Christ? Or would we instead give up our Faith in order to live here on earth? Remember, the Islamic State, consistant with the Muslim tradition, and that of the first persecutions of Christians by the Roman Empire, asks their victims if they will convert before killing those who will not. Would we stand firm or like many people during the Roman persecutions of Christians apostasise and offer incense to Idols?

    Also simular to the stories of the martyrs of the early Christian Church is the story of how one of the 21 'Coptic' martyrs was not a Coptic Christian, indeed, he suffered willingly the Baptism of Blood for Christ. He was from Chad, you can see his black face clearly in the photos, his slayer is dressed in desert combats rather than the black of the others. He was also asked if he believed in God or Allah. He replied that the God of his fellow martyrs was also his God. And so he died, a Convert to Christianity and a Martyr in the same instant. May he be praying now in heaven for the end of this persecution and the conversion of all Muslims to Christ and the one and only God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

  • Divine Mercy

    Divine Mercy, that wonderful gift. The counterballance to Divine Wrath. Neither one complete without the other. For if our sins did not deserve Divine Wrath we would not need Divine Mercy.

    The workings of the World, the territories of Satan the prince of the world, however work in a completely inverted way. Evil is rewarded, goodness, including following one's informed conscience is punished.

    A small headline in google news caught my attention today: "Support for government push to withdraw welfare payments from anti vaccination parents". This is referring to the Australian Government's decision to refuse payment of both of the child-care benefits to families who do not have their child vaccinated unless they are medically excempted. The article, for those who wish to read it for themselves, was published in the Sydney Morning Herald. Concienscious objectors are not allowed, and that includes those who do not want to impose vaccinations using the cells descended from those of aborted babies.

    There is one exception for one religious group which has 'registered' with the government, but the Australian government are not saying who they are, because they do not want the members of this group knowing that they can refuse vaccinations! Talk about lack of government 'transparency'! The punishment for families in Australia who are vaccine concientous objectors - loss of up to $15,000 a child! Of course, this would not affect all families equally, as normal it would be the poor who would be affected, the rich are not dependent on Government grants.

    As readers will know, it is not only the ethical objection to the use of human tissue that makes people resistant to vaccinating their children. Also the increasing scientific evidence that there are health issues too, such as the long running debate as to whether autism can be a side effect of the injections, the possibility that auto-immune problems may be linked with them, and the historical evidence that cancers were rare before the start of vaccinations.

    However, at this site we are most concerned with the religious / moral aspects. So let us return to the problem of many vaccines being derived/grown in human cells which are decendants of one of two killed human beings (aborted human individuals).

    A short history of the most used 'cell line' known as the WI 38 cell line. In 1962 a Swedish mother had a 'legal' abortion because she simply did not want another child. There was nothing wrong with the child, no reason for the baby being killed that the mother did not want the child. The lungs of this child were removed and sent to Leonard Hayflick at the Institute of Anatomy, who minced them up and 'fed' the cells so that they would divide and increase in number, which they did so well that he had 800 batches of cells which he distributed around the world, he then left the Institute taking the remaining cells with him. There was even a dispute with the Institute as to who owned the cells, Hayflick or the Instute. The mother (who had not even given consent for the use of her aborted child) or even the dead child were never considered as 'owners' of the cell line.

    People have said that the cells, still living and used today, of that child killed in 1962, are not actually of the aborted foetus, although they are 'developed' from him or her. That is warped logic. Just because a cell has divided thousands of times does not mean that it does not belong to the original person. I was conceived in 1955, seven years longer ago than the person now known as 'cell line WI 38'. My cells have also divided thousands of times since I was the same age as that child was when he was killed. But nobody would deny that the cells that make up my body now are any the less part of me than those cells which were present when I was a few months old in my mother's womb. Both my cells and those of WI 38 contain the same individually specific DNA which they contained when we were only one cell big, let alone when we were big enough for WI 38's lungs to be 'harvested'. And it is that unique DNA that is, according to police records, our human identity.

    Pertinent to this discussion is the different treatment now given to the cells belonging to another dead person, in this case Henrietta Lacks, she was a poor black American woman who died from cervical cancer in 1951. Without obtaining her permission, or later that of her children, her cells were encouraged to multiply, given the name 'HeLa' and have been sold around the world and used for research, the most used cell line in history, making lots of money for various companies, none of which reached the still very poor family who only got to know what happened in 1979. In 2010 a book was published about the case, and now any research done on the cells has to give acknowledgment of the fact that the cells came from Henrietta Lacks and express thanks to the Lacks family. But there is no thanks to the little child who was killed in 1962 who's cells were taken and used for vaccine manufacturing.

    Now, as people who read our site will be aware, we are living in Britain. So why am I as concerned about this new leglislation in Australia, half a world away? Because quite simply it is wrong in itself, and it will not stay limited to Australia. People in America already lose their jobs if they refuse the Flu vaccination, and the UK press was ranting on about parents who refused to have their child immunised in the UK last year when there was an outbreak of an infectious disease in Wales last year. I am not against immunisation as such, but every parent is responsible for trying to do the right thing for their children, so they must take all the facts into consideration, not just the temporarily politically correct ones. But just wait awhile, Big Brother will force us to do things that challenge our consciences more and more. We have to think logically, examining every descision we make, to see if we are living our Christian life or if we are following the crowd into a lax moral life, forgeting about the Law of God and substituting it with the law of comfort. Allowing the State to be the arbiter of what is right and wrong rather than the God who made us.

    This is the season for Mercy, the time to try to put our lives to right with the help of God. If we but try to follow Christ on the hard and narrow way he will help us, lift us up when we fall, and in his Mercy he will wipe every tear away when he brings us to his heavenly kingdom.

  • Holy Saturday, a Day for the Laity!

    To me Holy Saturday was always rather an empty day; Jesus Christ had died, and the Resurrection was a day away. No Mass, no church services, an empty day.

    However, meditating on it led me to realize that it is the day for the non-clerical Christians to come to the fore, just as they did on the original hiatus between Christ's death and Resurrection.

    The Apostles are the original clerics, but besides John who took the Blessed Virgin Mary to his home, where were they during this time? They were hiding in the upper room. They did not show themselves, it was Nicodemus, Joseph of Arimathea, and the woman, who are active and visible.

    Timid Joseph of Arimathea, who was too scared of his fellow Jewish Pharises to be a disciple of Jesus except by night, suddenly got the courage to go to Pilate and ask for the body of Jesus in order to give him a decent burial, Nicodemus, another night-time follower, gathered his courage and his myrrh and aloes to help Joseph, both risking exclusion from their positions in the Sanhadrin, and the women, who never deserted their Lord and Master, were around to see where He was buried, and then came back intending to annoint his body in the early hours of Easter Sunday.

    What is the difference between the behaviour of the Apolstles and the others due to? Basically fear, disappointment, and a lack of understanding of what Jesus had been telling them about his Death and Resurrection. Both groups were affected by these feelings, but the acute disappointment over the death of the one who they hoped would be the Messiah overwhelmed the Apostles to the point that they could do nothing, they did not understand when He said he would rise on the third day, in their fear and bewilderment they withdrew into themselves, and isolated themselves even from the remains of their dead Lord. Whereas the others, although they also did not understand Christ's foretelling of his Resurrection, did not let their grief at his death paralyse them. They cared for Christ's body, they loved him in his humanity, they did not let their (temporarily) crushed hopes interfere with their love for the man Jesus, even though they did not realize they were also physically caring for God made man.

    And what was the immediate reward for the faithful love and public witness of this group? We do not know about what consolation was given to the men, besides the feeling of rightness of burying Christ's body with as much care and respect they could muster. But we do know the reward given to the faithful women, it was nothing less than to be the first to see the Risen Christ. To know that the Jesus they loved and served so well, was also the God they loved and served. And to Mary Magdalene was given the ultimate honour of being the 'Apostle to the Apostles', of taking news of Christ's Resurrection to the Apostles hiding in the upper room. Their first reaction was to think her mad! But at least Peter and John still had their hope alive and ran down to the tomb to check out Mary's story.

    So what is the message for us in the 'Holy Saturday' story. It must be to be constant, even when we do not grasp the mystery of God's message. To keep hoping, to keep loving, to keep serving.

    And that sometimes, maybe often, it is the non-clerical people who are the most faithful in continuing to serve God even during the darkness of not understanding God's actions, when not being able to see how the future will develop, of not having any hope outside of God.

    At present there is, as you will all know by looking at the media, turmoil in the clerical world. But there is no turmoil in God's world, the Holy Trinity is, as always, in perfect harmony. There is also an atmosphere of censure against Christians who display their beliefs in public. This has recently been confirmed by a report by the Equality and Human rights Commission. This survey of 2,483 people in Britain has found that Christians are increasingly afraid to express their beliefs in the workplace, that any expression of belief of Christian moral stance would be mocked or thought of as an expression of bigotry. And as you would have heard it has led to people losing their jobs. The link to an article about the Commission's Report is here.

    But there is also good news. It is possible, if you are brave, to challenge the system. Br. Damon's leaflets, which are certainly hard hitting in their upholding of God's moral law, have now all been passed as not being illegal by the Crown Prosection Service, and despite the CPS trying for 3 months to find a way to prosecute him for his Christmas leaflet they were unable to do so, as they did not contain any hate for the sinners, just for the sins, and in the words of one Police Detective - the amount of religion in the leaflets gave the CPS a lot of difficulty! Possibly in the future they will find a way to take Br. Damon to Court, he would welcome the chance to proclaim publicly, but although willing, he doesn't look forward to the possibility of prison - he would miss his cats!

    But, I do realize it is easier for us. We have no dependants. As vowed hermits we do not have responsibilities to spouses or children. But there are other people who do not have dependants who would suffer if the State persecuted them, single people, widowed, or separated. It would be wonderful if Christian people arose to proclaim the Lord's message of salvation, of repentance of sins, of conversion of hearts, of the neccessity of following Christ on the narrow way - as the wide road leads to destruction. But it does take courage, a foolishness for God. Because even if the 'thought laws' of hate etc can be avoided, people, even people you thought were friends, may desert you, just as they deserted Christ. Even people in your church - both clergy and some of the 'faithful' may disown you, as you will not be following the 'liberal agenda' of political correctness.

    It is neccessary to keep in one's mind the words of St. Augustine: "We are pilgims in this world, do not mistake the Inn for our Home, which is in Heaven".

  • A Night Like No Other

    The night of Holy Thursday leading into the early hours of Good Friday is a night like no other. It is unlike the night of the Passover when the destroying angel passes through the houses of the Egyptians killing all the first born, and also destroying the first born of all the animals. That was a night of horror, desolation and despair for the Egyptians, but of tremendous excitement for the Israelites. However they must have wondered in awe at this God of theirs whose power was so devastating, and his love might have appeared to them severe.

    Christ gathered in the cenacle with his apostles pours out his love in torrent, not only in giving them his body and blood, but opening to them the secrets of his relationship with his Father, and with the Holy Spirit. He washes his Apostles feet, the job of a slave, and tells these his beloved disciples that, if they are to follow him, they must do the same. He tells them that in his Father’s house there are many mansions which he has prepared for each of them; the New Jerusalem Bible has reduced these great mansions to merely living spaces. How prosaic 20th century man is, even when he is religious.

    The Last Supper, however, is no place for the pedant. It is a place of pure romance, a place of wonder, where the child, the apostle and the warrior would be equally at home. Jesus tells the apostles that the Father abides in him and he in the Father. The Spirit of truth that the world cannot receive will come and dwell in them, and then Jesus reveals to his devoted friends a great mystery: “if any one love me, he will keep my word. And my Father will love him; and we will make our abode with him.” (John 14: v.23) What a magnificent juxtaposition of ideas. There are many mansions in the Father’s house, but perhaps the favourite abode of the Father and the Son is not in mansion but in the heart of a human being; one who does the will of the Father. The whole discourse builds up into something so beautiful and solemn. “Holy Father, keep them in thy name, whom thou hast given me; that they may be one, as we are one” (John 17: 11) and then finally we come to the crescendo:

    “That they may all be one, as thou, Father, in me, and I in thee; that they also may be one with us; that they world may believe that thou hast sent me. And the glory which thou hast given me, I have given to them; that they may be one, as we also are one, I in them, and thou in me; that they may be perfect in one; and the world may know that thou hast sent me and has loved them, as thou has loved me.” (John 17:vv 21-23)

    From this extraordinary discourse where intimacy is exalted by glory into something so profound, and which illuminates the humility of the Trinity, Jesus goes to his great agony in the Garden, where the consummate evil of Hell is poured out on him and Satan and his minions make deadly sport of him. Christ’s friends sleep through his ordeal, and abandon him to his fate when he is arrested. Caiaphas and the religious leaders who are meant to serve him, condemn him for being a blasphemer. They condemn God for blasphemy. Jesus is beaten up, and humiliated and cast into a dungeon. God is made a prisoner and counted as a criminal. The Father and the Holy Spirit look on, and the angels cover their faces. Can religious people be so evil? Yes they can. It is precisely because we fail to allow the Trinity to come and dwell in us, and it is precisely because we have a weak understanding of this, the greatest mystery of our Faith, that we find ourselves in the Christian West in such a terrible mess and are so confused. If we only read chapters 14 to 17 of John’s Gospel for the rest of our lives and little else we would have a programme for our Christian life, and would not need this spirituality or that one, for we would be dwelling constantly in the endless love of the Trinity.

    When we live as true brothers and sisters then the world will wake up to the glories of the Triune God, and that his dwelling should be in hearts of all those who call themselves Christians.


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