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  • A New Type of Child Abuse

    In days of yore when it was necessary for a man to know a woman in order for a child to be born, there were many types of child abuse. And that was a shameful sin.

    With the increase in marriage breakdown, children were being torn from their filial love and dependency to either their mother or father, and being brought up by just one of their parents. And that is a shameful sin.

    (If one of the parents die through illness or injury, and the child is brought up by just one parent - that is NOT a shameful sin!)

    When I was a medical student, nearly forty years ago, the male medical students used to supplement their student grant by selling their sperm. And although most of the children fathered by those men would have been raised by mothers and 'adopted' fathers, the children will never know their real fathers, never know whose looks they inherit - or even what genetic health risks they inherit. And that is a shameful sin.

    But now technology has made it possible to abuse children in yet another way, by denying them not only knowledge of at least one of their true parents, but also denying them the right to be brought up by a mother and a father, to be able to use the words 'mum' and 'dad'. I am talking about the new 'human right' homosexual couples claim, that they must be allowed to procure and bring up children. That is child abuse. And that is a very shameful sin.

    I do have person experience of how having two 'mothers' or two 'fathers' affects children. My eldest brother is a trans-sexual. He decided he had become a woman after he was married and the father to two lovely daughters. His wife, the mother of the two girls, surprisingly supported him in his new role. One day they were both sitting in the school hall, Jill dressed as the woman she is, John wearing a dress and sporting a long wig, whilst their youngest daughter sang on the stage. As the crowd of parents clapped the woman in front of them turned round. "Which one of you is her mother?" she asked. In unison both Jill and John replied "I am". As my two nieces grew up they both reacted against their father who called himself their mother. My eldest niece completely disowned him, and has refused to have any contact with him for twenty years now. John and Jill's marriage unsurprisingly broke up, and Jill went back to the boyfriend she had before marrying my brother.

    Tonight I came across a very powerful article about a man who was brought up by lesbians. This has left him sexually confused, and he is behaving as a bisexual. But the reason that I am including some quotes form him, and the link to his full article, is the way that he describes this form of child abuse:

    LGBT groups have "pulled a bait and switch on the American people and entangled marriage with a right to 'have children,' which in the gay context, means the right to acquire other people's children. ... if you guarantee a right to children as part of marriage, now this drags in the rights of other people -- there is a third-party...Not everyone gets married but every human being has a mother and father; those latter relationships are more fundamental than a spousal relationship.”

    Lopez compared the homosexual lobby's efforts to garner rights over children to slavery.

    He told LifeSiteNews, "I studied the numbers and found that there is no shortage of couples who want to adopt orphans, abandoned children, or children who have been removed from abusive homes by the state. If there is a child who doesn't have anyone to care for it, many homes with a mom and dad are available. If, theoretically, there was absolutely nobody except for two men or two women to care for such a child, who would oppose gay adoption? But that is not reality."

    Instead, said Lopez, "the reality is that gay advocacy groups are pushing for the creation of children through artificial reproduction technology and for adoption systems that give children to gay couples because they gay couples want to be parents, not because children need to be in their homes. In the end, it is money and legal possession that forces the child into an emotional relationship, a kind of captivity, under the authority of two adults who have purchased the right to control this person."

    "This is the transformation of human beings into chattel in a way we haven't seen since before slavery was abolished. I have stated many times that this isn't identical to the African slave trade, which involved far worse abuse, but there is an undeniable commonality between pre-13th-Amendment slavery and what is being advocated by groups like the Human Rights Campaign,” Lopez said.

    In both slavery and modern-day efforts of the homosexual lobby, "children are being forcibly removed from their birth kin and assigned custodians through a system based on buying and selling human beings. If [gay rights groups] do not like being compared to slavers, then they should come out strong against any arrangements that involve treating human beings like commodities for sale."

    "I want to point out," said Lopez, "that I oppose heterosexuals who do similar things to treat children like products."

    The link to the whole article is here.

  • Has Anyone Thought?

    Since the end of the Synod there has been a great sense of unease with both the orthodox and unorthodox (Surely these terms are better than conservatives and liberals?). The unorthodox feel they have been thwarted, and the orthodox feel that they have been let down, and the Pope’s behaviour has left suspicion and bitterness in many peoples’ hearts. Why has he been what appears to be equivocal and ambiguous? The answer to all these questions seems to be very simple.

    People in the West can no longer stand to suffer. In the Catholic Church there is so little understanding of suffering let alone penance; and it is here that the Orthodox and Oriental churches put us to shame. The welfare systems in so many Western European countries are so efficient that real privation and real pain need not be felt at all; unless you are suffering from certain forms of arthritis pain control is often wonderful. This society that has done so much to alleviate pain also offers solace to the pain of loneliness, the pain of being unloved. It has provided a way out of loneliness. It found it in the late 19th century. It is called divorce, and the answer is re-marriage. Ironically this can lead the person into greater suffering, and is devastating for the children. It is the pain of loneliness that people simply cannot accept. People feel lonely because they think that they are of the wrong sex; so they change their sex. A man or woman finds that they are attracted to their own sex, so they want to make same-sex unions into marriage. A woman is unhappy that she is pregnant, so she gets rid of the baby in her womb. And a couple do not want too many children, as that will make life difficult and reduce the time for leisure, so they use contraception. People cannot stand any form of pain because they feel uncomfortable with it.

    Emotional pain must be dealt with, and alleviated . What this means is that people are refusing to enter into the mystery of the Cross. They will not enter into Christ’s pain, but still expect to be embraced by the Church, which presumably means the local parish priest and the congregation. Few seem to realize this extraordinary contradiction, and few realize that the path to Heaven is steep, and the gate narrow that leads to eternal life.

    Since the 60’s it appears that psychology, (false psychology that is), has replaced philosophy as the handmaid to theology. In fact it looks as if psychology is not a handmaid but the Madame from some infernal bordello, because the result of this vastly inflated pseudo science is not consolation but the ultimate destruction of the soul. According to one psychologist working in the 60’s in America their psychological approach emptied the convents of female religious. No doubt men’s congregations were similarly emptied.

    So now we have millions of people who demand to eat the Body and Blood of Christ, without realizing that you cannot receive him in communion if you are not going to suffer with him on the Cross. The greatest irony of all this is that Cardinal Kasper wrote a very good book on the Cross. Has he thought to apply it to re-marriage, gay couples, and all the other strange relationships and states that our sex obsessed society is so engrossed in?

    We are asked by Christ to put no love higher than his, be it parents, spouses, children, brothers or sisters. We were made for Divine Love, and all other loves are subordinate to that. There is no picking and choosing. It is God or nothing. This is something that many contemporary Western Christians, be they Catholic or Protestant, fail to understand, and that is why there was a fault line at the recent synod. I fear that grave scandal was given by those clerics who were pushing for communion for the practising homosexuals for the divorced who have remarried, and for unmarried couples. They were pushing for the dilution of Catholic Doctrine and the teaching of the Catechism, but doing it all by sleight of hand. This is behaviour normally reserved for the Bolsheviks; or is it?

  • Life Site News

    Life Site News is an exellent internet resourse for articles covering topics which impinge on moral life. You can reach it by clicking here.

  • We No Longer Wish To Suffer

    Sixty years ago most people would realise that much of life is mundane, boring, sometimes awful, and depressing; finally it is made bearable by real moments of joy and pleasure. For the true Christian, and the mediocre Christian even, it would have been seen as a spiritual struggle between good and evil. Many would resonate with Our Lady’s words to St. Bernadette. “I cannot promise you happiness in this life but in the next”. True unalloyed happiness only comes in the next life.

    Regarding those in the Synod who were proposing a relaxation of Church discipline with regard to the receiving of communion by divorced Catholics who had remarried, those living together, and homosexuals, one simply must propose to them the life of the Holy Family, and the Life of Christ. Jesus, Mary and Joseph were poor, were in danger of being killed when Herod the Great ordered the massacre of the innocents, and then became refugees in Egypt, strangers in a strange land. When the Holy Family returned to Nazareth they were not returning to a lovely town, otherwise Nathanael would not have said “Can any good come from Nazareth?”. When Jesus begins his great ministry of the proclamation of the Kingdom, he is attacked consistently by the leaders of the people, namely the Sadducees, the Pharisees, the Scribes, and the Lawyers, that is by the laxists, the rigorists, the bureaucrats, and that most depressing creature of all, the lawyer (Lawyers are now wreaking such terrible harm in the West with the changing of the status of marriage.).

    Christ’s entire life was The Passion. However this truth is completely discarded by so many modern theologians, some of whom posit that Christ did not know he was God until the Baptism or even later. Do we, as his followers want an easy life or do we want a life with Christ as befits his disciples? It seems that many of these people who are living in civil marriages, living together, or in homosexual unions have completely missed the point. Living in this Life is living Christ’s passion. What is bitter in this life can become sweet as St. Francis of Assisi notes if, that is we truly love Christ. However to do this we must detach ourselves from things and from overwhelming affections. Everything must be subordinated to the only Love that matters which is the Love of God. It is depressingly obvious that the majority of Catholics do not learn this lesson well. If they are living in the West and have a reasonable lifestyle, they will think and act like secularists without even realising it. They will be saturated by the Media which is run by the Devil, and they will swallow lies unthinkingly. The Secular Media is the secular equivalent of the Teaching Church. For many Catholics it is their guide, if not their teacher, and certainly not Christ and his Church.

    According to “Life Site News”, (In) February Cardinal Baldisseri said that the responses coming to Rome in the pre-synodal questionnaire show “much suffering, especially by those who feel excluded or abandoned by the Church because they find themselves in a state of life that does not correspond to the Church’s doctrine and discipline”.

    I think that the Cardinal is somewhat missing the point. Do the above mentioned people realize that they are abandoning Christ, that they are adding to his sufferings in the Passion, that they are not making up for the sufferings of Christ in his Body the Church? Do people who are abandoned by their spouses not realize that this is possibly the Chalice of salvation that Christ is offering them so that they can become saints? Do they not realize that marriage is for richer and poorer, for better or worse, in sickness and in health? Do these people who demand to receive the Eucharist, know that the Love of Christ is what matters, and what he asks of them, namely heroism? We cannot get to Heaven unless we walk the Royal Road of the Cross. If we baulk at this we have no idea of the loving providence of God.

    The Cardinal also quotes the Holy Father from his encyclical “Evangelium Gaudium” but then misses the point. Yes the Holy Father says the following:

    “The Eucharist is not a prize for the perfect but a powerful medicine and nourishment for the weak.” That of course is absolutely correct, but the people that Cardinal Baldisseri is talking about, and that includes married couples using artificial contraception , cannot be simply among the weak, they are among the truly rebellious. They will not obey Christ and his Church. We cannot simply do what we want, when we want, and how we want. We are the children of God, and the disciples of Christ. Our vocation is not the World’s way, which is sadly ruled by the Devil, whatever people say. Yes we are all sinners, we are all weak, but to blatantly disobey Christ’s commands puts us with Adam and Eve, and I need say no more than that. We have lost the sense of God’s tremendous, infinite holiness, and so Cardinal Caffara the Archbishop of Bologna is quite right when he warns:

    Do not touch the marriage of Christ. It cannot be judged case by case; you do not bless a divorce and hypocrisy is not merciful.

  • Hermits and Hobbits continued

    I feel that many people commenting on the present Synod in Rome are losing the focus somewhat, and there is a vast amount of talk about what the Church can do for divorced and remarried couples, and contraception, and “gay couples” and the problems faced by the family. I fear that the person of Jesus Christ, unless I am not much mistaken, is being lost sight of. Jesus was God and Man, which makes him on one level completely different from us, for the simple reason that he is God. Jesus came to redeem us and call us into the Kingdom of His Father. He founded the Church, and the early Christians lived in the shadow of persecution and martyrdom. Their life was not like the life of the Orthodox Jew, nor was it like the life of the pagan in the Roman Empire. It was qualitatively different. It was a new way of living.

    I think that the Fathers of the Synod are failing to see this, with possibly the exception of the Africans, whose culture would be very close to that of the early Christians. It is a very ancient Culture, albeit a simple one and no bad thing for that. The Fathers of the Synod, who hail from the West, will unwittingly receive the degenerate culture of the West, and will feel most probably that it is not a bad thing. I say feel, because comfort dulls the intellect, and many and clerical intellect will be dulled by the Media dominated Western Civilization, and they will not realize that their otherwise orthodox faith is being compromised by materialism, and sadly seuclarism. I fear that this will be the case of the North American bishops, and the German bishops, and those whose churches are surrounded by a Protestant culture, where subjectivity has won the day, and has ushered in the baleful influences of the modern world, not least the child of the Enlightenment, namely modernism.

    Once again poor Cardinal Kasper, a man of considerable intelligence, has missed the point that a five year old child would understand, namely that we cannot play fast and loose with God’s law, and we cannot add insult to injury as he has done with regard to his remarks regarding the African bishops.

    I quote here from his interview with Zenit, and there is no need for me to comment on it.

    ZENIT: It has been said that [Pope Francis] added five special rapporteurs on Friday to help the general rapporteur, Cardinal Peter Erdo. Is that because he’s trying to push things through according to his wishes?

    Cardinal Kasper: I do not see this going on in the Pope’s head. But I think the majority of these five people are open people who want to go on with this. The problem, as well, is that there are different problems of different continents and different cultures. Africa is totally different from the West. Also Asian and Muslim countries, they’re very different, especially about gays. You can’t speak about this with Africans and people of Muslim countries. It’s not possible. It’s a taboo. For us, we say we ought not to discriminate, we don’t want to discriminate in certain respects.

    ZENIT: But are African participants listened to in this regard?

    Cardinal Kasper: No, the majority of them [who hold these views won’t speak about them].

    ZENIT: They’re not listened to?

    Cardinal Kasper: In Africa of course [their views are listened to], where it’s a taboo.

    ZENIT: What has changed for you, regarding the methodology of this synod?

    Cardinal Kasper: I think in the end there must be a general line in the Church, general criteria, but then the questions of Africa we cannot solve. There must be space also for the local bishops’ conferences to solve their problems but I’d say with Africa it’s impossible [for us to solve]. But they should not tell us too much what we have to do.

    We have this from a highly regarded prince of the Church, possibly the most prestigious European Cardinal. Thus we see this Prince of the Church assessing the African Church. The African Church is alive and vibrant. It may have its faults, and it may, as it has been since the conversion of Constantine, a way up the social ladder, and the ambitious cleric’s dream. That is neither here nor there. It is life. There were few great bishops and cardinals when St. John Fisher went to the block. It is salutary to note that St. John Chrysostom, echoed by St. Robert Bellarmine said “Most bishops go to Hell” and both men were great bishops. In the West the Catholic Church presents a sorry state. There are new movements, and impressive ones at that, but several of the most famous have been compromised by their founders dubious behaviour, which would seem to have more to do with the behaviour of cult leaders rather than religious founders.

    On to this dreary scene stumbles my fellow hermit, Brother Damon Jonah, and what does he do? Something very simple and straightforward, he states the Gospel, not from the pulpit or in the safety of the plush retreat centre, nor by preaching devout sermons to pilgrims. No! he goes from door to door in the towns and cities of central England distributing pamphlets on the sanctity of marriage and the immorality of all sex outside marriage, especially the secular idolising of homosexuality especially with the new law on “Gay Marriage”. In town and city he has met with hostility and bitterness. In Brighton a woman poured a bucket of water over him. In Market Harborough (Immortalized by G.K. Chesterton, who finding himself on Market Harborough station platform telegraphed his wife and said “Am at Market Harborough, where should I be?) a woman pushed him over (Oddly the women have been more violent than the men). A leading journalist from the slightly Marxist sounding “Gay Star News” wrote that the man’s “Hellish campaign” should be stopped. I think the journalist should meditate on Hieronymous Bosch’s paintings of Hell, where she will find sexual immorality punished in that dark and terrible domain. Brother Damon Jonah was interviewed by Staffordshire Police and obviously charmed them, was then arrested, on behalf of Cheshire Police, and given bail. The C.I.D. were obviously somewhat mystified by his forthright and comprehensive apologia for the teachings of the Church regarding marriage and sex, and the same could be said of Lincolnshire police. He was of course being investigated under the watchful eye of possibly the greatest of all English bishops St. Hugh of Lincoln, who of course was not English at all. Leicestershire police then arrested him and de-arrested him, and found no case against him. Seven Police forces have not been able to find Brother Damon Jonah guilty of “Hate Crime”, and so pressure has been brought to bear on The Association of Senior Police Chiefs to get Brother Damon Jonah charged under “The Malicious communications” Act, which is rather odd as this law is usually deployed against paedophiles trying to groom children on the Internet. The irony is obviously lost on “Gay Star News”. If they are of a severely Left Wing bent then of course it will be; socialism and humour are unhappy bedfellows.

    So as leading British media personalities are being imprisoned for sexual immorality, Brother Damon Jonah is in danger of being imprisoned for condemning sexual immorality. Such is the madness of the times. As the clergy are, for the most part dumb, when it comes to preaching Christ’s Law regarding marriage and sexual sin, Brother Damon Jonah, something of a holy fool, goes out like a modern religious Don Quixote to tilt at sexual and secular windmills. Where are the bishops, and where are the priests, and where are the Princes of the Church? It would be interesting if Cardinal Kasper were to meet this blunt Lancashire man, and then listen in on their conversation. For Brother Damon Jonah is a mixture of a Marx brother and an Old Testament prophet, and I fear that the very German andun-intuitive Cardinal would be completely unnerved by an interview with Brother Damon Jonah, who in fairness, highly recommends the Cardinal’s book on the Cross.

    I know Brother Damon Jonah well, because he was one of my novices, and when I left the Capuchins in 1999 to found a new Franciscan venture which then turned into something very different and happily much more modest, he joined me, unlike not a few of the other friars who commended me, and did not join me. There were the others, who were furious, and I do not blame them. It is hard when a brother leaves because of conviction, as opposed to anger and bitterness. So the two of us have had a most extraordinary Odyssey (There was a third brother, Brother Andrew who got fed up with the whole thing, and sensibly went off and got married). Our life took us to Pluscarden Abbey in the North of Scotland, then to Galloway, where St. Ninian founded his Church, and thence to the Isle of Mull that lies close to the fabled Iona of St. Columba, and finally before returning to England we found ourselves on the Mull of Kintyre immortalized by Paul McCartney. On this strangest of journeys we were joined by a retired A&E surgeon (In the U.S. it is the Emergency Room), who has become an anchorite and consecrated virgin, Sister Colette. She now is a herbalist and helping the people who come to her. I, Brother Stephen Joseph, am the most work-a-day of the three, because I am simply a hermit priest. However in our different ways we try to restore common sense to the Church. For myself I wrote “The Catmoot”, (It is on this website) a book about our seven cats going to Rome and Moscow to give good advice on how to bring hope to the Church and the World. I believe that the Pope did glance at the book. I know he received it. Whether President Putin received it , or Patriarch Kirill, I do not know. However the charismatic Archbishop Hilarion Alfeyev, the brilliant composer, did, as did Emeritus Pope Benedict, a cat enthusiast, like ourselves, and for that matter so did Archbishop Georg Ganswein. I did not think that Barak Obama, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia would have appreciated the book. Whether this religious novella, and strange fairy tale made much impression I do not know, but looking at the animal kingdom, they seem to have an order and sanity that the human race at present lacks.

    And so dear readers pray for our dear brother Damon Jonah, and prophet and somewhat like a hobbit, as are all three of us, and pray for our dear bishop, who, I suspect, finds the whole thing mortifying and embarrassing, but then the Gospel should not only embarrass, it should convict, and that is what Brother Damon Jonah is trying to do, to convict, convert and instruct a godless society, and in doing so give a good example to the Church of what witnessing to the Gospel is all about. Would anyone like to don a black habit and join Brother Damon Jonah in his pamphleteering apostolate. Our Lady Cause of Our Joy, and St. Francis de Sales, patron of journalists and no doubt pamphleteers, pray for us. Our email is

  • Hermits, Hobbits, David and Goliath

    Yesterday the Catholic World was subjected to the most curious document from The Synod On The Family, which has a distinctly “Gay” friendly tone. Rather confusingly, at other times the document has a very traditional tone, though sadly coloured by the vacuous quality that one normally associates with some of the most banal passages in “Gaudium et Spes”. Since Vatican II, and the then leading Catholic theologians’ love affair with the World, which though understandable given the temper of the times, when the Council was called, there has been what can only be described as a real inability to think clearly and write briefly. Vatican documents become intolerably long, encyclicals get even longer than the time of Paul VI, and goodness knows what effect this has on the deified rain forests.

    Suddenly yesterday the World woke up to the news of the interim report from the synod, which would be quite hilarious, but for the serious of the topics it deals with.

    If that wasn’t bad enough the Pope seems to be saying very little. What does seem to be true is that normally the bishops interventions are publicised, but not so this time. Here is an example of the sheer silliness that, would in an age wiser than our own, which would be satirised by an Ealing Comedy, or a Will Hay film. I am sure that in America such things would be lampooned in something similar to “You can’t take it with you”. The only thing is that they would have thought that Gay marriage to be so unreal as to not even warrant a mention. Such is the road to wickedness that we have travelled over the last 50 or so years. So here is an example of this dangerous nonsense:

    50. Homosexual have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community: are we capable of welcoming these people, guaranteeing to them fraternal space in our communities? Often they wish to encounter a Church that offers them a welcoming home. Are our communities capable of providing that, accepting and valuing their sexual orientation, without compromising Catholic doctrine on the family and matrimony.

    It is rather like saying that temperance clubs, if there are such things, should offer a welcome to alcoholics, while not endangering the fundamental essence of the temperance club. Such nonsense would be laughed out of court, but sadly we live in a mad world, and what appears to be a hierarchy going mad, for after all the majority of the Church are the Laity. If the Holy Father puts his trust in such a disastrous co-ordinators of the above mentioned working document, God help the Church, as it looks as if it is falling apart.

    With St. Catherine of Siena, I am inclined to say “Well I suppose evil had better work its way right down to the bottom, and then we can start all over again.” I am not sure how accurate that is, but I cannot lay my hand on the quote at the moment. There was however this difference. All the Cardinals, and bishops involved in the Western Schism were orthodox, now we seem to be living in the days of the Arian Heresy when most bishops were Arians and Semi Arians. We look for an Athanasius and there is no one. The Jesuits who seem to be still wrecking the Church have no great saint to lead us out of the chaos, nor do the Dominicans, of the Franciscans, and the Carmelites seem infected with inter religious dialogue when it comes to contemplation as do indeed some of the Cistercians. What are we to do? We are asked to call the Secular Trinity to task, for that is the God that Western Man worships: Science, The State, and The Media. “These are your gods” says some Cardinal or bishop who resembles a modern day version of Aaron. So we pray for a Moses to put us right and destroy this dreadful “Golden Calf”

    Who is to blame for this situation arising, and this poppycock document, which Cardinal Muller describes as “Undignified, Shameful”, and “completely wrong”? I will tell you. It is the majority of Western Cardinals and Bishops who for the last 46 years, since the promulgation of Humanae Vitae who have caved into the wisdom of the World, a wisdom which has been accepted and taken in by a middle class Catholic intelligentsia (who hardly are worthy of such a name) who then have served up this poisonous feast to a huge number of clerics and religious who have spiritually died on such a diet, namely there is nothing wrong with contraception, and so the shibboleths of population control and small families have been fostered, encouraged, and idolized so that we could have heaven on earth. Thus, fear of offending the World, which poor dear St. John XXIII thought was so willing to hear the truth reduced the clergy to silence. Did that lovable Pope not know that he was stroking a ravening tiger, and not a sweet little pussy cat? This terrible cowardice, which on one level is understandable, crippled good pastors and teachers. Weakness indeed invaded their bones. So nearly three generations have received the sacraments, and not received the Faith. Hireling shepherds too often have been in high places in the Church, and silence has hidden the Truth. May God have mercy on us priests before it is too late. Tomorrow I will continue my musings.

  • What is needed now is a Saint Edward the Confessor

    In the depressing age of career politicians, as opposed to those spurred on by Noblesse Oblige, as they were in the Victorian era and well on into the 20th century, we now have the grasping politicians, who are veritable rapscallions. What interests so many these days is not simply power which has always been something highly prized by any politician in any era, but perks, pleasure, and prestige, because politicians, at least in England, seem to be coming more and more from upper working class backgrounds and middle class backgrounds, judging by their accents. On one level that is quite attractive, as it means that England is not quite so class ridden as it might seem. Perhaps a meritocracy is taking over from the aristocracy, but the problem with meritocracy is that there is not much room for supernatural grace. A politician, like an actor or any performer must really believe in himself. The problem with the politician today he really is, so often, just an amateur. To think that David Cameron worked for Carlton T.V. would make any of his predecessors groan with despair. The “Old School Tie” is not enough.

    The saint who we celebrate today was a man of suffering and acquainted with grief. He was the son of Ethelred the Unready and Emma daughter of Count Richard II of Normandy. By all accounts she was not a very nice woman, and so when his half brother Edmund Ironside died Edward was designated the rightful successor, but his mother had by then married Canute the Danish invader; the famous king who told the sea to go back, and needless to say found that it did not obey him, and so he got his feet wet. With all this dynastic warring, Edward who had been in exile in Normandy since he was aged 10 found himself unexpectedly, at the age of 40, King of England.

    It changed him not a iota. He was a man who loved the poor, and they loved him. His marriage to Edith the daughter of the most powerful of the English Earls, the Earl Godwin meant that Harold, the last Anglo Saxon King was his brother-in-law. As this reflection is not about whether Harold was the rightful successor to Edward the Confessor, as opposed to William the Conqueror, whose soubriquet in Normandy was the less dramatic sounding but no less accurate “William the Bastard”, I will leave politics aside.

    Edward was devout, and his contemporaries were convinced that his marriage to Edith, not I suspect the happiest of marriages. He was certainly no cardboard cut-out personality. He was tall with ash blond hair, and a ruddy complexion. His favourite pastimes were hunting and hawking. He knew how fractious his nobles were, and he knew how Godwin was far too powerful, but he tried to balance everything for the good of the Kingdom and above all for the good of the people.

    He was very compassionate to the poor and in the old breviary he is called “Father of Orphans and Parent of the Poor”. The fact that he and Edith had no children made him a true father to his people. The people were his children, and it was his Christian duty to look after them. As he was unable to fulfil a vow to make a pilgrimage to Rome, as he was needed to keep the peace in England, he built Westminster Abbey. This magnificent building was possibly, if anything, more beautiful than the Abbey built by Henry III. This was, so to speak, his vow in stone, and dedicated to St. Peter. He also helped improve things in the Church, which was somewhat demoralized, and most probably needed a bit of continental efficiency, which Edward would have seen in the Gregorian Reform which was sweeping the Church. This reform was to be accelerated under William the Conqueror, and his Archbishop Lanfranc, the former Abbot of Bec.

    Edward wanted the Church to flourish, and the poor and the orphan cared for. He would be horrified to see today what the Americans, French, and British are doing in Syria and Iraq. He would be dumbstruck at what is happening in the Ukraine. Most leaders, whether Kings, Republicans or Communists are interested in power; their power or their countries’ power. Power is the name of the game, its use, and too often its abuse. But the wielding of power unless it is done wisely as in the case of St. Stephen of Hungary, St Vladimir of Kiev, and St. Louis of France, more often than not ends in violence, and social disintegration which you found in Nazi German, Stalinist Russia, and one fears soon to emerge in Obama’s United States.

    Edward the Confessor sought first the Kingdom of God, and then peace was the gift that God gave to his reign and to his kingdom. If all these dreadful busybody countries like Britain, France, America, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and various other Arab states, truly wanted peace, they could have it tomorrow, but they do not want peace. They want oil or minerals, cash or gold, access to important sea ports, or prestige, and a thousand and one other things, but peace, the peace of Christ they do not want, and so God will let them have what they want, war, and then when their power is gone, their dreams are shattered, and their countries all but destroyed, let them remember St. Edward the Confessor and his reign of peace. Hopefully then, before it is too late, they may repent.

  • Lepanto

    In a Church and a World rent apart by factions, it is good to reflect on the Battle of Lepanto, which was fought and won by a Christian navy against the Ottoman Navy on 7th October 1571.

    What was important about this victory? It was not the utterly decisive victory that many a traditional Catholic might suggest. It was very important, and none of the later great battles against the Turk were as a great. A possible exception might be the Battle of Khalenberg in 1683 when the flamboyant Jan Sobieski, King of Poland routed the Ottoman army and relieved Vienna which was under siege from the Turk. So began the reclamation of Hungary, then the Balkans, and finally Greece in 19th Century.

    Lepanto was the work of St. Pius V, Don John of Austria, and most important of all those thousands upon thousands of Catholics who were saying the rosary for the defence of the Church. St. Pius V was truly a great Pope, and most probably deserves the title of “Great”. It was he more than anyone else who turned the tide for the Catholic Reformation, and in this he was aided by great saints such as Charles Borromeo, Peter Canisius, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Philip Neri and Felix of Cantalice. Pius’ view of the Church which was thoroughly medieval and no bad thing at that . Let us hear from that great French historian of the Church Daniel-Rops:

    "In the mind of this Pope, whose outlook was still so largely medieval, the policies of loyalty and Christianity were identical. To him, as the Vicar of Christ and guardian of the deposit of the faith, belonged the right and duty to teach men what Christianity required of them, to dispose of earthly crowns in the interests of the Church and her faith, to direct the necessary struggle everywhere. The climax of this vast activity, in which he seemed truly to be blessed by heaven, was the thrilling victory of Christendom over the Infidel, for which he was ultimately responsible. Profiting by the incompetence of the new sultan, Selim, unworthy son of Solyman the Magnificent, Pius V’s anachronistic genius revived the idea of a crusade. Nuncios were sent to various courts, and, wonderful to relate, obtained more than empty promises. The Pope himself provide money and ships. Commanded by Philip II’s twenty-four-year-old half brother Don Juan of Austria, who was assisted by an experienced Catalan seaman, Luis de Requescens, the international fleet of Christendom set sail against the Moslems. On 7th October 1571 Christ’s warriors, chanting the psalms, gave battle in the Gulf of Lepanto. It was a terrible engagement, full of surprises and anxiety. Don Juan himself stood on the prow of his flagship, holding a crucifix. When evening fell over the glorious bay, the smoke of burning Turkish galleys spread a reek of timber and corpses. The entire enemy fleet had been destroyed or captured, and aboard the Marquesa a wounded soldier named Miguel de Cervantes, whose arm had been shattered in the fight, joined in the Te Deum. When Pius received the news he cried out in reference to the youthful victor: ‘There was a man sent from God, whose name was John!’ (The Catholic Reformation, Daniel Rops, pp.110-111)"

    Pope Francis has his own Lepanto, though he might not realize it. It seems that he is racing against time, and in a different way to Pius V is being misunderstood by some. There is no doubt that he has called The Synod on The Family precisely because marriage and the family are in such distressing disarray. If he really wishes to triumph, then he should call all Catholics, devout, indifferent, and lapsed to say the rosary with him for the salvation of the Family. IS is not the enemy. The real enemy are those who are determined to destroy the Family. Such people are the unwitting tools of the Devil. The Synod unless it is assisted by prayer will be worse than a dead letter.

    I will leave the last word to the II Nocturn in the old St.Pius X Breviary:

    "The victory at Lepanto by the Christian princes, of the Sultan Turkey, was won on October 7th, 1571, which happened to be the very day whereon the Guildsmen of the Rosary, throughout the whole world, were offering their accustomed prayers and appointed supplications of the well-being of Christendom."

    And so St Pius X instituted the feast of Our Lady of Victories, which today we call the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.

  • Fear of man, or fear of God?

    “The terrorists will acquire chemical, biological or even nuclear weapons to attack us.” Oh dear, where have I heard that before, I know, it was before the 2nd Iraq war, also something similar before Afghanistan, several times when they (or Israel) have been talking about a potential war against Iran, and even one of the parties in the Ukrainian Government have tried it recently against Russia saying that they used a tactical nuclear missile in Eastern Ukraine (fortunately this was immediately refuted by someone else in the Ukrainian Government who stated that making false claims like that would make the Kiev Government an international laughing stock). Yes, the political war-mongering propaganda machine is at it again. And, unlike last year when the people of Britain managed to prevent ‘the Western Alliance’ from invading Syria by encouraging Westminster to vote against our involvement in another country’s internal war, this time the vote involving us in the Middle East went through with lightning speed. Almost as fast as I.S’s initial advance through Iraq.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I am not defending the Islamic State. They are a Jihadist group who use terror tactics to install fear and submission. The things that they do are evil, there is no doubt about it, and I am sure that they probably do have supporters in many Western countries who may carry out terrorist acts. And they are more likely to do so if we bomb the Middle East. Also it has been known for over a year that the rebel forces fighting the government in Syria do have chemical weapons, and that they have been responsible for at least some of the chemical attacks in Syria. So I take it, that as the I.S. is one of those forces, they will already have chemical weapons. And they may have found some biological weapons or been given them by one of the Arab or Western Governments who supply their weapons. As for nuclear weapons, well, they may well have depleted uranium weapons – after all, we (as the Western Alliance) probably left some behind in Iraq where we used them and where they are still causing genetic deformities and illness in Iraqi children. We know that I.S. has taken over deserted bases and got weapons left behind by the Americans, maybe depleted uranium weapons were also left behind, or maybe not – I don’t know. But what I do know is that the surest way to get them to attack us is to attack them, to interfere in their war without the specific backing of the United Nations. To ‘sleep-walk’ (to use one of Teresa May’s terms) into an unending war.

    If this is to be a World War that is exactly what it must be. A well thought out, discussed and weighed by all the Nations, a truly International War. And as those who are on the ‘other side’ are justifying their fight by a fundamental religious stance, it would have to be a religious war, a Christian Crusade. But does it justify such a response? Hardly. Because the Islamic State does not yet, by a very long way, reflect the whole of the Islamic people. Until recently the best estimate of I.S. fighters numbered in the tens of thousands. Even the NATO ‘war games’ involve hundreds of thousands of troops. In the past week or so, in a direct reaction to the statements of intent by the USA, France and the UK, apparently another 60,000 fighters have joined the I.S. ranks. But a united world military force against an army of that size – that would be rather an over-kill.

    And an over-kill is exactly what has already been put in place. Already many more civilians have been killed by the American air attacks in Syria than Islamic militants, I do not have the figures for those killed in the recent RAF attacks in Iraq. Before this spirals even more out of control, let us stop, let us consider, and let us pray! All conflicts are eventually solved by talk and give and take. But how many have to suffer first. We, Britain and America, messed up the natural borders between the peoples of the Middle East by drawing false borders in the 20th century. These are being now being violently redrawn. If only we could be true peacemakers and help right the wrong that we did, rather than add to the death and destruction!

    Teresa May, stop trying to be another Margaret Thatcher, she fought a short war when a piece of British land was being invaded against the residents wishes. That is very different to this. It was also two roughly equal forces opposed to one another. Even then wrong and questionable things were done. But you, Teresa, are being a true warmonger. Yes, I.S. use fear as a weapon to get their own way, yet wasn’t that exactly what you were doing yesterday at the Conservative conference? True, there may be terror attacks in the UK by Islamic State supporters, but remember, the IRA also carried out terror attacks in England, but we did not send in the RAF to bomb their areas in Northern Ireland!


    On another note, Teresa May, what are these British values that it is becoming illegal to question?

    Are they the value that the State gives to unborn children, killed by the million in their mother’s wombs? Are they the value that the NHS gives to the elderly and terminally ill in the ‘death pathways’ now rolling out throughout British hospitals? Or to the belittling of life-giving true families of wedded mothers and fathers by equating the physically sterile union of homosexuals in ‘single sex marriages’ to theirs. Or even the value the State gives to the genetic make-up of people which truly determines whether every cell of the human body is materially male or female – no matter what surgeons do?

    Or is it the British values of yore, when the Laws of the Nation were still based on Natural Law and God’s Law? When to kill someone was not only breaking the law but also a sin? When not persecuting people whose views were not one’s own did not have to be threatened by law, but because such behaviour would have been against Christ’s law of even loving one’s enemies? When taking someone’s husband or wife and destroying their children’s family was adultery – not the socially acceptable ‘but they love each other’? When human rights included the right to life!

    And now, as you yourself said, you are encroaching on the right to free speech.

    Well, those who read this web-site already know our views. And you could describe us as Christian Fundamentalists, in that we hope that all we do or say is founded on and in God, and specifically, in Jesus Christ the Son of God, Second Person of the Holy Trinity.

    So Teresa, as you said in your speech, you intend to censure the internet, and make fundamentalist preachers submit their sermons to the police before posting them, well, we are (or try to be) Preachers of the Word of God. We will never be mindlessly publishing what the earthly State tells us to write, they can publish that themselves! We will try to print the truth, we do not wish to lead people astray, and we only hate sin, we do not hate the sinner. To put it bluntly, even if you become the next Prime Minister, it is God not you who is our one true eternal Ruler.

    I am fairly sure that in some computer or other we are on a list of internet sites that dares to say things that the liberal state would rather we didn’t say. So, if you wish, or if you have the legal powers yet, you may want to close us down. I am sure you can if you want to!

    But before you do, whilst we can still say this to everybody who is reading this, please pray for Teresa May and the other Western Politicians, that they may take time to reflect, to look into their consciences, to realize what their actions may lead to. As the dear Baroness Warsi said when referring to herself and the reason she resigned from the Foreign Office, to see if in the future they could live with the decisions they are taking today.

    And Teresa, on a personal note, when you were first coming to prominence in the Conservative Party I liked you, you seemed to have a soft (in the best sense of the word) lovely personality. You now seem hard and brittle. If the first person I saw was the real one then you must be hurting yourself. For your own sake reflect, repent, and then you will be able to be yourself again. May God help you on this journey.

    And may God help us all to return to him, and in these violent and dangerous times may he have mercy on us and give us the courage to be witnesses of God’s love and peace in world.

    Sister Colette

  • Good Works

    There is a terrible tendency among lukewarm Christians, and people who think that life is all about improving welfare systems, health, and education to seen goodness in terms of good works. This is really the liberal agenda. However life invariably, at least for the majority of the human race does not work that way. For most people on the face of the earth, life is a struggle to live amidst violence, famine, and disease.

    The first reading for the 26th Sunday of the year, cycle c, gives us a totally different view on things. It is worth quoting it in full.

    The word of the Lord was addressed to me as follows: “Yet you object, ‘What the Lord does is unjust.’ Listen, you House of Israel: is what I do unjust? Is it not what you do that is unjust? When the upright man renounces his integrity to commit sin and dies because of the evil that he himself has committed. When the sinner renounces sin to become law-abiding and honest, he deserves to live. He has chosen to renounce all his previous sins; he shall certainly live; he shall not die. (Ezekiel 18:25-28)

    So one cannot simply live a somewhat immoral life, and hope that by doing a few good works here, and there, even a lot of good works, that that will get one into Heaven. No! One must above all desire to be a true disciple of Jesus. There are many bad men and women who have been great philanthropists, but they have not done good works because they love God. They may have done it through vainglory, or because of ideology or for any number of reasons. George Soros has done some very good things, but he hates Christians, and presumably hates Christ. I do not think that David Rockefeller, and Bill Gates, at one time the richest individual in the World, and somewhat Spartan in his tastes, though married to a Catholic, have any idea of what the Gospel is all about. It is certainly not about population control, which is what he Soros, and Rockefeller are all about. The Gospel is about giving one’s heart and obedience totally to Christ, and there can be no compromise. Whatever philanthropy is, it is not a passport to Heaven.

    When Mother Teresa of Calcutta was asked if her work was successful she answered that there was nothing about success in the Gospel. In fact Christ’s life from a purely human point of view is like a Greek tragedy. The Christian life is about obedience to the Father. It is about loving as Christ loved, and living as he lived, in the power of the Holy Spirit. Only if this happens are our good works turned to pure gold. It is something that the majority of Westerners have not grasped. For salvation they must give themselves totally to Christ. Sadly few are prepared to do this, or even try, such is the tepid state of Christianity in these unlovely times, and one shudders when one thinks of the preaching of modern missionaries which has more to do with Utopia than the Gospel. May God bless the young churches with the true spirit of the Gospel rather than the liberal agenda disguised as the Gospel.


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