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  • There Is Another Way

    Walter Brueggemann said the following in his book “The Prophetic Imagination”

    “The prophet engages in futuring fantasy. The prophet does not ask if the vision can be implemented, for questions of implementation are of no consequence until the vision can be imagined. The imagination must come before the implementation. Our culture is competent to implement almost anything and to imagine almost nothing. The same royal consciousness that make it possible to implement anything and everything is the one that shrinks imagination because imagination is a danger. Thus every totalitarian regime is frightened of the artist. It is the vocation of the prophet to keep alive the ministry of imagination, to keep on conjuring and proposing futures alternative to the single one the king wants to urge as the only thinkable one.”

    It would behove the Scots and Westminster to consider another way, namely the Swiss Way. Both the Scots and the Swiss are brave people and mountain people. The Swiss, as far as I can see are the only truly democratic country in Europe, perhaps in the World, for so much is done by the dreaded “Referendum” that truly democratic form of government that terrifies so many so called democratic governments like the British Government, the Spanish Government, the French Government, but above all the American Government. The Scots Independent voters may lose the vote and Scotland may not be given Independence. They must not give way to despair, but as Brueggemann that perceptive theologian writes they must use their imaginations. What can they can imagine. They can imagine a truly federal Great Britain along Swiss lines, whereby each Canton in this case, Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland (The Swiss have 26 Cantons and four languages.) run themselves with little reference to each other, but working towards the common good, and where England is no longer “top dog”.

    If you go to Scotland or Wales, and I have lived in both for a considerable number of years, you realize that they are both homogenous societies, with a strong folk culture, but if you go to England it is rather as if the remnants of the entire British Empire have collapsed onto the English terrain. The beauty of England rather paradoxically is that it is the world in miniature, far more so than America whose very vastness underplays the different races within and who make recent immigrants so defiantly and embarrassingly American. One could hardly say that the Asian inhabitants of Bradford are so English and Patriotic, but you could say they are very Imperial, and like the peoples of the Roman Empire see themselves as Romans, or in this case as Britons, or to be more precise English but within the vision of Victorian colussus.

    Scotland the Brave can give a lesson to Perfidious Albion, and make her more English, more humble, and more herself. The totalitarianism of Elizabethan England must give way to the land of Chaucer, chivalry, and a world inhabited by monasteries giving a nation hope, beauty, and charity.

    Wales equally as brave as Scotland can give us the beauty of their music and poetry, and hopefully Northern Ireland will rediscover that it is Irish, and not Scots, and where that will quite lead us to do I do not know, but let the politicians heed Walter Brueggemann’s wise words: . Our culture is competent to implement almost anything and to imagine almost nothing. If they do not civil war may come to the United Kingdom and then the future is anybody’s guess.

  • These Are Your Gods O Israel

    These are some of the most extraordinary words uttered in the Bible. Aaron is being prepared for his office of High Priest. Moses has been receiving instructions from God as to how “The Tent of Meeting” shall be designed, and what vestments the high priest will wear. Everything is described to Moses in great detail by God. And then because Moses has stayed too long on the Mount Sinai, the people ask Aaron to make them gods, because they do not know what has happened to Moses. This is truly staggering; the people of Israel have witnessed the Ten Plagues of Israel which reached their climax with the Angel of Death passing over all the houses of the Egyptians killing the first born, and not only the first born of men, but the first born of animals. Out of this terrifying scenario of darkness and death Moses and the people of Israel are led forth from that truly occult nation of Egypt by a pillar of fire by night, and a pillar of cloud by day, and in the most spectacular fashion the Red Sea opens up before the Israelites, and Moses takes them out of Egypt. As we know Pharaoh and his army is engulfed in the waters of the sea, as the path closes over them with giant waves, while pursuing Moses and his people. After all this you would have thought that the people of Israel would trust that Moses would return. You would at least expect Aaron to use his authority to rebuke the people, but no he caves into them, and does their bidding.

    Today we see this continual caving into the demands of the World. The Catholic Church has not been immune to all the gods of the contemporary world such as sexism, racism, human rights, democracy, egalitarianism, and feminism. It has in theory still stood against the other gods, namely contraception, abortion, and homosexuality, though sadly many priests and religious teach otherwise, and one dreads to think what many a liberal bishop thinks, but dares not say. If the Liberal agenda was not enough, we have now the spectacle of nationalism erupting everywhere since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the case of Ukraine is instructive. Many Ukrainians cannot trust the Russians, which is understandable given the horrors of the terrible famine in Ukraine during the 30’s, which was engineered by Stalin. Also we cannot forget how the Baltic countries suffered under Stalin during and after the Second World War, and we must not forget the absolute horror of what happened to the Poles at the hands of the Russians, who alongside Nazi Germany carved up the Poland. Then towards the end of the war the World witnessed the betrayal of Poland by Russia, when She failed to help the Warsaw Uprising against the Nazis, who of course were now Russia’s enemies. We also cannot forget the immense sufferings of the Russian people under Stalin, but also to a lesser extent under Khrushchev. The gods of Totalitarianism, which we thought had died with the collapse of Nazism, and Russian Communism, along with the mitigation of Chinese Communism, is sadly not dead. We see it emerging in the increasingly militarized United States, and in the nebulous but very dangerous concept of Globalism, and the bizarre but Satanic philosophy of Transhumanism, which is using technology to prolong life infinitely and to set up a master race, a slave race, and robots.

    One wonders how this infinite life would manage if the World was blown up by a meteor or some other cosmic disaster. What would the point of living be? Against such evil absurditites, the desire of Catalonia for Independence, and Scotland to regain its ancient nationhood has a certain charm, but if my memory serves me correctly as far back as King Athelstan, the Scottish King had to do fealty to the English King! So much for nationalism.

    One can greatly appreciate why small countries want to have their independence, and not be bullied by larger ones. One’s heart goes out to the peoples of Eastern Europe who are frightened by a return of the Russian Bear, but going over to the American Eagle may be far worse. However can you really trust a nation that systematically subjugated the Native American peoples to the yoke of Capitalistic Imperialism and Manifest Destiny, as manifested at its worst by the genocidal General Sherman? Though the Poles suffered terribly at the hands of the Russians they were quite happy to help in the carve up of Czechoslovakia begun by Hitler in 1938. The Ukrainian massacres of Jews and Poles were appalling, and Sherman’s wanton killing of the Sioux, and the Georgians of the Confederacy rivals Adolf Hitler’s attempted extermination of the Jews.

    These terrible gods will in the end devour their devotees. The sexually immoral will become crazed and a prey to every terrible sexually transmitted disease. The man who loves violence will either be killed in this life or, if unrepentant, die an endless death in Hell. The zealous nationalist will no doubt see his new found national identity compromised by a government that he thought his country would not get, the kind of governments that Ukraine has been subjected to since it broke free of the collapsing Soviet Union in the early 90s’. The Gay Movement has no idea as to how it is being used by the Globalists, the geneticists, and other equally dark forces. Those who believe in the American Flag with Idolatrous enthusiasm, and those who, oddly, believe that Britannia still rules the waves will, alongside the French with their Vainglory, and the Poles with their rather worrying motto of Semper Fidelis (They nearly went Calvinist in the 15th century) find their visions of egotism disappear, and they will find themselves along with Satan shouting “I will not serve”. Russians must love their motherland, but not before their love of God.

    The Folly of the once Christian West, and the love of the strong ruler in Russia must bow before one little fact. We have here no abiding city. Our true homeland is heaven, as St. Paul in his letter to the Hebrews reminds us.

    By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place which he was to receive as an inheritance; and he went out, not knowing where he was to go. By faith he sojourned in the land of promise, as in a foreign land, living in tents with Isaac and Jacob, heirs with him of the same promise. For he looked forward to the city which has foundations, whose builder and maker is God. By faith Sarah herself received power to conceive, even when she was past the age, since she considered him faithful who had promised. Therefore from one man, and him as good as dead, were born descendants as many as the stars of heaven and as the innumerable grains of sand by the seashore.

    These all died in faith, not having received what was promised, but having seen it and greeted it from afar, and having acknowledged that they were strangers and exiles on the earth. For people who speak thus make it clear that they are seeking a homeland. If they had been thinking of that land from which they had gone out, they would have had the opportunity to return. But as it is, they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one. Therefore Go is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared for them a city. (Hebrews 11: vv.8-16)

    Sadly this will mean little, I suspect to the Scots when they vote on Thursday. Even the Christians among them will be so influenced by the materialistic nonsense of the age, that the Heavenly City will seem ridiculous. So too, I cannot imagine that the Catalans are imbued with the spirit of St. Paul, nor do I think was Ferdinand their one time king, when he brought Catalonia into the One Spain, when he married Isabella, who though devout Catholic that she was, would be infected by nationalism.

    But then we turn to St. Joan of Arc, and there is a difference. She had nothing against the English, she simply wanted them to leave. My concern for the Scots is that both the “Yes” voters and the “No” voters may be missing the point. Both of their secondary patron saints are not Scottish as we would use the term these days. One is St. Columba, and the other is St. Margaret of Scotland. St. Columba could not have been more Irish, and Margaret though brought up in Hungary could not have been more English, and yet both these saints had a tremendous effect on Scottish culture, and history. Finally that most romantic of Queens, Mary Queen of Scots was culturally utterly French, and perhaps that was part of the problem.

    So finally Globalization as conceived by such men as George Soros, Bill Gates, and David Rockefeller is wrong as it is eugenically inspired, and holds the ordinary man in contempt, and nationalism which is anti other races is wrong as it speaks of pride, and also another form of contempt, which can burgeon into racism. All most learn, what they hate to admit or do not believe, that the only country that matters is Heaven, and the only ruler is Christ the King. Hopefully some of the Scots voters will be inspired by the vision of Heaven, for unless we keep this vision ever before our eyes, we will turn this world into a veritable Hell, and looking at the present world situation, such a thing is more than likely.

  • Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

    In the fluctuations of History, when men are consumed with vainglory, and conquest, when governments are given to a self destructive greed, which we see all around us today, and when terrible wars could at any moment flare up and destroy much of the world’s population there is one thing that remains with a splendour and glory that casts all such human folly, pride, and avarice into the darkest shade, and that is the Cross of Christ.

    Trees seem to have a very important part in mythology, no doubt the myths are distortions of the Tree of Life, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that we find in the opening chapters of Genesis. Adam and Eve cast out from Paradise, banished from Eden for eating the forbidden fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. From that moment onwards Man, and Woman would for a very, very long time view God wrongly, in the main, and each other with varying degrees of suspicion, and rarely with true trust and true respect. The life of the Human race was rooted in pride, and fuelled by destructiveness. As a result for most of the Human race there would be a story of sorrow, and failure that would occasionally be lightened by moments of pure joy, but death had entered the world with sin, and sin is synonymous with selfishness. “My way is the best way.” Is almost the leit motif for unredeemed humanity.

    Christ comes to heal that terrible sin of disobedience, and he comes to open the gates of Heaven with the key of the Cross. This ancient implement of torture, cruelty and death, He takes upon himself, and makes it beautiful. This form of death that shocked the Greeks so much that they never mentioned it in their literature so horrifying did they find it, was dignified by Christ into something beautiful. How many magnificent crosses have we seen, the Celtic Cross so often associated with the Irish, the sturdy Maltese Cross, the beautiful Armenian Lily Cross, the Latin Cross, and the Russian Orthodox Cross are but a few of the vast array of crosses that speak of the Divine Sacrifice. And just think of the beautifully gem studded crosses that can be seen in Medieval paintings and then in the great Renaissance paintings. How many of the kings and queens of Europe would wear crowns surmounted by the Cross, and how different were most of them to the King of Kings who bore the Cross on his shoulders in pain for our shame and sin, that we might become his brothers and sisters in glory.

    What does this mean for us. It means one thing before all others that there is hope in the seeming most desperate of situations. When our lives appear ruined, and loves are blighted, when we are orphaned or our children are dead, or have been killed, when our spouses have been taken from us, or have betrayed us and left us for someone else, Christ is there with his Cross. If the key to Heaven is the Cross, is not the gate to Heaven the Cross, is not the road to Heaven the Cross? Heaven is not cheap; to open its gates to Man, Christ paid for it in the most precious coin of all, his blood. His mental anguish was so great that he sweated blood, and if we are to be his true brothers and sisters than our blood must be given, if not materially, spiritually. If God suffered death on the Cross, why should not we? This is his gift to us and we shudder. Sacrifice means so little to modern Western men and women, for pleasure and leisure are all, but there is a price to pay and it is this. There is behind all that pleasure and leisure a dull ache, a half admitted anguish, a sense of mental collapse, for the delights of the World cannot never stave off a hunger for God.

    So in our lives where there is much suffering, there is the Cross of Christ, not some caricature of the Cross which the superficial parade as being “one of the crosses we have to bear”, as if it was a light thing. It is not light it is huge in its heaviness. It is crushing beyond belief. It seems to crush the blood out of us, and then we begin to see what love is all about. All the suffering of sacrificial love, of that Divine love radiates through our pain and suffering, and Christ reigns from the Cross, no longer from the cross on Calvary, but from a Cross that is both altar and throne. Having borne our griefs, and sufferings and sins, and transmuted them into the pure gold of Charity he gilds not only our sins, but our lives.

    For the Christians who suffer truly with Christ there is always the hope of Heaven, which is really all that matters. Men simply want to build Utopias, but these are like cheap toys compared to the real thing, which is abundant life, a life of glory, the life of God. So for the persecuted Christians of Iraq and Syria, for the persecuted Christians in pagan lands, and sadly in such countries of Western Europe, the progeny of Christendom, and in such Deist countries as the United States, Christ comes bearing his Cross, a cross so radiant and beautiful as to defy all description.

    Christians who truly believe that the Crucified Christ is with them have nothing to fear. God will protect them, not physically but spiritually, and their reward will be great in Heaven. To a materialist and secular society this must seem insane. For a modern world destined from its own perspective to discover the secret of the universe, and the secret of everlasting life, there is only the prospect of failure. What looks like success in modern western eyes is the prelude to despair, and what looked like a most terrible failure, namely Christ’s death on the Cross there was the most stupendous victory. For what the Cross tells us is that God is truly humble, perfectly obedient and man is proud, and disobedient. The train of charity runs on the sleepers of humility and the tracks of obedience. I can do no better than finish this reflection with St. Paul writing to the wayward Corinthians:

    For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. For it is written,

    “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and the cleverness of the clever I will thwart.”

    Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? For since, in the wisdom of God, the world did not know God through wisdom, it pleased God through the folly of what we preach to save those who believe. For Jews demand signs and Greeks wisdom, a stumbling block to Jews and folly to Greeks, but to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. For the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men. (1 Corinthians, ch. 1: vv.18-25)

  • Do you ‘deserve’ (in the eyes of the State) to become a parent?

    I thought that this would be a quick blog about the 16 year contraceptive implant being developed in the USA. But my research led me on paths unimagined even unimaginable. And I am almost ashamed to admit that I am using a Microsoft programme (Word) to write this! (All the links are underlined).

    In brief: Bill Gates and his wife are spending 4.5 million dollars to produce an implantable device which stops women having children for up to 16 years, and can be turned on or off remotely from either the woman’s mobile phone or by the doctor (or others).

    This isn’t merely the Gates Foundation putting money into a pre-existing development programme, this comes straight from an idea of Bill Gates. He was visiting the Massachusetts Institute of Technology two years ago and asked Professor Robert Langer if such a long term device could be developed. It is now ready for pre-clinical trials next year so that it can be marketed by 2018.

    One month earlier the Gates foundation announced grants for 11 new condom designs, as Chris Wilson, one of the foundation directors said: “We are continually impressed by the talented people … with exciting ideas that can help address issues of great importance to women and children”. What children? Those who will not be born?

    The wider dangers of this technology are already becoming apparent, a transhumanist author and journalist Zoltan Istvan, who thinks birth control should be put in people’s water supply, also thinks that people who wish to become parents should apply for a licence from the authorities. “The process”, he said, “would be little different than getting a driver's license.” Parents must “pass a series of basic tests” in order to “get the green light to get pregnant and raise children.”

    "Those applicants who are deemed unworthy” for a variety of reasons – he lists homelessness, criminal history, and poverty among his examples – “would not be allowed until they could demonstrate they were suitable parents.” He then goes on to say that Bill Gates device offers him hope, but intimates that the control of the device should be in the hands of a World power! “The implanted microchip lasts for up to 16 years -- three times current implantable devices, including IUDs -- and can deliver hormones into the body via an on-off switch on your mobile phone,” he wrote. “It's not a huge jump to imagine governments seeing opportunity in using this.”

    However, due to the national government's spotty record on fiscal and other issues, he believes its control should be outsourced to a world government. “Perhaps a nonprofit entity like the World Health Organization might be able to step in,” he wrote, adding WHO's participation would inspire “more confidence.”

    Zoltan Istvan is not the first to want to involve a supra-national body in the family’s right to beget children. In 1977 Paul Ehrlich and John Holdren wrote the book ‘Ecoscience which recommended a “comprehensive planetary regime” to control fertility, adding that “compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society.”

    So you can see why I think it is important for you to know about this you have to realize that President Obama has recently stated that he relies on the author of this book, John Holdren, to formulate his science policy!

    As far as I can tell John Holdren is not thought to be a transhumanist, and Ecoscience was written back in 1977, however, apart from compulsory abortion which the authors now deny was a suggestion but rather a comment on what was available, there is nothing to show that Holden does not now believe in the things he was proposing then, and in the words of the book itself: “The Planetary Regime might be given responsibility for determining the optimum population for the world and for each region and for arbitrating various countries’ shares within their regional limits. Control of population size might remain the responsibility of each government, but the Regime would have some power to enforce the agreed limits".

    If, like me, you are not sure what a transhumanist is, it is basically those people who want to become immortal on earth, or if that isn’t possible, then they want to ‘upload’ their brains into a computer so that their intelligence will continue. As you could see from ‘A Transhumanist’s Manifesto’ written by ‘Socrates’ they think that evolution is real and continuing, and that people should take an active part human evolution becoming more than human, using whatever technologies are on offer, for their intelligence is ‘imprisoned’ in their human bodies. The movement can be traced back to 1923 and the British geneticist J. B. S. Haldane, and Julian Huxley is thought to be the first to use the term transhumanism in 1957. There is a very informative Wikipedia article on this.

    Zoltan Istvan’s novel “The Transhumanist Wager” is set in Transhumania, a land of transhumanists who are battling against traditional religious believers who the transhumanists consider evil because they are against them. And, because it was written by a transhumanist, the transhumanists win! As an side-line, Transhumania is described as a haven for the transhumanists where they can experiment away from the interfering Christians. Interestingly, Google CEO Larry Page was recently answering questions and was saying about the rate of change in the world, that: "not all change is good" and that we need to build "mechanisms to allow experimentation." ….. "There are many exciting things you could do that are illegal or not allowed by regulation," Page said. "And that's good, we don't want to change the world. But maybe we can set aside a part of the world." He likened this potential free-experimentation zone to Burning Man and said that we need "some safe places where we can try things and not have to deploy to the entire world."

    To quote again from the Transhumanists Charter: “Let death tremble at the revolution of science and technology. Transhumanists have nothing to lose but their biology. We have immortality and the universe to gain.”

    Transhumanists feel the need to ‘lose their biology’ to gain immortality for their chosen members. Christ on the other hand, took on our biology, our humanity, in order to destroy death and gain the everlasting kingdom of heaven for all who would accept his Word.

    Why does Transhumania remind me of Transylvania?

  • There is Only One Way to Peace

    As the situation throughout Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, and Russia seems temporarily to have become a bit calmer with the ceasefire just about holding between the self proclaimed republics of Eastern Ukraine and Kiev, and as confusion, horror, violence, and the persecution of Christians continues in Iraq, Syria, Israel, and Palestine, a constant stream of prayer accompanies the beautiful copy of the icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa (The Black Madonna) which has been carried in pilgrimage from Vladivostok across Russia into Europe proper and finally ending up in Portugal. Then carried over the Atlantic ocean to the United States and Canada it has continued its journeys which have been full of miracles and conversions. The pilgrimage, which began in 2012 has far surpassed the expectations of those Catholic and Orthodox Christians who initiated this beautiful pilgrimage for the preservation of life, and which has been greatly supported by Human Life International. Human Life International which was founded by Fr. Paul Marx O.S.B. and who St. John Paul II described as “The great Father Marx” suffered greatly for his defence of the unborn, not only from pro-abortionists but from priests, religious and bishops. This great prophet of life is, I am sure, accompanying this icon of Our Lady.

    This pilgrimage is like a light in the darkness, a song where music had been banished or forgotten, and a dawn coming after the terrors of the darkest night, a hope rising from the dark regions of death and despair, a harbinger of the resurrection, and true unity of all Christians under the mantle of Mary, mother of us all.

    It is very heart warming to know that Archbishop HIlarion Alfeyev has supported the pilgrimage, and it is only Our Lady who can make Poland and Russia, and the Ukraine truly brothers in Christ, and for that matter all the Catholic and Orthodox countries bordering on Russia’s seemingly never ending border.

    Would it no be wonderful if someone would commission an icon based on the Medieval paintings where Our Lady has all the different groups of society under her cloak. It is only when all these hell raising groups, and individuals learn of Mary’s protective love, her protective mantle, and her protective veil that peace will come. The problem is that most of the human race, because they are not Christians do not realize that Mary is their mother, and the mother of God that we have all these terrible problems. This is not helped when most Christians do not understand Mary’s role as mother, Mediatrix, intercessor, and Co-Redemptrix. It is even more distressing when Catholic Poland still views Orthodox Russia with such distrust. The old wounds, the bitter animosities, and deeply held hatreds must be forgotten, and they can only be forgotten by turning to the mother of these two great nations. Yes Poland has suffered dreadfully, firstly with the partition in the 18th century at the hands of the Orthodox Catherine the Great, the Catholic Maria Teresa of Austria, and the Protestant King of Prussia Frederick the Great, and secondly her sufferings from the terrifying and utterly destructive Nazi invasion of 1939 followed swiftly on by the Soviet invasion. Thirdly Poland suffered under Communism from the end of the war to the beginning of the 1990’s. The sufferings of Poland and the Baltic lands, not to mention the sufferings of the Czechs, the Hungarians, the Greeks, and the Romanians fill one with horror even now. However we all, individuals, and countries must forgive and forget, and that can only be done by placing our countries, and ourselves on Mary’s lap and forgetting our grievances and pain, we will be warmed by a mother’s love. For we find on Our Lady’s lap not only ourselves, and our nations, but the Christ Child, who recalls us back to the innocence of Heaven and Eden. So let us all whatever our nation, our language, and our allegiance learn to love again in a world where conflict hatred, destruction, and corruption seem to be increasing day by day, and where nations are so intent on power, cruelty, and domination. It is the love of this Son, and this Mother that brought hope back into a darkened world, and that love is returning despite appearances indicating the absolute contrary. It is always darkest before the dawn, but the dawn will come despite the horrors that will precede it.

    Our Lady Gate of the Dawn Pray for us.

  • Russia Is Converted

    The controversy still rages as to whether Russia was consecrated in 1984 when St. John Paul II consecrated, with all the bishops of the Church, the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Lucia said that the consecration had taken place. Not a few Fatima devotees feel that the consecration of Russia did not take place, and they feel that Lucia was forced to say that it had. That, however does not accord with Lucia’s forthright and common sense personality. If Lucia would not deny her visions in 1917, when she and Francisco and Jacinta were threatened with being boiled alive in boiling oil, one can be pretty sure that she would be able to stand up to bishops, cardinals and popes, and therefore if she said the consecration had taken place it has.

    Lucia said Our Lady had told her: “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she shall be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world.”

    A period of peace did not follow the 1984 consecration. Admittedly there was no World War III, and the reign of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart as envisaged by St. Louis Marie de Montfort, and other saints, and mystics is described as something glorious, almost unbelievable, and the resurrection of the Church as something sudden, and miraculous.

    Our Lady said that Russia would be converted, and then the reign of peace would follow. Russia’s conversion began with the collapse of the Soviet Union. When Our Lady spoke these words to Lucia, Ukraine was part of Russia, as she had been for a very long time, and as I continually remind my readers, it was Prince Vladimir of the Kievan Russ, who accepted Christianity in 986 A.D. It is just a great pity that Kiev is not the capital of Russia. It would save a lot of trouble.

    Now Our Lady did not say that peace would immediately follow on from Russia’s conversion. After all she told Lucia that she would have to spend a 'while' on earth after Jacinta and Francisco had gone to Heaven, and that was a very long while. She died at 97.

    We now find ourselves on the brink of what might be World War III, and we wonder about this time of blissful peace. Perhaps we should look at things somewhat differently. As Ray McGovern that veteran member of the CIA, and Reagan’s favourite CIA advisor, noted on Alex Jones’ show recently, the NATO photos of a supposed Russian invasion of Ukraine were embarrassing because of their utter amateurism. He along with William Binney, who had been a high level official in the US National Security Agency, and other CIA veterans, wrote to Angela Merkel and warned her to be wary of Obama’s lies as the recent NATO summit was about take place.

    There is something that people are missing, and this is not surprising if they are politicians or the Media, for religion, and especially Christianity, has no interest for them. Politics is about power, manipulation, the accumulating of land, gold, oil, minerals, and food, and ultimately about contempt for the ordinary man, and woman. Sadly it has usually been the case in what are called great civilizations, such as Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Alexander’s Empire, Rome, the British Empire, the French Empire, the Russian Empire, the German Empire, the Soviet Empire, and the American Empire, and so on. I do not know enough about India and China to comment. Humility is not something that one finds among the ruling classes. One thing I do know, that is since the fall of Communism, Russia has been becoming more Christian in its legislation, but it has not been becoming more Western and democratic, which is what the West cannot stand. I hazard that what really rankles with the West is Russia’s stand against “The Gay Propaganda of the West”. Russia will not bow to the destruction of the Family, which the “Gay” agenda is all about. These western people do not know their history. They do not know that great civilisations crumble because of sexual degradation. They do not realize that men become effeminate when they do not have to defend their home, and their families, and when wealth gives them leisure to indulge immoral pleasures. They do not know that behind them stands Satan, once the Light bearer, who is now the bearer of darkness, and who wants to destroy the family, destroy the propagation of the human species by contraception, abortion, genetic engineering, war,and other things to hideous to imagine. He tempts the scientists with any experimentation that makes them more and more like the Creator. He loathes creativity, because he can create nothing but destruction.

    Behind the forces of Nato stands The Great Liar, who tells them that Russia is the enemy, and worse still that the Ukraine’s friend is the West. Poor deluded Ukraine, Poor deluded Poland, poor deluded EU. Blindness has descended on the West, and stupidity is making her become pathetic. Who would have believed that the EU will soon be banning certain hair dryers, kettles, and vacuum cleaners because they are depleting the World’s resources? We are on the brink of a very serious war, God willing not a nuclear one, but a possible terrible one. That will deplete the world’s resources, not kettles, nor global warming, another example of the West’s senility. Yes the West is senile, and wicked, and stupid because she has rejected God the Father Creator of Heaven and Earth, spat at and re-crucified his Son, Jesus Christ Judge of the Human race, and hardened her heart to the Holy Spirit, who is love. How many, many politicians there will be who will commit the unforgivable sin against the Holy Spirit. My goodness they need our prayers. We need to call down mercy on these poor deluded war mongers. We can stop demonizing Russia, and remind people that not for nothing is she called Holy Russia.

    The West must realize that in fighting Russia, she is fighting possibly her greatest ally. What is the West anyway? Is it America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, or is it Europe enslaved to America, which has now become the devoted slave of those dark men, and women, who are above governments and are truly enslaved to the Prince of darkness? For all Russia’s faults, and I am sure they are many, at bottom the Russians, when they have it, have a Christian spirituality that is more profound than any other that you will find, Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. It is a mystery, but it is true. 70 years of Communism could not eradicate that, but decadence has all but destroyed Christianity in the West, and America’s Protestant Christianity fractures into so many bizarre and curious sects, that soon Christianity in such guises ceases to be Christianity. And in England the Anglican Church more and more resembles Jezabel’s prophets of Baal, and the Archbishop of Canterbury is just dying to officiate at a “Gay Wedding”. When he does I hope that Elijah is not in the congregation, as he will have only minutes to live, along with all the other latter day prophets of Baal. If the Anglicans are equivocal what of the Catholic bishops and Cardinals. We have only to think of Cardinal O’Brien, and the incredibly vainglorious Archbishop Hunthausen. Where is the humility that we expect from our bishops? No! We will find that humility among the Bernadettes, the Lucias, the Franciscos, the Jacintas, the Mariette Becos, the Maximins, the Melanies, the Juan Diegos, and the Catherine Labourés. I have no doubt that Vladimir Putin, Sergei Lavro, and even a Poroshenko, would feel at home with these icons of humility and simplicity, but I fear that Obama, Hilary Clinton, Rasmussen, and Kissinger would be most uncomfortable and would run away as quickly as possible. I hope that Kerry would stay and be truly converted.

    We can only wait and pray that on Our Lady’s birthday, the 8th September, something wonderful might happen, but ultimately “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and suffers the loss of his own soul?”

  • The Triumph of the Cross and Our Lady of Sorrows

    On the 14th of this month we celebrate The Feast Of The Triumph of The Cross, and the following day we celebrate The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. What do these two feasts tell us about Life, Sin, Redemption, The World, The Flesh, and The Devil? Everything, especially with regard to the Nato Summit which begins tomorrow, ironically on the feast of one of the most lovable Anglo Saxon saints, St. Cuthbert, who was beloved of both Celts and Anglo Saxons for his gentleness. Hopefully he, and today’s saint, the incomparable Gregory The Great, can bash some sense into the likes of President Obama and that most peculiar gentleman, Anders Rasmussen, who is the most unlikely NATO Secretary General. One would think that a military man should hold such an office.

    As these politicians assemble in Wales, that most shimmering of Celtic lands, hopefully they might be touched by that marvellous race of glittering musicians, singers, and poets. For what is needed now, along with the Gospel, is a world of wonder, beauty, and awe; and not hatred, ugliness and war. War is the poisonous fruit of sin, and is the deadly progeny of pride, envy, lust, greed, and anger. As these men and women sit down to what is, in essence a quite nonsensical meeting. Why do they want Ukraine in Nato, and why would Ukraine want to join the EU, when they would have been far better off joining Russia’s economic plan? It is America and NATO that want Ukraine and Russia to be enemies.

    As the members will chat away with each other, they will no doubt think that they are the elite politicians in a world of Realpolitik, which looks dangerously like Unrealpolitic. However, what few gather, even the opponents of Washington’s grand world domination order, is that the worst and the best thing has already happened nearly two thousand years ago.

    The leaders of Israel, then simply a very small country called Palestine in the huge Roman Empire, murdered the God Man. This was far worse than what happened at the Fall when Eve and Adam ate the fruit from the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. Eve only wanted to have a knowledge of good and evil, but the leaders of the Jewish people wanted to kill The Second Person of The Blessed Trinity, Jesus Christ. Blinded by hatred and spiritual envy, though most, no doubt, did not know, like St. Paul, who Jesus was. But to the discerning man or woman, it was obvious that Jesus was at least a very great prophet, if not the greatest of all the Jewish prophets, and that he might just be the Messiah, and more amazingly God.

    God was done to death on the Cross. So terrible is this to our comprehension that on the one hand it could turn one into the worst of Anti Semites, and on the other it might turn one into one of the greatest of penitents. It should at least give us pause for thought. Through sin we all killed, or attempted to kill, God. Obviously we killed Jesus, who is both God and Man, two natures in one person. Sin is a futile attempt to kill God. However God triumphed, and Jesus, by dying on the Cross a death of infinite suffering, redeemed us, and opened Heaven to us. Not only did he do that, but because his mother, Mary, suffered almost infinitely with her Son, her power of maternal love was given to every human being from then until the End of Time. From the unbelievable sufferings that Christ and his mother endured, all sufferings however terrible and terrifying they may appear have been, so to speak swallowed up in the victory of the Cross.

    However if we will not follow Christ willingly and carry our Cross in patience, charity, and peace, then he will try and save us by nailing us to His Cross, in order to bring us to the realization of how dreadful our individual sins are, and those of our nation, or our alliance, or our family, or our friends. However, even He, Omnipotent though he is, cannot force us into Heaven. It must be an act of our will, and it requires that we repent of our sins. It is time for each of us to examine our consciences and act on them, as did Joseph of Arimathea ,and Nicodemus, when they supported Christ, and did not go along the path of the other hate filled members of the Sanhedrin in trying to kill him.

    Hopefully there will be at the Nato Summit a few men like Joseph and Nicodemus, who will be able to be heard above the voices of not a few warmongers, cynics, and men and women determined to create Hell on Earth, not realizing that they may well go there themselves.

    Let them remember the words of Our Lord. “Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God” (Matthew 5 v.9. Douay Rheims Bible). Let them remember, as they eat their delicious meals, and drink their vintage wines and other alcoholic beverages, that there are now a million Ukrainian refugees, and an exiled Iraqi Christian population. Let them know that their political cynicism creates orphans and widows on a vast scale. Let them know that they are to blame for the lunatic members of IS who are up to goodness knows what, but it is all dreadful. The one fact that it is all evil, and apparently condoned and encouraged by Washington. All these fearsome groups are fighting God, are attempting to crucify Jesus yet again, and if we give into hate and revenge we will be no better than them. Unless we are a St. Louis of France we must stay away from war, and he only went on the Crusade, out of the best of intentions, and both proved to be disastrous anyway.

    Under the leadership of Our Lady of Sorrows, and under her banner of her Immaculate Heart, we must go into a spiritual battle with only the arms of charity and true prayer praying for true peace, which is not simply the cessation of war. A peace that can only be won by crucifying our passions to the Cross and learning the lesson of profound humility that Jesus showed, as he suffered infinitely and totally, utterly and unforgettably on the Cross all those years ago, so that we could enter into his heart in the eternal courts of Heaven and take many many thousands with us.

  • Tally Ho !!!

    Someone I know well went to observe the Leicester Gay Pride today. He had last seen a Gay Pride procession in 1996 in London, and now felt he needed to update himself. His feelings surprised him, we all thought that his righteous anger might rise up, that he might have one of his 'episodes of unconventuality', instead he felt deeply sorry for those he saw, a sorrowful compassion for the possible state of their souls, for the way that they may be processing, unbeknown to them, to eternal unhappiness.

    Compared with the pictures I have seen of the theatrical lewdness of Brighton pride, Leicester was very respectable. But that may have made it all the more dangerous.

    It was led by the Melton Mowbray Tally Ho Band. Well to be more precise it was led by the very youngest marching girls of the Tally Ho Band. These little girls (he estimates that they were about eight years old) had the honour of leading the homosexual extravaganza. Behind the littlest girls came more girls in increasing order of height until the band itself was reached. Their uniforms of white skirt, red riding jacket and black riding cap, is exactly the same as when the band was formed 70 years ago. I wonder how the band would have reacted then if asked to lead a celebration of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lifestyle.

    Those little innocent girls were not the only children involved, the Scouts also marched with rainbows attached to their uniforms, there was an association dedicated to helping children from the age of 11 to 'come out', and mainy other children in the long procession.

    Also, as normal, the police, firemen, ambulancemen, teachers, local officials etc all had to march to show their approval and support of this politically correct cause, and all with rainbows attached.

    A small group of women dressed in traditional Muslim attire were, it seemed, the only representatives of the extremely large Asian community, which is not suprising, it is just suprising that with the Islamic stand against homosexuality any Asian women were there.

    At the end of the walk lay Victoria Park. There was a small fun-fair, burger stands, a stage with live performers, and various stalls. The sun shone and people sat around on the grass.

    All very child friendly, and all very 'normal', or so it would seem.

    But the performers during his time in the park (lunch time) were cross-dressing cabaret artists, crooning away to songs from the sixties, hardly what would appeal to all the young people present. But that wasn't the main problem with them, it was the tenure of their talk between the songs. It was simple smut. Continuous sexual innuendoes of the sort that you may expect if you were to go to a Gay Nightclub or Cabaret, but in a park full of children? Surely not!

    He then looked at the stalls, a tee-shirt stand took his eye, many of the slogans on the front of the tops were extremely vulgar, especially those aimed at the Lesbian market, a few were funny, one was blasphemous against Our Lord, and one was clever but insiduous - it read 'heterosexuality is not normal, but it is common.' As normal, it was not only lying, it was also turning the truth upside down.

    And that is exactly what the whole show was about, turning the truth upside down. Making normality abnormal and lies into truth. Heterosexuality is normal, otherwise humanity would not have survived the last six thousand years or so! Looked at superficially it was a happy day out with the kids, but look deeper. Why the emphasis on young children if not to make them associate their 'encounter' with LGBT with enjoyment, to see the homosexuals as a fully integrated with society, for all respectable society (in a child's eye) were there, police, emergency services, and above all teachers! They were also given the pride of place, leading everyone, even though they had no connection with the LGBT or Pride. In short they were being groomed to think of homosexuality as more normal than their heterosexual parents.

    Poor children, and poor young people who were being drawn into that twisted society. And that is why my brother hermit was so moved with compassion for them. He wished that there was a way to talk to them, to ask them, beg them, to rethink, to leave the twisted immoral thinking of the homosexual community, to realize that they were sinning against God and against their own bodies. To refuse to be corrupted,and even more important to stop being used to corrupt others. To turn to God, especially to the Son of God the Lord Jesus Christ. To not walk hand in hand with those who had corrupted them into the fires of hell.

    How can those young people be encouraged to change, to think clearly, and to stand up to their peers?

    I wish I knew. We must stand up against the tide and show that it is possible to think differently from the new norm. We must preach that Christ had compassion on the woman caught in sexual sin, but he upheld the fact that sin is sin - and he told her to go and sin no more. And we can, and we must, all pray.

    I have inserted a picture of the Melton Mowbray Tally Ho Band below (taken on another occasion). Interestingly, in all the pictures of them I could find on the web, the little girls were not leading the band but were behind adults. So it seems it may have been significant that the children were asked to lead this time!

    Anyway - Tally Ho !

  • John the Baptist, Protector of Marriage

    It is amazing that John the Baptist, not to mention Peter and Paul, seem to have lost the devotional high ground to St. Anthony of Padua, St. Thérèse, and Padre Pio. With the exception of Padre Pio, Anthony and Thérèse are more comfortable than the Baptist and the two great princes of the Apostles, but the Medievals were more attuned to the moral imperatives of the age than we are.

    One would hardly think that Thomas Becket was a particularly comfortable saint, but he was a great hero of the Church’s rights which were being eroded by the state in the person of Henry II of England. It was the same battle that Thomas More and John Fisher had to wage against the worst persecutor of the Church from within, namely Henry VIII. No-one like Henry VIII had ever been seen before in Christendom. He makes such persecutors of the Church like Julian the Apostate seem positively pleasant; at least Julian had ceased to be a Christian, whereas Henry thought he was an utterly orthodox Catholic. I think it fair to say that even Ivan The Terrible was not so unbalanced in his thinking as Henry, but then the Russian Tsar did have the excuse of being the head of his Church, after a fashion that is. Caesaropapism in the East had been strong since Constantine, and somehow this concept of Symphonia worked between Church and State, whereby the Emperor wielded the sword, and the Church wielded the spiritual sword, and both supported each other. This concept on the whole was alien to the West and since the time of Ambrose the Church was seen as being above the State, but sadly this is no longer the case.

    The Papacy, though weakened severely by the Reformation, reformed itself, and reformed the Church, but with the French Revolution it took another blow, and by the time of the Russian Revolution it was knocked to the ground, and sent reeling. Though Pius XI and Pius XII managed to keep the secularists at bay, to a certain extent, this was only for a while. St. John XXIII whose wonderfully sunny temperament seemed to blind him to the awful situation whereby the Church was being suffocated in the East by Communism, and in the West by the sexual revolution, now has a successor to himself in a similar Pope, in the person of Pope Francis. This is remarkable as Francis was not known for his sunny temperament before assuming the Papacy. St. John Paul II was far more realistic about Communism and secularism, and the sexual revolt within the Catholic Church, but even he could do little, when the bishops seemed to be either heretical, just timid, or just did not care.

    Just when the Church was under attack from the sexual revolutionaries and the secularists, be they Capitalists or Communists, there was no Ambrose, no Becket, no Hildebrand, no Thomas More, no John Fisher or Edmund Campion. There were, of course, men like Chesterton, and saints like Fulton Sheen who proclaimed the immemorial truths of the Faith. Then there was Paul VI, who was positively heroic with the issuing of Humanae Vitae. However, after issuing that great encyclical, he witnessed such a huge rebellion from so many priests and bishops, that he was, to some extent, a spent force and never issued another encyclical again.

    That clerical rebellion resulted , to a large extent, in the collapse of priestly morality, but this could only come about because something very extraordinary happened, and few seem to understand what happened. This realization of what happened came to me only a few days ago, when I was discussing the present deplorable situation in the church with my fellow hermit, who said something quite remarkable. He stated that practically speaking psychology has replaced philosophy in the Catholic Church. Everything is now psychology, because modern philosophy is pretty useless when talking of God, as modern philosophers unlike Aquinas, are too subject to the spirit of the age, which really is for the most part Deist, though it pretends it is atheist and agnostic. What can Kant, Hegel, Heidegger, and Wittgenstein really teach us about God? At least towards the end of his life Wittgenstein became a Catholic and something of a hermit. It is truly shocking that one of the recent priors of a Carthusian monastery was trained at the Rula Institute in Rome, which has a dangerously psychological view of the spiritual life, and uses, if I am not much mistaken, Carl Rogers psychological system, which is disastrous. Rogers method is an utterly non moral form of counselling. Against this kind of intellectual lunacy the only defence is, at least Thomism, and above all Augustine’s brilliant psychological insight into Man. These two, if used imaginatively can save the Church from putting any trust in psychology.

    Against the cult of self realization, and self fulfilment, John the Baptist stands as a witness to the inviolable quality of marriage, and obedience to Christ, the Light of the World. Christ proclaimed the utter inviolability of marriage, and what do most Christians do? Take no notice at all. Not a few, like latter day Herods, persecute those who stand up for marriage, especially when sexual liaisons are rarely sanctified with the sacrament of marriage in the West. Then the greater and more terrible tragedy is that so many countries now recognize homosexual marriage.

    The philosophical foundations of Christianity have all but collapsed and been replaced with endless nonsense about basing our morality and our consciences on the foundations of our feelings. With such shaky foundations the earthquakes of modern sexual immorality will cause terrible destruction within the Church, and what is needed is a John the Baptist to take on, not one Herod, but all the Herods who seem to rule so many of the countries of the world. Obedience to the Law of God cannot be negotiated. You either obey God or your damn your soul. It is as simple as that, and John knew that and died for the sanctity of marriage. Let us pray that our bishops will have the courage to do the same. All but one of the English bishops, failed, under Henry VIII, to defend his marriage to Catherine. Hopefully, not only the English bishops, but many other bishops throughout the World will do better this time, and follow in the steps of John Fisher, and the great John the Baptist, his patron saint.

  • Update to 'Remember to Think'

    Last night there was a report published by the daily Telegraph revealing the results of an international forensic team based in Britain on the video of James Foley's murder. It is entitiled 'Foley's murder video may have been staged'.

    They do not deny that he was probably murdered all the same.

    This morning it is extremely difficult to find the article on the Telegraph's web-site, so I am inserting a link to it here for all who are interested in reading about it first hand. SORRY, I've just tested the link, and suprise suprise - it doesn't work. However, if you put the address of the page into your browser bar it does work - at least for now! It is

    In fact, maybe I should just insert the article in full to make sure. Is this information really so important that they should censure it?

    Foley murder video 'may have been staged'

    Analysts believe the British jihadi in the video may not have been James Foley's killer, although it is accepted that the journalist was murdered

    By Bill Gardner12:52AM BST 25 Aug 2014

    "The video of James Foley’s execution may have been staged, with the actual murder taking place off-camera, it has emerged.

    Forensic analysis of the footage of the journalist’s death has suggested that the British jihadist in the film may have been the frontman rather than the killer.

    The clip, which apparently depicts Mr Foley’s brutal beheading, has been widely seen as a propaganda coup for Islamic State miltant group.

    But a study of the four-minute 40-second clip, carried out by an international forensic science company which has worked for police forces across Britain, suggested camera trickery and slick post-production techniques appear to have been used.

    A forensic analyst told The Times that no blood can be seen, even though the knife is drawn across the neck area at least six times.

    “After enhancements, the knife can be seen to be drawn across the upper neck at least six times, with no blood evidence to the point the picture fades to black,” the analysis said.

    Sounds allegedly made by Foley do not appear consistent with what may be expected.

    During Foley’s speech, there appears to be a blip which could indicate the journalist had to repeat a line.

    One expert commissioned to examine the footage was reported as saying: “I think it has been staged. My feeling is that the execution may have happened after the camera was stopped.”

    However the company, which requested anonymity, did not reach a definitive answer.

    It concluded: “No one is disputing that at some point an execution occurred.”


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