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The Trumpeteer

  • Back to the Future, or rather Forward to the Past

    The 21st Century is beginning to look like a return to an earlier, dirtier, more dangerous and more basic past.

    In Britian we are still protected from most of these changes, and are still living in a very comfortable modern society.

    But we don't even have to leave Europe to see how fragile our 'civilised' lifestyle is. In Greece recently people couldn't even get medicines due to the economic collapse, and the enforced European Austerity policies have lead to deep problems for the elderly and unemployed. But the example par excelence is that of the Ukraine. Not a prosperous country, but an industrial one, now its South East is rapidly being reduced to rubble, its industries deliberately destroyed, families fleeing for their lives, and one of the main cities (Donetsk) now in the medieval state of being in a state of siege.

    Leaving Europe (even though Israel seems to think it is in Europe!), look at what is happening in Gaza. As an article in the New York Times points out, it isn't just the citizens of Gaza that are being targeted by Israel, but the International body of the United Nations. Unlike the Ukrainians who can if they are lucky flee to Russia, there is no-where for the people of Gaza to go to avoid being shelled. The borders are closed. Even though Egypt allowed people who had relatives in Egypt to enter, for most Palestinians they are completely trapped. It is a killing field, remember Pol Pot!

    Syria, with the help of our and American weapons, has also been devastated, as has Iraq. Although it isn't the present conflict that laid Iraq to waste, that had already happened by the direct action of American and British troops during the Iraq wars.

    Remember the parable of the man who was living in good times, so good that he wanted to build even better storage facilities for all his grain - but instead he died and left all his worldly property behind.

    We may not even have to die in order to lose all our worldly goods, thousands of those in Gaza and the Ukraine have lost everything they ever owned, but we must become detached from our love of our luxuries, remembering that we are but pilgrims on this earth and that our true home is in heaven.

    So pray for those who are suffering and dying tonight - including the Ebola victims, that God may have mercy on their souls, and on ours too.

  • Obama, Michelle, Russia, and Prophecy

    I think it was over 30 years ago, that I last saw Joan Rivers, a comedian whom I have never found funny, only smutty. She was giving a performance before celebrities, and it was a deeply embarrassing affair.

    Recently I was alerted to the fact that she had, rather oddly, been officiating at a “gay” wedding. She was then asked by an interviewer if she could see the day come when the President of America was gay. She replied that Obama was gay and that Michelle was a “trans”. Nothing really shocks me anymore, though I am continually surprised, not by Man’s evil, but his clumsiness and stupidity. I thought that I had better just investigate this rather odd information about Michelle, and looked at a rather peculiar and supposedly iron proof argument that Michelle was a “trans”, but our anchorite sister, who had been an A&E (Emergency Room) consultant surgeon, was not impressed by the documentary directors’ arguments.

    Now if President Obama is or isn’t “gay”, and Michelle is or isn’t a “trans”, in the grand scheme of things is beside the point. That Obama is pushing the “gay” agenda with all his might and main is. For what Obama and his first lady are doing is trying their best to destroy the truth. Both he and she and all those who agree with their agenda are like rebellious late 20th century Western adolescents who are determined to rebel, and do what they want. The problem is that there are consequences to their actions; Divine Consequences, if that is theologically or philosophically possible. Whatever!

    However there is Divine Punishment, and so I thought that I had better look again at what Catholic saints and seers had to say about the present era. Not that I am not conversant with such things. Since 1974, and I am now 61, I have been interested in these prophecies, and I still think that Desmond Birch’s book on prophecy is still one of the best. I only wish it was bigger, and that it did not spend over 200 pages going on about false trends in modern theology. He should really have written two books.

    What did I find in my perusals ?

    Well there were very good Evangelical Christians having dreams about Obama, but did not believe he was the Anti-Christ, which was good to know, but then they started going on about their favourite theme, namely “The Rapture”. It is amazing that whole novels have been written on the subject. The mind simply boggles.

    There was a native American chief, who had had a dream about Obama, which indicated that the President was utterly uninterested in Native Americans, as he is about everything, apart from golf; a passion I am sorry to say that he shares with the British Catholic Clergy. As I have an aunt who was the 1947 All England Open Women’s golf champion, I think I have a tiny bit of knowledge on the subject. I have to say that golf, though addictive to many, appears to me a very dull game indeed.

    Turning to a rather rambling, but pretty comprehensive site on Catholic prophecy, regarding the Grand Monarch my knowledge was expanded. Apparently some have said that Russia will make war on America, which I had not come across before, and that nation, I think it was Russia, would drop a neutralizing something or the other into what appears the North Sea, and most of England would be flooded along with a lot of the European Continent extending as far as Berlin. I have to say I was not convinced. I prefer St. Hildegarde’s Comet splashing into what appears to be the Atlantic. The comet keeps turning up again and again in prophecies, but the unidentified neutralizer does not.

    A prophesy of the destruction of Paris is another dramatic incident, made more probable by the fact that it is destroyed by its own citizens, and years later a father points to green fields and says to his little boy “This was Paris”.

    Then there is a prophecy that I did not know about, namely that New York, like London, would sink into the sea. Given the fact that geysers are giving off their jets of boiling water, as never before, in Yellowstone National Park, that the land is rising slowly, but steadily, above the huge magma lake there, and that Grand Canary will apparently loose part of its land which will fall into the sea send off a huge tidal wave over to America, which will very definitely flood New York, even if it does not sink it. That prophasy may be correct.

    One of the mysterious pieces of information that I had not seen before, is that Atlantis would rise from the sea. That would finally silence an awful lot of people, and especially UFO and Alien enthusiasts.

    To gather together the scenario given by many of the seets, is, of course, the outbreak of revolutions everywhere, the flight of the Pope, his death in captivity or in a foreign land, the persecution of priests, and the deaths of countless Christians finally reaching a climax with the Grand Monarch leading the small Western Army against an Eastern Army, which seems to be Prussian (German) and Russian (With perhaps a Chinese Army) and winning a decisive victory with the aid of Our Lady at the Battle of the Birch Trees in Northern Germany, Westphalia to be precise. This is quickly followed by “The Three Days of Darkness”, the death of three quarters of the World’s Population and the period of peace foretold by Our Lady to the children of Fatima.

    This fairly sensible panorama is somewhat side lined by our dear Evangelical Christian friends who then go on about Israel as if it is the Church, which it is not, and so they are all for rebuilding the Temple of Jerusalem. The last time that was tried by the Emperor Julian the Apostate, fire erupted from the earth, and the whole rebuilding programme had to be called off. However history is of little importance to many of these very well meaning Christian enthusiasts, who love the state of Israel, but do not love the Church as such. Sadly for them Rome is still the Whore of Babylon.

    What does all this tell us. Well it tells us that if we sin we will be punished. If we do not repent we will go to Hell, and that things are so bad, that God for the sake of saving souls must kill a vast amount of people to achieve this. This is Divine surgery at its most drastic, and we in the West deserve it. Our Christianity is utterly compromised by our comfortable lifestyles, and by the use of contraception, and the terrible sin of abortion. We talk of rights, sadly within the Church, but we have forfeited those rights long ago by our flagrant rebellion against God. So many of our bishops and priests are no longer orthodox, and many live immoral lives. The good are few, and the lukewarm are legion.

    So what do we do? We call down mercy on the Obamas, who seem very unhappy, on Netanyahu who seems to have become an insane monster, on David Cameron, who seems to have become a complete Buffoon, and being a former boy of the pre-eminent Public School (for Americans, it means a Private School, which shows how eccentric the English can be.) in Britain, namely Eton, founded by one of the most saintly but incompetent of English kings, Henry VI, he should know better. We pray that they and Angela Merkel ( supposedly a devout Lutheran), and Francois Hollande, a lapsed Catholic and now an atheist, all repent. I am sure that Vladimir Putin has no illusions about himself, and the things he has done in the past, and I hope that his love for the Mother Russia will not cause him to do something very dangerous, and that he will turn for help to Our Lady, under her title of Our Lady of Kazan. Above all I hope that we call down mercy on all our enemies, and we pray for the poor Christians in the Middle East that no-one bothers about, (that is the politicians), and who are suffering so much. We pray that the poor Palestinians be saved from Israel’s unbelievable cruelty.

    Above all I pray that the U.S., Britain and France will repent before it is too late. Their arrogance and pride is breath taking, but soon God will take their breath away, and many of them will rise not to everlasting glory, but to everlasting shame. Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Kazan and Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us.

    And let us pray also for King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, that he will convert before it is too late, as his life ebbs away, and Christ the Judge begins to amass a great army of witnesses.

    St. Ignatius of Loyola, pray for us.

  • Alice, The Queen of Hearts, and St. Martha

    If one scans the internet, which I could do without as it does not help one’s peace, one has indeed entered into the realms, not of Alice in Wonderland, but into the dark world of Horror Land. The madness and badness is palpable. When one walks along the street, whether it be Paris, London, or New York, you can see some wonderful expressions on peoples’ faces, but they are few. Most people seem to have worried looks, vacant looks, unpleasant looks, lost looks, dark looks, and so often very stupid expressions. It is truly distressing. When we lived in the West of Scotland, you did not see this, but in the cities, the Devil walks the streets, with his cohorts of demons, who incite countless men, women, teenagers, and children, to sin, and grave sin at that.

    Like Alice in Wonderland we must wonder at the stupidity of much that we see and hear. The foibles of humanity have few redeeming features today. Leaders led by insane and godless governments, who witter on about human rights while aborting the unborn and killing the elderly, then compound their sentimental statements about fairness, by doing little or nothing to stop the dreadful violence in Africa, the Middle East, and in the Ukraine. No doubt these politicians who mouth the most feeble platitudes about the rights of man, while trying to get the best financial deal, regardless of the suffering that it will inflict on the ordinary person especially the poor, have no idea what is in store for them, or don’t believe in God’s justice or in Hell. However, the privileged are, in the main, not interested in ordinary people or the poor.

    The Queen of Hearts whose constant refrain is “Off with his head”, is no doubt the perfect role model for Boko Haram, Isis, Al Qaeda and the Ukrainian Government. All these groups seem to be vindictive, violent and vengeful, and sadly the Israelis are, at present, topping the bill. The voices of peace in all these countries, where these groups have such power, are drowned in rhetoric, madness, and malevolence.

    If you are to believe some commentators about the present frightening events and the principal actors who are propelling them towards catastrophe, then the facts have the nonsense of the court scene in Alice in Wonderland, especially in the ridiculous statement of the Queen of Hearts.

    It is the denoument of the story. The Knave of Hearts, who has been accused of stealing the tarts is clearly innocent, as the tarts are visible for all to see in front of the Judge’s bench. The King says regarding a poem supposedly about the Knave and his supposed theft of the tarts, that “the words don’t fit you.” This very peculiar poem was supposedly the piece of evidence that would convict the poor man, but the King realized that the Knave was innocent.

    “It’s a pun!” the King added in an angry tone, and everybody laughed. “Let the jury consider their verdict.” The King said, for about the twentieth time that day.

    “No, no!” said the Queen. “Sentence first --- verdict afterwards.” She obviously is a prototype for Barak Obama, Binaymin Netanyahu, the Caliph, the head of Boko Haram, the Right Sector in Ukraine, and no doubt most of the leaders of Western Europe. There is little justice, a vast amount of lying to the people, idolatry of ideology, especially anything that is anti-Christian, and a stupendous amount of idiocy. Sin is sending our leaders mad. Blinded with pride, they think that they can change the world, change marriage, change sex, change anything into goodness knows what. Wisdom, not usually comfortable in the corridors of power, has fled the halls of the great with her companions, prudence, balance, and good humour. Soon everything will collapse like a house of cards. I suppose that Alex Jones is right when he says that the above groups and governments are controlled by the Globalists, who are intent on regime change in Russia, (They have obviously not read any history), and the control of the World for what purpose one does not know. I can’t think that they are all Satanists as some would have us believe, nor do I believe that Obama is the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ will be extraordinarily intelligent, charismatic, and dazzling, not descriptions that I would use when describing Obama, who simply has a very good speaking voice, and a certain presence, and that is all.

    Moving from the halls of power, where decadence and dullness dance some endless waltz of sentiment and hate, to the pure and brilliant light of the Gospel we see on today’s feast of St. Martha what really matters.

    When Martha head that Jesus was coming, she went and met him, while Mary sat in the house. Martha said to Jesus, “Lord, if you had been hear, my brother would not have died. And even now I know that whatever you ask God, God will give you.” Jesus said to her “your brother will rise again.” Martha said to him, “I know that he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day.” Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life, he who believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and whoever lives and believes in me, shall never die. Do you believe this?” She said to him, “Yes, Lord: I believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God, he who is coming into the world.” (John 11: 20-27)

    Here we see what really matters, a woman’s triumphant, magnificent, and loyal Faith. Nowhere else in the Gospel is there anything quite so stirring, not the Syro Phonecian woman, not Peter, not the Centurion, not even Thomas. Here is a belief to confound politicians, and tyrants, murderers, and merchants, businessmen and bankers, soldiers and scholars. Here is something truly glorious that makes of all the monstrous madmen of the world nothing more than the pack of cards that the charade of earthly justice invariably is. St. Rita is the patron saint of the Impossible, St. Jude, the patron of hopeless cases, but St. Martha though patron of cooks, is something more. She is a great friend of Jesus, and thus a great friend of God. If St. Gregory the Great is right, and Mary her sister was Mary Magdalene, then Martha is indeed one of the greatest saints. In all the murky, malice filled world of today, St. Martha pray for us, and may the many millions of Lazarus’s arise and proclaim the stupendous glory of the risen Christ, who will bring his enemies either to repentance or to Justice, the choice is theirs, and time is running out.

  • The First Casualty of War is the Truth

    This much quoted saying probably comes down from Aeschylus the playwright (525 BC - 456 BC), and is more recently attributed to Americans in the early 20th century, is being proved true yet again in all three of the fields of war which are currently excercising us on this site.

    The Israeli/ Palastinian conflict is surprisingly less thick of lies (now) than the others, due mainly to the arrogant pride with which the Israeli leadership proclaims loudly its violent and deadly acts against the civilians and militants in Gaza. It doesn't even bother to call all the civilian victims 'co-lateral damage', but blames them for their own deaths because they live in Gaza! The military action certainly started with lies over the sad deaths of those three Israeli youths, when, as noted in a previous article, an Israeli military chief talked of exactly that scenario - of three young Israelis being kidnapped and found dead - to the Israeli parliament, a whole week before it actually happened. And then, an ISIS affiliated jihadist group without any connection with Hamas claimed responsibility, yet Hamas and the Gaza strip is being punished.

    The lies surrounding the destruction of the Malaysian airliner in Ukraine have been breath-taking. It is now coming out that it was probably a tragic accidently shooting by the Ukrainian forces themselves. It seems that during the military excercises which we knew were taking place in the Ukraine at that time, the crew of the BUK missile system were supposed to be tracking the Ukrainian military jets with the BUK radar. These jets were flying along the same course as the Malaysian plane, but at a lower altitude. Unfortunately, a Ukrainian soldier fired a missile accidently (maybe he thought it was a training blank?), the radar of the BUK system locked the missile onto the largest of the targets in its radar field - and the plane was shot down.

    This information comes from a high-up Ukrainian military source, and it certainly does have the ring of truth because it was always hard to see why the plane was shot down, who would have wanted that. It also ties in with the report of the Spanish flight controller who was working in Kiev, and whose twitter account has been summarily closed, the Indian pilot's report of having heard Kiev asking the Malaysian plane to alter its course to fly over Donetsk (presumably to allow the jets to practice flying in its shaddow), , the reports that the USA had satelite images showing soldiers in Ukrainian uniforms at the BUK missile launcher shooting down the plane, and the Ukrainian early statements that they were not saying that it hadn't been shot down, but that they were in no position to say who had done it.

    But if it were truly a terrible accident, why risk starting a potentially nuclear war over it by blaming Russia!

    Still on the Ukrainian / Russian subject there are two reports over probably the same thing, but neither really makes sense without the other. Western media are reporting that the Russians have shot over the border towards the Ukrainian military, although I haven't heard yet that there are any casualties. Russian media is however reporting that over 40 mortar bombs were fired from the Ukrainian side into Russia, injuring one woman and destroying 6 houses. If these two reports are viewed together I think the best description is of serious border skirmishes, but hopefully nothing more sinister.

    Another conflict, more lies! This time to do with the war in Iraq and Syria. Yesterday a report come the UN that the 'Islamic State' had issued a fatwa instructing all women and girls around and in Mosul aged 11 to 46 to undergo 'circumcision'. The reports estimated that this would affect 4 million people. I wondered at the time how long it would take for all 4 million to be operated on, that it is unlikely that there is the infrastructure to support so many surgical proceedures especially during a time of war when the combatants need the hospitals. But then (after Br. Stephen posted yesterday's blog) I heard that I.S. had denied that the statement had come from them. Today it seems that it is unlikely that it did come from I.S. as there are several problems with the declaration. Firstly, it comes from a town in Syria which is not controlled by I.S. Also it refers to itself as ISIS although it is dated a long time after they changed their name to 'Islamic State'. So on balance I think that it is probably a lie.

    However, today's call for all women to wear full face veils in public seems certainly to come from them. For one thing, they instructed it to be shouted from the rooftops (or rather to be called from loudspeakers). They explain their reasons thus:

    “The conditions imposed on her clothes and grooming was only to end the pretext of debauchery resulting from grooming and overdressing. This is not a restriction on her freedom but to prevent her from falling into humiliation and vulgarity or to be a theater for the eyes of those who are looking.”

    “Anyone who is not committed to this duty and is motivated by glamour will be subject to accountability and severe punishment to protect society from harm and to maintain the necessities of religion and protect it from debauchery.”

    They also say that clothes should be loose and not hug the figure, and that perfume should not be worn.

    Unlike what you hear about in some Islamic countries where it is always the women punished and the men go free, at least it seems more even-handed under the despotic I.S., recently a man was whipped in public for sexually harrising a woman.

    So although I am very against the Islamic State, it extreme violence, its terror tactics, its treatment of Christians, I will still try to distinguish between what it does actually do and say, and what others falsely attribute to it.

    Of course, it is not always the 'other side' that use lies deliberately. We, the British, were lied to by our political leaders and our media, most notably over the 'weapons of mass destruction' in the lead up to the Iraq war, but also many other times, including by the present regime.

    Winston Churchill even tried to justify it: "In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies".

    But Winston Churchill was wrong! Truth should never be hidden. It is the light that should not be hidden under a bushel, but that should be put on a lampstand so that it can shine out to the world.

    People need certainty, the certainty that only truth can bring. For who can know what to believe when there are so many lies. And unless we know the truth we cannot uphold the truth. And the truth ultimately lies only in God.

  • The Love of money is the root of all evil


    The frightening build up of violence will soon become a deafening crescendo and reach a climax that will leave the World staggering under the weight of its own evil. Who is orchestrating this violence on a secondary level is almost beside the point, for we know that it is the Devil who creates this violence, but he can only do it with our co-operation.

    The Islamic World may appear violent at present, and is a religion ultimately spread by the sword, but in many ways it is true to itself, which sadly the Christian West is not. Britain, France, and America, from just before the First World War, decided that the Middle East was a most important source of oil, and a bridge between Europe and Asia, that must be protected. This was especially true of the British who wanted, as usual (depressingly so) to preserve and enhance her commercial interests and protect the Jewel in the Empire’s crown, namely India. Unfortunately Britain, ever “Perfidious Albion” was trying to please everyone, and herself especially and laid the foundations for the dreadful scenario that has been the never ending Israeli Palestinian problem which becomes more and more tragic day by day. Greed has resulted in violence and cruelty. Sadly the present British Prime Minister seems to exemplify in his person “Perfidious Albion” perfectly. He is trying to please everyone and most of all the Americans, which is folly. However it would be wrong to single out just David Cameron, who is personally morally better than many a British Prime Minister.

    We have only to look at Poland, that most Catholic country, whose motto is “Semper Fielis” (Always faithful) and be amazed, shocked and saddened. Poland has been found guilty by the Human Rights tribunal in Strasbourg of setting up CIA secret torture camps. As Peter Reith of LewRockwell. Com notes, in all Poland’s history it has been the occupying countries that have set up camps in Poland, the most famous being Auschwitz! He wonders whether Poland is an occupied country. How can Poland be so submissive to America, not a Christian country, but a Deist Free Mason country. Whatever Poland may think of Russia, she is Orthodox, and shares the same sacraments. In all the chaos at present the behaviour of Poland is strangely the saddest. Having produced such a luminous and great figure as St John Paul II, she has prostituted her soul to the U.S. General Breedlove (surely a misnomer if ever there was one) wants to build up the Nato Force in Poland; this is yet another black mark for Poland. She will soon become like Britain, another American poodle.

    Then if we turn to Gaza we see a terrible bombing of a UN run school in that terrified enclave. To the cruelty of the Israelis is added that maniacal cruelty of ISIS, who want to start circumcising women in the areas that they conquer. And yet ISIS’ twitter account has not been stopped, but the Spanish air controller at Kiev has had his twitter account stopped for trying to tell the truth about the doomed MH17 airliner.

    Christ warned us that a time would come when love in men’s hearts would grow cold and Faith would decrease. Such a time would appear to be upon us. It is ever thus. Gregory the Great seeing Italy overrun by barbarians wondered if it was the End of the World. For some it will be. They will die and, God willing, will be saved, for others it will be eternal damnation. If we show no mercy, which the Israeli government appears to be doing, and ISIS and the Ukrainian authorities also are doing, then we will be shown no mercy by Christ the Just Judge. A Christian nation, like Ukraine, the cradle of Russian Christianity, has a mad government that happily kills, tortures and abducts foreign journalists, and which most probably blew up the Malaysian airliner MH17. It too is under the judgement of Christ.

    We can with St. Faustina call upon God in these terrible times and say the Divine Mercy chaplet.

    Eternal Father I offer You the body and blood, soul and Divinity of your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins, and the sins of the whole world.

    For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

    Our Lady of Mount Carmel pray for us

    Our Lady of Fatima pray for us

    Our Lady of Kazan pray for us

    St James the Great pray for us

  • Israel bombs the United Nations - 4 times!

    I am sure that you have heard that a United Nation's School, which was being used as a shelter for those already baombed out of their own homes, has been targeted - after being telephoned by Israel to tell them the missile was coming. The UN representative told Israel that due to local fighting they could not leave within the time frame given, and tried to negotiate some way out of the impass. To no avail, the missile came and 15 people people were killed, including children, women, and United Nations Officials, and about 200 people were injured.

    This is the 4th time that the United Nation's facilities have been targeted in the last four days! And that is despite (or because?) the UN have given the exact position of these schools etc. where they are giving succour to the 100,000 Palastinian civilians who have turned to them for shelter.

    It feels as if Israel is deliberately targeting the weakest and the displaced, I hope I am wrong. But even United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that war crimes may be being committed.

    On the Israeli published map below (taken from the BBC site) the 3km strip is marked that Israel says that everyone in Gaza has to leave in order for there to be a 'buffer zone'. As you can see from the map, that would mean that the already overcrowded 'open prison' of the Gaza strip would be in all practical terms squashed into an area of about half its present size. If Israel is so keen to have a buffer zone, why doesn't it organise it on its own soil?

    Oh Israel, turn back from becoming a pariah State. As you know peoples and governments all over the world are criticising your actions, (except America!). Remember that the Almighty God is a Merciful God, and you need to show mercy too. But I feel that my call like that of so much of the world is falling on deaf ears, and that you will carry on until you have what you want, whatever that may be, for God Himself called you a stubborn people!

  • Are You prepared to be a Martyr for Christ?

    What would you do if you were living in an area taken over by the Islamic State?

    I think that I would probably flee like those who have just left Mosul including the monks from the Monastery which was raided on Sunday.

    In fleeing we have a good example to follow. Christ twice avoided being killed, once as an infant when the Holy Family fled to Egypt, and then when they wanted to stone him for declaring that he was the Son of God he walked into the crowd and his enemies lost him.

    But when 'push comes to shove' and there is no excape, then we need to call on God to give us strength to be a witness even to death. And he will give us courage to go, uncomplaining, to meet Him in heaven.

    In Mosul the Christians were given a third choice, that of paying Jizya - the Infidal tax, however, they didn't say how much that would be. The infidal tax isn't new, it just hasn't been used since the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

    It is very sad that there are no Christians in Mosul after a 1600 year presence, however Christ told the disciples to leave towns where they were not welcome: "If any one will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house or town. Truly, I say to you, it shall be more tolerable on the day of judgment for the land of Sodom and Gomorah than for that town." (Mt. 10:14-15)

    The loss of religious items from the Monastery and the City is also a great sadness, but our Faith does not depend on material possessions however holy. It it did they would be idols and not items leading to a worship of God. The torching of the ancient church is a tragic achitectural loss, but at least it cannot be now changed into a Mosque as happened to the Hagia Sophia in Instabul.

    But let us pray that we would have the strength to either leave our homes and flee, or give our lives if necessary. And that we wouldn't follow the example of the reported 15 families which have converted to Islam in order to stay in Mosul. (Apparently one of the daughters of these families refused to convert, she excaped and is safe).

    I finish by attaching the decree by the Islamic State to the Christians in Mosul.

    "Islamic State

    Office of the judiciary


    Praise be to God and glory to Islam in its victory, humiliation to the polytheist in their subjugation, and renderer of his righteousness, and peace and blessings on whoever God lifted the illumination of Islam with his sword, and hereafter:

    And when a community among them said: “Why do you preach to a people whom Allah is about to destroy or to punish with a severe torment?” (The preachers) said: “In order to be free from guilt before your Lord (Allah), and perhaps they may fear Allah.” al-Araf (163) [sic].

    After the heads of Christians and their followers were notified of the date to be present to demonstrate their presence in the Khalifate state in the Wilaya (State) of Nineveh they turned away and failed to come at the appointed time and of which were notified in advance, and it was decided to offer them one of the three:

    Islam (to become Muslim).

    Pay Jizya (which is taking tribute for being Christians).

    If they refuse, there is nothing for them but the sword.

    The Prince of the Faithful Caliph Ibrahim — God Glorify him — will allow them to evacuate themselves only from the borders of the state Alkhalafah by Saturday, Ramadan 21, 1435 [July 19, 2014] noon hour, and after this date, the only thing between us and them is the sword.

    Glory to God, his Prophet and the believers that the hypocrites do not know."

    But I say:

    Glory to the Lord God Almighty, Three Persons in One God. Praise the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

  • Oh that Miss Marple were here!

    The situation regarding the downing of the Malaysian Airline Flight MH17 is reaching almost farcical proportions, if it was not so utterly tragic, and dark. There are many people and groups lying here. We must ask simple questions? Is it right to lie? No. However there are some ethical and moral situations where it is allowed, namely in the following two scenarios. The SS descend on a convent of nuns to ask if they have any mentally handicapped children in their care. The nuns say no, but they do and the SS leave believing the lie, for the children are hidden. ISIS soldiers demand to know if there are young virgins in a particular household, and the householders say there are not. Once again they are lying, but they are saving the virgins. Of course in the West now where morals are so degrade a raised eyebrow might be raised at such a lie.

    However the lies that politicians tell are different things altogether, and have greater repercussions. For the moment it would be helpful if people, especially politicians, simply decided to ask questions rather than hurl abuse mainly at the Russians, and the Ukrainian separatists. Simple questions need to be asked. It is a relief that that a fine journalist in the BBC is being reflective, and it is good to know that there are still people of integrity in that thoroughly debased institution, which appears to hate traditional Christianity and its views on sexual morality (Goodness knows what Lord Reith is doing in his grave at this very moment). He noticed that the rebels as he called them, namely the Ukrainian Separatists at the scene of the crash were obviously very surprised that a civil airliner was flying over a conflict zone. Fergal Keane could have also asked why Kiev was not surprised. Also why is no-one surprised that the Kiev authorities have not shown surprise over this fact?

    Marcus Papadopoulos, the editor of the UK political magazine 'Politics First' noted that we have to treat things as if in a court of law, otherwise people will say anything that suits their purposes, and the Western governments and Western journalist find themselve comfortable bedfellows with Joseph Goebbels, which the West would hardly want, but this indeed does appear to be the case. He says the following which we should ponder:

    "We have to allow the air crash investigators to investigate what happened. On Monday, there was a positive development when the black boxes were handed over to Malaysian authorities. But I would stress that the world needs to be very cautious when it comes to what the American government and journalists claim, because there is a litany of errors which they reported over the last 20 years. Let's not forget, American media ran stories about how Iraqi soldiers were throwing babies out of hospital windows - absolutely false; they spoke of how half a million Kosovo Albanians were murdered by the Serbs – absolutely false; they spoke about how Iraq had weapons of mass destruction - absolutely false. They are doing the same sort of thing now with Ukraine. They have a very checkered history in the American government and American media sector, and we need to be extremely cautious with the way they are covering a terrible tragedy, a terrible loss of life.

    If they [US State Department] do have this evidence - concrete evidence, plausible evidence - let’s see, let’s examine it like a court of law would.

    Then we would do well to ask why did Malaysian airlines re-route Airbus A380, Flight MH4 over Syria’s conflict zone? Was it perhaps that Malaysia, a predominantly Islamic country felt safe flying over lands conquered by ISIS and its burgeoning brutal Islamic state? It is amazing that all that such an event does is produce bland statements about such a thing being basically not a good idea. That various institutions being governments, the media, or airline and air traffic authorities have not shown either real surprise or real curiosity, is both suspicious and alarming. Is no-one surprised because cynicism has set in or are people, groups and governments frightened of being discovered as real liars."

    One would like Agatha Christies fictional Miss Marple to come to the rescue, as at the moment she appears more real than the fictional rubbish being churned out by the international press, and there is no better exponent of such rubbish as that which is being produced by the British Press, who appear to be, for the most part strangers to the truth.

    Hilaire Belloc’s wonderful poem about Matilda who told such dreadful lies is a cautionary tale for the many governments and journalists in the West.

    The poem begins:

    Matilda told such dreadful lies,

    It made one gasp and stretch one’s eyes.

    One of her lies resulted in her calling the fire brigade and saying her aunt’s house was on fire, which it was not. As a punishment Matilda’s aunt went off to the theatre and left Matilda at home, and then a fire did indeed break out. However no-one was interested in her cries for help.

    The People passing in the Street....

    (The rapidly increasing heat

    Encouraging her to obtain

    Their confidence) ---- but all in vain!

    For every time she shouted ‘Fire !’

    They only answered ‘Little Liar’

    And therefore when her Aunt returned,

    Matilda and the House, were burned.

    Indeed a cautionary tale for all, for the West, for the East, and for the Middle East.

  • What is the War in the Middle East and Ukraine all about?

    As far as one can understand America’s foreign policy, it is this. It is all about keeping that Satanic beast the Industrial military complex going, keeping money going into certain banks, and creating global population control, either by war, contraception, famine, abortion and climate control. It is all about Satan’s gibe, “I will not serve”. The one theory about the present situation in the Middle East, espoused by Ismael Hossein-Zadeh, seems to make sense.

    The United States must conduct a whole lot of wars throughout the World, which would not destroy their economy, but boost the U.S. economy, by creating favourable subservient economies that do not help the war torn countries, which they are pretending to help, but massively boosts the American economy. Israel appears to be a cockpit in all this. It seems that it is the watch dog for America with regard to the Arab World. The deals that all the countries in that area, seem to do with each other, mirrors the curious alliances in the Crusader Kingdom of Outremer (Basically the Holy Land). The various Christian groups were changing alliances quite a lot of time with the different Moslem groups. It is power that intoxicates. It is global power that is the most powerful drug of all.

    What all these politicians, bankers, warmongers, and economists are blissfully unaware of is that Christ is the Lord of History, and not Satan. If the present day Illuminati are more than their founder, Adam Weishaupt, meant them to be, then it would appear that by their lives they do wish to serve Satan. Whether they worship Satan is another matter. After all you do not have to worship Satan to go to Hell, all you need to do is commit a mortal sin. But in this strange world of bluff, double bluff, and possibly treble bluff, if there is such a thing, then anything could happen. The one thing that is consistent and places everything in the realm of the Devil is lying. There are so many lies being told by governments, all in the name of state security, which means security for the status quo, financial, military, and ideological.

    Christianity in the West at present has not been in so parlous a condition for a very long time indeed. The towering edifice of the Catholic Church looks as if it is about to collapse, and most American Protestant sects seem to be based on the prosperity gospel. What is clear is that mainstream Christianity is drenched with Enlightenment principles, and the Catholic Church is almost drowning in Modernism. Just when her traditional voice needs to be heard, the classic apologia for Catholicism has been banished to the wings.

    There are then three great powers at work, Zionism, Islam, and the epitome of the Enlightenment, the United States of America. The first, and hopefully the last Masonic Country in the World. It was built on Masonic principles, but the poor hoodwinked American people are told that the foundations of their great nation are Christian. As far as one can see Islam, Zionism, and America are using and abusing each other for very different reasons, but all are intent on World Domination. What is needed is a great new missionary impulse from the Catholic Church redolent of the Franciscans and the Dominicans, and there is nothing.

    The only glimmer of hope in all this is Russia, inscrutable as ever, but founded on the Orthodox Church, which at present looks far more rock-like than the majestic ark of the Catholic Church, which is showing signs of taking in vast amounts of water, the water not of baptism, but the beguiling waters of the French Revolution, fraternity and equality, terms that invariably mean the opposite.

  • Selective Media

    Did you see the view of Whitehall shown in the picture below on the BBC news this weekend. Because I cannot find any mention of the huge (up to 100,000 people) demonstration against the massacre of the Gaza Palastinians in the BBC outlet on the internet. This demonstration took place in London last Saturday, the 19th July 2014. Maybe it was shown on television, we do not have a TV so I cannot say, but I doubt it, seeing as even a search on the BBC web-site for demonstrations in London brings up nothing since the Teacher's one on the 10th July.

    And it isn't just the people of England who are demonstrating against the overwhelmingly one-sided violence in the Holy Land. In France and Turkey there have been large and violent protests (the violence in Paris is on the BBC web site), but there have been peaceful large protests in New Zealand, Belgium, Malaga, Madrid, San Francisco, Washington DC, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Istanbul, Jakarta, Srinagar (Indian Kashmir), Ahmadabad, Seoul, Athens, Berlin, Tunis and even Beijing.

    Also the presidents of Venezuela and Bolivia have decried the IDF’s incursion into Gaza as genocide and called for the UN to condemn Israel. President Nicolas Maduro likened the latest operation, which has claimed over 350 Palastinian lives so far, to an “extermination.”

    So this is a call for the White House's spokesmen, i.e. the BBC and David Cameron, to reflect the views of the British people, the International opinion, and the opinion of that brave Orthodox British Jew pictured below holding a Palestinian flag, and recognise that a nuclear power (Israel) has invaded Gaza and is killing, injuring, and disposing, thousands of civilians.


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