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The New SS







I found myself in Waterstone’s Bookshop in Oxford on the feast of St. Fidelis of Singmaringen, the patron of Propaganda Fidei, and what I found as I was walking up the staircase of this rather handsome bookshop were advertisements for a book that was about something to do with tracking down the new heretics, who were simply those of us, for the main part, Christians, who were not worshippers before the throne of Science.  Another book was called, I think The Citadel of Sex, which was written by an Arab woman, which linked the emancipation of women, especially with regards to sex, with the Arab Spring. Finally I think there was more information about the new faith of science for a talk about how science, or what purports to be science, debunks religion. Here was  propaganda indeed!  The good Arab intellectual lady obviously had not, like myself, been recently talking to a Coptic Christian couple who asked prayers for their suffering country, nor had she been reading the Catholic Herald several weeks back which quoted the new Coptic Pope Tawadros II, who criticized President Morsi’s negligence in protecting the Coptic Christians from attacks by Muslim zealots, and then he continued his criticism by saying that “the Egyptian Church has never been subject to such attacks even in the worst ages.” Those who welcome the Arab Spring do not realize that they are welcoming American economic expansionism; for it is an economic empire and with it comes strings attached. Everyone must do things the American way, which ironically these days, is doing everything the godless way.  Do the Muslim countries not realize this? Are their many leaders beholden to the Ayatollah Khomeni’s  “Great Satan”? What a very apt soubriquet, not for the American people, but for what, one might call the American establishment. Whatever the faults and the fanaticism of that most severe of Ayatollahs, he did believe in God, and a God of terrifying justice too.  Certainly the American political elite who are liberals on morality will be ably helped by petty demons in the Houses of Parliament, but if they continue their vendetta against Christians, who no doubt they will happily persecute and martyr they may find themselves faced with Christ’s unimaginable majesty and they will find themselves at one with the wicked in the Apocalypse who cry out in pain having been stung by locusts whose sting was like that of a scorpion:




“they were allowed to torture them for five months, but not to kill them, and their torture was like the torture of a scorpion, when it stings a man.  And in those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, and death will fly from them.” (Apocalypse ch. 9, vv. 4-6)




I wondered at these writers and their devotees, and what the talks would be like that these authors were going to give. Of one thing you can be sure, that they will not be interesting when it comes to anything that is truly spiritual. The metaphysical, the mystical, the truly spiritual will make no appearances at these talks, except possibly to be ridiculed.  Both science and sex are observable things.  The world of the spirit cannot be discerned scientifically as it is beyond science and above it. It is hidden from science, for science covers only what is physically discernible, however minute it is. Both science and sex are things that work, much in the same way as a car, a plane, or a piano works, but they are all expressions of energy, and most probably, though I am not a scientist, explained by Light. Neither sexual reproduction, nor the workings of science created themselves. Even the Deists, the unwitting fathers of modern science, and the Masons see God as the Great Architect.  However, as Scott Hahn says, with the Seventh Day of Creation, God becomes Father of his Creation. The modern votaries of Science and Sexual obsession, seem a remarkably cold, and Academic lot, and the last thing they want as Creator of the Universe is a Father, which is understandable as in recent decades fathers through their own fault, or through the fault of the utter irresponsibility of the Sixties generation, have made a dreadful mess of fatherhood.  The votaries of science and sexual licence are great observers, and great articulators about what they think of Life, but they seem to have all the patronising manners of many of the intellectual middle classes in that they throw their drawing room lives of good taste, reading the right books, going to the right plays, concerts, and films,  onto the great canvas of the world and Universe that they hardly understand.  Such people as the entrancing and utterly wrongheaded David Attenborough look at creation and draw all the wrong conclusions, whereas an Aborigine or a Hottentot will have a much clearer view of Creation. And one is not helped when the excellent Fr. Robert Barron in his marvellous series “Catholicism” goes and ruins it all, when he is discussing evil but fails to mention the Devil, and then goes on to airily advert to Evolution as if it is true, but nowhere in the Catechism is it to be found mention of.  For underlying all modern notions such as the infallibility of pseudo-science and the perfectability of Man lies Evolution. Nothing could do more good for the Church and the World than if the Pope were to announce ex-Cathedra that Evolution is heretical; until that is done, the Catholic Church will find herself compromised continually. The Orthodox East and the Oriental churches have made no such mistake, for their wisdom has not been tainted by the West’s obsession for novelty, which St. Paul had to contend with, in the earliest days of Christianity, when he tried to preach to the Athenians in the Areopagus. For our ardent sex and science enthusiasts, for whom science and the sexual revolution and notions of the population explosion and population control are sacrosanct, a religion that promotes monogamy, self control and sacrifice is utterly abhorrent. It is in fact an enemy only to be destroyed.




So the new stormtrooper, the New S.S. ( Schutz-Staffel i.e. the Nazi special police force, and Hitler’s version of the Praetorian Guard) of the sexual revolution and the abortion industry are worthy successors to their German forebears, who were the apotheosis of Nazi ideology.  The Nazis wanted perfect Aryan men and women, and the sexual revolutionaries want something similar, as long as it does not smack of white supremacist ideals, and so abortion, genetic engineering, and the culling of human beings is to be the way to achieve this; whether we will have Christians selected for death in Concentration Camps or Death camps remains to be seen. However ardent Feminists and evangelical homosexuals do not seem to realize that they have much in common with the Nazis, especially when it comes to Eugenics, though I suspect that they do realize that they have much in common with Marxist and Leninist ideology which is hopelessly mechanistic, utilitarian when it comes to the industrial work force, and grimly Utopian, seeing the masses as cogs in the wheels of the total industrialization of society. The apogee of this of course was Stalinist Russia, but the Western Capitalists are not far behind.  Both groups, epitomized by American Big Business and Stalin’s five year plans, show an utter contempt for the people, however much they would deny this.




My thinking on the sexual revolution has been sharpened recently by reading William D. Watkins’ excellent but depressing book The New Absolutes, which shows that nothing could be less tolerant or more totalitarian than Liberal thinking on the family, on sexual morality, and on authority. In the chapter ‘I am a woman, Hear me Roar’ Watkins quotes one of the most important American feminist authors Gloria Steinem who, like the other great American feminist Betty Friedan, is Jewish, and so comes from that great tradition of Ancient Israel that underpins Judaism, its somewhat different successor. Like their renegade Catholic feminist comrades these advocates of sexual revolution display a  strange exaltation of what feminine is meant to be, and it appears to rest on negative statements. Here is one that is very odd “decently married bedrooms across America are settings for nightly rape.”  Well if that’s the case then the law courts should be full to overflowing with cases of husbands raping wives. Steinem also told women at The League for Women voters that part-time prostitution should be one of the duties of a married woman!  However it gets worse, and Betty Friedan enters the realms of lunacy when she compares the housewife to a victim of the Holocaust. Hopefully victims of the Holocaust will stand up and denounce such ludicrous rubbish. Here is one of the most curious quotes I have ever come across;  “The women ‘who adjust’ as housewives, who grow up wanting to be ‘just a housewife’, are in as much danger as the millions who walked to their own death in the concentration camps --- and the millions more who refused to believe that the concentration camps existed.” This is absolute nonsense. However difficult marriage is, it is something freely entered into, and for the Christian is a sacrament, whether he or she knows it or not.  Catholics and Orthodox know it is, and that it is a channel of grace.  It brings love to the couple, not without great sacrifice, and children, but then the Feminists can’t for the most part imagine how one could want a child, unless it is convenient, and children though a joy and a pain are never convenient. But what all these people, especially the radical feminists never realize, is that they never participate, they simply observe, and as I have said earlier, they articulate, and analyse.  They are always critics of a performance, but never a true audience who wants to get up and dance with the dancers or sing with the singers.  The advocates of science as the new religion and sex as a form of worship, which is actually self worship, have missed the point.  Life is one wonderful cosmic dance in which husbands, wives, children, babies, grandparents, priests, religious, prophets, and visionaries join in a hymn of praise to the Creator. Tragically, Steinem must believe the following statement that she makes:“Individual women have the right to decide the use of our own bodies.” Doesn’t she mean their own bodies?” Surely a body is more wonderful than mere usefulness, but then if Steinem and so many others refuse to believe that the fertilized ovum is a person totally, then there is nothing more that can be said. These worshippers of sex and science simply fail to observe scientifically what happens at conception. These devotees at the Shrine of Sex and Science cannot see the obvious before their eyes but imagine the fantasy of a universe slowly over millions of years developing from a cosmic soup.  At least the Nazis and the SS were driven by a desire to worship heroes such as Wotan and Siegfried, but they too fled a neo-pagan religion however barbaric it was, and indulged in the pseudo-science of racial superiority, which is not so much different from Feminist chauvinism, and homosexual parochialism.  All are limiting, self centred, narcissistic, goaded by self pity, and utterly devoid of true joy.  




The people who read the books or attend the lectures advertised in Waterstones in Oxford may have interesting views and good taste, and analytic brains, but many will sadly be unable to join in the great and joyous dance of creation, which brings forth life and not death, love and not simply desire, and a peace that these poor muddle headed half baked intellectuals know nothing of, and whose creed is summed up tragically, by the charming, beautiful and exquisitely dressed Simone Weill, former Health minister in the Mitterand Government back in the 80’s.  This former survivor of Auschwitz had sadly been all too well educated by her Nazi captors for here is what she said, unaware of the tragedy and the supreme irony of the following dreadful statement that she made at a Paris news conference many years ago:




“We are out to destroy the family.  The best way to do that is to begin by attacking its weakest member, the unborn child.”




That we have reached this point is no doubt due, in large part, to the incredible number of lukewarm Western Christians, many of them Catholics, who have lived their faith so superficially over the last 50 or so years. They have become  a scandal by accepting co-habitation, remarriage of divorcees, contraception, turning a blind eye to abortion, with some even endorsing it, and by hypocrisy and lack of charity, and blatant disobedience to the teachings of the Church. They have been aided and abetted in this by supine or rebellious priests and religious. No wonder we are the taunt of such women as Gloria Friedman, Betty Steinem, and Simone Weill. If we had lived like true Christians, and been people of the Beatitudes, we should not have found ourselves in such  terrible straights; we have only ourselves to blame. At least Friedman, Steinem, and Weill have the courage of their convictions, mad though these convictions be, and passion, but so many of us are ready to be vomited forth by Christ because of our lukewarm hearts.




Pope Francis has recently reminded us, echoing St. John of The Cross, that finally we will be judged on love. Hopefully we will not find ourselves among the damned, who in Matthew chapter 25 pathetically ask Christ the Judge how they had not seen him to minister to him:




“‘Lord, when did we see thee hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and did not minister to the?’  Then he will answer, ‘Truly I say to you, as you did it not to one of the least of these, you did it not to me.’  And they will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”




May God have mercy on all our souls.





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