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War Against the Father

and Rage against the Trinity








One of the most extraordinary things about the whole LGBT revolution is that it is the work of a very small minority with an extraordinarily myopic vision, which is based around sexual desire and gratification. The Lifestyle of these people is simply drenched with sex, which makes the idea of homosexual marriage somewhat futile, as marriage is about family and children rather than the continual gratification of sexual desire.


At least with Nazism and Communism, although they are demonic ideologies, there was a real desire to help the people; with Hitler that meant the German people, the Volk.  Communism wanted to help the workers throughout the world create a classless Utopia.

Both Nazism and Communism conceived things on a grand scale. One only has to look at Albert Speer’s model for Germania - Hitler’s dream capital for the Third Reich, and Stalinist architecture in the old Soviet Union, to realize that both men thought in gargantuan terms, and slaves from the Concentration camps and the Gulags, in their

millions, were to make such dreams come true.  However, these modern tyrannies are not as revolutionary as the LGBT, for these sexual utopians want to change Man, and change the way we think about him. Oddly enough, the group that opened this Pandora’s Box and let out a nightmare world, where loss of identity seems to be the unintended goal, was Feminism.  What the feminists were saying about their rights over their bodies would soon blossom into wholesale world-wide abortion. Then the emerging homosexual elite came up with the idea that homosexuals could marry one another. This then was but a small step towards the propaganda of the Transsexuals. The feminists, the homosexuals, and the Transgenders were going to recreate morality, and more terrifyingly they were to radically alter perceptions of what it means to be human.  No one could have conceived the utter silliness of the prevailing Transgender ideology, which says that on one day one can be a man, and the next day be a woman. All of this is also utterly illogical, and it is also about rebellion against God the Father.  


The Transgender ideology, even more so than the Feminist and homosexual ideologies, strikes at God the Father and the Holy Trinity through the change of language.  Alarm bells should be ringing in the Vatican, but perhaps they have switched them all off; as the Pope prefers to answer all criticisms with silence. So, no doubt silence will prevail in this most critical time of the World’s history when the Pope should be turning out encyclicals on the evils of the age as if there was no tomorrow. In Sweden, and other countries  in the West, they are trying to change male and female pronouns to something neutral, which will be very much more difficult to do with Latin based languages where there is much more of the female and male words than in English, Swedish, or the Germanic languages. Perhaps what they want is to feminize the Holy Spirit, or make the Holy Spirit neutral, and in so doing completely change the procession of the Trinity, making the Spirit the author of everything, as the concepts of Father and the Son are so repellent to the feminists.


None of this could have happened had not the Catholic Church and so many of the mainline Protestant Churches accepted (if at first rather tentatively, now wholeheartedly) the whole propaganda of Evolution, for that is what it is, mere propaganda and not science. This propaganda is aimed at the first three chapters of Genesis, which is the beginning of the whole story of humanity. We see Satan’s pride, his jealousy of our first parents, his temptation of Eve, and the Fall of Man. We see the promise of the Redemption of mankind by a Saviour. We see hope, despite the fact that Adam will always be fighting a now rebellious and hostile natural world, and Eve and her female descendants will always be longing  after the Man. These opening chapters have an authentic ring.  If we reject these chapters as a myth, then we will have to embark on a series of mental and intellectual gymnastics to understand why evil entered the world, and explain why the Redemption is necessary.


I remember in 1998 listening to a very uninteresting talk given by Clifford Longley at the Catholic Chaplaincy at Kent University. However, Clifford Longley did say something that made absolute sense, and it was this; if you were a Christian Evolutionist then in the light of Evolution you would have to rethink the Atonement; and that is absolutely correct if you believe in Evolution. If you accept Evolution then it also means that you have to explain away Adam, and Eve, and the Fall.  You cannot believe both in the veracity of the first three chapters of Genesis and the theory of evolution. The two ideas are mutually exclusive.


At the bottom of all the mad thinking about sex, from the Feminists at one end of the Spectrum, to Transgenders at the other, and their lunatic progeny like the men wanting to be mermen, or identifying as dogs; we have this devastating ideology, namely Evolution. It is not science, but a kind of materialistic Faith that simply ignores the scientific facts. The founder of The Intelligent Design Movement, Phillip E. Johnson, a former Professor of Law at Berkley University very accurately shows that it is a Faith and wholly unscientific.

This is what Johnson has to say about when he first read Richard Dawkins’ The Blind Watchmaker.

“I could see that Dawkins achieved his word magic by the very tools that are familiar to us lawyers….I picked up one book after another, and became increasingly fascinated with the obvious difficulties in the Darwinist case --- difficulties that were being evaded by tricky rhetoric and emphatic repetition.” (quoted in GENESIS, CREATION and EARLY MAN, The Orthodox Christian Vision, by Fr. Seraphim Rose) Johnson also realized that Dawkins was using rhetoric and not using real science, and then said this about biologists who championed evolution.


Biologists who spend their lifetimes studying biology will be legitimate authorities, obviously, on the details of what they’ve learned in that investigation, and an outsider can’t really challenge that, but an outsider definitely can challenge their thinking, particularly when it turns out that they can believe in what they believe in not because of what they know as biologists, but in spite of what they know as biologists.  It’s a philosophical movement based on materialism….So, that’s a thinking issue, and it’s really more within my discipline that it’s with theirs. (ibid. p.56)


It is to the utter discredit of Catholic teaching in the last sixty or so years that no Cardinal, no Pope, and no theologian, not even Benedict XVI, have condemned the theory of evolution outright.  


Surely a very simple person would note that Christ, like Adam, was the perfect man, but unlike Adam he was also God the Son.  Christ is the most perfect man, because he was also God.  Everyone must conform themselves to Christ, both men and women.  They are not called to evolve to become more perfect, because their perfection is in Christ alone.  This was the fruit of his Redemption of the human race by his Sacrifice on the Cross. If we accept that Adam and Eve were descendants of hominids, (I learnt about hominids and pongids when I was studying Archaeology and Anthropology in my first year at Sheffield University back in 1972, and I dare say the same academic nonsense is still being taught,) then surely it is a very peculiar thing for God to create humans out of a  primate, who may be an ape, but may well be somewhere in between; and that both Adam and Eve are not related to each other, but are both the product of random mutations which happened to occur in the same time period in the same area of the world!  The problem is that mutations are not good things, they are all part of the universal law or Entropy, also known as the second law of thermodynamics, which means that everything is deteriorating, tending towards chaos.


The question that we have to ask ourselves is a very simple one; why would God want to create man and woman out of mutations, when the entire Universe had not fallen, Man had not sinned.  God is perfect and he creates perfectly and without having to create through millions of years of chance mutations to produce Man the pinnacle of Creation.  Now Satan does not want Man to be the summit of Creation.  He did not want it before the Fall, and he does not want it since the Redemption.  Therefore his War is against God the Father Creator of Heaven and Earth as the Creed informs us.


Both the theory of evolution and the reasoning of the LGBT is the idolization of change and never-ending development. There is no fixed truth, no fixed nature, no fixed sex (both in its gender meaning and its intercourse meaning). People are no longer born male or female, they are born ‘indeterminate’ even if they do have obvious penises. It is up to immature young children to decide whether they are male or female. And on their innocent childish decision depends their physical wellbeing, whether they will be left alone to develop as nature intended, or whether they will be given body altering drugs and mind altering ‘counselling’.  But even if we were to forget that children tend to change their minds – not many children who want to be soldiers, firemen, doctors etc actually keep to their decisions – in this LGBT dystopian world where sexual preferences and gender is fluid and can change day be day, shouldn’t even the LGBT be against permanently changing the bodies of these children! As Sr. Colette’s transgender brother, who had had surgery in the 1980’s to make himself ‘a woman’, said to his mother and Sr. Colette many years later. “look at my body, how can I change back, I am trapped in my body”. Now the LGBT ideology is trapping children likewise.


The whole LGBT ideology finds its raison d’etre in Evolution precisely because this movement cannot accept God as both Creator and Redeemer, nor can they accept that Christ is his eternally begotten Son. They cannot accept the immortal, everlasting, unchanging God, who created us male and female, and created us so that our very bodies showed that intercourse must be male and female together. Nothing else is natural. Nothing else makes physical sense. The LGBT wants blind chance, wants the chance to change to whatever her or she (or ze!) desires at that moment. A rebellion against the laws or nature and the unchanging laws of God. And so, they view themselves as evolved human beings, and now, aided one has to admit by psychology, and anti-Christian ideologies, they see everything as a process whereby we are evolving in every aspect of our lives. Thus we evolve from an ordinary sexual life in marriage to extra-marital activity, from there to homosexual activity, thence to bestiality, and now to sex with sexbots, and goodness knows what else. However this progress to ‘perfection’ is in fact a road to marital, psychological, familial and moral chaos.


No-one can honestly say that all the sexual liberation has made men and women happier, parents happier, or their children happier. No-one can say that children of Gay parents are happier.  No-one can say that the homosexual life-style is remotely like the sheer ecstasy of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.


The relationship between parents and their children is a precious thing, a young child tipping up his or her head to

look up at their father can be like a glimpse into heaven. And so it is in reality, a pale shadow of the relationship between God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. And so instead of this glimpse of heaven, this overwhelming beauty and warmth of the Father’s love, modern Man has been captivated by lust and every sexual perversion. So let us finish with the prophesy of this present age by St. Nilus the Myrrh-gusher of Mount Athos (died 1651) and another prophecy by St. Niphon, Bishop of Constantia in Cyprus (dies before 367).  These two saints will help us face the present chaos, along with many other saints, visionaries and seers, so that we will be able to keep the Love of the Father, the Grace of Christ Our Lord, and The Fire of the Holy Spirit in our hearts and on our lips. Then we will be able, by our words, and actions, to preach Christ Crucified, who is The Way, The Truth and The Life. This present era rushing to its destruction must be made aware that it is only in Christ that we find salvation.

Here is the prophecy of St. Nilus.


The world in those days will become unrecognizable.  When the advent of Antichrist draws near, people’s reasoning will be obscured because of the carnal passions, while profanity and indecency will prevail, People will become unrecognizable; people’s faces will be disfigured; men will not be distinguishable from women because of their shameless garments and the hair on their heads.  They will become wild and will resemble the beasts…… Respect for parents and elders will be no more; Love will perish; the Christians’ shepherds bishops and priests, will be conceited and will no longer recognize the right path from the left.  During those days the customs and traditions of the Christians and the Church will change.  Prudence will be lost and prodigality will prevail.  Lies and the love of money will reach epidemic proportions…….fornication, adultery, homosexuality, thefts, and murders will be an everyday occurrence during those days.  (quoted in Monk Leontios of Dionysiou Monastery, Prophecies [in Greek], p.96). See also prophecies of St. Nilus concerning the degeneration of Orthodox monastic life, in Orthodox Word no. 21 (1968), pp. 143-149.


We close with the prophecy of St. Niphon.

To the very end of this age there shall not be lacking Prophets of the Lord God, as also servants of Satan.  But in

the last times those who truly will serve God will succeed in hiding themselves from men and will not perform in their midst signs and wonders as at the present time, but they will travel the path of activity intermixed with humility, and in the Kingdom of Heaven they will be greater that the Fathers who have been glorified by signs.  For at that time no one will perform before the eyes of men miracles which would inflame men and inspire them to strive with zeal for ascetic labors…..Many, being possessed by ignorance, will fall into the abyss, going astray in the breadth of the broad and spacious path” (quoted in Sts. Barsanuphius and John, Guidance toward a Spiritual Life [in Russian], pp. 654-55).  


The Holy Trinity

Fr. Stephen

23rd June 2019