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The White Cross

White Cross







The White Cross is a vision of a brotherhood/fellowship which seeks to establish a Christian Society inspired by the Crucified Christ and the Sermon on the Mount; the Gospel culture of life as set against a culture of death.  To promote this we would wish to create a brotherhood who through life style and witnessing, will roll back the increasingly destructive aspects of modern Western Secular Society, in particular abortion, euthanasia, slavery, war and the arms trade, and to offer a different way of life as compared to Capitalism and Marxism.










The Life of the Brothers




The life of the Brothers, whether living in common or in their own homes is a life of prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and hospitality. Some brothers will be celibate (those who live in community), and others may well be married. The Brothers who live in community will give two hours a day to meditation, one in the morning and one in the Evening. This brotherhood although ecumenical, and therefore open to all Christians, would nevertheless be undergirded by the moral teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, the Holy Scriptures, and the ancient Creeds of the Undivided Church.









The Work of the Brothers




The work of the brothers would be to promote peace and brotherhood by the proclamation of the Gospel, pamphleteering, witnessing by processions, peaceful but bold protest, and creating programmes for peace using the internet and other media to do so.









Where are we?




You may wonder where and who we are?

We are two hermits and an anchoress who live in Corby in England, just an hour and a bit away from London by train.

Our address is:

St. Patrick’s Hermitage,

Millais Road,



NN18 0SP.

Our telephone number is 01536 205 993,

And our email is


If you are interested in this vision for Peace,

please contact Brother Damon Jonah by any of the above means of communication.






May God Bless You and keep You,

May God let his face shine on you

And be gracious to you,

May God uncover his face to you

And bring you Peace.


(The Blessing of St. Francis)









White Cross White Cross White Cross Lucy's last vision

True Charity -

The Love of God

and the love of our neighbour,

whether friend or enemy


"God demands of us,

that as He has loved us with out any thought of return,

so He should be loved by us.

In what way can we do this, then? . . .

I tell you, through a means which he has established, by which we can love Him freely; . . .

that is, we can be useful,

not to Him - which is impossible - but to our neighbour. . . .

To show the love that we have for Him,

we ought to serve and love every rational creature and extend our charity to good and bad -

as much to one who does us ill service and criticizes us as to one who serves us.

For, His charity extends over just men and sinners."


St. Catherine of Siena

In this section are included articles, tracts, poems, and even ditties about the way we do - and do not - spread the love of  God to our neighbour. The way we only love those who it is convenient to love, only show charity to those we feel 'deserve' it,  how the violence of war is against the 'new' Commandment of Jesus Christ to love one another as God has loved us, and that ALL human life is precious from its natural beginning  to its natural end.




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