Christ stilling the waves June 2013 111



Christ the King Sunday

On this great feast in 2012 when we are shown such appalling things as the bombing of Gaza and the continuing sufferings of the people of Syria, which is the result of British interference after the First World War. This was when Britain and France carved up what was left of The Ottoman Empire, and showed their the insatiable desire for oil, that almost demonic black gold. This malevolent behaviour, aided and abetted by America throughout the course of 20th century, is bearing the most bitter of fruits, the sufferings and deaths of hundreds of thousands people, running to millions since the Iraq Iran war in the early 80’s. It is all in the cause of Liberal Democracy. If this is democracy, I dread to think what a tyranny will be like. If such Imperialist violence is the order of the day in the lands hallowed by Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and possibly even by Noah, one could weep. Far worse to behold are  these terrible things going on in the lands which were traversed continuously by Christ the King, God Incarnate. How long will the West be blind to their sins of pride, vainglory, and hubris? How long will they export their ideas of the Enlightenment, which have led to a tyranny of relativism. Having dispensed with Christian morality, they have built a Babel of moralities, all based on the French Revolution’s cry of liberty, fraternity, and equality, and the only thing that they have ended up with is a misunderstanding of equality as being sameness. As a result, everyone wants to be somebody else. It is amazing especially in the lunatic world of Anglican clerical life that so many women want to be priests, and bishops because it is their right, as what’s good for you must be good for me. On this basis one would have to surmise that if I had a violent allergy to say apple skins, and know that they would kill me, but because it was my right, because the vast majority of people can eat apple skins, so why can’t I eat them as well? One would dismiss such behaviour as at best illogical, at worst suicidal, but this is what is happening. Moral and spiritual suicide is sweeping the ranks of so many Christians in the West, and this madness is epidemic in that most enlightenment of all countries, America. Is there true freedom there?  of course not, neither is their freedom in China, where women are physically forced to have abortions, and where families are forced to have only one child. What short sightedness!  Do the authorities not realize that they will have millions of old people, and who will do all the work,  who will look after them? The scenario of the future is too horrible to contemplate. There will be huge extermination camps that will make Nazi Germany seem tame by comparison. Bill Gates and his immensely rich fellow travellers want massive population control, and the more extreme of these people want the elderly and not so elderly to voluntarily commit suicide, well why don’t such people who advocate this supposedly wonderful philanthropy, set us an excellent and be the first ones to offer their lives to help reduce the population?  None of them, I suspect are remotely heroic even in the pagan sense of say a Wagner’s Brunhilde immolating herself on the funeral pyre at the end of Götterdamerung, or in the way that the three hundred Spartans held Thermopylae against the Persians, knowing that they would die.  Would these immensely rich and deluded people sacrifice their lives to make the nuclear reactor safe as those wonderful Russians did at Chernobyl?




I would suggest that Bill Gates and his friends sit down and read C.S. Lewis’ “That Hideous Strength”.  There they will see themselves in the executives of NICE, whose initials stand for “The National Institute of Co-ordinated Experiments”. With brilliant insight Lewis gives us scientists, sociologists and charlatans who want a planet devoid of human beings, and in their place  heads detached from their bodies and living forever. The whole story is ghastly, demonic, and hilarious by turns, none more so in the magnificent denouement, which I will not reveal in this article, so as not to spoil the sheer joy of reading a book about the future, which can take its place alongside 1984 and “Brave New World”. Sadly Lewis’s vision of the future is far less terrible than the present reality.




In a world where men want to change sex, where many people will not know who their real parents are, because they were born of surrogate mothers, where men want to marry men, and women want to marry women, where everybody wants their whims to become law, and where their Creator is cast aside and vilified, it is almost impossible to envisage what the Kingship of Christ means in temporal terms. Yes we know that the Kingdom of God is within, but what would it look like if it became a reality?




It would not be a Marxist Paradise where everyone would enjoy their work, and then in the evening enjoy their pleasure, neither would it be the erotic and drug filled tedium of a “Brave New World”, nor would it be some Rousseau like paradise of noble savages as you might still find among the Amazonian Indians. It would be entirely different and it certainly would not be Evangelical Millenarianism. It would be more like this.




It would be a world in which true peace would flourish, and where God’s laws were not violated. It would be a world where the weakest were protected and respected, namely the unborn, children, and the elderly. It would be a world in which husbands truly loved and honoured their wives, loved their children, and in turn were loved and respected by them. It would be a world where the priests truly modelled themselves on Christ, especially in his gentleness and humility, and did not indulge in their tin pot dictatorial methods, and their talking down to the laity on the one hand on becoming  too like them on the other. It would be a world full of beautiful churches, and monasteries. It would be a world in which the laity saw themselves as being in some ways like religious, and most of them being members of rejuvenated Third Orders. It would be a world in which bishops ceased being, what they have been for an incredibly long time, namely bureaucrats. In the past they were key political  players like Cardinal Beaufort, and Cardinal Wolsey; now sadly they too often seem like spiritual counterparts of the Civil Service. They would be men who spent much time in prayer and meditation like Augustine, Ambrose, Basil, Gregory The Great, John Chrysostom, John the Almoner, and Thomas of Villanova. They would be insistent on justice and mercy for the poor above all, and they would take the rich to task whenever they failed the poor and those who were vulnerable. The whole apparatus of State would be guided by Ten Commandments, the Eight Beatitudes and the vision of charity in the great parable of The Last Judgement. Leaders by, whatever title they were given, would have as their most urgent task the care of the poor, and aided by the Church there would be hostels, and hospitals, and guesthouses throughout the land in every city, town and village, so that there would be no starvation anywhere, and there would be a ban on armaments factories. In fact there would be no weapons of mass destruction, no weapons of any sort, but there would be military orders practised in the martial arts to restrain malefactors.




In all the lands throughout the World the church bells and the monasteries’ bells would call the people to the Divine Praises, which they would take part in, and which would not be an affair simply of the clergy, monks and religious. They would fully take part in the beautiful and simple chants that all could sing. The great feasts of the Church would be celebrated with a riot of colour, and there would be feasting, but all would be done with restraint. It would not be puritanical, but it would be pure, because each person would have been taught to find the Kingdom of Christ within their heart and souls. Wars would be prevented, because all would appeal to the Pope, whose word they would obey, and he would be assisted by the wisest men and women who would be motivated by peace and not gain.






Christ the King would be honoured in all hearts, and every one would realize that it is he ultimately who rules and no other. All take their authority from him. This truth would be inculcated from an early age, and all would have a profound knowledge of their faith which would not be a parrot fashion learning of the old Penny Catechism nor the bland mediocrity of the RCIA programme, but a deeply understood knowledge of what it means to be a disciple of Christ. In fact all Christians would be made so acutely aware of this that with the aid of holy pastors and religious especially the monks and nuns of East and West there would be no danger of them forgetting that they were.




An impossible dream you say, but surely it is worth a try. People say that Christianity has failed, and Chesterton wisely said it has never been tried, and for the most part he is right. The Reformation has failed, the Enlightenment has produced violence unimaginable, the Industrial Revolution has turned men into a simply a means of production, cogs in the machine, the psychological revolution has resulted in the destruction, not the healing of personality, and the sexual revolution has torn families apart, and supremely violated the Fourth Commandment to honour thy father and mother. All these supposed beneficial movements have landed us in one global madhouse, where the violent, the greedy, and the rapacious flourish. The Kingship of Christ shines from the Cross, and reduces to impotence the rage of modern man. The Cross will triumph, but before that the World will be drenched in the blood of thousands if not millions of Christian martyrs. The Church in the West has only herself to blame for the disastrous situation in which she finds herself today, for Christians for the most part have not been humble, gentle, and people of loving sacrifice, but they have been charmed and eaten the forbidden fruit of the vices of the age. They have listened to Satan’s lie:




You will not die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil. Sadly millions of Christians have eaten the fruit and preferred evil to good, and refused to eat the fruit of the Cross, namely the body and blood of Jesus, and many eat it while also eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, and have succumbed to the latter, whose father is Satan, and whose mother is pride. Let us pray that these deluded Christians will find the peace of Christ’s Kingdom by submitting to his laws, and embracing his Cross, for if we love him, we must imitate him, and that can only be done by allowing the blazing fire of Divine Love, namely the Holy Spirit, to utterly burn us up in Love, so that we realize that all is Mercy, all is humility, all is Love.


Christ the King