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Excommunication Documents

   It is so sad that this section of our web site has to exist.


The Roman Catholic Church should be the Bride of Christ, and will once again be the spotless Bride, but that will be after Christ Himself has drawn her up from the mire and the blood in which she now lies dying in her filth and heresies.

Christ will raise her from her seeming death throws, He will cleanse her from the dirt of sin, and He will transform her into His spotless bride. Transfiguered into something wonderful as never before.


But until then, we, the hermits of Westray, we will stand at the foot of Christ's Cross, watching over the Church, warning her and praying and suffering for her.


This section contains  our Declaration for which we were excommunicated, our response to Bishop Brian, and our answer to the open letter of Brother Alexis to us.


Together they explain why we had to do what we did.



The Declaration


Post-excommunication Statement


Response to Open Letter of Brother Alexis to us