Christ stilling the waves June 2013 111



Fatima, Russia, East and  West



In these perilous times, it is very difficult to work out what is going on.  One can view history from a secular point of view alone, and it will not be much help. It will tell you about wars, economics, and especially geo-politics.  The best of the Western secular commentators these days seem to be John Pilger, Jeremy Scahill, Paul Craig Roberts, and Ron Paul, and Paul Joseph Watson. It is interesting that that only one of them, namely Paul Joseph Watson, is a European. No doubt there are Italian commentators, who of all the Europeans have a more profound way of looking at things than those of the other countries of Western Europe. It would be odd if they did not, as they are the heirs to the Roman Empire, but still have a foot in the East.


The  apparitions of Our Lady and her messages at Fatima in 1917 have really never penetrated the Catholic consciousness in the way that the apparitions of Our Lady at Lourdes have done. Though Bernadette is peerless among the Marian visionaries, with the possible exception of Juan Diego, the message of Fatima is far more important than that of  Lourdes. The message at Lourdes was for men to do penance, and that Our Lady wanted  a chapel to be built there and that the people should come on procession to the grotto. The fact that Lourdes becomes a place for the healing of the sick is so to speak an offshoot of conversion.  Our Lady said nothing about healing at Lourdes, the spring appeared and the healings begin.


With Fatima there is a much more dramatic call for conversion, to pray for sinners, and to pray for the conversion of Russia, and the triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate heart.  The power of the messages were lent greater clarity and urgency by the vision that the children had of Hell, and the great miracle of the Sun dancing which was seen by about 70,000 people and by others, who were living in a radius of about 30 miles from Fatima.


That Fatima has never been properly received and that it has been surrounded by controversy, especially with regard to the Third Secret is something of a mystery.  However without dwelling on the anomalies surrounding the Third Secret and whether St. John Paul II really made the consecration of Russia effectively (Sr. Lucia said he did) I think that we should heed what Lucia said, that Our Lady told her that most people go to Hell because of sins of impurity. To our insanely sexualized world that has certainly had an a very serious effect on the current Catholic Church with its love affair with so called modern psychology, this statement must sound like fundamentalism.  What must be stated is this that what underlies chastity is “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”.  We cannot have chastity and purity without seeing purely perceiving clearly, with the heart of a child.


It is truly tragic that for the first time since the period just prior to the issuing of Humanae Vitae in 1968 the Papacy has unwittingly given mixed messages regarding sexual sin, and that it has been left to President Putin to emphasize the importance of the family, and to enact laws preventing homosexual propaganda from corrupting the young. The West thinks too much, and as a result the Russian entry for the European Song contest was booed, and an Austrian transvestite Carlotta Wurst won. Why should we be surprised?  I seem to remember that there was an Israeli transsexual singer one year. I did not know that Israel was part of Europe, nor for that matter Turkey, but nothing is what it seems these days. Sin is sending the World mad.  Our Lady of Fatima pray for us.  Blessed Francisco pray for us, Blessed Jacinta pray for us, and Lucia so long lived,  and so patient and loving, pray for us, and pray that Our Lady’s reign of peace comes quickly.