Christ stilling the waves June 2013 111



Gay agenda





It is very interesting to note that on the whole the gay agenda and the whole sexual revolution is not commanding the heights of the Orthodox World.  Westerners would put this down to the fact that such countries are still emerging from the stultifying effects of Communism, which since the very early days of the Russian revolution has been remarkably puritianical.




Now before we go any further we must be clear about one thing. On one level people are no more and no less sexually immoral than before.  More often than not most people respond not to conviction but to the prevailing mores, or to peer pressure. How many early teenagers in the West really want sex?  I suspect they do not, and are simply the dupes of the wretched Media ideologues. However in Victorian England sex was frowned upon, and if many members of the aristocracy were behaving badly, and that would have included the charming Prince of Wales, everyone kept up appearances, and the prevailing trend was propriety and Puritanism.




No! the Orthodox and the Islamic Worlds share something in common, a certain changelessness and a real knowledge that fundamentally the World is cyclical not an endless road going into an unknown future.  Men and Women do not change, and there is a hierarchical structure in Heaven and on Earth. With the split between the Latin West and Orthodox East in 1054, came a split personality in Europe. The West from then on, and especially with  the coming of Thomas Aquinas, and his dubious successors Ockham and Duns Scotus, would think and analyse. This would be detrimental to the contemplative way of looking at things, which would have been Francis of Assisi’s modus operandi.




With Luther we have the first modern man, (On one level Augustine the Great was, but so towering a genius was he, that he belongs to all ages.) whose whole life is a hymn to subjectivism.  Justification by Faith Alone was utterly revolutionary.  As long as you believed in God and the Redemption you were saved. The ultimate logic of such an argument was that you do not need the sacraments, good works, or the even the Church. This explosive view most probably was something that the somewhat un-objective Luther would not have tumbled to, but its consequences would be disastrous, because from now on Protestant Man would be able to re-invent new churches, and ultimately new realities as long as they felt right.




It was then a short leap to the Enlightenment and “The Rights of Man”.  From now on Western Man can come up with the idea that he is getting better and better, because he feels that he is getting better and better.  The noble savage, whoever that is,  and the enlightened Westerner who may not be in any different, know that life is getting better and better  in the 19th and 20th centuries as a result of the Industrial Revolution, and the modern technocracy. However if the reflective Westerner is Marx, he realises that the opposite is true, that technology dehumanizes. So via the destruction of a technology by the enlightened bourgeoisie and the workers, he builds a subjective Paradise in the future, but once again it is out of Man’s subjective musings that this vision emerges.




What happens is that the subjective views of individuals Westerners produce either the hopelessly Utopian visions of the American Myth, based on the American Constitutions, or the collapse of the Marxist vision which in the Bolshevik revolution in Russia metamorphoses into Marxist Leninism, and utter tyranny under not only Stalin but Lenin, who is his own way was equally evil. The madness of Nazi Germany finds its lodestar in the supposed Nordic/Germanic past and is quite different, a sort of pagan equivalent of Orthodoxy’s Constantinopolitan Paradise.  There is no nod here to Classical Greece and Rome as there was in 18th century France and America.  Before long supposedly altruistic regimes intent on the betterment of the human nature  display utter contempt for ordinary people as shown by the lives and deeds of such merciless tyrants as Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Ceausescu, Mao and Pol Pot.  The  halcyon days of The Rights of Man are in reality abolished, and as usual one is presented with the half baked and poisonous ideas of a corrupted intellectual elite, whose main thrust, be they apparent Christians, humanitarians, agnostics, or atheists, is marked by a secularity which ranges from Deism to practical atheism.




Now the Orthodox East cannot begin to imagine an intellect divorced from the spirit. The idea of Symphonia between throne and altar mirrors, one might imagine, the interplay between spirit and intellect.  If God has forbidden all sex outside marriage, then the intellect simply accepts what the spirit informs. Even though Orthodoxy has no Pope, it has clung to tradition, whereas, somewhat worryingly in the West, it sometimes looks as if the Papacy has come very close to abandoning tradition, especially in regard to Evolution.




Evolution, something that an Orthodox would find hard to stomach, which is a philosophy rather than science, is dangerous for that very simple reason.  If it was indeed scientific, then it would have been proved a long time ago, as other scientific discoveries contemporary to it have subsequently been verified. Evolution was the pseudo scientific counterpart to Enlightenment Man, who with the onset of the French and American Revolutions would usher in a new age.  Orthodoxy is not interested in a new age.  It is interested in an unchanging church, and a restoration of the Eastern Empire ruled over by the Emperor. It is if one may say so, rooted in timelessness. That is why it can move with ease from the Emperor at Constantinople to the Tsar in Russia, and to the other Tsars in the Balkans. More disastrously it can do the same with the Red Tsars and almost annihilate itself in the process.  All Orthodoxy wishes to do is reiterate the past; It  does not wish to build a future and a better world.  The Orthodox look backwards to a golden age, and the West looks forward to a golden future, and thinks about how this will come about.  Its slogans are democracy, egalitarianism, liberalism, consumerism, feminism, the advancement of sexual minorities, and minorities in general, as it tries to build a world without the foundations of a past.  The Catholic Church, in an attempt to dialogue with the times, has got itself into a terrible muddle. Rather than rise above the present political, social, and philosophical quagmire, it finds itself sinking in a dialogue with the World (Very doubtful in the Johannine sense), world religions, and modern philosophies, while forgetting the great Tertullian’s dictum “What has Jerusalem got to do with Athens?”.  And so while Orthodox lands and Islamic lands will have not a few men involved in homosexual activity, and may be at times hopelessly hypocritical about it, they will see it for what it is, namely a sexual vice, and something not intended by God, if for only one good reason; it is utterly sterile, and all ancient societies see a sterile marriage as a curse from God. In the West children are seen as something of a curse.




If one was to describe the East, one would describe it as Adam, who is unaware as he walks in Paradise, communing with God and nature, of the serpent close by. It is Eve, who personifies Western Man’s curiosity about origins, and all the “whys” and “wherefores of existence”, who has made her mark on the West by being entranced by the serpent.  Here it is instructive to note that feminists always see the serpent as male, and thereby truly hangs a tale!




It is left to Mary, Gate of the Dawn and the Virgin Mother of God to set the record straight and who asks Men and Women everywhere to seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and then all things will be given unto them, but there’s the nub.  Western Man does not want to bow the knee to God, because he wants to be worshipped himself. Western Man now becomes an auto idolater, and thus we have the problem of a twisted view of sex, whereby pleasure, self worship, exemplified by extreme narcissism and the most gross subjectivism, dominate both sexes, and especially the homosexual. The desire for the infinite snuffs out the Divine in the soul, and the siren call of unlimited sex takes the disciple to something equivalent of Hell on Earth. All the more astonishing is the benign imbecility of many Christian ministers and priests in the West, who witter on about the wholesomeness of homosexual activity forgetting that Mary, and Jesus who was God, were both virgins; a little reflection on that fact might be dramatically instructive as to the ways of God, as opposed to the ways of Men.   As Muggeridge so wisely pointed out “Sex is the mysticism of a materialistic age”. When materialism has vanished then perhaps Western Man will come to his senses.