Christ stilling the waves June 2013 111






Today on the feast of Our Lady of Walsingham in 2013, we are forced to think of the hatred of the Establishment for Christianity. In  1530’s England Henry VIII wanted a woman who could give him a son and heir, because the Tudor dynasty had really no real claim to the throne. Henry, who, I was recently told, visited Walsingham 11 times ( I was rather surprised at the amount of times he went there), and who walked barefoot from the Slipper chapel to the shrine  on two occasions, was blinded by the need to be totally in charge, so a divorce was not enough; he had to smash the Church.  The insanity of his behaviour is mirrored by Obama’s support of Al-Qaeda. Tony Cartalucci sums up Obama’s behaviour very accurately:


“Al Qaeda, for the West, serves as the ultimate geopolitical tool. It can be used as a pretext to invade, as well as a nearly inexhaustible mercenary army to carry out ruthless terrorist campaigns and even full-scale war as seen in Syria and Libya, to achieve Western objectives. Additionally, the omnipresent, nebulous nature of Al Qaeda serves as justification to strip away the rights and liberties of people at home, across Western civilization – perpetuating a climate of fear within which the seeds of very profitable war can be sown and continuously reaped.”


Henry VIII’s pretext for destroying the monasteries and all religious life in England was the supposed degenerate behaviour of the monks and religious, but it was a gargantuan tantrum against the Papacy because it refused to declare a valid marriage as null and void. Thomas Cromwell’s commissioners are not dissimilar to Obama’s new civil guards groups. Both groups are being used by two dictators separated by 500 years, who are hopelessly  immature, and determined to be obeyed.  The difference however is that Henry was very talented and Obama is not;  also Henry was not quite such a stranger to the truth as Obama is. Henry was happy to kill faithful Catholics, so that his ambitions might not be blocked, and Obama is quite happy for Christians to suffer and die so that his geopolitical ideology, or his masters’ ideology be realized. It is all thoroughly Machiavellian.  What the Americans, the British, and the French do not realize is that their Empires have either come to an end, or in the case  of America are nearing their end. Their “house is desolate”


However, in desperation, the Western World, which does not include Eastern Europe which is to their credit, offers Satan the victims of war, the victims of abortion, and Christian martyrs, the latter two not to his taste, however so that a mad eugenicist dream of a world devoid of a supposed enormous population may be transformed into a slave society resembling “1984”. Ultimately these heroic Christians dying for their faith in Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Syria, Egypt, and Pakistan will cast the mighty down from their thrones.


It is Our Lady’s humility gloriously embodied in the Magnificat that will win through.  If we can convince the Muslims that Miriam is their mother, then peace will come. Though they have very odd notions about Jesus,  their understanding of Our Lady is remarkably accurate. She who stands on the Crescent is the one who will bring the Islamic world to the foot of the Cross, and to salvation.


I end with a quote from Anne Vail’s “Shrines of Our Lady in England”:


“Standing in the gardens of Walsingham Abbey among the priory ruins, one can picture the desolation that followed.  The memory of the singing and chanting of the monks faded; the figures of the pilgrims became a distant memory; echoes of their footsteps and the hoofbeats of the King’s horses ringing on the stones faded into silence."


In the years that followed the priory was abandoned, and the pilgrims’ way reverted to a tangled wilderness of the flowers choked with weeds and encroaching woodland.  In 1578 St. Philip Howard, Earl of Arundel, visited Walsingham in the company of Queen Elizabeth, and left a haunting lament.


Owls do screech where sweetest hymns

Lately were sung,

Toads and serpents hold their dens

Where the pilgrims did throng.


Weep weep O Walsingham

Whose days are nights,

Blessings turned to blasphemies,

Holy deeds to despite.


Sin is where Our Lady sat,

Heaven turned to hell;

Satan sits where Our Lord held sway,

Walsingham O farewell.


In 1585 Philip Howard became a Catholic and was imprisoned in the Tower of London, where he died in 1595.