Christ stilling the waves June 2013 111



Hear Ye,  Hear Ye,  Hear Ye

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Hear ye now the indictment of the United Kingdom:

this land of wickedness, perfidy, and apostasy.



First Indictment:


The State sanctioned practice of baby-killing, namely abortion.

An average of 200,000 babies are murdered in their mother’ wombs each year in this country. A holocaust of 9 million little lives slaughtered in the 50 years since this treacherous Queen signed the Abortion Act.

And coupled to this is the widespread promotion of abortion in the poor countries of the world by the British Government, as a condition for them receiving International Aid.


Second Indictment:


The State sanctioned practice and promotion of the homosexual / lesbian cult. A cult notorious for its characteristics of Depravity, Drug abuse, Disease, Depression, Demonic possession, Despair, Death by suicide, and Damnation at the last.

To which is added the international promotion, by the British Government, of the same homo/lesbo cult, in those countries still morally healthy enough to resist this abomination.


Third Indictment:



The State sanctioned indoctrination of school-children with LGBT ideology; in particular, the mental  abuse of children by those so-called educators who insidiously advocate the ideology of “Transgenderism”, together with the physical abuse of children by doctors who distort the children’s bodies by administering sex-hormones and other drugs to young children who believe the lies of their teachers and the media.

Woe unto those who cause little ones to fall; who pervert the minds of the young. The curse of God be upon that country where such evil prevails.


Fourth Indictment:


The widespread promotion of sexual immorality by the State, the Media, the Arts, and the Social Services: Pornography, Prostitution, Contraception, Fornication, Adultery, Divorce, “One-parent families”, and “Two-father or two-mother families”.


Fifth Indictment:


The practice and promotion by the State, and the Medical establishment of “in-vitro fertilization” i.e. “Test-tube babies,” genetic engineering, and cloning. All of which this shameful country takes a leading role in; and all of which is a Satanic recipe for the degradation of human beings, who are made in the image of God.


Sixth Indictment:


The State sanctioned and Royal assisted promotion of the Arms Trade, ranking this wretched country in the top 5 leading arms dealers in the world. Selling weapons of mass destruction to such blood-drenched regimes as Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Israel.


Seventh Indictment:


The criminal waging of wars of aggression against the peoples of poor countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Liberia, and Syria. In Iraq this lead to the wholescale slaughter by bombing of around half a million people, almost all civilians, including at least 200,000 women and children. Added to this are the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqi children because of British sanctions against that country, which they had just devastated. Woe unto you Britain, who exalt your armed forces to the status of “heroes”. Mass murderers are not heroes.


Eighth Indictment:


The persistent provocation by the British State and the British Media of Russia; of war-mongering and attempting to sow among the British people the seeds of hostility and hatred towards the Russian president and his Government. And this principally because of Russia’s economic independence from the Globalist World Order, and because of its banning of the promotion of the homosexual abomination.


Ninth Indictment:


The existence in this country of false religions, false ideologies and sorceries: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Freemasonry, Humanism, Marxism, Feminism, Occultism, and the New Age.

This country from ancient times is called to be a Christian country, for the religion of Jesus Christ is the only true religion; outside of which is only the Devil’s deception. And to worship any other god except Jesus Christ the True God, is to worship the Devil. So return to your ancient faith, apostate English. And you newcomers to this country, lay aside your false gods and accept Christ as your Lord and Saviour.


Tenth Indictment:


The enforcement by the British State of the ideology of “political correctness”, otherwise known as “British values”, upon the peoples of this country; with the assistance of the Media, the Academic establishment, and the Judiciary: with the ensuing prosecution / persecution of those who dare to dissent.




This then, is the indictment of the United Kingdom. A land polluted with vice, with filth, with blood, with rebellion against God and His Law. A petty, mischievous land, wallowing in its own wickedness and moral bankruptcy. Yet given over to self-justification and self-congratulation, to vainglory and self-importance.


O Britain, will you escape the wrath to come?

You will not, unless you repent of your many sins, unless you submit to God, unless you fall down before the Christ and worship Him, and tread the path of righteousness.

A fearful judgement will one day be upon this country, when the wrath and vengeance of Almighty God is released.

Repent therefore, while you still have time.