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Things Are Seldom What They Seem








In Act II of H.M.S. Pinafore Buttercup sings a duet with the object of her un-requited love, Captain Corcoran.  The first part of the duet is dominated by Buttercup, and I will quote it in full as it sums up the dangerous dottiness of the present very serious crisis in Ukraine.


Buttercup.           Things are seldom what they seem.

                           Skim milk masquerades as cream;

                           Highlows pass as patent leathers;

                           Jackdaws strut in peacock’s feathers.


Capt. (puzzled)    Very true, So they do.


Buttercup.            Black sheep dwell in every fold;

                           All that glistens is not gold;

                           Storks turn out to be but logs;

                           Bulls are but inflated frogs.


Capt. (puzzled)    So the be, Frequently.


Buttercup.            Drops the wind and stops the mill;

                           Turbot is ambitious brill;

                           Gild the farthing if you will,

                           Yet is a farthing still.


Capt. (puzzled)    Yes I know, That is so.


                           Though to catch your drift I’m striving,

                            It is shady --- it is shady;

                            I don’t see at what you’re driving,

                            Mystic lady ---mystic lady.



So let us move from the delightful and topsy-turvy world of G. and S. Operas to the grim but mad reality of what is going on in the Ukraine, and the ridiculous comments about it.

Briefly the latest military conflict between the Ukraine Government at the separatists has seen the killing of what appears to be 16 soldiers at a road block near the village of Blagodatorme.  The villagers say that the attackers who killed the soldiers emerged from transit vans owned by Privat-Bank, whose owner is Igor Kolomoisky, who just happened to supply money for the Maidan Revolution as did George Soros, and others, including the Americans. Kolomoisky hopes to become President of the Ukraine. The February coup toppled the government of Viktor Yanukovych. The government was not a government of angels, would that it was, but a government of very flawed individuals, not unlike the governments of the United States, and France, and Britain, who espouse the politics of Sodom and Gomorrah, along with airy fairy quasi Enlightenment views. As the Enlightenment ended in bloody revolution, one can suppose that something similar and more dreadful may happen to these countries. Whatever the cronyism endemic in Russia, they are upholding the moral law when it comes to marriage and homosexuality; no mean feat these days, and that I propose is why the West cannot stand Russia. It is as much about ideology as about power.


At present we have a Ukrainian President not elected, in the person of Oleksandr Turchynov former head of the SBU, which is the successor to the Ukrainian Soviet branch of the KGB. He was, and presumably is still, a good friend of Julia Timoshenko. Julia Timoshenko is a good friend of the former third president of the Ukraine Viktor Yushenko, who I am pleased to say is the father of 5 children, which should please Vladimir Putin who is very keen on large families, hopefully from the spiritual and moral point of view as well as from the demographic standpoint.


Now it will be remembered that Yushenko was, so he alleges, poisoned by the Government, and the Prime Minister at that time was none other that Yanukovych. Here I think it is best if we simply quote a section of the Wiki Biography of Yushenko to underlie the oddness of Ukrainian politics.


"Dioxin poisoning

The campaign was often bitter and violent. Yushchenko became seriously ill in early September 2004. He was flown to Vienna's Rudolfinerhaus clinic for treatment and diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, accompanied by interstitial edematous changes, due to a serious viral infection and chemical substances that are not normally found in food products. Yushchenko claimed that he had been poisoned by government agents. After the illness, his face was greatly disfigured:jaundiced, bloated, and pockmarked.

British toxicologist Professor John Henry of St Mary's Hospital in London declared the changes in Yushchenko's face were due to chloracne, which results fromdioxin poisoning. Dutch toxicologist Bram Brouwer also stated his changes in appearance were the result of chloracne, and found dioxin levels in Yushchenko's blood 6,000 times above normal.

On December 11, Dr. Michael Zimpfer of the Rudolfinerhaus clinic declared that Yushchenko had ingested TCDD dioxin and had 1,000 times the usual concentration in his body.

Not all in the medical community agreed with this diagnosis,including the clinic's own chief medical director, Dr. Lothar Wicke, who stated there was no evidence of poisoning other than the severe chloracne visible on Yushchenko's face, and claimed to have been forced to resign because of his disagreement.

Wicke also claimed to have been threatened by Yushchenko's associates.

Wicke's claims led some to question Yushchenko's truthfulness and motives.

Many have linked Yushchenko's poisoning to a dinner with a group of senior Ukrainian officials (including Volodymyr Satsyuk) that took place on 5 September.

Since 2005, Yushchenko has been treated by a team of doctors led by Professor Jean Saurat at the University of Geneva Hospital. Analysis of Yushchenko's body fluids and tissues provided useful information on the human toxicokinetics of TCDD and its metabolites.

In June 2008, David Zhvania, a former political ally of Yushchenko and an ex-minister in the first Tymoshenko Government, claimed in an interview with the BBC that Yushchenko had not been poisoned in 2004 and that laboratory results in the case had been falsified.

Yushchenko himself implicated David Zhvania, the godfather of one of his children, of involvement in his dioxin poisoning.

In August 2009, The Lancet published a scientific paper by Swiss and Ukrainian researchers on the monitoring, form, distribution, and elimination ofTetrachlorodibenzodioxin (TCDD) in Yushchenko after he presented with severe poisoning. The 2004 TCDD levels in Yushchenko's blood serum were 50,000-fold greater than those in the general population.

This new study also concluded that the dioxin "was so pure that it was definitely made in a laboratory".

In September 2009, Larysa Cherednichenko, former head of the department for supervision over investigations into criminal cases of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office, said high-ranking officials from the presidential secretariat and family members of Yushchenko falsified evidence in his poisoning case, with dioxin being added to Yushchenko's blood samples. Cherednichenko claims she was warned that she would be dismissed from her office immediately after she wrote her report on August 26, 2009 and said she was offered two positions, which she refused, and contested her dismissal in court.

According to Cherednichenko, she was fired from her job after submitting her report; according to the Office of the Prosecutor General, her dismissal had nothing to do with her allegations and was part of a staffing reorganization that had been planned long before she submitted her report, and measures were under way to find her another job.

Also in September 2009, a special commission, created by the Verkhovna Rada, came to a conclusion that the Yushchenko dioxin poisoning was falsified to strengthen his positions during 2004 presidential elections. The commission demanded to bring to justice those guilty in fabrication of blood tests. To date, no one has been identified. There were allegations US intelligence services injected blood samples taken from Yushchenko with dioxin to feign poisoning. These allegations were dismissed by Ukraine's Office of the Prosecutor General.

On September 27, 2009 Yushchenko said in an interview aired on Channel 1+1 that the testimony of three men who were at a dinner in 2004 at which he believes he was poisoned is crucial to finishing the investigation, and he claimed these men were in Russia. Ukrainian prosecutors said Russia has refused to extradite one of the men, the former deputy chief of Ukraine's security service, Volodymyr Satsyuk, because he holds both Russian and Ukrainian citizenship. After arriving in Russia Satsyuk was granted Russian citizenship protecting him from extradition."


As you can see the truth is elusive, and we can only find some consolation in Mary Tudor’s motto, “Truth Daughter of Time”. Perhaps we will never know the truth. I think it fair to say that whatever the faults of the three presidents of Russia to date, namely Yeltsin, Putin, and Medvedev, they do not seem to have such murky and conflicting behaviour as do some of these  political personalities in the Ukraine. One can only say that Julia Timoshenko’s hatred for the Russians is remarkable, but I suspect the whole Ukrainian scene is dominated by political hatreds that are now engulfing the land. Such hatred showed itself when Yanukovych accused Yushenko of being anti semitic.  As Yushenko’s father fought the Nazis in the Great Patriotic War, and for this found himself captured and incarcerated in Auschwitz, and as  his mother saved the lives of three Jewish girls in the war, such an accusation would seem unlikely.


Things are not helped by Prince Charles likening Putin to Hitler. I think I would remind the Prince that his Great Grandfather George V, to the surprise of Lloyd  George his Prime Minister, refused to give asylum to his dear cousin and Good friend Tsar Nicholas II and his family. I suppose one can draw consolation from the fact that Nicholas and his family are now canonized saints of the Russian Orthodox Church. No such illustrious fate awaits George, and if his great grandson talks such nonsense, he will possibly have a very short reign or no reign at all. Also a former Ambassador to Russia, Sir Tony Brenton, who said some rather sensible things about Russia, somewhat ruined it all  by saying that Russia’s annexation of the Crimea is illegal. Well that is odd, as Crimea was part of Russia since the reign of Catherine the Great, and Khrushchev had no right to give it to the Ukraine. I suppose he did it, because he was Ukrainian. It should also be noted that  Khrushchev destroyed more churches in the Soviet Union than even Stalin. One could trust neither of them. So Sir Tony Brenton should start thinking like a member of Christendom, which sadly no longer exists. The EU is standing under the most terrible Divine Judgment and is blissfully unaware of what God has in store for it, as is the poor benighted Prince of Wales.


Let us be absolutely clear about things, and stop all the nonsense. The Russian Revolution was illegal, as were the Bolsheviks’ seizure of power. The Ukraine has never existed as an independent country, and is the mother so to speak of Russia. They are one and the same. That a British ambassador can know so little about the history of the country to which he has  been sent,  means that British diplomacy must be a shadow of its former self. However the British anti Russian feeling runs long and deep. It is sad that Britain was fighting Christian Russia during the Crimean War, and supporting Islamic Turkey, the real enemy of Christendom, since the rise of the Turkish Sultanate. If it had fought with Russia, Constantinople would again be Christian and the World a better place.  Ah well “See how these Christians love one another!”, in a completely different tone to the one used by the pagan Romans about the Christians at the time of the great Roman persecutions.


Thankfully Arseniy Yatsenyuk seems the least controversial and the most colourless of all these fairly ferocious individuals. Rather oddly he has been accused of being Jewish.  Well he might be, but as he is a Greek Rite Ukrainian Catholic, in the eyes of the Church, he is simply a Ukrainian Catholic. Rather interestingly the present President happens to be a United Evangelical Baptist, which strikes a rather pleasant note to the characters of this motley bunch.  As usual the people suffer at the hands of their rulers, and in this case the rulers seem very unwise. And that I suppose is why 16 young soldiers ,who would not fire on their own people, were punished with death. May God have mercy on these poor boys’ souls, and may Divine Mercy forestall any more murderous incidents like this. Our Lady of Kazan, Our Lady of Fatima, and Our Lady Queen of Peace pray for us.