Christ stilling the waves June 2013 111



Nobel Peace Prize for the E.U.





Amazingly and bizarrely the Nobel Peace Prize has been given to the EU, for not having a war in Europe since the end of The Second World War.  This prize should be given for peace making one would think, rather than for the absence of war, for as Pius XII wisely said “Peace is not the absence of War”.  Mother Teresa was given the Peace Prize because she absolutely gave her life to preaching the Gospel by word and deed, and Mairead Corrigan and Betty Williams were given the Peace Prize in 1976 for trying to bring peace to the benighted province of Northern Ireland.  Also are the new members of the EU, since the fall of The Iron Curtain, included in this prize giving, because we have to remember the violence that was suffered by the Hungarians in 1956 when they rose up against the Soviet Tyranny, and when the Czechs tried to do something similar but peacefully in 1968?  The EU is not Europe.  After all there is Switzerland and Finland, and there is European Russia. It appears that one organization is awarding another organization a Prize for not having a war rather than for the active promotion of peace.




We may have had no war in the EU since 1945, but there has been a consistent war on Christian values, which are the foundations of Western Civilization. Destroy those foundations, which are built on the Ten Commandments, on the Sermon on the Mount, and on the life of Christ, and you will have something worse than war, you will have the ante chamber of perpetual death, which is the ante chamber of Hell. If you attack marriage by divorce, homosexual marriage, and the legitimization of promiscuity and various forms of sexual depravity; if you destroy life by abortion, and euthanasia, and prevent it by contraception, then you will have something worse than war; you will have the first stirrings of eternal horror and never ending hatred. You will find yourself beginning your Hell on Earth.




This particular Nobel Peace Prize, which now must be rendered almost meaningless, seems to be a peculiar exercise in some form of self-congratulation.  Would it not have been better to give it to Switzerland, which is neutral and has not been to war for 200 years, or perhaps Andorra should have been given it, or Lichtenstein, but the EU, which is not coterminous with Europe?




It is a tragic irony that Europe since the War has become increasingly secular and more peaceful, but this is not because it is exercising the virtue of peace, this is simply because it has become so wealthy and prosperous. There is no need to go to war, when you have everything that you want. Other parts of the world are suffering terrible wars because of European greed and complacency, and American determination to dominate the World. However this greed which gave the EU the euro is now heading for self-destruction.




Now if the giving of the Noble Peace Prize to the EU is the result of pride or vainglory, then it is a gauntlet that has been thrown down before the throne of God, and when he bows down to pick it up we may find a Europe at War again, for God’s justice is the other side of the coin whose face is mercy. We will then discover to our shame that the Peace Prize will be rendered utterly fatuous.  Let us ponder Christ’s words in St. John’s Gospel and make them our own.




Peace I leave with you; my peace I give unto you;


not as the world giveth, do I give unto you.


Let not your heart be troubled; nor let it be afraid. (John 14: v.27)




Christ is the one who gives peace, and no other, for he is The Prince of Peace, and died to take our sins away and give us his peace, which is a foretaste of Heaven.