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about transgenderism

In February 2019, Suffolk police telephoned 74-year-old Margaret Nelson to tell her that some people had found offensive a blog post she had written in January 2018. Mrs. Nelson is a humanist celebrant and former journalist who writes a blog about death rituals. In a post entitled “Death does not misgender,” Nelson stated the following:


“If a transgender person’s body was dissected, either for medical education or a post-mortem examination, his or her sex would also be obvious to a student or pathologist. Not the sex that he or she chose to present as, but his or her natal sex; the sex that he or she was born with. Even when a body has been buried for a very long time, so that there is no soft tissue left, only bone, it is still possible to identify the sex. DNA and characteristics such as the shape of the pelvis will be clear proof of the sex of the corpse.”

May 30, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Jonathan van Maren.


British journalist and author Douglas Murray is easily one of the most insightful, incisive, and intelligent commentators on culture today. His last book, The Strange Death of Europe, is a fascinating analysis of the migrant crisis of 2015, the vanishing European identity, and the spiritual vacuum that Islam is now increasingly occupying. Despite the fact that he is an atheist of sorts, he is genuinely grappling with the reality that without God, our human rights—and indeed all of our rights—are suddenly rooted in nothing at all, and has bluntly stated that a return to Christianity might well be necessary if atheists continue to fail at providing a solid framework for reality.



Murray has a way of encapsulating issues both uniquely and succinctly, and in a recent conversation he had with the two hosts of the podcast Triggernometry, the chat wandered over to the subject of today’s dogmas and taboos.


"It’s funny," Murray observed with a wry grin, "that the progressives don’t seem to realize that they are now the dogmatists". 


And then one of the hosts posed him a what is a rather dangerous question in today’s media climate: “What do you think is one of the great lies of our age that we haven’t addressed yet?”


"There are many of them," Murray, who is openly homosexual, replied thoughtfully, “But they all have one thing in common, which is that society is demanding that you agree to something that is not possible to agree to and keep your self esteem, or at least be able to look at yourself in the mirror. The most obvious one is everything to do with gender and sex. That’s why trans keeps tripping people up.”


"After all," he pointed out, it is actually “such a small issue, such a minority of a minority issue, but it keeps tripping people up because they don’t want to say the thing they’re being told to say, which is that there is no difference between men and women and that we can migrate between the sexes and that our bodies are like pieces of Lego—you can just stick bits on to it and if you don’t like it you can take it off again. Because there is something demoralizing about agreeing to lie.”


“This is different, by the way, [from] custom or politeness,” Murray continued. “We should all aspire to be polite and decent to people, but being invited to engage in a lie ends up demoralizing you. You know, [in] communist countries…those who travelled a lot behind the Iron Curtain or lived behind it often commented on the needless things they were persuaded to agree to lie about. People often wondered: Why am I being made to agree to this next implausible thing? And the answer really was: Because it’ll demoralize you further, and it’ll make you less willing even than you were before to think of yourself as an individual with any worth. So that’s the plan.”

Stephen is just finishing his next article. So, I am inserting a couple of short pieces on transgenderism by two non-Christians:

one a 75 year old humanist writing in her blog about her decision to donate her body to science, and all other things death related,

the other, a homosexual athiest writer.


Both of these pieces I found in LifeSiteNews.


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