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Our Lady of the Rosary







"Truly I have set my soul

In silence and peace

A weaned child on its mother’s breast

Even so is my soul”


(Psalm 131:2)




The above quote summarizes what the recitation of the Rosary basically is; the Christian soul praying with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, the Mother of God, as the apostles and disciples were wont to do in the primitive Church.  (Acts1:14)  Together, they would have pondered upon the life of Jesus, the incarnate Son of God, and the Blessed Virgin would doubtless have told them stories of his childhood and their family life at Nazareth.  The story of his public ministry, death, and Resurrection was their story also, now made even more vivid in the afterglow of the Resurrection and Ascension of the Lord;  and upon these things, these mysteries, would they have meditated continually, in the presence of His Mother, who was now their mother also, as Jesus had ordained (John. 19: 26-27).




Therefore the Rosary, which was developed during the course of the Middle Ages, is simply the imitation by the faithful of that original act whereby the Blessed Virgin “kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart”  (Luke. 1:19).  It is the garland of Christian prayer; comprising the Lord’s prayer, the angelic salutation to Mary, and the homage to the Blessed Trinity; and revolving around the central events of the Incarnation, the Mission, the Passion, and the Exaltation of Christ.  It is, as has been said, by Pope John Paul II, a compendium of the Gospel, reflecting the way in which the Word of God entered into human affairs to bring about our Redemption.



Also, I would add, that in this age where the culture of death reigns throughout the Western world, the mysteries of the Rosary are a wonderful celebration of conception and birth, children and family life, marriage and friendship, consecration and service to God, brotherhood and communion, faith, hope, and eternal life.  They commemorate the love of God for man and the Divine blessings imparted through the ordinary events and spheres of human life, the promise of an afterlife of eternal communion with God and the family of all the redeemed in Jesus, the Son of God.



Yet they also focus poignantly on man’s rejection of God and the consequent suffering due to sin, into which Christ enters, in order to recover fallen man from slavery to the devil and eternal damnation.  The Sorrowful mysteries bring into sharp relief that deadly trinity of the state, corrupt religion, and the military, which engineered the death of God’s only-begotten Son, and which frequently ever since, has been at the service of the devil in his war against the commonwealth of Christ.  Yes, the Rosary is word of God made prayer, made mantra.  That’s why the devil hates it.  The repetition of the Lord’s prayer, the salutation to the Mother of God, and the praise of the Trinity, as well as the Apostles Creed which begins it, all constitute the armour of God for the saints of Christ:  “the high praises of God on their lips, and a two-edged sword in their hand.” (Psalm 14 9:6).  Birth, life, love, and light, as against the devil’s anti-birth, death, hate, and darkness.



Traditionally, the Rosary has played its part in the defence of the Christian Commonwealth against the persistent attacks of Islam. The devil inspired “man of flies”, the Arabian Baal-Zebub, Muhammad, denied the Holy Trinity, the Incarnation, the Passion and Resurrection, and therefore the Redemption wrought by Christ, and proceeded to invent his counter-religion of “Islam”. Which in fact is nothing more than a Christian heresy spread by military conquest and by murderous fanatics enticed by the pornographic prospect of celestial sex with seventy virgins.  The Qu’ran is scattered with assertions, distortions, and inventions against the Word of God as revealed in the Holy Scriptures. (See my article: St. George and the Dragon).  The medieval Islamic State in the person of the Turkish Sultan and his vast military machine tried for centuries to extinguish the Christian Commonwealth and replace it with the corrupt religion of the Muhammadan heresy. And so it was, in the year of Our Lord 1571, that the Turkish anti-Christ unleashed his gigantic fleet against the Christian nations, as a prelude to the invasion and conquest of Europe.  In the ensuing battle of Lepanto, which resulted in a great victory for the Christian forces, the triumph of the Spanish and Italian ships, as well as those of the Knights of St. John, was attributed to the recitation of the Rosary throughout Christendom by the guilds formed for this purpose.



Again, in the year of Our Lord 1716, when yet another army of marauding Muhammadans was approaching Vienna, the Christian victory at Temeswar, Hungary, was accredited to the Rosary guilds processing through the streets of Rome calling on the Mother of God to defend Christendom against the advancing Muhammadans.



Similarly, the Rosary has had its victory against the godless and poisonous creed of Marxism, which through the Totalitarian state and its leviathan-like military, did its utmost to destroy the religion of Christ.  In 1955, when the eastern part of Austria, including Vienna, was occupied by Soviet forces, a nationwide praying of the Rosary was organized by the Austrian people, and shortly afterward the Soviets withdrew.




But this type of phenomenon is almost by the by.  Christianity is the religion of the Cross, therefore so what if we have to suffer at the hands of Muhammadans or Marxists, Nazis or Secularists:  “Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of his faithful” (Psalm 116: 13). No, the principle of the Rosary is this: it is the entry into the priesthood of Mary.  And to be sure, Mary is a priest; She in whom the Christ took flesh, she who offered him in the temple at the Presentation (Luke 2: 22-39), she who raised him, she who magnified him, and she who stood  at the altar of the Cross, participating in his sacrifice.  She it was around whom the apostles gathered in the days after the Ascension.



Mary’s priesthood is the essential priesthood of all the faithful, the “royal priesthood........called to show forth the praises of God (1Peter 2:9).  It is the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving, as in Mary’s anthem, the Magnificat (Luke 1: 46-55). It is the intercession for the saints, and for the world; for “God hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation” (2 Corinthians 5:18).



Perhaps the age of the Spirit is the age of Mary; for she is the bride of the Spirit, the Shulamite whose Beloved lies betwixt her breasts (Song of Songs 1: 13).  In which case all Christians, who are individually and corporately, the bride of Christ and the spouse of the Holy Spirit, ought to do likewise and take the Beloved, the Lord Jesus, to their breasts, into their hearts.  And a most excellent way of doing this to pray the Rosary, the Psalter of the Blessed Virgin, the sweet bouquet of the Holy Gospel.  One might even call it a form of “speaking in tongues”, yet praying with the Spirit and praying with understanding (1 Corinthians 14: 14-15).



Difficult days are upon us.  The devil is preparing new assaults against the Christian Commonwealth.  The Islamic devastator, which intends to conquer the World, is on the march.  Again the Secularist state, increasingly Orwellian, is suffusing its filth, Mordor-like, and enlisting as its Orcs the homosexual zealots, and employing its military to impose “western values” upon the non-western world.  We need, therefore, to be sober and vigilant, as St. Peter says, and stand up to the devil, strong in faith (Peter 5:8-9).  We need to clothe ourselves in the holy garments of the Scriptures and the Rosary, of faith, hope, and charity; crucifix at hand, for the contemplation thereof.  So that we might protect ourselves against the insanity of men, and the flatulence of the devil.



May the Blessed Virgin protect us and all devout souls against the enemies of Christ.  And returning to the psalm quoted at the beginning of this piece, may we find rest as children in our Mother’s arms, availing ourselves of Our Lady’s paps, like St. Bernard, that indomitable monk of Christ and client of Mary.  Take up the Rosary, offer sweet-smelling flowers to Our Lord and his Mother, and a blast of farts to the devil.




Now I shall end with the great prayer of St Bernard, the “Memorare.”




Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary,


that never was it known


that anyone who fled to thy protection,


implored thy help,


or sought thy intercession,


was left unaided.


Inspired by this confidence I fly unto thee,


O Virgin of virgins, my Mother.


to thee do I come,


before thee I stand,


sinful and sorrowful.


O Mother of the Word Incarnate,


despise not my petitions,


but in thy mercy hear and answer me.








Whilst inserting the above article on the Rosary by my brother in religion, (every word of which I do agree with), I thought that the reader might be rather suprised by the assertion that Islam wishes once again to spread (by force if necessary) throughout the western world. If so, then you may wish to watch the statement by one of the 'freedom fighters' in Syria about raising their flag over the White House (link), and the article about trying to get every house in Germany to have a copy of the Qu'ran (link). As far as the secular state becoming more Orwellian, reading the following link to an article written by a professor of New York University may make you realize that it is not only Orwell's 1984, but also Huxley's Brave New World (link).

Our Lady of the Rosary