Christ stilling the waves June 2013 111



Paradise, the City, and

the Kingdom of the father

The Prologue


The Church is living through her greatest trials and tribulations in our present era. The voices of Christians who are sane and not

drunk with the poison of Satan realize this, be they Catholics or main stream Protestants, be they Orthodox or Evangelicals. Even the great Orthodox Church is not free of dangers in respect to divorce and the use of contraception.  No Church is exempt from the myriad deceptions of Satan.  The Church is many things.  It is the Lady Zion, the Mystical Body of Christ, the Perfect Society, the great Ark of Salvation, and much more.  The mystery of the Church is something that we will never fully understand until the end of time.  However at this present time, especially in the Catholic Church, we see what appears to be a body that is dying.  None of this should surprise when we accept that the

Apostles thought that when Jesus had died all was finished,  their Lord and Friend was dead, and with his death their world collapsed and their dreams vanished.  They must have been tormented with something approaching despair.


When we look at the history of the Church we are amazed at how many times it seems near death, and we ask ourselves what does this all mean? What exactly is the Church?  How do we view it?  When talking to a holy Orthodox friend of mine I asked her what she thought.  She quoted to me the words of St. Silouan, the great Russian Orthodox monk and mystic who lived on Mount Athos and died in 1938.  She said that when he prayed for the Church, he prayed for “The One Holy and Apostolic Church and all those who called upon Jesus”.  So often I have met wonderful Christians who have put most Catholics to shame.  How many Evangelical Christians display such faith that it puts many Catholic priests, religious and laity to shame.  These people are not interested in having a dialogue with the World, but in preaching the Gospel.


We look at the Catholic Church today and realize that her great missionary activity has all but died, and her missionaries rather than spreading the Gospel are spreading erroneous and heretical ideas about development (whatever that means!), and encouraging birth control, oblivious to the fact that European and Western birth rates are so low that Europeans, be they from Europe or North America and Australasia, are in danger of extinction.  18th century philosophy, 19th century German Biblical Criticism, Darwin and Marx have been swallowed by many Christians, and the Person and Divinity of Christ has been appallingly diminished.  The great tragedy is that for the most part, this work has been done by priests, ministers, and leaders of the different churches.  From appalling behaviour and heretical utterances that have recently been found in the Catholic Church, which have been brewing within her walls since the advent of Modernism at the end of the 19th century, but had been incubating for centuries, to the madness of “hookers for Jesus” in Christian sects in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s we see increasingly heretical behaviour.  Catholic nuns who worship a goddess in the Arizona Desert, feminist theologians who wonder whether women can be redeemed by

a Christ because he is male, and Christian Gay bikers who want to be accepted, show that they have no profound understanding of the Faith at all.  It has all been done before throughout the Church’s history East, and West.  There is nothing new under the Sun, it is only Science and technology that has allowed man to become even more disobedient  to God than before. It has made Him drunk with intellectual pride, but like Icarus if he flies to near to the Sun, and in this case flaunting his wings of science and technology before The Son of God, his wings will fail and he will fall, not to Earth, but into the bowels of Hell.


All of Civilization as we know it will very soon be swept away, and so I offer the following reflections on The Church both in the Old Testament and the New to all those who have ears to hear with. I hope that it will be offered simply and in a spirit of humility, for that is the only way to Heaven. Great works of mercy, without love and mercy are a waste of time, and humility is the road on which love and mercy walk.  So let us begin at the beginning with the creation of Man, and make our way prayerfully through the Halls of history following God with total fidelity and humble love so that something of the glory of the Church of Christ will lighten our weary steps and give us hope, and joy. So that we may truly love God with all our hearts and souls, and in doing so strengthen our Faith and the Faith

of other Christians in this dark and dreadful age. And let our great guide in these mysteries be the Mother of God, Our Lady and Our Mother,

who of all human beings knows her Son better than anyone else, and who can lead us to him by a sure and safe way. So without much more ado let us begin this wonderful and holy adventure.


The adoration of the lamb