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Pink Nazism

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I began my campaign against the LGBT on the 17th March 2014, when in response to the passing of the “Gay Marriage “ Act by “Her Majesty’s Government,” I leafleted Cambridge. The title of the leaflets was “The True Nature

of Marriage and the Cult of homosexuality”, and during the course of the next 2 years I put out some 55,000 leaflets in 28 towns and cities in England, all dealing with different aspects of Christian morality and secular/humanist immorality; though the predominant themes were LGBT related.

During this time I was arrested 13 times, spent a total of 146 hours in police custody, notched up 22 court appearances, and was rewarded with 5 convictions for “homophobic/transphobic” related offences.  I became a “criminal for Christ”.




Homosexualism/Lesbianism/Transgenderism are social viruses, which in the past two decades have spread like

wild-fire throughout the Western World.  The so-called “LGBT(Q)” is the political movement which agitates for and ensures that sexual deviancy and perversion are fully integrated into society as a whole, and are in fact lauded and promoted everywhere, and at every level: in schools and colleges, in the media, in the arts, in government, in the judiciary, in the police, in the military, in sport, and in the commercial and civic sections of the society, and in nearly

all of the western churches. And woe betide any dissenters.

Thus we have, what I would call, a ‘Pink Nazism’, a determined, well-funded, and aggressive political movement which has carefully, steadily, and skilfully weaved its way into a position of unassailable ascendancy in western countries through a programme of “co-ordination”; that is, every level of society has been integrated, “co-ordinated” into the LGBT ethos, and accommodated to its aims.  This is exactly what the Nazi movement did in Germany in the 1930’s.




God made man and woman with a natural attraction and a natural complementarity to each other, so that they should come together in the holy union of marriage; for the procreation of children, for the stability of society, and for their own fulfilment.  So therefore, what God has united let not man separate, says the Lord (Mk 10:9). Yet original sin has deformed human nature, and nowhere is this more the case than in the area of sexuality. Fornication, adultery, divorce, prostitution, pornography, and rape have been the persistent features of developed human societies throughout history.,  All these vices are abuses of a natural order.


With homosexualism and lesbianism, and ‘transexualism’, we enter an unnatural order, the realm of perversion; not just sexual immorality but sexual deviancy.  And yet homosexualism particularly has been an accepted, even an institutionalized practice in various pagan cultures, including, Rome, Greece, Egypt, Babylon, China, and the Aztec and Inca cultures of Meso-America.  It is the mystery of iniquity, the instinct of the natural man to fashion God in his own image, for his own purposes.  Thus, homosexualism has always had a direct link to idolatry, which is rebellion against God and his Law.  St. Paul aptly outlines this in the first chapter of his Epistle to the Romans.


Now it may well be the case that original sin has left us all, to a greater or lesser degree, somewhat ‘bi-sexual’.  But even if this is so, we must recognize it as a part of our fallen human nature, our sinful condition, an aberration which must be resisted; for it belongs to the same dark world of sexual deformity which includes pederasty, the homosexual ideal of “man-boy” love, and ultimately paedophilia.


“Cleanse thou me from my secret sins, O Lord” (ps. 19:12)., I am aware within myself of a certain attraction to the naked black male body; having been possessed by this particular demon since I saw a black male stripper in a night club when I was 21 and part of a group on a stag night.  The “Strip Club” usually only offered female acts, but apparently once in a while a male stripper was included in the evening’s entertainment. What price the careless idiocies of youth?


Over the 30 or so years between this experience and my campaign I wasn’t particularly troubled by thoughts or dreams of naked black men and any sexual temptations I had were almost entirely “hetero-sexual”. Yet at the height of my anti-LGBT campaign I was visited by the Devil in the form of a tall, near naked black man walking through the streets of Corby, Northamptonshire.  He was wearing the skimpiest of shorts (it was in August), he had braided hair and a luxuriantly muscled body.  No-one seemed to take much notice of this extraordinary sight except myself, though it wasn’t the kind of thing one sees every day,  Was he only visible to me?  God only knows.  But how easily the seed of the serpent is sown through the follies and sins of youth. He who has not Christ, the demon rides.

Yes, the Devil knows our weaknesses and tries to exploit them.  He hates God’s creation and humanity’s ability to take an active part in it through the procreation of children.  That’s why he’s the mastermind behind the abortion industry.  And that’s also why he has a vested interest in trying to turn as many people as possible into homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals, and whatever other category of de-humanization he and the warped rebelliousness of fallen man can come up with, as long as sterility is the name of the game. Ultimately, the abolition of mankind.

So the Devil wreaks his revenge on me through homo-erotic dreams and thoughts.  This is the price I’ve paid for the war against the LGBT, sinful man that I am.  Yet I have taken the beam from my own eye, and can therefore call sin by its name. Yes, the Lord loves sinners, including homosexuals, lesbians, etc.  But he calls us to repentance, and to “Go, and sin no more” (Jn 8: 11).


If the LGBT movement is allowed to run its course unchecked, then natural man-woman sexual intercourse will diminish and sodomy/buggery will become the order of the day, whether men to men, or men to women.  Already in 2019 anal intercourse has become steadily more popular among men and women; thus corresponding to the contraceptive/abortive mentality which characterizes contemporary Western man.  We are becoming a sodomite society, the Rainbow flag will be ubiquitous, there’ll be a national “Gay Day”, even a “Trans Day”, and Pride festivals will be the fullest and most popular expression of our identity.  Thus we will all be drawn into the culture of the LGBT, to be designated as one of the categories thereof, whether homosexual, lesbian, transsexual, ‘queer’, ‘questioning’, ‘indeterminate’, or simply bi-sexual.  There will cease to be any such thing as hetero-sexual.  A kind of Pink Nazism will be the prevailing ideology, and the state will punish with increasing severity “homophobia” and “transphobia”.  Indeed the time may well come when all are required to wear a Rainbow wristband or badge, or a pale blue, pink, and white wristband or badge (the trans colours).


All this will be encouraged and eagerly assisted by the Western churches, particularly the Anglican,

Lutheran, Roman Catholic, and Presbyterian churches; which are now apostate from the

“faith once delivered to the saints”, and have de facto allied themselves with the LGBT. This is not

surprising, as the clergy of these institutions are crammed full with homosexuals and latent

paedophiles (not so latent among the Roman Catholics). They will doubtless have their complement

of ‘trans’ clergy soon enough.  They will produce a “non-homophobic” Bible and likely adopt the

Rainbow flag instead of the Cross (after all, wasn’t it the sign of God’s covenant with ‘humanity’?

And wasn’t Jesus gay?). If there are still to be crucifixes, then the corpus will be naked, and

perhaps even have an erection.  By the time Pope Francis has finished his pimping for the Devil,

the Vatican, that already well-established bastion of corruption, sexual and financial, will be the

vanguard of the LGBT advance.  How can it not be so when Roman Catholic seminaries and religious

houses are teeming with homosexuals and lesbians?  The Vatican itself is a sodomite harem.


I am sure all this will happen, or something like it.  “There will come a time”, said the hermit Anthony of Egypt, “when men will go mad; and when they see someone who isn’t mad they will attack him and say, ‘you’re mad, you’re not like us.’” That time has come.


The Devil is the Dark sower who sows the tares, the evil seeds of lust and sexual disorder within our minds.  Corruption is in the world through lust says St. Peter in his Second Epistle (2 Peter 1: 4). Without Christ we are all of us the Devil’s bitches, his whores; we are prisoners in his harem, slaves on his plantation: wanton, fickle, faithless, shameless, and shackled to our sins.  Only the Cross of Christ can save us from our bondage, our degradation, and our eventual damnation.  Only the Crucified One can rescue us from the Devil and from the Satanic brothel which is the world.  Only his Word can purify us and heal us, and cleanse the filth under our skirts.  For each human soul is called to be a bride of Christ, pure and chaste like a virgin.  As we see in the Song of songs, Christ will have his bride, his Shulamite.  He ever seeks to turn whores into shulamites: faithful, chaste brides, espoused to one Husband (2Cor 11:2-3).


The Devil seeks to do the opposite. He wants to turn us into whores; that is, heretics, atheists, humanists, idolaters, fornicators, adulterers, liars, and murderers. But above all now, in this Age of Darkness, he wants to turn us into homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals, bisexuals and “indeterminates”. To do this he has conceived (or more accurately misconceived) the LGBT (Q….I….) which is the Satanic agency sowing the poisonous seed.

The “NSDAP”, the Nazi party, took over Germany in the 1930’s, and infused its evil throughout German Society.  It made a particular point of sowing its seed among the young, via youth movements like the Hitler Youth and the League of German maidens.  Camps, rallies, banners, insignia, songs and slogans all played their part in consolidating the Nazi ideology and conditioning the general populace.


In similar fashion the pink Nazism of the LGBT uses schools, universities, the cub-scout movement, the girl-guide movement, the cadet corps, and children’s TV to indoctrinate young minds.  It has its insignias, its flags, its rallies (Pride marches), its pop music and pop star promoters (Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Madonna, the ridiculous Kylie Minogue, Elton John etc…….). In some countries, like Sweden and Holland, it even has its own “Rainbow summer camps” for children and young people.  And in all of this, along with the “Pride Season” (May to October), “LGBT History Month” (October in the USA, February in the UK), “Pride Month” (June) and constant media propaganda, sexual deviancy is presented as a carnival of joy and harmony.  To be “gay” is the very essence of love, of life, of celebration --- of liberty, equality, fraternity; and of course, “diversity”.  The Red revolutions of the past have become the Pink revolution of the present and future, paving the way for the “New World Order” which will be a nightmarish blend of Orwell’s “1984”, Huxley’s “Brave New World” and De Sade’s “120 days of Sodom”.  The family as we know it will cease to exist; childhood as we know it will cease to exist.  Truth, freedom, human dignity, nobility, purity, natural sexuality and morality will be no more.  The Pink tyranny will overturn traditional human values and principals, and elevate all that is base and sordid.


Underneath the dynamic image of the NSDAP, exuding vitality and “strength through joy” was the dark, sinister world of Nazism. Likewise with the LGBT, its public image is one of gaiety, amity, and exuberance, but it is a ruse.  For beneath the sheep’s clothing there lurks the ravenous wolf of disordered sexual craving in a dark world of depravity, drug abuse, disease, depression, mental illness, sado-masochism, demonic possession, and suicide: a hellish world leading finally to damnation.


Into this hell the LGBT are leading children and young people, as well as society generally; until entire nations are possessed by this demonic madness, like the Gadarene swine in the Gospels who hurtle to their own destruction; as did Germany possessed by Nazism.


The Christian can fight this Pink Nazism, and should fight it with every means at his disposal, warning all and sundry of the pink plague within our midst, leading us, Pied Piper like, to a doom-laden denouement on the Devils merry-go-round.


Ultimately, only force of arms could defeat the black Nazism of the NSDAP. Ultimately only force of arms can defeat the pink Nazism of the LGBT.  But this can only be done at God’s instigation, in his time, in his way.  So no budding terrorists please, taking it upon themselves to ‘square things’ with the “Gay community” (besides, such actions would only furnish the LGBT with pink martyrs).


One day, when the Sodomite/Trans revolution has led society to the furthest conceivable point of human degradation, God will raise up a host, a holy militia who, in his Name, for the sake of his Law and his Truth, and for the sake of the image of God in man, will do what has to be done.  Whether this army be angels or men, or both, I know not.  But they will bear the Cross and will strike at the LGBT (Q I…….) and its allies. (Of course, the Armed Forces are all fully signed up to the new Pink Order. You see them marching ‘proudly’ in Pride marches: the Army, the Air Force, the Navy, and the Marines.  The Russians or Chinese would make mince-meat of these pathetic degenerates).


In the meantime, as penance for our sins and the apostasy of Western Christendom, we must suffer the Satanic despotism of the queerocracy.


Until the day when the Cross-bearers appear, the war against the LGBT can only be fought  with the Word of God, which is an artillery battery; “pulling down strongholds, casting down imaginations, and every thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” (2 Cor. 10:4-5). Such is our spiritual warfare until D-Day.

“The ungodly are like the chaff which the wind driveth away” (psalm 1:4).


Jonah Van Jesus July 2019





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