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Prayers to St. Joseph

Prayer to St. Joseph


Hail Joseph, foster father of the Son of God,

Loving husband of Mary,

Man of justice, silence, gentleness and peace.

Guide us lovingly

As once you were guided

Lovingly by the angel of the Lord.

Holy Joseph,

Just as you loved, protected, and cherished

Jesus and Mary in their earthly lives,

Love, protect, and cherish us in ours,

And pray for us now,

And at the hour of our death.































Consecration to St Joseph


We come to You, Holy Joseph,

With our hearts full of Confidence,

Knowing that you are a true Father to us,

The Shadow of God the Father,

Our protector in times of danger when we are afraid.


You Are the Son of David,

You Are the Man of Justice,

You are the harbinger of Peace,

You have been made father to the King.

Humble in your authority,

Bold in your decisions,

Merciful in your actions,

You heeded the voice of the Angel,

And your heart beats with the heart of the Father.


In humility you became the husband of Mary ever Virgin,

And though overwhelmed at the realization of the Incarnation,

You accepted the Angel’s words and did not withdraw from

The mysterious workings of Divine Providence.


You accepted the role of being the putative father of Jesus,

The Son of the Eternal Father.


Vessel of Obedience to God,

You were also obedient to earthly powers,

And so when Augustus Caesar

Commanded that all must take part in the Universal Census, you obeyed,

And with Mary went to your ancestral town of Bethlehem.


As pilgrims, you and Mary journeyed with God to adore God in the Stable.

You took God to his own, and they knew him not.

The doors of Bethlehem were closed to their Saviour,

Harsh words were uttered against the parents of the Messiah,

Cold hearts had no room for the infant King,

No place for God in any inn.


Virgin father of the King of Kings,

You found a welcome habitation in the stable.

The Ox and the Ass gave welcome to the birth

Of Christ the Saviour,

And your exquisite tact and courtesy protected Mary’s modesty,

At the moment when God the Son was born into the World.


When the shepherds came to adore the King, you welcomed them with kindness,

When the Magi came with their precious gifts, you welcomed them with reverence,

And when they worshiped the infant King,

Your heart sang with joy,

And the angels harmonized your song.

Against the malice of Herod’s murderous hatred of Jesus,

You came with the power of an angel,

And under the cover of night,

You wrapped Mary and Jesus in the robe of your strength.


In exile in Egypt, like Joseph the Patriarch, you preserved not only a people,

But the infant Church,

And your unflagging spirits consoled Mary and your Son,

Who felt the sorrow of being strangers in an alien land.


Again the angel spoke to you and told you to hasten back to your homeland,

And prudence directed you to return to Nazareth, and so avoid the wiles of yet another evil king.


In Nazareth you taught Jesus the Creator of Heaven and Earth the art and trade of carpentry.

God was your apprentice and you his disciple.

In that home where Mary was Queen, your Son the King,

You, as the shadow of the Father, were Lord of the home.


O astonishing mystery that Mary the Immaculate Mother of God,

Spouse of the Spirit, and Daughter of the Father, should be subject to you,

But greater still is the mystery that Jesus Christ God Incarnate should call you

Father and obey you.


Miracle of Grace,

Humility of God,

That the Trinity called you to be

The Chaste Spouse of Mary, and gave to you the honour of naming

The Incarnate Word ‘Jesus’.

To you was given the honour of marking Jesus by circumcision,

And so inscribing him as a Son of Abraham.

To you was given the dignity of presenting Jesus in the Temple,

And experiencing both the joy and the distress of Simeon’s prophecy,

And you felt that sword that pierced Mary’s heart, when you,

The head of the Holy Family, lost Jesus for three days,

And so felt in your heart the indescribable sorrow of the passion,

Which your beloved Spouse would feel,

When she stood at the Cross of her Son.

In your sorrow at the loss of Jesus, you encourage us when we have fallen,

And in your joy at the discovery of Him in the Temple,

You share your joy with us,

When we are forgiven in the great sacrament of penance.


As your life drew to a close, your heart longed for the mansions of Heaven,

And the splendour of Your Father’s House.

As your body began to fail, your spirit began to sing a song of gratitude and praise,

And the angels gathered around you for your final journey

To the bosom of God the Father Almighty.

Though you could not enter His Courts

Until His Son had broken the gates of Sin and Death,

You would still be able to nestle under the shadow of the Father’s wings

And be carried in his Everlasting Arms.

Supported by Jesus and Mary,

You ended your earthly journey in the glory of a life lived

In the mercy and justice of the Father, whom you resembled

To a truly remarkable degree.


Sinners though we are,

And overwhelmed by our numberless sins, and manifold iniquities,

We flee to your protection and under the cloak of Your righteousness

And in the recesses of your noble heart,

We consecrate ourselves to you on this most special day,




May we, on this day, resolve to serve Jesus and Mary as you served them,

To suffer for them as you suffered,

And in so doing bring many to salvation and the Halls of Eternal Peace.

And finally, when our lives draw to a close,

May we on the arms of Jesus and Mary be welcomed into eternity,

Hear the Father’s voice,

Feel the Divine love of his Eternal Embrace,

And in the light of the All-knowing, light filled Trinity,

See the Majesty of his Glorious Face.




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Prayer to St Joseph

Prescribed by Pope Leo XIII, for the month of October, after the recitation of the Rosary.



To thee, O blessed Joseph, we fly in our tribulation and after imploring the help of thy holy Spouse, with confidence we ask also for thy intercession.

By the affection which united thee to the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God, and by the paternal love with which thou didst embrace the Child Jesus, we beseech thee to look kindly upon the inheritance which Jesus Christ acquired by His precious blood, and with thy powerful aid to help us in our needs.


Protect, most careful guardian of the Holy Family, the chosen people of Jesus Christ.

Keep us, loving father, from all pestilence of error and corruption.

From thy place in heaven be thou mercifully with us, most powerful protector, in this warfare with the powers of darkness;

and as thou dids’t once rescue the Child Jesus from imminent danger of death,

so now defend the holy Church of God from the snares of the enemy and from all adversity.

Guard each of us by thy constant patronage, so that,

sustained by thy example and help,

we may live a holy life, die a holy death,

and obtain the everlasting happiness of heaven.


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