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Response to the Open Letter of Brother Alexis to us

Open Response to Brother Alexis

And to all Loyal and Devout Catholics


Dear Brother Alexis, a true and beloved friend of God, how well we remember your kindness to us when we were being expelled from the Diocese of Northampton in 2015. It was so good of you to try and find us somewhere to live, and though the old disused friary in Southern Spain which you had tried to get for was never to be our home, we are eternally grateful for your kindness in those painful and difficult times.

We understand only too well your concern that we might be walking the wrong path and rather than helping our fellow Catholics we may be leading them astray.  That is not our intent and so I will try and explain our position in the simplest and shortest way possible, and a Canonical approach would, in this instance, I believe not be the most helpful way.

We believe that Pope Francis’s election to the Papacy was valid, despite all the ambiguities and irregularities attending upon it.  However, with the appearance of Amoris Laetitia, and his other heresies, Pope Francis became a heretic, ceased being a Catholic, and was therefore no longer Pope. Unfortunately, due to these heresies being accepted and promulgated by the Vatican, it follows that the Magisterium ceased being the Magisterium, and the See of Peter for the time being ceased being the Holy See.

Let us use a medical example. If a person has only a primary cancerous tumour, and it is successfully removed, then the patient has every chance of being cured. However, if there are also secondary cancers spread throughout the body, then the whole body is poisoned.  If Pope Francis were removed that will not get rid of the poisonous heresies, which are now being spread by the secondary cancers, namely the Curia, the false Holy See, leading Cardinals, bishops and priests, and condoned and possibly even tacitly approved of by the majority of bishops.  The patient, the Church, bar Christ’s intervention, has almost no chance of recovery.  This is the state that the Church finds herself in at the present time.  We know that the gates of Hell will not prevail, and that the Church, the Lady Zion, the beautiful Bride of Christ will arise with great resplendence and majesty, but the time is not yet.

We believe fully in the Truths of Faith and God’s Moral Law as has been taught by the Catholic Church until very recently.  It was our very painful privilege to issue ‘The Declaration’ in April 2019, and we realized that in doing so we would have to leave Jerusalem and follow Christ on the Way of The Cross, to stand beside Him as he suffered infinitely for our sins and the redemption of mankind outside the walls on Calvary. We were acutely aware that people would regard us as malefactors, but were not Christ’s apostles and disciples considered as such? As we stand at the foot of the Cross and gaze upon the Holy City so spiritually disfigured and so fallen, it is necessary that we keep watch and help all those who feel so betrayed by this terrible False Pope.

We are very small, very ordinary, and sort of like hobbits, and we realize that we may well have made mistakes in trying to defend Christ and his Church. But we call to mind that saying of St. Teresa of Avila; “God writes straight with crooked lines” Gazing upon our Crucified God we see an immense crowd of martyrs down through the ages from St. Stephen to all the recent martyrs suffering at the hands of Muslim zealots, and from the resurrected Communist dragon in China, and we know that their sufferings are not in vain, and that they will by their sufferings hasten the day when we will see the Church transfigured, resurrected, and glorified.