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St. Hildegard of Bingen

The old serpent rejoices in all punishments of body and soul that we human beings have to suffer. Because the serpent itself has lost the glory of heaven, it does not wish to let us achieve it. If the serpent senses that we are beginning to agree with it, it will think about starting up a struggle against God, saying: "Now I shall achieve all that I want among human beings!"


Right away the serpent in its hatred will plant the seed of an ugly conspiracy among human beings so that they can destroy themselves. And it will say: "I shall cause the death of human beings. Moreover, they have to be destroyed even as I have been. If I cannot exist neither should they." In its arrogance the serpent also has it in mind to destroy our descendants when men become inflamed with desire for other men and engage in perverse sexual relations. The serpent rejoices greatly over this, exclaiming in pleasure: "This is indeed a tremendous insult to the One who formed the human species when its members transgress against their own nature in such a way that they reject natural intercourse with women!" Because of this diabolical suggestion, people of this kind are disloyal and treacherous. They become robbers and thieves, too, in their   murderous hatred.

But in  unnatural congress with other men lies the filthiest kind of transgression and everything vicious. If such wantoness holds sway among human beings, the establishment based in divine law will be torn to pieces, and the church - like a widow - will be crushed. Princes, nobles, and the rich will be driven away from their lands by their subjects and forced to flee from city to city. Nobles will be destoyed and reduced from wealth to poverty. All these things will occur while the old serpent hisses contemptuously to the serfs about the variety of morals and clothing found among the rich. The serfs, in turn, will only imitate the rich, dropping some features here and adding others there. By such actions they will constantly seek to introduce novelties and keep up with the latest styles.


Our old enemy and the other evil spirits have, to be sure, lost their beauty of form, but have not renounced the arrogance of their minds. Therefore , out of fear of their Creator, they do not reveal themselves to mortals in the form of their depravity. Instead, they lie in wait for us all with temptations having to do with our moral conduct. For they always sense something among other creatures that resembles their own wickedness. But against the serpent's ruthlessness God has led a mighty struggle by opposing human reason to that of the devil, and God has thus destroyed the Devil's craft.


But this strife will go on until the day of Judgement when its chaos will defile everything and when we shall receive the reward of life as victors.

St Hildergard Prophetess

"I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh:

and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy:  

old men shall dream dreams,

and your young men shall see visions.

Moreover upon my servants and handmaids in those days I will pour out my Spirit."

(Joel. 2:28-29)

The following is taken from .St. Hildegard's book:

"De Operatione Dei"

( The Book of Divine Works)

Vision Five:9

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