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Concerning The Culture of Death

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For my part, I don’t normally like dealing with the sordid facts of homosexualism.  Some people, even in this sex-intoxicated pigsty society, are innocent of, and uncontaminated by the monstrous depravity called “homosexuality.”  And in fact most people are unaware of the real nature of the “gay” lifestyle and what goes on in secret.  The general public is not told how dangerous homosexualism is to the physical and mental health of its practitioners, as well as to society at large.


This is because the LGBT movement, well-funded and well supported, has like the Nazi movement in 1930’s Germany, carefully and skilfully manoeuvered itself into a position of ascendancy within the Western World.  So much so that a very powerful ‘pink Nazism’ reigns all but supreme through governments and their legal systems, the media, the arts, sport, and the entire educational framework of Western Culture.  Thus ensuring that a veritable “homo-dictatorship”, equipped with its own ‘newspeak’, can effectively crush any opposition to, or questioning of the homosexual or transsexual cult. This it does through legal action, media vilification, job expulsion, or career ruination (At the moment it stops short of using violence against dissenters, but in the years to come, it will become bolder and more brutal, like the Nazis).  


Complicit in the advance and success of the LGBT ideology have been the Western churches.  The ranks of the Anglican clergy are riddled with practicing homosexuals and latent, lurking paedophiles.  The Presbyterians, having discarded Calvinism, have eagerly embraced the abomination so conspicuously condemned by the Book they previously venerated as containing “the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth” about God and his workings; namely the Holy Bible. I expect these earnest “Presbyterians” to someday soon start turning their soaring pulpits into phallic totem poles --- ministers and congregation spellbound in their lauding  of the new “god of love” (sexual immorality and perversion), as they ritually  tear up their Westminster catechisms and commit themselves to the Solemn League of the Coven; the goat-god now presiding (let the reader understand). Fanciful ? Not really, when you think how frequently and how easily the chosen people of Israel fell into idolatry and sexual depravity in Old Testament times, led by their clergy.


In the Lutheran churches (so-called), with their ‘monstrous regiment’ of priestesses, the sodomite/lesbian cult has also firmly ensconced itself, despite Luther’s abhorrence of homosexuality and his pronouncing it demonic.


In Sweden, that dreary, joyless land of conformism and where pornography is part of the national identity, the state church, calling itself the “Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden” (neither evangelical nor Lutheran) has developed its own brand of pink Nazism by way of Summer ‘Rainbow Camps’ for those poor children and young people who have been seduced into believing that they are ‘homosexual’, ‘lesbian’, ‘bisexual’, ‘trans- sexual’ and whatever other LGBT invention.  Thus the apostate “Church of Sweden” preys upon and corrupts impressionable minds and innocent souls, with the enthusiastic approval of the Swedish State and Swedish Society.  But woe unto those who corrupt little ones, says Christ (One can only hope and pray that the Russians invade that miserable country and turn it into a Russian fiefdom. “I have read a fiery Gospel, writ in burnished rows of steel; as ye deal with my contemners, so with you my grace shall deal; Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with His heel…….Since God is marching on.  Glory, glory, Allelluya;  glory, glory………etc”).  Indeed, every Swedish Embassy a little emblem of Child-abuse.


The culture of death in its LGBT form, as distinct from its contraceptive/abortionist/euthanasia form, might have encountered a doughty opponent in the shape of the Roman Catholic Church, that old bastion of moral teaching (if not always moral living). But alas, this Church, so valiant in the pro-life struggle against the evil of abortion, has, during the papacy of the antipope Francis, become a thriving nest of the homosexual-pederastic cult; with seminaries and religious houses having become gay bordellos in all but name.  The Catholic clergy are infested with sodomy, the Vatican itself being a citadel of such and ‘Pope Francis’ more the Pimp of Rome rather than the Bishop of Rome.  In fact, he has consistently made a point of promoting and harbouring known active homosexuals, in contrast to his predecessor Benedict XVI, who made a serious attempt to deal with clerical homosexualism.  And if Bergoglio (‘Pope Francis’) so often looks like a Mafia Don, as indeed he does, then might the reason be that there is something essentially sinister and corrupt about the man?  It’s a thought.


In Britain the Catholic bishops have surrendered to the Culture of Death, with the Scottish bishops “welcoming” the LGBT - inspired new curriculum into Catholic schools, and the English bishops putting up no resistance to what will be the ideological manipulation and corruption of children and young people. No doubt ‘Pope Francis’ is delighted with this development as an example of his Jesuit-concocted “God of Surprises”. It’s now only a matter of time before “Gay Pride” processions (echoes of Nazi rallies?) has its full complement of R.C. clergy, along with their Anglican counterparts (Crucifixes with nude corpuses, perhaps?)


Yet homosexualism, which is sodomy, remains “an abomination” according to the Holy Bible, and an act of “grave depravity” according to the Catholic Catechism.  It is unnatural, unhealthy, unholy, and frankly disgusting.  Whence does this perversion come? Undoubtedly from Satan.  It is Satanic. Once people have turned away from God and his Law, the Devil powerfully supresses and corrupts human nature, and turns those enslaved to him through their lusts from a natural desire to a desire that is contrary to nature.  And so, homosexualism (including its offshoots, lesbianism and transsexualism) is a form of idolatry; the reward of such being the eternal fire of hell, with the Devil, the demons, and the damned.





Against Natural Law and the Social Contract



Homosexuality is really about sodomy.


Homosexuality is rooted in perverted practices which defy nature and bring ill health.


Homosexual practices are often abusive (sadomasochistic) and filthy, involving faeces and urine.


Homosexuality is a public health issue, and not just about what people do in private.  (Homosexuality undermines the public health as well as the individual’s.)


Illnesses (physical and mental) following from homosexual self-identification and behaviours, place a huge burden on the health system.


The homosexual lifestyle is at war with the individual’s, the family’s, and society’s stability.


“Death” hangs over homosexuality, in the riskiness and anti-procreative nature of its practices, and its sexualisation of human waste and excretory organs.


Society’s rationalization of these behaviours forces everyone to accept abnormal as normal, unhealthy as healthy, wrong as right, and bad as good.


Public accommodations can no longer turn away sex conferences celebrating the most depraved practices for fear of “discrimination” accusations, exposing all citizens to perversions they want no part of.


Taken from: (MassResistance: THE HEALTH HAZARDS OF HOMOSEXUALITY, What The Medical And Psychological Research Reveals; pp. 6-7)







Ode to the LGBT


There’s homos and lesbos, and transies and pansies,

There’s sexual psychos and ‘questioning’ queers;

They're sado-fascistic, and paedo-philistic,

They’re LGBT – the worst of your fears.


They’re anal obsessives and phallic fanatics

They’re sexual perverts and suicidees;

They’re neurotic self-haters cum ‘trans’–mutilators

They’re the culture of Death – the LGBT.





And remember:


Born male, is male, never can be female

Born girl, is girl, never can be boy/girl.




Transexualism is an extreme form of transvestism, which is an abomination to God (Deuteronomy 22:5).




2nd homoerotic cathedral

Vincenzo Paglia, the former bishop of the Italian diocese of Terni-Narni-Amelia commissioned this homo-erotic and blasphemous mural in the cathedral. He was then given the responsibility of  developing and launching a sex-ed course for teens that experts criticized as “thoroughly immoral,” “entirely inappropriate,” and “quite tragic.”

Jonah van Jesus