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Chapter Three

The Great Flood

The picture above adorns an essay by a Frank Joseph, called The Destruction of Atlantis.In this essay Frank Joseph informs us that Although some Atlantologists concluded that the Great Flood was caused by a celestial event, not until 1997 did the scientific community generally concede that a killer-comet was resposible for the demise of Bronze Age Civilisation. At a three day conference the scientists came to the conclusion that an abundance of physical and cultural evidence confirmed that periodic close encounters of a large comet from the 5th Millenium B.C. to the early 11th Century B.C. were responsible for several eras of wide spread destruction on the Earth's surface, including the forced end of the Bronze Age. Mr. Joseph with quotations from the various members of the Symposium held at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, and which included astronomers, geologists and climatologists, conjures up an apocalyptic vision worthy of that great 19th century religious painter John Martin, whose canvases would make a Hollywood religious epic seem somewhat tame by comparison. We see this comet, named Oljato, traversing the globe, like a destroying angel, firing asteroids at the earth,which create huge craters in the seafloor, throwing up gigantic 1,000 ft. tidal waves, and destroying the ancient civilizations of the Bronze Age with fire from heaven and fire from erupting volcanoes. In this whistlestop tour of the comet's progress we are carried on the crest of purple prose to the dramatic climax of the story with the destruction of the fabulous civilization of Atlantis.


Europe's largest fire consumed the Black Forest down to the Swiss Alps. A counterpart of the ash-fall inundating China fell on Britain, killing the majority of all living things there.  The worst was yet to come.  Leaving the continent in flames, Comet Oljato dispatched a salvo of cosmic bombs hurtling at 20,000 miles per hour toward the ocean.


Breaking the sound-barrier each in turn, they filled the vast chambers of the sky with reverberating thunders.  At least one meteorite hit the geologically sensitive Mid-Atlantic Ridge.  It suddenly awoke like the enraged Midgaard Serpent of Norse myth.  Sea-quakes rose in 500 foot tsunamis crashing 150 miles per hour across the face of the deep.  Volcanoes roared in furious choruses of streaming magma and piling cloud-banks of ash from Ascension and Candlemass in the Sourth Atlantic to Hekla in Iceland.  Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote in the Canaries exploded with flames to rival heaven's, as the nearby coast of North Africa writhed in seismic anguish.  Stabbing like sharp pain through a raw nerve, geologic violence shot along the length of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and across the fault boundary separating the Eurasian from African plates to which it was connected and on which the island of Atlantis was situated.


A trembler moving close to the speed of sound struck the subarmine foundations of Atlantis, detonating the sacred mountain.  Unable to vent the sudden force of so much erupting magma, one wall of the volcano blasted out laterally.  An inconceivable rush of sea rushed into the gaping wound, where the extremes of water and fire combined to implode the entire island.  The opulent, powerful, courrupt capital, with most of its screaming inhabitants, sank to the bottom of the ocean it dominated for centuries --- the same ocean to which it had given its own name.


Dramatic though this account is, it all reads like science fiction. The destruction is not fiction, but what the people of Atlantis were like, and what Atlantis was like we do not know. One also gets the impression that what is being described is not the Universal Deluge, but something less catastrophic. To understand what the Great Flood was like we are greatly helped by a book called Creation Rediscovered by Gerard Keane (Tan Books and Publishers. inc. Rockford Illinois 61105).  This book is by an inspired amateur who, on the whole uses his scientific, geological, and astronomical sources wisely and within a sound theological construct.


His vision is not as breathlessly melodramatic as Frank Joseph's, but is far more dramatic and far more biblical. His findings give us an extraordinary view of the World on the eve of The Flood. The Earth looked very different then; there were no huge mountain ranges.  The Earth was covered by a canopy of vapour, which meant that the climate was very equable and the atmospheric pressure would have have been greater as a result of this. It would have also meant that people would have quite easily lived for much longer, as we find recorded in the ages of the great Ante Deluvian characters of the Old Testament, Methuselah being the most famous. So Genesis suddenly becomes far more scientific than the Evolutionists would allow, when Geology, archeology, and science are put in the service of Revelation, rather than in opposition to it.  Thus the Grand Canyon becomes a perfect record of the Deluge. The Flood was the result of an extraordinaty accumulation of events. The water canopy above the Earth was ripped open by a shower of large meteorites, while at the same time their were volcanic explosions all over the planet, which seem to coincide with Frank Joseph's excited commentary.  The waters from the deep would have been thrown up in huge geysers and the whole surface of the Earth would have been subjected to winds of such force that animals would have been killed by the blast.


In his book Waters Above Joseph Dillow descraibes his vision of the beginning of The Flood.


As the Day of the Deluge approached, Earth was already in growing instability, and in some areas, violent storms with blizzards having temperatures lower than -40 degrees F were present. Other parts of the Earth, however, were relatively peaceful and, except for the growing cloud cover and apparent cooling, sheltered from the violence of other geographical areas....Suddenly, after the Northern temperatures had dipped into the low 40s due to the cloud cover, as the Beresovka mammoth was having his last chilly lunch, a 200-mile-per-hour storm front drove raging blizzards of ice, vegetable matter, mud, rain, and snow across the tundras....on the opening day of the Flood, the atmospheric instabilities that had been building up for a year or more suddenly precipitated into global instability, and the "windows of the heavens were opened."  Simultaneously, the fountains of the deep spewed forth, and the Earth was overwhelmed with rainfall  and deluge. Some of the mammoths were caught in raging blizzards at -175 degrees F temperatures and foxen in their tracks.  Other "Pleistocene" animals were swamped in a rain of freezing mud and buried in tons of frozen vegetable material along with trees, shrubs, and gravel that was driven in front of the great the northern areas this entire mass of mud, trees, shrubs, and animals became frozen to depths of hundreds of feet into what is called the permafrost today.


As if this were not dramatic enough we have Walt Brown's theory of the formation of the Continents, which is at the other end of the spectrum ot the "Continental Drift Theory", which takes place over huge periods of time. Brown calls this the Hydroplate Theory, which he describes in his book "The Fountains of the Great Deep". ( In The Beginning; Phoenix, AZ: Center For Scientific Creation).  Keane describes Brown's theory in the following.


In contrast to the commonly supposed Continental Drift  idea,  Walt Brown has proposed an alternative model -- the Hydroplate Theory. He suggests that when God caused the Flood events to occur, intense pressure under the outer granite crust unleashed a gigantic fracture which went racing around the Earth.  This fracture in turn unleashed violent forces of subterranean water up through the widening crack and casued a colossal amount of erosion to spill over the Earth as sediment (about 65% from the granite crust and 35% from the lower basalt crust), quickly engulfing creature+s and plants in the process.


Brown envsiages that the forces unleashed were so immense that great sections of the Earth's outer plates very likely were forced up, slid sideways and collided, forcing great mountains to be pushed up, as well as great ocean basins to sink down; as a result, there is some instability in the rocks which now comprise the Earth's crust. He points out that the enormous flooded Earth would have experienced successive unimpeded tidal waves impacting upon a vast amount of newly eroded sediments and giving rise to a "sorting" effect in deposition.


Now what is very interesting about these different hypotheses is that they are a lot more scientific than the almost canonized theory of Evolution. After all if the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona is held up as being typical of Evolution then why are some of the trees in these petrified forests, thirty metres in length? How could trees survive through rock strata that are meant to be millions of years old? Should they not have disintegrated? Also what does one make of the huge fossil deposits in the Karoo formation in South Africa which contain an estimated 800 billion fossilized vertebrate animals? Gerard Kean's view of dramatic changes to the Earth's surface rather than the slow build up of strata over millions of years is worth pondering by the Evolutionary establishment.


The sheer numbers of fossils trapped and buried in sediment all around the Earth suggest the action of rapid castastrophic events. (An estimated five million mammoths would be required for the half million tons of tusks buried along the Arctic Coast in Siberia and Alsaka.) The idea that the geological column was formed by very slow processes seems implausible.  On the contrary stupendous forces were required and it must have happend fairly quickly:


Now this is of considerable interest, in that fact that these theories are trying to show that there is no clash between science, true science and not pseudo science that is, and Revelation. The problem with Evolutionary theory that it is almost held as a dogmatic truth, into which the Church must fit Revelation. There has been something rather worrying when even such a great and holy Pope as Blessed John Paul,  did not question the theory of Evolution. The Catechism of the Catholic Church luckily does not mention Evolution, which is just as well. For Evolution first emerges in the18th century and then is taken up with dogged enthusiam by Darwin. What people fail to mention is that Darwin said that if ++ no transitional fossils were found then his theory would be false, but his scientific heirs have disregarded this. Why? Because they want Creation without God. They want something random. They want to construct their own Universe, and their own history, and their own society, and they want their own morality, or no morality, and in doing all this they find themselves, and the millions that they have influenced on the threshold of catastrophe.


It is perhaps time to look at that very interesting mystic Blessed Anna Catherine Emmerich in her account of the people who lived at the time of the Flood:


Neither Noe nor any of his family built permanent houses, because they put faith in the prophecy of the Deluge. But the godless nations around laid massive foundations, marked off courts, and erected all kinds of buildings designed to resist the inroads of time and the attacks of an enemy....They had not fallen into this stat e of base degradation from want of civilisation.  They were not wild and barbarous; rather, they lived commodiously and had well-ordered households ---but they were deeply imbued with wickedness.  they practiced the most shameful idolatry, everyone making his own god of what ever pleased him best.  By diabolical arts, they sought to seduce Noe's immediate family. (The Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Vol 1, Baronius Press Classics, pp 34-35).


The picture that Anna Catherine paints is one of a world almost possessed especially when she speaks of the giants, which modern men and women would find laughable, but which is corroborated by the very sane Bishop Challoner in a footnote in the Douay Rheims Bible. Remarking on the giants, he has this to say on verse Chapter 6 v. 4. "It is likely the generality of men before the flood were of gigantic stataure in comparison with what men are.  But these here spoken of are called giants, as being not only tall in stature, but violent and savage in their dispositions, and mere monsters of cruelty and lust."


Much of the World today could be described in such dark terms, and also the diabolical seems far more prevalent now than in previous centuries. When the leading Roman exorcist Fr. Gabriel Amorth says that he could empty most of the mental hospitals by exorcising the patients, one can only hope that he is right, as the current treatment of the so called mentally ill is barbaric and despotic by terms; it is certainly not curative, and many psychotherapists and psychologists may well agree.


The World that faced Noah is remarkably similar to our own. It differs in one major respect, God had not become Man. The evil in Noah's day was probably no worse and no better than in our own day, and given the longevity of the human race, Noah would have been quite close in time to Adam and Eve, and would have known of the effects of  The Fall, and the dreadful nature of Sin. There was knowledge of God among men of Noah's day, but there was also a wilful disobedience, a desire to forget about God, and what man's relationship with  him should be. So though Christ had not come, there was still a knowledge of God. We in our World, wherever we are, and whatever culture we come from, cannot escape the fact that God does exist. The most primitve or people know that; it is only the sophisticated people from Manhattan to Paris, from London to Moscow, or from Mombai to Bejing, who can ignore such things at their peril.


Ultimately we will find the purveyors of knowlege, the intellectuals, the accademics, and the scientists, who will drift slowly towards the oblivion of atheism, or find themselves shipwrecked on the reefs of the occult, and diabolism. What is often overlooked is that you will find the artists, the media, despite their at times unprincipled behaviour, and the simple, seeing the wood for the trees, and curiously close to those saints given to prophetic utterances.


In the 90's and early into this century there were quite a lot of disaster movies, about the destruction of the world by floods, and comets, and earthquakes, and perhaps the most plausible one was "Deep Impact",which was about  a comet heading towards the Earth which would destroy it, if it hit it. The World is saved from extinction by a self sacrificing Astronaut, played by Robert Duvall and his fellow astronauts, who manage to break the comet apart by exploding it along with themselves in a nuclear explosion; as a result the Earth is only hit by a large meteorite which does incredible damage, but does not destroy the human race.


St. Hildegarde, whose vocation as a prophet was given Papal approbation by Eugenius III, and is the only saint to have received such an honour (The Papal Bull which the Pope wished to issue on the subject of Hildergarde's authenticity as a prophet was no never published, because Eugenius died before he could issue it.), predicts a similar scenario to that which we find in "Deep Impact".


"Before the comet comes, many nations, the good excepted, will be scourged by want and famine.  The great nation in the ocean that is inhabited by people of different tribes and descent will be devastated by earthquake,storm, and tidal wave.  It will be divided and, in great part, submerged.  That nation will also have many misfortunes at sea and lose its colonies.......By its tremendous pressure the comet will force much out of the ocean and flood many countries, causing much want and many plagues.  All coastal cities will live in fear, and many of them will be destroyed by tidal waves, and most living creatures will be killed, and even those who escape will die of horrible diseases,,,,,,For in none of those cities does a person live according to the laws of God.  Peace will return to the world when the white flower again takes  possession of the throne of France.  During this period of peace, people will be forbidden to carry weapons, and iron will be used only for making agricultural implements and tools. Also during this period, the land will be very productive, and many Jews, heathens and heretics will join the Church." ( quoted in Trial, Tribulation, and Triumph,  Before, During and After Antichrist; Desmond Birch, Queenship Publishing Company; pp. 312-313)


And so we come full circle, from the terrifying comet of Frank Joseph's destruction of Atlantis, through the theories of creationist scientists and geologists, until we arrive at peace, that peace that was first proclaimed to the World by the rainbow, and which promised that never again will there be a universal deluge. God however did not promise, unlike the sociologists, crimminologists, psychologists, and many of the theologians of today, that he would not punish, because if he spares the rod, the children will fall to Hell, like leaves in an autumn wind. Sadly, like naughty children, we only learn when we are punished. Our sins especially the sins of abortion, contraception, and those of a sexual nature cry to Heaven for vengeance, and that is even before we think of the terrible oppression of the poor throughout the world today. The Democratic West with a breathtaking hypocrisy exalts sexual sin, and denounces the oppression of the Poor, while quite happily living a life of luxury which can only be maintained if most of the World starves.  We will be very lucky if all that happens to us is a Comet hitting the Earth.


The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And the Lord was sorry that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him to his heart.  So the Lord said "I will blot out man whom I have created from the face of the ground, man and beast and creeping things and birds of the air, for I am sorry that I have made them."  But Noah found favor in the eyes of the LORD. (Genesis: 6; 5-8)



Peace I leave with you;

My peace I give to you;

Not as the world gives

Do I give to you

(John 14: v.27)














The Flood