Christ stilling the waves June 2013 111



Chapter five





We see that the Great Crisis is further unfolding before our eyes in a truly remarkable manner. Now, quite unsurprisingly, Barak Obama has come out in favour of homosexual marriage. It is as ridiculous as the Israeli woman who, not so many years ago, married her pet dolphin. The Phoenician god Dagon, I seem to remember was half fish, and so the highly deluded lady was only following a variant of Phoenician idolatry, which always, as we know from the reading the Book of Kings, had a great attraction for the ancient Israelites.  We might want to marry all sorts of individuals who are not the opposite sex to us, but we are being quite illogical in describing the union as being one of marriage. I might, for instance, want to marry my mobile phone, or marry the Tower of London, even marry a Giraffe at London Zoo. If I was to be really ambitious I might want to marry a blue Whale or the Grand Canyon. If David Cameron, or Francois Hollande, or even Barak Obama came out with such unbelievable rubbish, they would either soon  cease to be the leaders of their countries, or would be deemed insane and end up in Mental Institutions with, what are euphemistically described, as mental health issues.


Are these people who propose homosexual marriage illogical, or are they rebels against the natural order, and the supernatural order?  Essentially they are against the decrees of God the Father, who wished the human race to be a family of love, justice, and peace. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas said that if Adam and Eve had not fallen, then the sexual act would not have been the wildly ecstatic thing it is supposed to be. As human beings would be in a state of innocence and all their faculties were operating in peace and harmony, as well as in joy, and in peace, there would be no need, nor desire for sexual excitement. We have only to look at animals mating to see their sensible no nonsense approach to things. We have sinned, and they have not.


Marriage after the Fall was a prey to passion, and how many marriages have been truly miserable affairs.  Infatuation dies early on in the marriage, and then the hard task of living with another determines if either the man or the woman truly know that love is sacrificial. Marriage then becomes a process of a profound examination of conscience.  Every virtue is tested, every mask is torn away, and the couple begin to realize who they truly are. If they do not, then hatred enters the marriage and love flees.


I suspect that the real problem with marriage in the Western World today is that it is now all but obliterated by sexual gratification, or to put it bluntly by lust. Lust is no different  from gluttony, and rather more destructive. I may be a glutton, but I am not going to ruin another person’s life, unless my gluttony requires the very best food that money can buy. It may well destroy my health, and will certainly destroy my soul. Lust however is a monster, and it destroys young love, and leaves broken hearts, and dying bodies. Surely the great increase of sexually transmitted diseases should be an indication that chastity is surely the answer in health terms. And is it not amazing that in a culture that is maniacally obsessed with health and fitness that people haven’t tumbled to the truth that chastity is very good for one’s health?  However Western Men and Women are like spoilt children, and governments are like utterly irresponsible parents, who give the children whatever they want, or worse still what the politicians want.  I remember hearing two really quite revolting stories about mothers corrupting their sons, and being  very middle class, most probably thought they were being very modern and sensible. One mother encouraged her son to go to a prostitute to find out about sex. I have to say that the woman was, from what I can gather, what you call a good Catholic! The other one at least had the excuse of not being one.  She showed her son a mildly pornographic magazine to help him understand sex. How did human beings manage for thousands of years without dirty magazines to know the facts of  life?  Both women were educated and sophisticated, and came from the middle classes who were behind the Pagan Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the French Revolution,the Russian Revolution, and the sexual revolution of the Sixties. So much for learning, education and sophistication.  We would learn more about human behaviour from Bushmen, Hottentots, and Aborigines  than Western Intellectuals whose advice would damn us with learning.


In fact since the end of the 19th century there has been a desire among radical intellectuals who have proposed the whole dubious theory of eugenics, for population control and sexual gratification at all costs.  One could cite the dishonest statistics produced by the Kinsey Report in the 50’s,  or the puritanical Marie Stopes encouraging contraception, and eugenics, but that does not get us necessarily any closer to the truth, which is far more profound than the corruption of sex. The stark truth is that human beings do not like to be reminded that God made them, and that we are born of his will, and would not be here if he had not willed us to be.


According to God the primary end of marriage is children.  God does not tell Adam and Eve to make love, he tells them  to “increase and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it.” It is a question of bringing human beings to birth for eternal bliss and for tending the earth, or caring for the environment ; so much more lacklustre one feels. The problem  is that with the Fall, Man and Woman are estranged, and misunderstanding becomes the order of the day, and this is passed onto the children. Children can all too easily side with one parent against the other, and children can end up by hating one or both  parents.  It is the parents who teach their children to love by loving each other and loving them. It is precisely when children are unloved, abused, or loved in the wrong ways that the tragic damage so often shows itself in so many ways from mental problems, to sexual ones. Parents should see their children as loaned to them from the all loving God.  They should be overwhelmed by his majestic and tender fatherhood which watches over all Creation and Man in particular.


Leeane Payne in her book “The Broken Image” deals with homosexuality in a very wise manner, and likens it to Cannibalism, and as she is dealing mainly with male homosexuality, she sees the man being attracted to the other man for the things that he would like to have which the other man has; this links it with Cannibalism. For cannibals do not kill and eat the weak specimens of the human race, but the strong ones.  They want something of that strength.  Most sexual disorders result from a lack of parental love. Given free will and Original Sin, we cannot be totally behaviouristic about psychology, but it does appear that happy parents who truly love one another produce happy children.  In the ancient societies of Africa homosexuality is almost unknown, because in tribal societies children will have any number of aunts and uncles who can stand in for the natural parents. The extended family provides a safety net of love.


The agnostic, atheistic, secularist family be they the chattering classes, University intellectuals, the ordinary middle classes, or the urban proletariat, whatever that is these days, will have small nuclear families, not often based on marriage, but on lone parent families, where the mother is stable, for the simple fact that she is around, but the Father is absent, and there is so often a succession of uncles.  That is not to denigrate the women, for  men, being men just wander, the woman can’t so easily, because she is a mother. But inthe  World where contraception is encouraged, and where abortion is endemic,  children are born into a frightening world.  What is a father, and what is a mother?  What are husbands, and what are wives?  What is a lover, and what is a partner?  If sex is logically ultimately about having children in a stable family, be it the monogamous Christian and Jewish marriage, or the polygamous Moslem marriage, and other forms of polygamy, then sex for pleasure alone, and infertile sex, be it heterosexual or homosexual, is simply  illogical. If all the animals started contracepting, we would starve and there would be ecological chaos. The real horror is for the children who cannot trust a mother who aborts, for the question must arise in the mind of the child “Would she have done that to me” ?.  Deep in the child’s heart , he or she must know that she cannot trust a mother who is a murderer. That bitter truth Westerners , cannot swallow because they cannot believe that they have done no wrong, for there is no such thing as sin.


Thus the problem in the West with its dedication to contraception, is something that  is not usually noted namely that it is creating a drastic shortage of workers in Western  Europe at least. The American WASPS, in encouraging contraception,  are finding to their horror that they are decreasing, and the Blacks and Hispanics are increasing.  For all the chaos of British society, it is encouraging to note that they are producing quite a lot of babies, albeit out of wedlock, which is better than Most Catholic Spain, who along with Italy have, it appears, the lowest birth-rates in Europe, and that surely is a mystery in itself.


For the Christian sex takes place only in marriage, and it is within this sacred context that children are brought into the world. The love of the husband and the wife mirrors the love of the Father and the Son, which sends forth the Spirit. It is not an exact analogy, but it is helpful. Marriage makes parents most like God the Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth. Artificial sterile sex and homosexual sex is consciously or unconsciously about narcissism, and self worship.  The other person is there to satisfy ones lusts, and the need to be adored; it is about what the other person can do for me, not what I can do for the other person, though it may be dressed up in wonderfully romantic, poetic, and even philosophic and artistic terms, but it misses the essential point.  Sexual married love is about self giving, and self sacrifice and mirrors the life of the Trinity, and the salvific work of the Trinity. It is exceptionally profound, and I fear that the champions of Christian marriage may be as unaware of it, as its most fierce opponents.  In the next chapter I will be dealing with a great parable of married love when considering that grandest of Grand Operas, Richard Strauss’ Die Frau Ohne Schatten, which may, very strangely (Strauss seems to have had very little of the Christian about him, though his librettist Hugo von Hofmannsthal was an Austrian Catholic) be an antidote to the anti marriage lobby, or to be more precise, “the perversion of marriage lobby”.  We can only hope that the secularists and the humanitarians will wake up to the truth before the Divine and medicinal punishment descends on the entire human race.