Christ stilling the waves

The Trumpeteer

  • A time for prayer, reflection and a temporary goodbye

    We are moving over the next few days.

    As far a we know we will not have easy access to the internet for a while. Therefore this site may not be updated regularly.

    However, we will be keeping it open, and sometimes we may find a way to add an article. It will still be a way to contact us if you need one, as we will still regularly go somewhere to check our e-mails.

    But this must be a time for prayer for all of us. A time to take in and reflect on all the disturbing things that are happening both within and outside the Church. But most of all a time to worship God, both silently and in our very lives. After all, it is for this that we were created, to love and worship God, and to do His will.

    So set your eyes on Christ, pick up your cross, and follow the narrow way which He calls us to follow, the Way that leads to salvation and eternal happiness.

    May the Peace of Christ be with you, and please continue to pray for us.

    Sr. Colette


We are restarting our blog page in order to be able to inform our readers about news items from the secular or religious world that need to be more widely seen or commentated about.

We stopped it almost exactly two years ago, when we were asked by Bishop McGee to stop blogging; (under threat against Fr. Stephen's priestly faculties).

We had earlier that year, told Bishop Gilbert that we would stop blogging if he wished us to, but at that time he was happy for us to continue.

However, we were under two different dioceses due to living in a different diocese to that in which Fr. Stephen is incardinated.

Now however, the world and the Churches are descending ever further into a moral morass. And as we have ended our obedience to Pope Francis - and therefore all Bishops who go along with his false teachings and example - we are free to do what we must do under God. Preach God's Truth to the people, in season and out of season, so that those who have ears to hear may turn back to God and be saved.

For details on why we have removed our obedience please read our Declaration and footnotes.