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We restarted our blog page in order to be able to inform our readers about news items from the secular or religious world that need to be more widely seen or commentated about.


We stopped it in 2007, when we were asked by Bishop McGee to stop blogging; (under threat against Fr. Stephen's priestly faculties).


We had earlier that year, told Bishop Gilbert that we would stop blogging if he wished us to, but at that time he was happy for us to continue.


However, we were under two different dioceses due to living in a different diocese to that in which Fr. Stephen is incardinated.


Now however, the world and the Churches are descending ever further into a moral morass. And as we have ended our obedience to Pope Francis - and therefore a Bishops who go along with his false teachings and example - we are free to do what we must do under God. Preach God's Truth to the people, in season and out of season, so that those who have ears to hear may turn back to God and be saved.


For details on why we have removed our obedience please read our Declaration and footnotes.

Covid 19 and the Interdict

By The Hermits, Mar 19 2020 10:10PM

So much has happened since my last posting less than three weeks ago.

It is now clear that this virus is going to cause much more infection and death than the SARS virus.

Also, the SARS virus didn't cause national borders to close around the world, a financial collapse, shops, pubs, restaurents and hotels to close, vast numbers of holiday makers to be isolated in their hotel rooms for their own protection before being dispatched back to their own countries, churches closed or empty, and the Catholic Mass, Anglican, and Baptist etc services cancelled for months if not longer.

How suddenly it has come upon us, how our world has changed. Who would have thought that someone would try to stab another customer over toilet rolls! It is like living through one of the many apocolyptic Holywood films.

How should we, who try to follow our Saviour Jesus Christ, react to this disaster unfolding around us?

Firstly by realizing that this isn't just a disaster, but part of the History of Salvation. As everthing has been all through the history of the world.

The Covid19 coronavirus is not evil in itself, it is simply a virus. There is the possibility that it was manipulated by human evil in one of the worldwide biological warfare research centres. But that embodiment of evil is not just in China, or just in England, or just in Israel, or just in the USA, but there are multiple centres, in multiple countries manipulating nature whilst developing new ways to kill people. Before the Fall, before Eve wanted to know what she should not know, viruses would not have been our enemy, sickness was not known. It is our joint sinfulness which brought this about.

Yet, even this is in God's eternal plan. As I said, this is part of the history of salvation, this can help us reach heaven if we react in the right way.

You can see this happening in the way that some parts of society are trying to work together to help others.There is an emphasis on considering others, of protecting the vulnerable (if only they extended that consideration to the unborn).

The mode of death is also unusual. A nurse in Italy described the way that people were lucid right to the end. That her patients were even able to use the nurses phone to see and speak to loved ones just minutes before they died. They knew they were dying, but they were fully aware of everything. What a grace if only they (or any of us) were to use it to make their peace with God. What a blessing not to die suddenly and lose the chance to gain heaven.

Now anout the ban on attending Mass, and receiving Holy Communion. This, of course, does not mean that God cannot come to you. We know from Christ Himself, that if we truly believe then Jesus and His Father will come and dwell within us, and even dine with us. The Catholics in Japan kept their faith even after not having any priests for 300 years.

But couldn't the timing be significant after the abomination of the idol worship in the Vatican, in St Peter's.

Could God stay in the temple when the sacrifice to the Demon Pachamama was placed on the very Altar on which was to be The One and Only Sacrifice, Jesus Christ Himself. How can we be surprised when He imposed an interdict on the Roman Church. When a joint excommunication has been passed temporarily on the people of his flock, in order to turn them back to Him. How simular to his action with his Chosen People in the desert, when he punished them in order to regain them.

So rent your garments, cry out to the Lord, he will hear you and turn his face to you once again. For He will remember his people, he will resurrect the Church; for he loves us so much that he sent his only beloved Son to die for our sin, to take our sin upon himself, so that we can live with him forever in paradise.

Sr. Colette

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