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We restarted our blog page in order to be able to inform our readers about news items from the secular or religious world that need to be more widely seen or commentated about.


We stopped it in 2007, when we were asked by Bishop McGee to stop blogging; (under threat against Fr. Stephen's priestly faculties).


We had earlier that year, told Bishop Gilbert that we would stop blogging if he wished us to, but at that time he was happy for us to continue.


However, we were under two different dioceses due to living in a different diocese to that in which Fr. Stephen is incardinated.


Now however, the world and the Churches are descending ever further into a moral morass. And as we have ended our obedience to Pope Francis - and therefore a Bishops who go along with his false teachings and example - we are free to do what we must do under God. Preach God's Truth to the people, in season and out of season, so that those who have ears to hear may turn back to God and be saved.


For details on why we have removed our obedience please read our Declaration and footnotes.

By The Hermits, Feb 21 2020 05:06PM

At last the daylight is long enough up here on Westray for me to open up the blog again.

This year we haven’t had enough very high winds (unlike England!) or sun to run the electricity transformer to use the desktop computer which is needed to edit the website. It has been a long blustery and very wet and dark winter. Right now the sun is out, but I know the wet and windy weather is returning on Thursday, still, weather is not the most important thing in the world, it will not lead anyone to heaven.

Firstly, many thanks to all the people from every corner of Christianity who sent us messages after our excommunication. I hope we have got back to all of you. If we have missed you please forgive us. Some of you also know by now that Fr. Stephen suffered a small stroke on the 15th January. I am sure that the stresses of being interviewed via the telephone by various news outlets contributed to the stroke, but also they run in his family. He has made a very good recovery with just a feeling of weakness in his right leg remaining, and maybe an increased feeling of exhaustion. But it has been a good warning from God to him, and meant that he is now on medication to stop it happening again.

I will, over the next few days, put our post-excommunication statement and our response to the open letter of Br. Alexis onto the site. I will place them together with our Declaration. Until now Deacon Nick Donnelly has hosted them for us on his blog ‘Protect the Pope’. Those two documents help to fully explain our position and why we had to do what we did.

Now, back to the great confuser.

A warning, don’t be too happy that Francis did not mention getting rid of priestly celibacy in his exhortation. Because, in a sneaky way he did!

You must look at the second to fouth paragraphs of his introduction and consider why he wrote what he wrote:

“2. During the Synod, I listened to the presentations and read with interest the reports of the discussion groups. In this Exhortation, I wish to offer my own response to this process of dialogue and discernment. I will not go into all of the issues treated at length in the final document. Nor do I claim to replace that text or to duplicate it. I wish merely to propose a brief framework for reflection that can apply concretely to the life of the Amazon region a synthesis of some of the larger concerns that I have expressed in earlier documents, and that can help guide us to a harmonious, creative and fruitful reception of the entire synodal process.

3. At the same time, I would like to officially present the Final Document, which sets forth the conclusions of the Synod, which profited from the participation of many people who know better than myself or the Roman Curia the problems and issues of the Amazon region, since they live there, they experience its suffering and they love it passionately. I have preferred not to cite the Final Document in this Exhortation, because I would encourage everyone to read it in full.

4. May God grant that the entire Church be enriched and challenged by the work of the synodal assembly. May the pastors, consecrated men and women and lay faithful of the Amazon region strive to apply it, and may it inspire in some way every person of good will.”

To join up the sections I have underlined:

“I will not go into all of the issues treated at length in the final document. Nor do I claim to replace that text or to duplicate it. I wish merely to propose a brief framework for reflection…. that can help guide us to a harmonious, creative and fruitful reception of the entire synodal process… I have preferred not to cite the Final Document in this Exhortation, because I would encourage everyone to read it in full. May God grant that the entire Church be enriched and challenged by the work of the synodal assembly. May the pastors, consecrated men and women and lay faithful of the Amazon region strive to apply it, and may it inspire in some way every person of good will.”

Francis is therefore exhorting everyone in the Roman Catholic Church to strive to implement everything mentioned in the final document of the synod, plus what he mentions in his Apostolic Exhortation.

If you don’t believe me, then read what the Vatican News itself published:

Vatican News, by Alessandro Gisotti, 12th February 2020

“(Pope Francis) does not intend to substitute or duplicate the Final Document which he invites us to read “in full”. Pope Francis prays that the entire Church might allow itself to be “enriched and challenged” by it and that the Church in the Amazon might strive “to apply it”.”

So the modernists and the feminists didn’t need to be shocked or dismayed by the Exhortation. Their time will come (unless the Church is overturned and purified first). Pope Benedict’s book might have caused a short delay, but not for ever.

However, why have I not heard cry of horror from the good traditional Catholics over what is in the exhortation?

Is everybody blind; certainly I think that is what Pope Francis was hoping for when he used the diverting tactic of not mentioning married priests. But what is more important, celibacy or obeying the First Commandment? The whole Exhortation is leading to syncretism between the One True God and false deities. Remember what happened at the final Mass. The sacrificial gift to the Demon Pachamama was placed on the High Altar. A Demon’s sacrifice sharing the same Altar as Christ Himself, the One True Sacrifice. Is that what you want duplicated in your own Parish Church? Is that what you want duplicated in an Amazonian Catholic Church? I know you do not! Then do not be happy that the exhortation does not mention married clergy, who are already in the Roman Catholic Church, either as converted clergy, the Ordinariate clergy, or the Eastern Catholic clergy, but cry out with grief that paganism is being accepted further into what should be the Body of Christ.

The Abomination of Desolation is entering the Roman Church if indeed it hasn’t already happened.

We have been criticised that we said that the Barque was sinking, even though Pope Benedict is on record as having said that the Barque had capsized. But cannot God, who made everything that has been made, who raised the dead to life, and has Redeemed the world, raise the Barque, purify it, restore it and transfigure it so that at last it is what it should always have been: the Spotless Bride of Christ?

Sr. Colette

By The Hermits, Nov 19 2019 01:59PM

What do you do when everything becomes dark?

Put on a light.

I read the Narnia series when I was about thirteen or fourteen. That was 50 years ago!

At that time I found the Christian allegory interesting, the description of heaven fascinating and beautiful, and all the fighting boring! But the thing that has always stayed with me was in the last book: the description of the men sitting in what had been a dark smelly stable, not able to see that everything had changed around them and the were now at the gate of paradise, which they were free to enter if only they truly opened their eyes.

How can you help people see the Light? A dear friend of mine has recently asked me that very question. How can you persuade people to stop concentrating on the foreboding dark evils infiltrating both the world and the Church, and look upon the Crucified Christ instead, who has redeemed us if only we will accept it? How can you make people understand that they have to prepare themselves for death so that they can enter paradise? Few want to think about it, even when they are fast approaching old age. And how can you make people who are publicly sinning realize that they are not heading towards utopia but hell unless they repent and turn back to Christ?

But the biggest problem of all is what do you say to people who think they are in the right and everybody else is either mistaken or against them?

What you are often told by even holy Christians is: “just pray about it/them”, but is that what Jesus said in the Gospels? Certainly Christ said that we had to pray, and the Psalms are full of petitions, but that is not all we are instructed to do. We have to take the message of the Good News to the ends of the earth. That means taking it to Vatican Hill just as much as to “Deepest Peru”, where I seem to remember Paddington Bear said he came from! It also means taking it onto the streets and into the workplace, even if it does mean that we antagonise the neo-pagans. Christ told us to see the signs of the coming of the Judgement. When we look around us at the natural world and the depths of the sexual immorality taking over even the laws of our Countries, could we be seeing the start of those signs that Christ mentioned?

If we are in the lead up to the time of chastisement, or even to the time of the Antichrist, shouldn’t we be preparing lest we be found wanting. And can our behaviour be considered Christian if we do not try to help others find Salvation, even at this late hour. I do not expect to see Christ appearing in the clouds of heaven in the next few months, as the happenings of the Book of the Apocalypse have not yet all occurred. But I don’t know when I will die, and when I do that will be my Judgement Day, so as indicated by St. Paul, we must live as if every day is our last, so that we may ‘win the race’.

But to return to the question posed by my friend. How do you help others see the light? Yes, there is truth in the saying that your very life should be an example to others. I know of one woman who was converted to Christianity by the example of a nurse who cared for her in hospital, and the fact that she wore a cross round her neck (which wouldn’t unfortunately be allowed now). However it was actually twelve or more years after that encounter that the conversion occurred – talk about a delayed effect! But effective silent witness of this type is uncommon, and now nurses and doctors are disciplined if they even mention God, let alone wear a Cross.

In my view it is time to resist the Neo-pagan culture by copying the resistance of the early Christians to the Pagan practices of Rome. They refused to honour the false gods by bowing the knee or offering incense to them or the Emperor. Now the false gods are the imaginings of the LGBT, and of ‘healing the planet’ by killing unborn children or artificially preventing their conception. How many people in Britain today would refuse to watch a Gay Pride event, or refuse to buy their child a rainbow bracelet or a rainbow poppy. How may people who are teachers, or firemen, or ambulance men, or local councillors would refuse to walk in a Pride procession. If they did they would be risking losing their job. How many shops along the route of the processions would refuse to decorate their windows with rainbows etc – they would be risking being boycotted, or, like the Chickafil shop, be persecuted out of business! But it is not just the false god of LGBT ideology that is getting out of hand. How many of us are willing to not laugh at a joke against God? To say that they didn’t go to the ‘Life of Brian’ film because it was blasphemous? To say a private grace before eating then make the Sign of the Cross? To thank God out loud for something good happening such as the birth of a baby or even lovely weather? How many of us are willing to show that we are a Christian? But if we don’t show we are Christians, how can we lead anyone to Him? Nabil Qureshi in his Book ‘Seeking Allah finding Jesus’ said that just after his conversion, when driving to university, he saw a man walking along the street and suddenly realized that no-one was likely to speak to that man, or millions of others, about Jesus Christ; and that meant that no-one was going to stop them going to hell.

There is also a place for more active Christianity, (whatever the Pope says!), to ‘publicizing’ God, making Him seen, putting out His message this sad world of today. This can be done by using all the media outlets and by written materials. Many thousands of Muslims have been converted by the internet and by the ‘Jesus film’. By people risking their very lives to bring the hope of a loving and personal God and Father, instead of the impersonal Allah. Just read ‘A Wind in the House of Islam’ by David Garrison to see what can be achieved by individuals and small groups. Or read about Brother Andrew who risked taking Bibles through the ‘iron curtain’ and whose organisation Open Doors is still bringing God’s Word in clandestine Bibles to people in closed countries.

So how can we simply be a visible Christian to people? By looking like a Christian, and I don’t mean looking like a nerd! Firstly, dress modestly; looking like a tart doesn’t actually help you proclaim God’s moral law. Dressing modestly doesn’t have to mean not dressing beautifully. If possible wear something that silently proclaims that you belong to God, and if you are wearing a Cross or Crucifix around your neck don’t hide it under your clothes. Even Putin lets his Cross be seen. If you happen to be reading something religious such as the Catholic Herald, the Evangelical Times, or the Bible etc don’t immediately hide it if someone sits next to you on the bus or train – as if you were ashamed of it - as if it were a porn mag. And if someone serves you a coffee or even gives you an unwanted flyer – say thank you, bless you. And don’t use blasphemous swearing! And of course, if someone brings religion into the conversation do not be afraid to discuss the truths of Faith. You may not have any effect on anyone, but that nurse in the Royal Victoria Hospital Folkestone never knew that her manner and her Cross brought someone to Christ. Maybe you, when you (hopefully) enter heaven will have someone come up to you and thank you for bringing them to Christ and heaven. Think how wonderful that would be.

Bringing the Light to people may not bring you peace or happiness in this world. It is more likely to bring you into troubled waters, possible persecution, even prison (but death is unlikely just at the moment, but that may come later). Christ said that the Kingdom of Heaven is won by violence. The common understanding of this saying is that we have to do violence to ourselves in order to enter heaven, and that is undeniably correct. But is that the only meaning? Jesus Christ Himself won the fight to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth – in the hearts and souls of His followers. But He didn’t win by using violence, but by violence being done to Him, by being Crucified on the Cross. The Apostles didn’t spread the Kingdom of God by using violence, but by unswerving courage and by their martyrdoms. So too the Kingdom of God was not spread throughout the Roman Empire by violent Christians, but by the blood of thousands of martyrs, and the suffering of millions of others.

To be a true disciple of Christ today, to be a bearer of the Light of Truth to people, we must do violence to ourselves. We all want to be popular, we all want to be liked, and we don’t want to stand out as being ‘different’ from our peers. But we have to obey the ‘Great Commission’, to borrow that term from the Evangelicals. We have to take the Good News to the ends of the earth, to the neo-pagans who now surround us on all sides. And that means we have to face ‘violence’ being used against us. Hopefully not physical violence. But the more unpleasant violence of being displeasing to society. Of being displeasing to the Roman Catholic Church structures or people in our own parishes. We must be the child that cries out that the Godless norms of modern society ‘has no clothes’. We must stand up for the Truth in season and out of season. And we must love and show God’s love to others, even though it hurts, and hurts, and hurts.

And lastly, we must rejoice. Rejoice in God’s goodness, His love, His gift of salvation, His gift to us of all the beautiful things of earth. This world may be increasingly dark and sinful. But even in this deadly fight between Good and Evil there is still beauty and goodness. So make time to praise and thank God. And may the blessings of God be with you always.

Sr. Colette

By The Hermits, Nov 14 2019 02:23PM

Everything is now falling into place (unfortunately). And this does not make for pleasant writing or reading. For as you know I was brought up to believe absolutely in the Truths of Faith, which I still believe even more strongly (if that is possible); and also as someone who loved the Roman Catholic Church as my spiritual home. My mother was trained in her youth in apologetics by her wonderful French Headmistress and Mother Superior of her Convent High School (incidentally the same school as was attended by Gemma Craven, the star of the wondrous film “the Slipper and the Rose”). Mother passed on that training in apologetics to me; and it is that critical thinking that I still use today.

So I will briefly enunciate what I mean by the heading: ‘everything is falling into place’:

Firstly, Bergolio seems to be letting it slip out that he doesn’t actually believe that Jesus was God Incarnate whilst He was walking on earth, and also that Jesus didn’t really physically rise from the dead. (See Church Militant’s article ‘Scalfari: Pope Francis denies bodily Resurrection of Jesus’ which includes an informative interview with Deacon Nick Donnelly). This adds to Bergolio’s other statements in which he throws doubt on Christ’s miracles such as the loaves and fishes etc., and if he doesn’t believe that Jesus Christ could do miracles, it makes sense that he also doesn’t believe in the Resurrection – the largest miracle of all. So of course, if Francis does not believe in Christ’s physical Resurrection then he isn’t a Christian, (or a Roman Catholic)!

Now, let me lead you through a recent chain of events:

Pope Francis signs an accord which says that God wills all religions; therefore including Satanism which is a recognised religion.

Pope Francis then sets up a commission to propagate that false belief throughout the Catholic world. Especially targeting educational establishments and seminaries, so corrupting the youth.

He then holds an ‘Amazon Synod’ which promises to bring in indigenous practices (i.e. Pagan) into Christian worship.

At the start of the synod he holds a Pagan ‘tree planting’ event during which he ‘blesses’ a carved figure supposedly of the ‘earth-mother’, also known as the goddess Pachamama. (Who is normally thought of not as a ‘human’ but as a subterranean serpent or dragon who causes earthquakes when she is displeased, and when she is depicted in human form she is not shown as pregnant and kneeling in a humble posture, but standing and holding vegetation). The kneeling Pachamama idol is then honoured by Pope Francis saying prayers in her presence in St. Peter’s before processes with her into the Synod. The woman from the Amazon who arranged this tree planting ceremony has said that this was to honour Pachamama, and to connect with the father-creator, who is another Pagan god – the Pacha Kumaq I mentioned in my earlier post about the Synod.

This image of Pachamama, this false god, is then given pride of place during the synod discussions, and was also displayed in the Church of Sancta Maria del Traspontina. From which the brave and wise ‘New Maccabees’ took five of these idols and dumped them in the Tiber.

When Bergolio told the journalists that the idols had been recovered by the police, he said that the Head of Police suggested that Pachamama should be present at the closing Mass. Bergolio’s seemingly odd comment about this suggestion was the enigmatic “we’ll see”.

Come the closing Mass and no Pachamama could be seen. However, at the end of the Offertory procession an Amazonian woman brought up a bowl containing earth, some greenery which apparently included the some of the plant which had been planted at the start of the Synod, (according to a Vatican spokesman), and some red flowers. Unlike the other offertory gifts which disappeared somewhere behind the altar, (including the ‘bouquet’ brought up by an Amazonian man which did not include anything red), Francis deliberately ordered the sacrificial bowl to Pachamama to be placed on the Altar. You can see this for yourself by viewing the Vatican’s video of the closing Mass. What you need to know is that there are various traditional offerings made to Pachamama in Pagan rituals. In one the offering is a bowl of earth with plants, and the instruction on how to prepare this sacrifice includes the direction: ‘do not omit something red’. In other words; this bowl with its red flowers was an offering, ie sacrifice, to Pachamama.

Therefore, by deliberately having this bowl placed on the ‘Altar of Sacrifice’, the Pope was simultaneously offering the Sacrifice of the Mass to God, and a Pagan Sacrifice to Pachamama. Now some light can be shone on what Pope Francis meant by saying “we’ll see” about Pachamama being at the closing Mass! He knew what the Amazonian woman would be bringing up to the Altar in the Offertory procession. When the sacrifice was made to Pachamama – surely she was there to receive it, whether we could see her or not! False gods are Demons, sacrificing to them is to sacrifice to Satan himself. Both God and Satan were being ‘served’ by Francis Bergolio in St. Peter’s at the high altar. But you cannot serve both Satan and God. You must choose. Francis could not be serving both, and by serving Satan he betrayed Christ and brought the Abomination of Desolation to God’s Temple. Francis, by choosing publicly to have the offering to the Demon Pachamama on the Altar has become her servant, her Pagan priest.

So where does that leave the Roman Catholic Faithful? Leaderless certainly, but is that all? The false church foreseen by Blessed Anna Catherine Emmerich appears to be coming to birth through Pope Francis. Please do not let yourselves be members of the Demonic Cult of a Demonic leader.

Christ is your true leader and the only path to Salvation. Think, deeply and sorrowfully, think and pray. Keep to the Truths of Faith as used to be taught by the Roman Catholic Magisterium. But do not follow Bergolio to hell, instead follow Christ to Paradise. Whether that means separating yourselves from Pope Francis as we have done, or whether it means you remaining to fight a rear-guard action, is up to you and your hopefully well-informed conscience, and what you feel God is calling you to do. Whatever you do, keep your gaze on Christ.

And pray for Francis in case he may yet repent.

Sr. Colette

By The Hermits, Nov 3 2019 03:28PM


In the general and growing confusion in the Church we see various groups promoting a particular view of the Church, some heretical and some not. The first of these are the clerical revolutionaries who have been around since the early sixties, and their younger acolytes. The most important of these are the disgraced former Cardinal, Theodore McCarrick, the late Cardinal Danneels, and Cardinal Kasper. We see that this revolutionary group include the next generation of like-minded liberal clergy and are best represented by Cardinal Cupich and Father James Martin. This revolution is Marxist in its ethos and harks back to the recent past when Liberation Theology was all the rage. This revolution then is led by a German/South American group which wants to change the Church into a false Church which embraces the World and all its pomps.

These modern pomps of Satan are best represented by the Liberal Globalist School of thought which is obsessed with health, wealth, and happiness, especially with regard to any form of sex. It is not surprising that this School is best represented by bankers such as the unbelievably powerful and rich banking family of the Rothschilds, the terrifying and ubiquitous George Soros, and the indestructible Rockefeller family. This future globalist World will, if the globalists have their way, be run by a super elite who will control a one world government. As well as the very small super elite there will be a small middle class and a very large slave population. Most of the World’s population will be reduced greatly in numbers by abortion, contraception, infanticide, eugenics, euthanasia and genocide. So why do these Church revolutionaries want to embrace such a horrific World run by madmen, albeit incredibly wealthy ones? It is a mystery to say the least. However I think that the answer is very simple. They have succumbed to the great temptation presented to Christ by Satan, which is the third of the temptations that Christ undergoes according to Matthew:

“Again the Devil took Him up into a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them, and said to Him: All these will I give Thee, if falling down thou wilt adore me. Then Jesus saith to him: Begone, Satan! For it is written: The Lord Thy God shalt thou adore, and Him only shalt thou serve. Then the devil left Him. And behold Angels came, and ministered to Him.”

(Matthew 4:)

It is obvious that the Globalists are more than well-meaning humanists; like Satan they wish to create the ultimate rebel, one who has no need of God, and will unseat Him; whether they know it or not they are paving the way for the antichrist. They think that they can relegate God to those past and superstitious Dark Ages, which were far less dark than the present era. It is both silly and evil. It is far worse than Frankenstein, and it is tragic and unbelievably sad, for so many of these rebels are priests, and souls consecrated to God. Intellectually it does not have the somewhat squalid romance of the French existentialists like Sartre and Camus, or the brilliance of Nietzshe whose Superman is a lot more interesting than the rebel that Globalists want to produce, but what does one expect from bankers? Excitement?

Robert Maginnis, in his excellent book The Deeper State, quotes an article from Zero Hedge - a business blog. One is somewhat pleasantly surprised that such a blog could sound so religious, and that Cardinals and bishops can sound like dangerous politicians or unthinking bureaucrats, with their unbelievably leaden prose. This is what Zero Hedge has to say about the globalists:

“The Lucifer mythology is one of rebellion, a rebellion against the Christian God” writes Zero Hedge. Luciferians are rebelling against the restrictions put in place by God and instead they favour self-esteem as they seek “their own ‘godhood.’” A world controlled by those with such beliefs “will suffer in the scorched path of [globalist] elites seeking to revolt against inherent moral and natural boundaries as they role play in an ignorant daydream of satanic hero worship, and this is without doubt evil.”

Finally, Zero Hedge paints globalists as moral relativists, a concept addressed earlier in this volume as well. “Moral relativism is the act of rationalizing a destructive or evil process by claiming that a positive end result or intention washes away responsibility,” according to the authors. The rub, according to Zero Hedge, is “globalists could not care less about the consequences of their actions to others [sound familiar?], but they do feel the need to justify those actions in a way that people will embrace.” So what do globalists do? They spout propaganda based on the concept of moral relativism and “the lie that good is only about perception while evil is a ‘gray area’, or illusion.” (Lt.Col.Robert MaGinnis, THE DEEPER STATE, THE WAR ON TRUMP BY CORRUPT ELITES, SECRET SOCIETIES, AND THE BUILDERS OF AN IMMINENT FINAL EMPIRE)

One is forced to ask why does this rebellious group in the Church want to having anything to do with such horrible people as the Globalists? The answer is easy because they are rebels, whether they know it or not? The 19th century Protestant Biblical critics, along with such people as Renan have emptied the Bible of its meaning, its holiness, and its truth. These terrible intellectuals have seen, neither the Wood nor the Trees, they have simply produced a thousand Frankensteins, and ten thousand Draculas. Their Catholic intellectual heirs have opened the doors of the Catholic Church and let the demons in. If the Bible is a mass of enchanting myths, then who is Christ? If he is only a man, then why obey his laws? As C.S. Lewis rightly and wisely argued, Christ is either mad, a liar, or who he says he is, God. Nothing has been so disastrous to the Faith than Biblical Criticism whose greatest ally has been Evolution. Nothing is so able to diminish God as Creator than this pseudo- scientific rubbish for which there is not a shred of scientific evidence for such nonsense.

It is truly catastrophic that both St. John Paul II, and Benedict XVI, despite their holiness, and their brilliance were not able, like most of the Western intellectuals in the last 200 years, to see Evolution for what it is, namely the poisonous apple presented to the Eve of our day. This apple is the scientific and intellectual child of Darwin, Marx, and Freud. For these men, Man is basically an animal, and an animal has no ethics, no morality, and no instinct. Modern man has become an animal, and morality is not only relative, but will soon cease to exist. Thus, the celibate priest or religious who listens to the siren call of these three prophets of modernity, will throw caution to the wind and indulge his or her animal appetites.

This, then I would suggest, is the world view of the rebels in the Church, and why they can make the Globalist creed their own, and why they find such people as Soros, the Rockefellers, the Gates, and the Rothschilds so congenial, for the apple has turned into a delicious intoxicant, which ultimately kills. The religious rebels and, for want of a better description, the Globalist humanists do have one thing in common, they want to make the World not into something better, but something different. They want to make humanity, not better, but different, and so the logical end of all this is the monster represented by the LGBT movement, and no doubt animal transitioning will be the next thing on this hideous and demonic agenda. For both the religious rebel and the Globalist humanist there is still a sentimental love for the poor, the noble savage, and the down trodden, which betrays an underlying Christian culture, which so far has not been entirely eradicated. The religious rebel will call it Charity, the Globalist humanist, philanthropy.

What must be realized from the start is that the rebel view is the prevalent one in the Church and the traditionalist and conservative groups are very small. Let us turn to these groups and hear another voice.


I have decided upon the term “Baroque” to describe this group which is inclined towards the very understandable view that all will be well if we return to the full-scale Tridentine Church. This small group are headed by the young Bishop Schneider, Roberto de Mattei, and to some extent by Cardinal Burke, and Cardinal Brandmuller. Cardinal Brandmuller is something of a novelty in all this, as it is the elderly Cardinals and clerics, who were the rebels or the well-meaning advocates of aggiornamento, i.e. the updating of the Church in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Paul VI now, very oddly, a canonized saint of the Church, was part of this updating process, and it is hard to know quite where he is situated. The fact is he was the son of a newspaper Editor, had a passion for politics, was an enthusiastic Francophile, and had the greatest difficulty making up his mind about anything. He was very much caught up with the social Gospel and modernity, especially when it came to the UN, or the first men on the moon whom he rapturously applauded when they made their touch down on that mysterious planet in 1969. He was a man who had his head in the clouds, but sadly he did not have his feet on the ground. He was no friend of the Tridentine Rite, though he preserved most of the Tridentine Canon in the First Eucharistic Prayer. I have also used the term “Baroque” so as to give it term that sounds less combative, which so often the term Tridentine does.

When one thinks of Baroque, one thinks of the beautiful baroque churches in Rome, or the ones in Venice. One thinks of Monteverdi and Palestrina, and Cavalli, and in Art one cannot but be moved by such artists as Veronese and Tintoretto who despite their almost operatic quality have a freshness, a warmth and a true Christian joy that you will not find in Michelangelo, or Raphael. There is a purity in these painters’ works, which though they do not rank with the greatest of artists, show the exuberance of the Counter Reformation, whose saints stagger us with their energy, and vision. One thinks of St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St. Francis de Sales and Jane de Chantal, and St. Philip Neri and St. Felix of Cantalice in particular. These latter two present us with a Church filled with the sunshine of Divine Love. Rococo, the successor to Baroque is filled with brilliant white interiors burnished with gold, and though it is like some strange architectural jungle it has a lightness and a joy, and this despite its extravagant quality.

By the close of the 19th century all that intoxicating Christian joy had almost disappeared, main duly to the supposed supremacy of science. Science was fast becoming a god. Science had the answer to everything, and so Modernism was bound to appear on the Theological scene. We are learning very slowly, those of us who have eyes to see, that this is not the case. Science to be truly science is simply the observation of how the World and the Universe work. It tells us about how all sorts of things work from the tiniest particle to the biggest galaxy, from the smallest animal to the biggest. Science really is about very precise and profound observations, which can, for the most part, be tested, disastrously with the splitting of the Atom, wonderfully with the discovery of DNA.

The death knell to the Baroque Church was the virtual outlawing of the Tridentine Mass. The most interesting response to this mad action by Paul VI, manifested in the reforming or deforming zeal of that unfortunate liturgist Annibale Bugnini, came in a letter from artists, writers, and musicians. This letter written in 1971 nearly two years after the implementation of the new liturgy, pleaded for the Tridentine Mass to remain. It resulted in an Indult being granted to the Catholic Church in England and Wales for the Tridentine Mass to be allowed, under certain conditions. As far as I can make out the Episcopal Conference for England and Wales were less than enthusiastic about this, and did not encourage the Old Mass. The letter has come to be known as the Agatha Christie Indult, which gives the whole thing a welcome frisson in such a dull modern Church.

The signatories were illustrious, and included one of the greatest violinists of 20th century, the great Yehudi Menhuin who was Jewish, that incomparable coloratura soprano Joan Sutherland, the novelist Graham Greene, and the actor Ralph Richardson. Here is a copy of the letter.

"If some senseless decree were to order the total or partial destruction of basilicas or cathedrals, then obviously it would be the educated - whatever their personal beliefs - who would rise up in horror to oppose such a possibility. Now the fact is that basilicas and cathedrals were built so as to celebrate a rite which, until a few months ago, constituted a living tradition. We are referring to the Roman Catholic Mass. Yet, according to the latest information in Rome, there is a plan to obliterate that Mass by the end of the current year. One of the axioms of contemporary publicity, religious as well as secular, is that modern man in general, and intellectuals in particular, have become intolerant of all forms of tradition and are anxious to suppress them and put something else in their place. But, like many other affirmations of our publicity machines, this axiom is false. Today, as in times gone by, educated people are in the vanguard where recognition of the value of tradition in concerned, and are the first to raise the alarm when it is threatened. We are not at this moment considering the religious or spiritual experience of millions of individuals. The rite in question, in its magnificent Latin text, has also inspired a host of priceless achievements in the arts - not only mystical works, but works by poets, philosophers, musicians, architects, painters and sculptors in all countries and epochs. Thus, it belongs to universal culture as well as to churchmen and formal Christians. In the materialistic and technocratic civilisation that is increasingly threatening the life of mind and spirit in its original creative expression - the word - it seems particularly inhuman to deprive man of word-forms in one of their most grandiose manifestations. The signatories of this appeal, which is entirely ecumenical and non-political, have been drawn from every branch of modern culture in Europe and elsewhere. They wish to call to the attention of the Holy See, the appalling responsibility it would incur in the history of the human spirit were it to refuse to allow the Traditional Mass to survive, even though this survival took place side by side with other liturgical reforms."

Signed: Harold Acton, Vladimir Ashkenazy, John Bayler, Lennox Berkeley, Maurice Bowra, Agatha Christie, Kenneth Clark, Nevill Coghill, Cyril Connolly, Colin Davis, Hugh Delargy, +Robert Exeter, Miles Fitzalan-Howard, Constantine Fitzgibbon, William Glock, Magdalen Goffin, Robert Graves, Graham Greene, Ian Greenless, Joseph Grimond, Harman Grisewood, Colin Hardie, Rupert Hart-Davis, Barbara Hepworth, Auberon Herbert, John Jolliffe, David Jones, Osbert Lancaster, F.R. Leavis, Cecil Day Lewis, Compton Mackenzie, George Malcolm, Max Mallowan, Alfred Marnau, Yehudi Menuhin, Nancy Mitford, Raymond Mortimer, Malcolm Muggeridge, Iris Murdoch, John Murray, Sean O'Faolain, E.J. Oliver, Oxford and Asquith, William Plomer, Kathleen Raine, William Rees-Mogg, Ralph Richardson, +John Ripon, Charles Russell, Rivers Scott, Joan Sutherland, Philip Toynbee, Martin Turnell, Bernard Wall, Patrick Wall, E.I Watkin, R.C. Zaehner.

This letter sums up perfectly, not only the Baroque Church, but the conception of making the past really present. If one begins to change something very ancient, and it seems that the Tridentine Mass is essentially the Mass of St. Damasus, who was living in the 4th Century, then there is a confusion of the past and the present.


Then there appears on the scene that awful personage, “The chronological snob”. He or she says that we know better than our forebears, who compared to us were country bumpkins, and so modern philosophy and modern art, and modern intellectual endeavour are far superior than anything in the past. We may argue about what the very early liturgy of the Church was like, but there is no point in cutting the tree down to a stump, because what you are left with is ugly and devoid of the beauty of the full grown tree, and whatever new shoots appear it is doubtful that these will be like the former tree. For all the very obvious faults of Nazism, Hitler in his lunatic way had a very real understanding of history and the past, but it was compromised by his hatred for the Jews, the Slavs and those he considered sub-humans. His world was a curious combination of Rome, and the Germanic myths. However in its own mad way Nazism was about making the past present.

Marx, however, was intent on making the new man, a man who was part of the very modern technological world, a man who was wholly a part of the Industrial Revolution. With Marx there would be no past; everything was to be new and nothing old. The modern proletarian man was to forge a future that owed nothing to the past, for the simple reason that the past was quite irrelevant. Marx, as far as I know, had never been a real proletarian, and so his studies done in the British Museum library had all the unreality when it came to what was best for the worker and for that matter what was best for Man. If he had been faithful to his Jewish religious roots we would never have had his brand of Communism. Lenin, a minor aristocrat, and a lawyer was most definitely not the archetypal working man, idolized and idealized by Soviet Russia, and after World War II this vast Empire of the proletarian man would spread from Vladivostok to Berlin and beyond. With the aid of Soviet Communism, and its many fellow travellers, this view was bound to affect the West, and it is interesting to note that, though the beginning of the Russian Revolution witnessed and explosion of avantgarde art and creative activity in Russia, it soon withered away, and architecture, and art was dominated by Soviet realism.

The opera and ballet at the Bolshoi and the Kirov companies could not have been more old fashioned. Like the French Revolution, which at least in a rather crazy way, harked back to Classicism, we have a new calendar, and a new time scale. In the New Mass of 1969, you also have a new calendar, and a thing called “Ordinary Time”. Did Marx enter the Church by way of “Ordinary Time? I think the answer is a resounding “Yes” for “Ordinary Time” has all the grey tediousness of Communism. I am sure that Stalin did try and destroy the Catholic Church by planting agents in the Church, but in the final analysis the work of infiltration had been done superbly well by an international Left wing intelligentsia, that was bred in the salons, the universities, and the homes of the middle classes throughout the Western World, only in Latin America was there resistance until the arrival of Fidel Castro, and the glamourous Che Guevara, who was a ruined doctor and a cruel guerrilla.


The profound problem with the Latin West is that we have completely forgotten how to worship God. The new liturgy given to the Church by Paul VI and now canonized with his canonization last year, gives little impression of awe and beauty. The language is pedestrian to say the least. It is a victim of that overused phrase aggiornamento (updating). How one can update something that is a mystery, that is present and is also heavenly, and truly mysterious. In the Orthodox East there is this sense of the Liturgy being what they say it is “The Divine Liturgy”. Occasionally one has to listen in the Catholic Church to such a term as “Holy Mass”, and it sounds rather trite, or that the person using it is trying to make a point, which is understandable as so many celebrations of the Mass appear to be anything but holy. I can remember as a boy of 13 having to serve a Jesuit’s Mass at Stonyhurst College, and it was over and done in 15 minutes! I have no reason to believe that the priest in question was not devout and good, he was certainly eccentric, but one could hardly have described the celebration as Divine!

So let us turn to the Liturgy of St. Basil the Great and read the Anaphora (Eucharistic prayer in the Roman Rite) from the beginning to the Consecration. Here we see something far richer than we find the Tridentine Rite, and obviously it shows the Mass of Paul VI to be extremely insipid; no wonder people were trying, invariably and unsuccessfully to make it more interesting. The grandeur and the elevated language takes us up into the Heavenly Liturgy and we find ourselves in the same world as those great scenes of worship in the Apocalypse.

“Priest: With these blessed powers, O Master who lovest mankind, we sinners also do cry aloud and say: Holy art thou of a truth, and all-holy, and there are no bounds to the majesty of thy holiness, and just art thou in all thy works, for in righteousness and true judgement hast thou ordered all things for us. When thou hadst fashioned man, taking him from the dust of the earth, and hadst honoured him with thine own image, O God, thou didst set him in the paradise and the enjoyment of everlasting good things in keeping thy commandments. But when he disobeyed thee, and the true God, who had created him, and was led astray by the guile of the serpent and rendered subject to death through his own transgressions, thou didst banish him, in thy righteous judgement, O God, from paradise into this world, and didst turn him again to the earth from which he was taken, providing for him the salvation of regeneration, which is in thy Christ himself. Yet thou didst not turn thyself away forever from they creature whom thou hast made, O good One, neither didst thou forget the work of thy hands; but thou didst visit him in diverse manners, through thy tender mercies. Thou didst send forth prophets; thou didst perform mighty works by thy holy ones who, in every generation, were well-pleasing unto thee; thou didst speak to us by the mouths of thy servants the guardian angels. And when the fulness of time was come, thou didst speak unto us through thy Son himself, by whom also thou madest the ages, who, being the Brightness of thy glory and the express Image of thy person and upholding all things by the word of his power, thought it not robbery to be equal to thee, the God and Father. But though he was God before all ages, yet he or when he was about to go to his voluntary and ever-memorable and life-giving death, he took bread in his holy and immaculate hands; and when he had shown it unto thee, the God and Father, and given thanks and blessed it and hallowed it and broken it,

He gave it to his holy disciples and apostles, saying: Take eat, This is my Body which is broken for you, for the forgiveness of sins.

Choir: Amen.

Priest: In like manner, having taken the cup of the fruit of the vine and mingled it and given thanks and blessed it and given thanks and blessed it and hallowed it, He gave it to his holy disciples, and apostles, saying: Drink this, all of you. This is my Blood of the new covenant, which is she for you and for many, for the remission of sins.

Choir: Amen “

Just when we think that things cannot be more ecstatic and heavenly we are overwhelmed by the intoxicating majesty of the Liturgy of St. James, which seems to combine something of the Dies Irae of the Verdi Requiem, the Sanctus of Britten’s War Requiem, with the Veni Creator Spiritus of Mahler’s 8th Symphony, and the closing section of Elgar’s The Apostles. However for those who prefer such modern composers as Cage and Stockhausen who bring Atonalism to its logical and crazy apotheosis what I am writing will make no sense at all. Stockhausen might have been a Marxist, Hans Verner Henze most certainly was, but he was more melodious than the other two.

Here we see the climax of the anaphora leading up to the consecration:

“The celebrant lifts up the shushevo (veil) and waves it three times over the elements, saying in a low voice:

You are the hard rock which sent forth twelve rivers of water for the twelve tribes of Israel. You are the hard rock which was set against the tomb of the saviour.

The celebrant, placing his left hand turns towards the people and blesses them, saying:

The love of God the Father+, the grace of the Only-begotten Son+ and the fellowship of and descent of the Holy Spirit+ be with you all, my brethren, forever.

People: Amen. And with your spirit.

The celebrant, extending and elevating his hands, says aloud:

Upward, where Christ sits on the right hand of God the Father, let our thoughts, minds and hearts be at this hour.

People: They are with the Lord God.

Celebrant: Let us give thanks to the Lord in awe.

People: It is meet and right.

The celebrant bows down his head, waves his hands over the elements, and says in a low voice:

Truly it is meet and right to thank, worship and praise the Creator of the whole world.

The celebrant, with his hands outstretched, says aloud:

He Whom the heavenly hosts, corporeal and incorporeal, glorify; the sun, the moon and all the stars; the earth, the seas and the first-born inscribed in the heavenly Jerusalem; angels and archangels, celestial virtues, principalities, thrones, dominions, powers, the many-eyed cherubim and the six-winged seraphim who, covering their faces and feet, fly to one another, chanting thrice holy, crying and saying: Holy.

People: Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty; heaven and earth are full of His glories. Hosanna in the highest.

The celebrant, waving his hands over the elements, prays silently:

In truth You are Holy and You make Holy, O King of the worlds, and Holy is Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, and Holy too is Your Holy Spirit Who searches out hidden things. You created man out of the earth and placed him in paradise, and when he transgressed Your commandment, You did not leave him straying, but did guide him by the prophets, and in the fullness of time You sent Your Only-begotten Son into the world, Who when he had taken flesh of the Holy Spirit and of the Virgin Mary, renewed Your image which was worn out.

The celebrant takes the host from the paten with his right hand. He puts it on the palm of his left hand, and raising his eyes upward, says aloud:

When He, the sinless One, was prepared to accept the voluntary death for us sinners, He took bread into His holy hands and when He had given thanks, He blessed ++ and sanctified + and broke and gave to His holy disciples, and said: Take, eat of it. This is My Body which for you and for many is broken and given for the remission of sins and for eternal life.

People: Amen.

The celebrant takes the chalice with both hands, then he holds it with his left hand and makes over it the sign of the Cross three times. Then he puts the second finger of his right hand on its edge and tilts crosswise, saying:

Likewise, He took the Cup and when He had given thanks, He blessed ++ and sanctified + and gave it to his holy disciples, and said: Take, drink of it, all of you. This is My Blood which for you and many is shed and given for the remission of sins and for eternal life.

In moving to the calling down of the Holy Spirit upon the elements (The Orthodox East does not see the consecration as being complete until the end of the Anaphora.) we see the Deacon warning the congregation that the moment of the descent of the Holy Spirit is imminent.

Deacon: Barekhmor, How awful is this hour and how dreadful is this moment, my beloved, wherein the Holy Spirit from the topmost heights takes wing and descends and hovers and rests upon this Eucharist here present and sanctifies it. Be in calm and awe, while standing and praying.

People: May peace be with you and tranquillity to all of us.

The Invocation of the Holy Spirit

The celebrant waves his hands over the Mysteries, and bowing down his head, says silently:

Have mercy upon us, O God the Father, and send upon these offerings Your Holy Spirit, the Lord Who is equal to You and to the Son in dominion, reign and eternal substance; Who spoke through Your Old and New Testaments; and descended in the likeness of a dove on our Lord Jesus Christ in the Jordan River and in the likeness of tongues of fire on the apostles in the Upper Room.”

Then when we look at the introduction to the Our Father we see yet again the splendour of Heaven.

“O God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who are blessed by the cherubim, hallowed by the seraphim and exalted by thousands of thousands and myriads of myriads of the rational hosts; You Who sanctify and make perfect the offerings and the ripe fruits, which have been offered for a sweet smelling fragrance, sanctify also our bodies, souls and spirits so that with a pure heart and a face unashamed we may call upon You, O God, the heavenly Father, and pray, saying: Our Father----"

Finally, towards the end of the Liturgy of St. James we see the deacons singing the metrical homily of St. Jacob of Sarug:

“The Lord Whom the seraphs fear to look at,

The same you behold in the bread and wine on the altar,

The lightning clothed hosts are burned if they see Him in His brilliance.

Yet the contemptible dust partakes of Him with confidence.

The Son’s Mysteries are fire among the heavenly beings,

Isaiah bears witness with us to have seen them.

These Mysteries which were in Divinity’s bosom,

Are distributed to Adam’s children on the altar.

The altar is fashioned like the cherubim’s chariot,

And is surrounded by the heavenly hosts.

On the altar is laid the Body of God’s Son,

And Adam’s children carry it solemnly on their hands.

Instead of a man clad in linen, stands the (priest),

And distributes alms (the Eucharist) among the needy.

If envy existed among the angels,

The cherubim would have envied men,

Where Zion set up the Cross to crucify the Son,

There grew up the tree that gave birth to the Lamb.

Where nails were driven in the Son’s hands,

There Isaac’s hands were bound for an offering.

Welcome, priest, who carries the Mysteries of his Lord,

And with his right hand distributes life to men.

Welcome, priest, who carries a pure censer,

And with its fragrance makes the world sweet and pleasant.

Welcome, priest, whom the Holy Spirit did raise up,

And on his tongue bears the keys to the house of God.

Welcome, priest, who binds man in the depth below,

And the Lord binds him in heaven on high. Halleluiah

Welcome, priest, who unbinds men on earth,

And the Lord unbinds him in the highest. Kyrie eleison.

Praise be to the Lord. His mercy upon you and absolution for me.”

This magnificent Liturgy takes in the whole sweep of Salvation History in a most heavenly and beautiful way, and if we in the Latin West are untouched it is because, like the Marxists we can only view everything in a purely utilitarian way. We have forgotten Christ’s words, “The poor you will always have with you.” The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is not Utopia, it is the life of Christ lived through his Church will all its sorrows, and joys, all its sufferings and all its love. Those who rule in the Church have forgotten this to their very great peril and we must pray for their immortal souls even if they have appeared to have committed the sin of final impenitence. The Church, which is that part of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, has lost much of her beauty, not only with regard to her Liturgy, her Church architecture, her music, and art, but also with regard to her morality. Since Pope Francis’s fateful words, 6 years ago on the plane returning from his pastoral visit to Brazil, “Who am I to judge” that baleful attitude to sexual morality has been touted all over the media, both religious and secular. Along with Amoris Laetitia, and Laudato Si, and the Pope’s heretical utterances, this attitude has resulted in the cutting down of the Mustard Tree, but it is a far more resilient bush than one would suppose. No more so than in the true beauty of the Divine Liturgy of the East and the ancient liturgies of the West. As our life on Earth should mirror the life of Heaven then we must reflect what the angels and saints do in Heaven namely praise God with all their love and will.

And so, as pathetic attempts were being made to paganize Catholic worship last week, with a curiously drab pagan tree planting ceremony in the Vatican gardens, attended by shamans and what looked like modern badly dressed nuns, under the ambiguous gaze of Pope Francis, we must be in fear and trembling as the angelic armies unsheathe their swords to exact vengeance on so many unworthy clergy and religious, who have profaned their lives by sexual immorality, and comfortable living. Sadly not only the clergy, but millions of Catholics, let alone millions of Christians have given way to the siren call of sexual pleasure and depravity. However, time is running out and God will punish us and nothing now can save us. We have gone too far with our evil, and the silence of the bishops has left us to the punishment that we all richly deserve. The good will die with the wicked, but only the wicked will go to Hell. What will remain of the Church will be very small, but also what will remain of the Human Race will be very small as well.

For we are now entering the time of dread foreseen in the Apocalypse and which so few are aware of, even at this time of such grave and terrifying danger, and so let us finish with this warning from the Apocalypse, so that we may not be like the foolish virgins caught without oil in their lamps completely unprepared for the arrival of the Bridegroom who is Lord of Lords, and King of Kings:

After this I looked, and the temple of the tent of witness in heaven was opened, and out of the temple came the seven angels with the seven plagues, robed in pure bright linen, and their breasts girded with golden girdles. And one of the four living creatures gave the seven angels seven golden bowls full of the wrath of God who lives for ever and ever; and the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God and from his power, and no one could enter the temple until the seven plagues of the seven angels were ended. (Apocalypse 15: vv5-8).

Fr. Stephen

By The Hermits, Oct 10 2019 03:21PM

Oh, how I sigh for you, faithful members of the Roman Catholic Church. You are surrounded by chaos; confused, unhappy, many of you broken-hearted. If only the chaos was from outside the Church, or at least accidental. But no, it has been planned, carefully timed, and skillfully executed by the highest echelons within the Church itself. Indeed, by the Pope himself.

It is time for you to act. And if you don't do something now you will have no Church. For it is being stolen from you, and from Christ, right in front of your eyes.

Consider what has happened over just the last few days:

There was a pagan tree planting ceremony in the Vatican gardens where various people including a Franciscan friar bowed down and prostrated themselves in front of the Amazonian creator goddess Pachamama, and several other objects and statues, including one of a naked man with an erect penis. The statue of Pachamama was then presented to Pope Francis renamed as Our Lady of the Amazon!

Now Pachamama (otherwise known as Mama Pacha or Earth Mother), according to the Ichma Amazonian people' was married to Pacha Kamaq who created the first man and woman but forgot to feed them so the man died! He then killed one of the woman's sons and cut him up into pieces and then killed the woman. Pachamama is a fertility goddess who also creates and sustains life on earth. She also enjoyed receiving sacrificed llamas and guineapigs, a practice which is still occasionally practiced. If you look her up on Wikipedia you will find out how much Pachamama is still worshipped After Christianity arrived her cult was supposedly incorporated with that of Our Lady, but it seems only in part, and now the New Age religions have increased her cult further.

What one of our sources have informed us also happened to this statue of Pashamama has not been widely publicized yet. But is even more shocking. This idol was taken down to the tomb of St. Peter, where some sort of prayers were said, followed by it being processed along by bishops to the Pope Paul VI hall. Talk about the Abomination in the Temple in Ezekiel! Apparently within hours of this abomination another section of the ceiling of St. Peter's fell down - why am I not surprised!

Slipped into this maelstrom Francis produced another document bringing in a new feast. The Sunday of the Word! I am not sure what to make of this or of its timing. It seems innocuous enough, but if it is why has it been smuggled in when everyone is looking at the Synod? Maybe it will become clearer later.

Then comes the bombshell of Francis apparently saying that Jesus stopped being God when He was Incarnated, and then became God again when He died. I know the Vatican have tried to smooth things over as normal, saying truthfully that the journalist didn't make a recording of the interview, etc etc etc. However they did not deny that Francis had said it, or that he meant it, and certainly what the journalist reported sounded like Francis' normal speech rhythm and odd sentence construction. It also sounded like a typical type of Jesuit heresy. So I think it is true. He has certainly made other heretical statements regarding hell, Christ's miracles, Christ's words, and God willing other religions. So why wouldn't he say something else heretical?

But back to the start of this blog.

In my opinion, and in that of many others more qualified in this field than myself, Jorge Bergolio is a heretic. Now, he is not going to condemn himself as being a 'formal heretic', so other Christians must investigate him and judge him. As St. Paul states, Christians should be the ones to judge Christians. He may be the Pope, but he is still a man capable of sin, he is the Bishop of Rome, let him be judged by his fellow bishops. I am not speaking of papal infallibility here, he has been careful not to make ex-cathedra statements. I am saying that it seems that he is making multiple heretical statements, and causing heretical teachings to be spread abroad. He has not listened to those who have tried in charity to clarify matters. If the Roman Catholic Church is to survive then this false teaching must be stopped. St. Paul judged the behavior of St. Peter and found that it would do harm to the Church if it continued. So he confronted St. Peter with it, St. Peter accepted the correction, and the problem was solved.

If you, the Roman Catholic faithful, do not act and act swiftly the Roman Catholic Church will collapse and be destroyed. And that will happen by God's will, just as Sodom was destroyed by God's will. Then, the Barque of St. Peter being sunk, your earthly spiritual home will have sunk into the sea of lies, sins and heresies. You will either have followed her down to hell, or you will be clinging to the life-raft of your faith in Jesus Christ, homeless in this life, but knowing that God will lead you in Truth and in Love to the safe harbour of whatever Christ's Church in the New Heaven and the New Earth will look like.

But maybe, just maybe, it is not too late for the Roman Catholic Church to be purified without having to be destroyed first. But prayers alone will not be enough. Prayers alone were not enough to solve the problem of the time of the three Popes, action by the Bishops and Cardinals was also needed. Prayers alone did not solve the Arian heresy, it needed Bishop Athanasius and a few others to act. And now again action is needed. And if the hierarchy is not going to act, then you need to act to make them do so. I can understand the bishop's minds being torn in two. As Roman Catholics we were brought up, indoctrinated even, in a very strong bond of Papal fidelity. But when the teaching of the Papal Court is anti-Christ then fidelity to God over-rules fidelity to any man, even the Pope. We all must keep our eyes on Jesus Christ, for He is the Way and the Truth and the Light. It is outside Christ that there is no salvation, not outside the Roman Catholic Church. If the Roman Church can be cleansed, if it starts preaching God's Word and God's Law again, then following the way of the Roman Church will be also following the Way of Christ. But until then, please be careful that you do not follow blindly a blind guide. And who knows, by calling Francis back into the Truth you may also save his eternal soul.

Sr. Colette

By The Hermits, Sep 27 2019 01:14PM

A change of view now. Away from the heat of the Rain Forest and the controversies surrounding the Amazonian Synod, to somewhere much closer to home, at least for readers on the Eastern side of 'The Pond'.

David Alton who has battled so long and hard in Parliament for the lives of the unborn, and survived somehow in a political party that was guilty of introducing abortion into the UK over 50 yers ago, has writen a very thoughtful, sober, and urgent article in the Catholic Herald.

One of Teresa May's last acts as Prime Minister was to allow the additions to what should have been an administrative Bill that will force both Gay marriage and a very liberal abortion law onto Northern Ireland in mid October 2019 if the Regional Northern Ireland government doesn't sit again before then. And that is almost impossible. And, of course, Teresa May is the daughter of a Christian Minister, and a member of the Conservative Party, so long known as the party of the family - but no longer.

Also, this terrible Act was signed, as was the firtst Abortion Act 51 years ago, by Queen Elizabeth II who is supposidly bound by her Coronation Oath to uphold the Christian faith as the head of the Church of England.

So now over to Lord David Alton:

Westminster MPs are about to impose horrific abortion laws on Northern Ireland – and have done everything to avoid a consultation

In her dystopian novel The Children of Men, PD James foresaw a United Kingdom of mass infertility; where democracy decays as Parliament is diminished to an advisory role; where all political power is taken by a figure who calls himself the Warden; where a feminist civil war rages; where the declining population becomes over-entitled, unstable and self-centred; where kittens and other animals become substitutes for babies; where foreign workers are turned into virtual slave labour; and where the elderly and infirm are forced to commit suicide in acts of euthanasia. In this socially degraded nation, a small group of dissidents, the Five Fishes, refuse to be ground down and assimilated. They decide to fight back.

During a recent visit to Northern Ireland the resisters depicted in The Children of Men came to my mind. This small territory, with a population of 1.8 million, has been defined by the decades of violence known as the Troubles, which claimed more than 3,600 lives and inflicted an estimated 46,000 casualties.

During the peace process the amazingly resilient population, long divided along sectarian lines, came together to close that disfiguring chapter and reaffirm their shared belief in the importance of religious faith, the strength of communities and the sanctity of human life.

The ultimate success of the peace process was based on ensuring that no one group was either victorious or vanquished. It did this through the establishment of the Northern Ireland Assembly, a devolved legislature, and the Northern Ireland Executive, a devolved government.

Then, in 2017, in protest at a political scandal, Martin McGuinness resigned as deputy First Minister and, following policy disagreements between two parties, Sinn Féin and the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), the Executive and Assembly collapsed.

To fill the vacuum which this inevitably created, the Government introduced a modest Bill this July to give approval to a narrow range of measures. Its ministers were warned that the Bill would be used by a cross-party group of Westminster MPs to seek to impose abortion on Northern Ireland (with subsequent help from the UK Government, it would turn out).

Despite the patronising dismissal of these warnings, the mask slipped as, one after another, British MPs and peers parroted their “long-held belief” in devolution, “opposition to direct rule” and desire to address “the democratic deficit”, and then pushed through abortion amendments, which should have been ruled outside of the Bill’s scope, to enact legislation dreamt up in the corridors of Westminster and Whitehall.

To justify this, they endlessly repeated the canard that “abortion is a human right” when they know – as distinguished academics such as Professor Mark Hill have made plain – it is not. Nowhere in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is there a right to abortion. There is, however, an injunction to uphold the very right to life itself.

This appalling travesty, which makes a mockery of democracy, exposed the shallowness of British MPs and peers’ commitment to devolution, their hard-line ideological belief that laws which have led to nine million deaths in Great Britain are the greatest expression of what it means to be a civilised and decent society, and their ruthless determination to impose abortion.

These same metropolitan classes endlessly lecture the Northern Irish, telling them to “bury sectarianism” and “work things out together”. But when Northern Ireland’s population do speak with one voice, they are treated with utter contempt, with patronising ministers describing them as “Victorian”.

One hundred per cent of those voting to change the laws represented constituencies from outside Northern Ireland, while 100 per cent of Northern Ireland MPs who were present voted against it.

From across the community, Northern Irish peers spoke with a united voice against the Bill; and when it last voted on this issue in 2016, the Assembly opposed any change to abortion laws by a wide margin.

You might assume that anyone wishing to adjust the law would begin, as a matter of due process, with a public consultation with the people of Northern Ireland. But no such consultation has taken place.

The Government even rejected a proposal to consult members of the Assembly, all duly elected, to establish whether there would be a majority in favour of changing the law. Not only did it disregard the elected representatives, it ignored the 20,000 people – a significant turnout given the small population – who stood this month in a dignified anti-abortion vigil outside Stormont, the seat of the Northern Irish Assembly.

Never mind the two thirds of women and 70 per cent of 18- to 34-year-olds in Northern Ireland who said in a ComRes poll that they completely opposed abortion laws being imposed by Westminster.

Never mind the 100,000 emails ​and tens of thousands of postcards sent to MPs and Assembly members demanding that they reject the Bill. Perhaps some of those writing were among the 100,000 alive today because Westminster didn’t impose abortion on them in 1967.​

Westminster sneers at the people of Northern Ireland who, like the Five Fishes in The Children of Men, have had the temerity to resist attempts to export anti-child laws to their culture.

To add insult to injury, amendments that should have been ruled outside the Bill’s scope were selected and then doctored by the Government to give force to the abortion provisions in the House of Commons. Just 17 minutes were ​spent debating the new amendment, which is now the law in Northern Ireland. Contrast that with the 700 hours devoted to the Hunting Act, which banned fox-hunting. No wonder the political classes are now held in such disdain.

Westminster had never sought to legislate on abortion since the formation of Northern Ireland in 1921. In 1967 Parliament dealt with this life-and-death issue in a rather more respectful way. Northern Ireland’s different way of life was upheld when legislators specifically excluded Northern Ireland from the Abortion Act.

Almost 30 years later, at a meeting which I attended at Downing Street, John Major agreed that abortion laws should be the prerogative of a power-sharing, devolved Assembly.

This latest, dangerous direct-rule precedent should worry the National Assembly for Wales and the Scottish Parliament. Instead of which Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, told her Westminster MPs that her Scottish National Party would vote for the Bill and not abstain as it had indicated it would, right up until the night before the vote.

What will be the consequences of this disregard for devolution and contempt for the people of Northern Ireland?

If the Assembly and Executive are not re-established by October 21, one of the most extreme abortion laws in the world will be imposed on the region. This could allow for the ending of unborn lives on demand, for any reason, up to 28 weeks.

The Northern Ireland Office has itself admitted that “much further work is required before we are in place to deliver on this duty if it comes into effect”.

Regardless of your views on abortion, this is extremely disturbing. The Government and its allies at Westminster have rushed through a wretched piece of law-making as if it was emergency legislation, and for months on end there will be no regulations to oversee this multimillion-pound Wild West abortion industry.

In 40 years in Parliament I have never witnessed Government ministers doing anything so irresponsible as this.

As a consequence, Northern Ireland would go from a jurisdiction in which an estimated 100,000 people are alive today because of pro-life laws, to a jurisdiction where a baby in the womb could ​potentially be aborted right up to seven months – four weeks later than in Great Britain and 16 weeks later than in the Republic of Ireland.

This change in law would legalise sex-selective abortion; disability selective abortion for cleft lip, club foot and Down’s syndrome; twin abortions (selecting one to live and one to die); and partial-birth abortions. There will also be no law preventing babies born alive after an abortion being left to die.

This is just the beginning; it gets worse.

There would be no restrictions on where abortions could be performed, raising the possibility of mobile abortion clinics. Young girls would be able to get abortions without their parents’ consent. There would be no requirement that a doctor must be involved.

There would be no consideration period for women, allowing for fast-tracked or “lunch hour” abortions. There would be no law to help prevent boyfriends from coercing a woman into having an abortion.

Indeed, the Government has been unclear how these arrangements will be compliant with the Istanbul Convention, to which we are a signatory, and which requires us to prevent and combat violence against women and domestic violence.

No one has been able to say how the health and safety of women will be protected after October 21 until the promised “new framework” which is said to be coming in March 2020.

There would be no ​explicit conscientious objection protections in law for pro-life doctors and medical professionals who oppose abortion for ethical reasons. There would be no provision for independent counselling for women seeking an abortion.

And, ​for potentially up to 28 weeks’ gestation, there would also be no pain relief given to babies during abortions. Think about it: a baby can be born and survive at 22 weeks gestation and soon, in Northern Ireland, it may be possible for a further six weeks to kill, cruelly and painfully, the same baby, if it’s in the womb.

The only way this barbaric legislation can now be stopped is if Sinn Féin and the DUP reconvene the Executive and Assembly before October 21. And at present, there is no indication that they will do so.

Sinn Féin voters and members of the Assembly should reflect on the brave actions of Peadar Tóibín, an Irish politician who left Sinn Féin when it refused to respect his right to speak against abortion. The Teachta Dála (Irish MP) is now leader of the new Aontú party. With his deputy, Dr Anne McCloskey, an elected councillor in Northern Ireland, he is championing a pro-life republicanism.

The October deadline is looming. If Northern Ireland’s leaders fail to act this Westminster diktat will become the law – and The Children of Men will be another chapter closer to becoming reality.

Lord Alton of Liverpool is an independent crossbench peer. Visit

By The Hermits, Sep 22 2019 02:22PM

A short article that helps to show some light on what is happening inside the Roman Church from the outside, and as you will read, Bishop Eleganti is heavily quoted. This article was sent to us by a friend, and I think it is useful to publish it here for your reflection.

We have to be, as I have said before, very clear and calm in our thinking at this time. What is heresy and is there an heirarchy of heresy? There is. And what people are calling the heresy of bringing in married priests is just a 'heresy' against the last dozen centuries of the Roman Catholic Church, and of course, the Roman Church does have married priests already, both as converted clergy and in the Eastern Catholic Rite. But heresy against God is Heresy indeed. And this equilization of God with false deities is heresy indeed. And not content with Pope Francis being happy to personally sign the Accord with the Imam, the 'Higher Committee' or whatever is its full name, has been established in the Vatican to promugate this heresy throughout the world, via especially the educational system, as was indicated in the Accord at the time of signing.

So, try to forget for just a moment that it is Pope Francis doing this. If someone makes a heretical statement, and even signs an international formal document stating that heresy, and then if the same person sets out to promugate that false teaching to others, is not that person a heretic?


13 Sep 2019 Charles Gardner, Prophesy Today UK

But is strongly criticised by brave bishops

At a time of chaos and confusion, we have allowed ourselves to be distracted from the main thing. Using a sporting analogy, shouting in the stands has caused us to take our eye off the ball.

Certainly, threats of war hang over the Middle East like a dark cloud, with Iran fast developing nuclear capability, while a furious 220mph hurricane has terrified the inhabitants of America’s east coast and Britain has descended into virtual civil war over Brexit.

Yet the one constant in all our troubles, Jesus, the epitome of truth and love, is being betrayed by those who claim to represent him – sacrificed on the altar of expedience and the quest for ‘peace’.

Eclipsing the Uniqueness of Christ

What I mean by this is that the Pope, of all people, has turned Judas Iscariot. The man Catholics claim to be St Peter’s successor has signed a joint declaration with a Grand Imam in Abu Dhabi that the “diversity of religions” is “willed by God”. This flagrantly undermines the uniqueness of Christ, without which Christians have nothing of significance to proclaim.

Extraordinarily enough, the declaration was signed back in February and has hardly caused a ripple, either in the media or the wider Church. But now that a Swiss bishop has strongly criticised the papal move, which he says eclipses the “unique and universal mediation of Jesus Christ”, we are beginning to take notice.

“This is astonishing for a Pope,” said Bishop Marian Eleganti. Referring to Russian writer Vladimir Soloviev’s 119-year-old Tale of the Antichrist, he compared the reasoning behind the declaration – i.e. peace at all costs – to the “egalitarian, relativistic, ecumenical kingdom of peace” promised by Soloviev’s Antichrist character.

But he added: “The only one who is God and who can truly renew the human heart from within is Jesus Christ and his gospel.”

The Pope has signed a joint declaration with a Grand Imam that the “diversity of religions” is “willed by God”, flagrantly undermining the uniqueness of Christ.

Betraying the Gospel.

The bishop pointed out that since Islam denies that Jesus is the Son of God, such a joint declaration is only possible at the expense of Christ’s unique role as the only way of salvation (John 14:6; Acts 4:12). He further states that Islam is “an explicitly anti-Christian religion that denies exactly what constitutes the essence of Christianity: the divine Sonship of Jesus Christ and the Trinity of God associated with it.”

He cited, as an example, the idea of loving one’s enemy – a command of Jesus – as alien to Islam. He said one has only to look to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Indonesia to see how Islam treats unbelievers.

He said it was not surprising that the religious relativism promoted by this declaration was applauded by the Freemasons, as it mirrors their own ethos. Warning of the danger of attempts to create a reign of peace without Christ, Eleganti said that repeated revolutionary ideas – despite being partly borrowed from the Gospel, as with Communism – had all failed. Such a kingdom of peace is only possible through Christ.

The bishop is not alone among the Catholic hierarchy. Critics of the declaration also include Cardinal Raymond Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider, the latter stressing that it is tantamount to “promoting the neglect of the first commandment” and a “betrayal of the gospel”.

In the Last Days

Along with political instability, increasing violence and the persecution of Christians and Jews, the idea of universalism (that all roads lead to God) and the spread of apostasy (believers forsaking the faith) are further signs that Jesus’ return is imminent. The Bible clearly indicates that the last days will be marked by godlessness and a falling away from faith (2 Tim 3:1-9; Matt 24:12f).

Godlessness and apostasy have always been around – the Apostle John refers to false prophets and antichrists in the early Church (1 John 2:8, 4:1). Indeed, historian Simon Sebag Montefiore in his current BBC4 television series on the history of Rome says that many popes down the ages have led debauched lives of violence and promiscuity, which is hardly a commendation of the faith they were elected to lead.

A Baptist pastor friend from Tottenham, north London, told me: “What Pope Francis is doing dwarfs our concerns for Brexit, as important and crucial as that is. But we thank God there are true believers in the Catholic Church who are willing to speak out against their powerful Pope.”

Warning of the danger of attempts to create a reign of peace without Christ, Eleganti said that repeated revolutionary ideas had all failed.

It’s time the Pope took another look at St Paul’s letter to the early Christians in Rome, the seat of his power, in which the Apostle plainly outlines the uniqueness of salvation in Christ, specifically with these words: “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile” (Rom 1:16).

By The Hermits, Sep 12 2019 04:30PM

Whilst waiting for Stephen to finnish his next article I am posting for your edification a truly excellent article by Steve Skojec, the Editor of OnePeterFive:

Steve Skojec September 5, 2019

We were caught up and lost in all of our vices

In your pose as the dust settled around us

And the walls kept tumbling down

In the city that we love

Grey clouds roll over the hills

Bringing darkness from above

The pop song “Pompeii,” by the band Bastille, is an upbeat earworm that references one of the most famous tragedies of human history: the destruction of the ancient city of Pompeii by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the first century A.D. The refrain points to the human instinct to cling to denial, pretending that the events around us are not, in fact, actually happening:

But if you close your eyes

Does it almost feel like

Nothing changed at all?

And if you close your eyes

Does it almost feel like

You’ve been here before?

There is a quiet moment near the end of the song, a break from the rousing chorus, where the singer asks:

Oh where do we begin?

The rubble or our sins?

Oh where do we begin?

The rubble or our sins?

It’s an unusual theme for the Top 40 charts, and coincidentally, the song debuted in early 2013, rising to prominence at roughly the same time Jorge Bergoglio was elected to the papacy. At least subconsciously, I think it has been on repeat in the back of my head all this time like an eerily appropriate soundtrack for “Francischurch,” a catchy little ditty about havoc and destruction playing beneath the endless stream of words, images, and videos depicting the 2,000-year-old Church we love crumbling to pieces in real time.

The walls have indeed been tumbling down.

Papal blasphemies, an official policy of religious indifferentism, permission for Communion for adulterers on the books, various pushes toward intercommunion, a reversal of the infallible teaching on the death penalty in the catechism, the near erasure of the definition of mortal sin, multiple denials of the existence of Hell (and thus any impetus to live virtuously), the reduction of Gospel miracles to mere naturalistic human events, the endless promotion of temporal concerns over the spiritual, papal permission for contraception, protection of the most corrupt in the Church at the expense of the weak and the vulnerable, a hatred from on high for the faithful and their deep-rooted concerns, and repeated attacks on the very fabric of the moral law itself.

It is telling that despite having written on this topic for six years, I know that the litany in the preceding paragraph is undoubtedly missing a number of key issues that should be listed along with the rest. The sheer number of errors and attacks on the Faith from this pope and his subordinates is so high that it’s impossible to remember them all, let alone be remotely comprehensive in less than a book-length exposition.

And now our pope informs us that he is “honored that the Americans attack me.”

The context of the statement was as a response to his receipt of the French-language book How America Wants to Change the Pope. The book, America Magazine tells us, is about “how a wealthy and often traditionalist sector of the American Catholic church — both clerical and lay — attacks Pope Francis”.

To that, I say the following: Dear Francis, we could never attack you as you have attacked the Faith. It is impossible for every traditionalist in America — or the whole world — all working together, to cause as much damage as you have. We criticize you because you wound the Church, we pray for your conversion and fidelity, yet you mock our concern by calling it an attack you are honored to bear.

You have no shame.

And speaking of shamelessness, the initial reports from the battlefield that will be the Amazon Synod are already beginning to come in, and they are as bad as anyone could have expected. LifeSiteNews reported this week that “[r]adical liberation theologians” are pushing for an “overthrow of Catholic doctrine” at the synod.

Citing an independent document put together by a group of priests and theologians “associated with Latin American ‘liberation theology’ who are involved in the preparation” for the Amazon synod, they cite a number of key areas of attack, including:

Advancing the notion that there is “no one true religion and that non-Christian religions are capable of bringing ‘salvation’ to people”

Redefining the Eucharist “as a symbolic act of the community”

Undermining the nature and history of the priesthood with an accompanying push for women’s ordination

Advancing “feminist ecological theology”

A rejection of the teaching that all of creation should be under the dominion of man (claiming injustice over disparity between non-human species and man)

Affirmation of the value of pagan religions

A refusal to refer to God as Father, calling Him instead “Father and Mother”

Read the whole thing for much more detail, but I recommend that you don’t keep anything breakable within reach of your throwing hand.

Cardinals Burke and Brandmüller, meanwhile — the only surviving dubia cardinals (who have still never been received in audience by the pope to address their concerns) — have written to their fellow cardinals to express their disdain over the instrumentum laboris (working document) for the upcoming synod, according to the Catholic News Agency (CNA):

“Some points of the synod’s Instrumentum laboris seem not only in dissonance with respect to the authentic teaching of the Church, but even contrary to it,” Cardinal Walter Brandmüller wrote to fellow cardinals in an Aug. 28 letter obtained by CNA.

“The nebulous formulations of the Instrumentum, as well as the proposed creation of new ecclesial ministries for women and, especially, the proposed priestly ordination of the so-called viri probati arouse strong suspicion that even priestly celibacy will be called into question,” the cardinal wrote.

Brandmüller also expressed concerns about the involvement of clerics like Cardinal Claudio Hummes and Bishops Erwin Kräutler and Franz-Josef Overbeck, all of whom fall in the “revolutionary” camp. On Hummes, who serves as president of the synod, Brandmüller expressed concern that he will “exercise a grave influence in a negative sense.”

The German cardinal expressed his hope that those fellow cardinals in receipt of his letter would begin thinking about how they might address “any heretical statements or decisions of the synod.” He also asked the recipients to “correct, according to the teachings of the Church, certain positions expressed in the Instrumentum laboris of the pan-Amazonian synod.”

For his part, Cardinal Burke wrote as well to his brother cardinals, expressing that he “shares completely the deep concerns of Cardinal Brandmüller on the upcoming Synod on the Amazon, based upon its Instrumentum laboris.”

The instrumentum laboris, Burke continued, “contradicts the constant teaching of the Church on the relationship between the created world and God, the uncreated Creator, and man, created in the image and likeness of God to cooperate with him as guardian of the created world.”

Burke warned that the working document contains “disturbing propositions” that “portend an apostasy from the Catholic faith.”

Again, read the whole thing for more of the letters from the two cardinals, and again, I suggest keeping your coffee mug out of reach as you do.

Think, for a moment, about the severity of these warnings. Two cardinals of the Catholic Church are asking their fellows to prepare a response to inevitable heresy in a synod led by a pope, and are warning about direct indications of apostasy from this official event. And then gauge your reaction: are you even a little surprised? Are you still angry? Or are you just bitterly cynical, expecting the unthinkable to happen, because these days, it invariably does?

The conclusion, at this point, is inescapable: the Catholic Church as we knew it no longer exists. Like a protracted version of that fateful day in Pompeii, we have spent the last six years watching the sky turn dark, and the fire and brimstone — metaphorically speaking — rain down. (Our allegorical Vesuvius was belching out lava and smoke as it worked up to its most destructive explosion for a century or more, but the city-burying eruption is happening now.)

It should be noted that not everyone perished in the Pompeii disaster. Some survived. And our faith teaches us that the Church, too, will survive. But she will not be as she was before. Not in a temporal sense. The Church Militant is being driven out into the desert, where God will, by means of His providence alone, keep it alive, moving it towards the promised land of the New Jerusalem.

But with the most recent round of college of cardinals–stacking still fresh in our minds, we cannot expect things to get better soon. We have no earthly reason to think the next conclave will elect a better pope. We are most likely in this for the long haul, and many of us may not live to see the other side of this crisis.

We have to mentally prepare ourselves for this. We have to spiritually prepare ourselves for this. It isn’t going to be easy.

As we continue to watch the clouds roll in, it’s also time to dig into our (metaphorical) catacombs, hunker down, and pray. And let’s hope we don’t have to build real catacombs any time soon.

By The Hermits, Aug 29 2019 05:58PM

I feel as if the Vatican is setting up its own version of a hall of mirrors in order to confuse the right-thinking members of its flock.

So many things happening all together is odd if not meant. So let us try to think it through.

Firstly the Head of the Jesuits has come out with the old heresy that Satan is not an ‘entity’ of itself, but is a construct. (Strange, when Christ said that He saw Satan fall from heaven.) Now this heresy is not new, some Jesuits have been saying this for a long time. So why has it resurfaced now? Who wants it to be stated now? Is the Jesuit Fr. Bergoglio’s Superior, or is Pope Francis pulling the strings? Why deny the fact of Satan?

Secondly, and maybe related, why start the promulgation of the heresy that ‘God willed all religions’ right now while the Catholic press are taken up with the Amazon Synod preparations? Satanism is now an officially recognised religion. So “God willing all religions”, if it wasn’t a heretical lie, would mean that God willed that people should worship Satan! But that might just be a heresy too great for even Francis to stomach. So, reduce Satan to an imaginary construct rather than a being that could be worshiped and adored. Of course, that doesn’t get the Pope out of saying that God willed people to worship Demons such as the Hindhu deities who wear severed heads and limbs round their bodies, and the other pagan gods who at best are simple false gods.

Thirdly the Amazon Synod. Why is there an Amazon Synod anyway? How about an Australasian Synod or an African Synod? Well an African Synod might be rather embarrassing, after the African Bishops tend to be rather conservative. But an Isle of Man Synod might be more to Pope Francis’ taste, that could include the wisdom learned by saluting the fairies whenever crossing the Fairy Bridge, I am sure that could be incorporated into the Catholic Liturgical practices somehow!

To think clearly about the Amazon Synod means separating the wood from the trees, or even rain forest. There is nothing sinful about being concerned about the rain forest, as long as concern for the physical world is not equated with the command to spread the Word of God to the whole world. ‘The poor you have always’ as Christ said. It is our duty as given to Adam to take responsible care for the world. But it is our bounden duty to spread the Word of God as revealed in the Bible, to assist in the Salvation of souls.

A few of the much touted discussion points of the synod are not heretical. Married priests – we already have them in the converted Anglican Clergy who have become Catholic priests and in some of the Oriental parts of the Catholic Church. We know that some of the Apostles were married, and that the early Bishops and Elders were chosen specifically from married believers. Yes, it might not be in the recent history of the Church, but it is consistent with Tradition. Ordaining tribal elders who have only been Christians for a short period of time or who are illiterate might be rather silly, but not heretical. However, all these controversies only serve to hide the grand heresy – that of ‘learning’ from the pagan practices and beliefs, learning from false gods, incorporating practices used in pagan rites into Christian practices. Remember what the first Council – that of Jerusalem – said: “that you abstain from the pollutions of idols (Acts. 14:19). Therefore, it seems that what is being proposed in the working paper might well be heresy.

And one last act slipped in the middle of all of this. The Pope has agreed with the Chinese Government to appoint a certain person as a Bishop. Now I know nothing of this person, he may be good or bad, he may be a government agent or just someone who can somehow justify agreeing with both God’s demands and that of a completely antichristian State. You cannot follow both God and Man. Yet, it seems that Francis can, at least when it accords to his socialist viewpoint.

Yes, the Catholic Church is like a hall of mirrors. But there is a way out of this maze. Look not at the myriads of images and ideas being repeated and reflected all around you. Some are from the Church and some from the World. The Devil is the prince of the world and he is ruler of his dominion at present. The Church both East and West is the Bride of Christ, but is bloodied and dirtied by the world. So avert your eyes from Sodom as the Angels told Lott and his family, lest you get spiritually killed by the sight. Gaze on Christ and Him Crucified. Lean on the Word of God. Suffer for the world and the Church. And Hope for the coming of Christ and the purification of the world and the Church by whatever means God puts in place.

Come Lord Jesus Come – as we need your help, for we are making a mess of it!


By The Hermits, Aug 20 2019 03:59PM

This poem is from the excellent website The Reformed Pro-lifer which has been set up by the LifeSiteNews journalist and other young fervent members of the Reformed Congregational Church of Canada.

Do You Hear the Children Crying?

Written by Justina Van Maren on Monday, 19 August 2013.

Do you hear the children crying,

Can you hear their anguished screams?

Do you hear the women sighing,

Tormented by their shattered dreams?

Can you see the tiny forms of children

Broken, beaten, bruised and torn?

Do you see tears carefully hidden

By mothers guilty and forlorn?

Do you not hear, can you not see,

The blood that rests on all our hands?

The stench of great iniquity

That covers all of our vast land?

Do you ask, now where is God?

Who lets such horrors continue on?

Do you sit and wisely nod,

It's not our fault for God is gone.

But did we not say, with voices eager

Did we not shout with loud acclaim

Did we not gesture with wild fever

Did we not mock, and tell the same;

God, Thou must remain in heaven

Stay beyond our earth's blue skies

We have eaten the poisonous leaven

Which the devil well supplies

For as we stay dumb, deaf and blind

We see no blood, we hear no cries

Our hearts we harden, and sin we bind

Close on our hearts, believing lies.

Our children suffer, are valued not

Their life not treasured, thrown away

Their little bodies left to rot,

Yet we continue on our way.

But pray our eyes be opened wide

To see the blood of children lost

To see how the Great Divide

Has polluted minds, we pay the cost.

Let us no longer remain silent,

We may no longer close our ears

Let us our best garments rent

And fill our eyes with guilty tears

Let the voiceless gain a voice

Let the hidden blood be seen

Let us no longer rejoice

In what our sinful lives have been.

Let the children come and welcome

Let your daughters gain a friend

Do not keep your lips closed and dumb,

But make the slaying of children end.

Then, do you hear the children laughing

Safe inside their warm cocoon

God-given life in our safe keeping

Remains safe in mother's womb

Take up the sword of truth all people,

Answer the call of God's just war

Fight for the rights of pre-born children

Let their blood be shed no more.

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