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  • Man in the Machine, A recipe for Insanity

    We live in a world gone mad. If we are to believe Alex Jones, then Pope Francis would appear to be the Beast in the Apocalypse, which really is quite ridiculous. When the Antichrist comes he will be incredibly dynamic, a glittering personality, and not the boring individual that Barak Obama is so obviously to anyone who has eyes to see, and the beast will not be a pope; I think we can be sure of that, for he will mimic the Baptist, and St. John was not a priest, nor a bishop, and certainly not a pope. Pope Francis is simply a man of his time, and a Jesuit. He is like so many of his age group a hostage to the sixties, and though things were going wrong long before the sixties, it was in that turbulent and utterly indisciplined age that everything went crazy. It was the age of featherbrained enthusiasms, psychedelic art, drugs, free sex, but certainly not the free love that it proposed. If it had been free love that would have solved all the problems. All those who were in their twenties in the early to mid-sixties suddenly became quite adolescent and got stuck there, and it is they today who want to look young in their seventies; no danger of growing old gracefully. It was the age described by Isaiah in the following words:

    For behold, the Lord, the LORD of hosts,

    Is taking away from Jerusalem and from Judah stay and staff,

    the whole stay of bread,

    and the whole stay of water;

    the mighty man and the soldier,

    the judge and the prophet,

    the diviner and the elder,

    the captain of fifty

    and the man of rank,

    the counsellor and the skilful magician

    and the expert in charms.

    And I will make boys their princes,

    and babes shall rule over them.

    And the people will oppress one another,

    every man his fellow,

    and every man his neighbour;

    the youth will be insolent to the elder,

    and the base fellow to the honourable. (Isaiah 3: vv.1-5)

    That, described by Isaiah, is precisely what happened. Children became all important, no doubt because people were having so few of them compared to the past. Parents, rights were more and more being questioned, and the State became not simply a Nanny State, but a socialist Nanny State, and this has continued under Tory governments. Who would have thought the present government would begin to set upon a road of rigid political correctness and almost Bolshevik contro?. I am amazed that a Stalin has not appeared in Westminster. However Stalin’s early career in the 20’s up until his wife Nadya’s death would have more in common with Victorian England when it came to sexual morals, even though, as usua,l these were being observed, by not a few of them, in the breach. But in the sixties the 20 somethings were right and their parents were definitely wrong. The fact that the poor parents had gone through the horrors of the Second World War was neither here nor there, and nothing was more emblematic for that era than the face of the iconic (for once I think that is apt.) Che Guevara, who was undoubtedly handsome, but were these young people at all concerned that this doctor turned revolutionary could happily murder Bolivian peasant villagers who just happened to disagree with him. Had it not occurred to that ruined doctor that a doctor is meant to save lives, and not take lives, and that he happened to be a middle class Argentinian. What right had he to pontificate to Colombian peasants, but then he had a role model in Stalin, who was not Russian, but Georgian, and who waged a pitiless war against the Russian and Ukrainian kulaks.

    Marxism was obsessed with mechanization and industry and this was utterly true of Stalin. Man was to be simply a cog in that gargantuan creature called industry. The Communists had their slaves in industry and so did the Capitalists in the West. At least in the West you had freedom, not so much in Nazi Germany obviously. It is always better to have freedom than equality, because equality can be the enemy of freedom, while purporting to be its twin.

    However now you have the bizarre possibility, most probably in the minds of mad and immoral scientists, whereby people want to live for ever in computers or machines. Have these insane people ever thought how uninteresting that would be. If you merge with a computer can you enjoy a nice meal, go out trekking or sailing, play different sports, o go swimming? Can you play a musical instrument, or simply have a snooze on a Summer’s afternoon in a cool and tranquil garden; I suspect not. The trans-human might get gobbled up by a great white shark, or exploded by a bomb, of find itself being blown up by volcano or carried up into the air by a tornado. Where is the romance of being part machine? This materialism at its most grimly banal. Man who was made in the image of God blasphemes his Creator by wanting to be a machine. People want everlasting human life, but what happens when the world is destroyed, how are they going to live then? Why do they not want Eternal Life with God? The answer is that they unknowingly are deeply attracted to the demonic though they know it not. They have chosen death over life.

    And a final penny for your thoughts. The great religious epics that start in the post war era fizzle out with the almost medieval “The Greatest Story ever Told” and sex begins to invade the film genre and every other genre for that matter. It is only in the latter part of the seventies that religious films return with the Zefferelli’s Jesus of Nazareth, and with the appearance on the World Stage of St. John Paul II. With the death of that saintly titan the World has been on the downhill road to Hell on the car named “The Culture of Death”, and its destination is Globalization and everything that pertains to that nonsensical and evil notion. The battle between the spirit of Antichrist and Christ has begun. God willing there will be an intermission when Our Lady’s Immaculate heart will triumph, if not perhaps we should pray that Christ returns and returns quickly before the governments of the World truly become sadistic and monstrous Frankensteins producing unutterable suffering through mechanic and scientific monstrosities who mimic the hordes of Hell.


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