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The Sword Descends

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The Sword Descends



Spring 2018




In February 2013 I was attending an evening devoted to a DVD on the Catholic Church with a brother hermit at a nearby parish.  After the viewing and discussion ended we had an impromptu prayer session, and there were about six of us at the most.  We were standing in a circle. Suddenly in my mind’s eye I saw this huge sword appear in the midst of us. It was about five or six foot high, and was a magnificent looking weapon.  I was not quite sure what to make

of it.  At about the same time an anchorite sister had a similar vision, but the sword that she saw had not appeared in a parish room in England, but in St. Peter’s.  This sword was huge, about nine feet tall, and it descended into the marble floor of the basilica. There were about fifteen prelates close by who came over to look at it, but did not appear to want to investigate. They were not interested in what it meant; they just wanted to work out how to get rid of it.


On Good Friday this year when the ceiling collapsed near the Pieta in St. Peter’s, one wondered what this latest portent was about; after all we had had the

crow and the seagull attacking the two doves, and one was killed during the Pope’s Angelus message.  We have had lightening striking the dome of

St. Peter’s twice on the day of Pope Francis’ election to the Papacy.  Then we had a flock of about 500 seagulls following the Pope to the crib in St. Peter’s square and now this. The Sister then saw, to her astonishment, that the floor on which the ceiling had descended near the Pieta, was the same as the floor in her vision that the sword had pierced.

Then today as I was reading the Prophet Ezekiel I was aghast when I began reading Chapter 21. God thunders against the People of Judah whose endless apostasy, disobedience and idolatry has finally tried his patience beyond measure.  The sword will descend, destroy and devour his faithless people.


I think that the Ronald Knox translation conveys both the terror and the drama better than any of the other translations.

One is gripped with horror as one reads it.

So the Lord’s word came to me, Why then, son of man, towards Jerusalem turn thee, pour out thy complaint sanctuarywards, and let the land of Israel hear thee prophesy. And this be thy message to the land of Israel: Have at thee! the Lord God says: here is my sword unsheathed to make an end of thy inhabitants, innocent and guilty. In token that all alike perish, northward and south alike, all the world over, my  unsheathed sword must go on its errand; drawn it is, plain for all the world to see, and there is no sheathing it. And therewithal I would have thee groan, as men groan that have aching in the loins, very piteously  in the public view; ask they the reason for it, thou wilt say, For ill tidings.  Faint every heart shall be, when those tidings come, every hand shall hang listless; cowed every spirit shall be, every knee be weak as water.  Those tidings are on the way, the Lord God says; there is no averting it……..whetted the sword is, polished the sword is, whetted for slaughter, polished to dazzle as lightening does. Never a tree but must fall at thy onset, woodman that art to overthrow the sceptre my son wields.   Polished, for the hand to grasp it well, the sharp sword, the bright sword, which the slayer must needs handle! Cry aloud, son of man, and bewail thee, that on my people it must fall, and all the princes of Israel that are left; prince and people, doomed to perish by the sword; smite on thy thigh most dolorously. A tried sword, the Lord God says, and when yonder sceptre it has overthrown, brought to nothing……..Prophecy, then, son of man; smite hands together and call for a second stroke and a third of the avenging sword; a sword of massacre, that strikes men dumb, turns their hearts faint, and lays all in ruin.  Havoc wrought at every gate by the sharp sword, the sword polished till it shines again, wrapped about the hilts for more ease of smiting!   Sharp be thy blade; cut right, cut left, wherever thy lust beckons thee! I too will smite hands together, telling the tale of my vengeance; I, the Lord, command thee.

( Ezekiel 21: 1-17)


Then Ezekiel is told by God to draw the plan of the path that Nebuchadnezzar will take to Jerusalem and how the King will choose by lot which city to take, Rabbath of the Ammonites, or Jerusalem. The divination seems obscure, but what decides Nebuchadnezzar is rebellious Jerusalem. Then he remembers the treachery of Zedekiah and the people of Judah. “Then he remembers the guilt; shall a guilty race go free?” (Ezek. 21: 23)  God turns Jerusalem and Judah, King and people over to Nebuchadnezzar. God continues:

'Ay, says the Lord God, still fresh is the memory of that guilt; open rebels you are, and never a thought in your hearts but shows vile; capture awaits you, that revive memories still. And thou, perjured wretch that rulest Israel, thy time has run out; off with head band, off with crown symbols, that honour the base, the noble degrade! I will wrest it this way, wrest it that, as never wrested yet; at last one shall come that claims it of right, and to him I will give it.  (Ezek. 22: 24-27)


Ezekiel who, who must have found the furious words of God quite overpowering, is once again commanded to prophesy to Judah and Jerusalem:

Confront them with their foul misdeeds, and give them this message from the Lord God: Here is a city that hastens her own end with open bloodshed, soils herself with idols to her own undoing.  Blood-spilith and idol-filth have brought thy time nearer, shortened thy years; what marvel if I let the heathen reproach thee, a whole world mock thee? What marvel if men exult over thee, far and near, great only in thy misfortune, as thou art renowned for thy shame?  No better title now to Israel’s nobility, than to fill those streets with blood! Home of wrong, where father and mother are despised, the stranger oppressed, widow and orphan ill-used.  My sanctuary, how it is despised, my Sabbath how profaned! Innocent lives sworn away, feasting at the hill-shrines, and foul deeds done

besides; see where the father’s bed is dishonoured, a woman pleads her defilement in vain; neighbour comes lecherously between his neighbour’s sheets, father beds incestuously with his son’s wife, brother mates with sister sprung from the same blood! The murderer’s hire, usury and extortion, gains won by violence; and of me, the Lord God says, never a thought!  Well may I smite hands together, indignant at thy ill-gotten gains, thy murderous doings; will thy courage be so high, thy arm so powerful, when it is I that reckon with thee? What the Lord threatens, the Lord fulfils. Far will I banish thee, widely scatter thee, and bring the tale of thy shame to an end; so I will claim my rights over thee for all the world to seen and thou shalt learn at last my power. (Ezek. 22:                                                                                                                             3-16)

The Divine verbal onslaught builds up to a colossal crescendo which almost reverberates in one’s years, even though one is reading and not listening, but is this not what happens with the word of God? Does not it have a life of its own? Is it not the two edge sword piercing between the bone and the marrow?

Then God turns his anger on the prophets and the priests, the nobles, and the ordinary citizens.  


Then the word came to me from the Lord; Son of man, tell the land of Judah that it is unclean, and when my vengeance falls on it, rain it shall have none.  What of the prophets? A sworn conspiracy;    lions roaring for their prey, the lives of men; wealth and treasure they must have; there be widows everywhere.  What of the priests?  Priests, that despise my law, violate my sanctuary, cannot tell sacred from profane, count all one, clean or unclean; priests, that leave

my own Sabbath unregarded; am I not defiled by their company? What of the nobles? Ravening wolves, all blood and murder, greedy for gain; and here are prophets with their untempered mortar, their vain dreams and false auguries , crying a message from the Lord when message from the Lord they have none.  Great wrong the citizens themselves do, robbing where they will, harrying the helpless poor, oppressing the stranger, denying him redress.  Who would close the breach, intercede with me to spare the land from ruin?  What wonder if I have poured out my vengeance, burnt them up in my anger?  It was but their deserts I gave them, says the Lord God. (Ezek. 22: 23-31)


Sadly human beings do not change much or, if they do, it is for on only a short time, and before long they revert to type, and begin to devour their own vomit. The immense sexual immorality of the present age is a witness to the steady corruption of morals in the last 100 years.


Now if all this was left in what one might term the secular domain, or neo pagan commonwealth that now straddles the Western World, it would be bad enough, but the Serpent once again entered the garden of the Catholic Church at some point in the last two hundred years.  Quite when, it would be hard to guess; certainly it was massively weakened in the mid 18the century with the continual attacks on the Church, by the Kings of Spain, France, and Portugal and by the Sacristan Emperor, Joseph II of Austria.  The Church was not intellectually at its strongest in this period, though it had unrivalled saints in St. Leornard of Port Maurice, St. Paul of the Cross, and St. Benedict Joseph Labre.  However in St. Alphonsus Luguori there was one voice that could lay down

a moral foundation for the modern Christian and Catholic, for it was Alphonsus who is, in many ways the father of Moral Theology.


It is also of the greatest importance that we ask what were the effects of Napoleon’s great wars throughout Europe, when he destroyed so much of the flower of manhood in France and caused such suffering throughout the Continent?  Even though he had proclaimed himself Emperor he had, through his whirlwind wars in Europe, his subjugation of many of her crowns to himself, utterly destroyed the Ancien Regime and the whole concept of Throne and Altar. I am not saying that the latter was necessarily a good thing, but it had lasted for a very long time, certainly since the reign of Clovis, and had built what we now know as Europe.  But with the extraordinarily bestial bloodletting of the French Revolution which so many contemporary historians try to downplay or ignore, we see a pattern of wilful blindness among the leaders of Europe from then on and until the present day, and it is a blindness with regard to God.


As more than one commentator has noted, Idolatry leads to sexual immorality. Whether it is Darwin’s theory of Evolution, Marx’s theory of Society, or the Pandora’s Box of sexual immorality unleashed by Freud, and far more by his disciples, we see the great Satanic army assembling for the final assault against God, and it is ultimately about the total autonomy of man, which is perfectly exemplified and emblemized in the right to do whatever he wants with his body. Never has Man so perfectly displayed such a revolt in this area, except perhaps in his ability to destroy himself with nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.  That he has not done so is entirely due to the restraining power and grace of God.


All the Divine shafts of blazing anger that God hurls at the people of Judah and Jerusalem he hurls at the onetime Christian World of the West, the World in which we live today.  There is of course little Christian left in The West.  Our ravening wolves, are our contemporary Western leaders,  and they are accompanied by other monsters of that dark  and dreadful Coalition which is headed, unbeknown to these haters of Christ, by the darkest of them all, Satan.  As that great confessor of the Faith, the radiant Romanian Lutheran Pastor Richard Wurmbrand said, the Communists knew what they were doing for many invoked the Devil when they were torturing their Christian victims.


These acolytes of Satan, who tortured him and millions of other Christians during the period when the Iron Curtain divided the supposedly Christian West from the Communist East, absolutely hated Christ, because they wanted a new god, who was a worker and an utter materialist. So is it any wonder that so many are fascinated by the possibility of man becoming one with machines, and computers. Wrenching matter from God, they must try and create a New World with God which can become along with its inhabitants immortal, without disease and living in an Utopia. God laughs at such ludicrous folly. Do they not know that they can have a life of total bliss, utter happiness, and joy unbounded, but not from the hands of Satan. Only God can give this gift and it can only come from the Cross.  All sorrow, disease, death, hatred, and sin came because man rebelled against God. There was an Adam and Eve, and it is only fools, be they cleric or lay, intellectual or not who deny this.  It is the greatest tragedy of so many high ranking and brilliant Christians today that with utter sincerity they deny the existence of our first parents, and they have done it at their peril and to the peril of millions upon millions of the Christians throughout the World. For surely if there is no Adam and Eve, there is no Devil, as you cannot tempt what does not exist.  If there is no temptation, there is no sin, and no Fall, and if there is no Fall, there is no need for Redemption and there is no need for God.


Such Folly is Olympian, but it is such folly that has taken hold of Seminaries, Universities, and sadly congregations.  If you do not trust the Opening Chapters of Genesis what can you trust? It is rather like taking the Murder out of a Detective novel, there is nothing left to detect and no story. Thus a new story has to be created, be it Nietsche’s Death of God, and Super Man, Nazi Man, Soviet Man, Bionic Man, and No-Man simply a Sexual Being as now Gender is fluid and no longer what it is all about. What then is it all about? Materialist Man, the idol of Communism was simply that matter and nothing else.  Sexual Man cut off from fecundity cut off from co-creativity with God is simply a mass of sexual urges.  There is no thought, there is no imagination, there is male and female, there is simply the sexual urge and the sexual fulfilment a hymn to total sterility, and if children have to be born it is by the maddest means possible with the homosexual community having children by women offering their wombs to somebody’s seed. It is the total destruction of the family, the mirror of the Trinity.


Such lunacy is this allows a Man to run in the Boston Marathon as woman, if he feels that is what he’d like to do. This above all highlights the disparity between Men and Women.  Men have the trump card, and it is simply physical strength, nothing more and nothing less. Woman at the end of the Day comes under Man, not because she is inferior, but because she is different through deriving from his Flesh and Bone.  As the Western World’s rulers, writers, artists, and some scientists luxuriate in this pernicious rubbish of Gender fluidity the World teeters on the precipice of total insanity and barbarism, for the desire for yet more refined or brutish sexual sensations will overwhelm their practitioners and explode into unspeakable violence. Ultimately what will this Gender fluidity achieve, especially in the Armed Forces, and the Police? Completer Chaos. And waiting at the Gates is Islam or something worse, but behind it and commanding all is the great destroying sword of God, that is perfect in its Justice.


Were not the English and the French once great Christian countries, and was not America and great Protestant Country. But now we see a great and increasing hatred for Russia. With the collapse of Communism the Warsaw Pact ceased to exist, but why did Nato remain? Is it because the poison of atheism and agnosticism, that entered the body politic of the newly founded United States of America in 1776 and which unwittingly imbued the abominable savagery of the French Revolution with the pursuit of happiness as opposed to the love of God, is the same poison that comes from the heart of such globalists as the Rothchilds, George Soros, and Bill Gates. This demonic poison sees people as nothing more than ants, and consider themselves the arbiters of who shall live and who shall die. Bill Gates has put it on record that “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to nine billion.  Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent” (Frank White: Who Are the Illuminati?; pub. Make Profits Easy; 2013) This cruel and heartless thinking is also remarkably contradictory.  Vaccines are meant to save life not kill it, health care is meant to make peoples’ lives reasonably comfortable, and the best reproductive health care is simply that healthy reproduction, which means no to contraception, no to abortion and no to vaccines that make women in Africa sterile.  This is nothing more that atheistic Colonialism, far worse that 19th century Colonialism. That was about trade, and money, this seems to be about something more; Death, and the reduction of the human being to total slavery, which even Communism did not manage.


However Russia has foresworn Communism and its God defying philosophy.  She now defends marriage, curbs the spread of homosexuality in her land, and is trying to get rid of abortion, and the once Christian West now wants the destruction of marriage, the spread of abortion, and the whole LGBT agenda.  Holy Russia, Hungary, and to a certain extent Poland are considered at best Antedeluvian, and undemocratic or tyrannical at worst, for wanting to uphold God’s Law. If ever there was the Pot calling the Kettle Black it is this. Nothing could be more stupid, brutish, and amateurish than to attack these countries as undemocratic, when the Stalinist methods of informants is being encouraged in Britain and no doubt other European Countries to root out homophobes, Transphobes, Islamaphobes and hordes of other dubiously designated potential criminals. It is such supposedly enlightened countries as The U.S.A. Canada, Britain, the Scandinavian countries, and in fact almost all the countries of the EU that are now neo Stalinists whether they realize it or not.


And so our Modern Nobles and Citizens of The West are no different from the people of Judah and Jerusalem who Ezekiel lacerates with the burning words of God.  The people of Syria and the people of Iraq, who were meant to be protected under the Balfour Declaration, when Britain, France, and America carved up the Middle East after The First World War have been treated by these supposedly Democratic countries, in a way which can only ultimately bring down the fury of the Infinite loving God who is above all not only perfectly Merciful, but Perfectly Just, and whose love will take revenge on these wicked countries of the West who have raped, despoiled, maimed and killed millions of innocent people all in the name of Democracy, and let me remind the reader democracy comes out of pagan Athens, that was built on slavery. No doubt this irony is completely lost on most European leaders who have no sense of history, no sense of culture, no sense of God, and absolutely no common sense.


Let us soberly consider that the worst sins are not those committed by the nobles or the citizens, the worst sin is committed by the Priests and Prophets.

The great sword of God hangs over all priests and so called prophets, (the Prophets are the forerunners of all religious from St. Antony of Egypt onwards.) who are in the gravest danger when they attempt to desecrate marriage, by saying it is not indissoluble, when they grant communion to the divorced and remarried, and when they give the Body and Blood of Christ to unrepentant sexual sinners, be they heterosexual or homosexual. In doing this they are re-crucifying Christ and preparing these poor deluded souls for hell.


These priests and religious when they say and do these things make the body, not a temple of The Trinity, but a temple of Satan.  In all this rebellious talk which is going on throughout many parts of the Catholic Church and other Churches today, one sees the chaos wrought by disobedience to Christ, for ultimately Every Christian will be judged on his obedience to Christ who is the head of the Church. He is the King before whom every knee must bow.  All Christians look to him or they do not look at all. And so as The Catholic Church is now going through her agony in the Garden, we should rejoice, because that agony will lead to the Cross, where we must all ascend.  The scourge must scar our backs, bite into our flesh, the bruises must disfigure our faces, the nails pierce our hands and feet, and finally our hard impenitent hearts must be pierced.  The Western World and the Churches of the West must join in Christ’s passion if those two Worlds wish to be saved.  


The Catholic Church which at present along with many Protestant Churches is being seen at her worst must pause and think and turn their eyes to the great martyrs throughout history who would not betray Christ.  

This is seen in all its terrible beauty in two events described by Richard Wurmbrand in his book ‘Tortured For Christ’.

I have testified before the Internal Security Subcommittee of the US Senate. There I have described awful things, such as Christians tied to crosses for four days and nights.  The crosses were place on the floor and hundreds of prisoners had to fulfil their bodily necessities over the faces of the crucified ones. The crosses were erected again and the Communists jeered and mocked: ‘Look at your Christ! How beautiful he is! What fragrance he brings from heaven!’ (Tortured for Christ, Richard Wurmbrand, Hodder and Stoughton, London 2005. P.35)


A pastor by the name of Florescu was tortured with red-hot pokers and with knives. He was beaten very badly. Then starving rats were driven into his cell through a large pipe. He could not sleep because he had to defend himself all the time. If he rested a moment the rats would attack him.

He was forced to stand for two weeks, day and night.  The Communists wished to compel him to betray his brethren, but he resisted steadfastly. Eventually, they brought his fourteen year-old son to prison and began to whip the boy in front of his father, saying that they would continue to beat him until the pastor said what they wished him to say. The poor man was half mad. He bore it as long as he could, then he cried to his son, ‘ Alexander, I must say what they want! I can’t bear your beating anymore!’ The son answered, ‘Father, don’t do me the injustice of having a traitor as a parent. Withstand! If they kill me, I will die with the words, “Jesus and my father-land”’ The Communists, enraged, fell upon the child and beat him to death, with blood spattered over the walls of the cell.  He died praising God.  Our dear brother Florescu was never the same after seeing this. ( p.32)    


As confusion and chaos reign throughout the churches in the West, as so many Christians betray Christ’s teaching and lead countless of their flocks astray we see in these two scenes the nobility of the Church.  She is at her most sublime when being persecuted and killed with Christ. This is something that 73 years of freedom in the West has caused most Christians to forget. For the churches in the West so used to comfort and compromise have forgotten that the signature of the true Christian is martyrdom. From the martyrdom of St. Stephen, the first martyr to the Church to those who at this very moment are being killed for their witness to Christ, the Divine Message is clear, unless we lay down our lives for Christ, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  


So when the storm breaks, and pastors, ministers, and priests are being dragged off to prison, and perhaps torture and even death for refusing to perform a gay wedding, or a Transgender one, they will find the Church behind the prison bars, in the torture room, and on the Scaffold. They will find the joy and the serenity of the Carmelite Nuns of Compiegne as they mounted the Guillotine singing the praises of God.  They will feel the comradeship that the early Christian martyrs felt when they entered the Colosseum and confronted the lions. Here we will see the true Church in all her glittering glory casting her shafts of light throughout our darkened World. Here godless, and atheistic men and women glutted with pleasure and mad with the lunacies of the age, will see The Church as one immense Cross made up of the love and heroism of all Christians, woven with the sufferings of martyrs and crowned with the lilies of virgins, decked out with the innocence of children, and warmed by the love of spouses, and they will either fall to their knees before God in love and adoration, or walk steadily into the fires of Hell.  In this great Cross of love we see no longer Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant but the Mystical Body of Christ, and beyond that Christ himself, Victim and Victor, Lord of All, God and Man.



Then, in my vision, heaven opened, and I saw a white horse appear. Its rider bore for this title, The Faithful, the True; he judges and goes to battle in the cause of right.  His eyes were like flaming fire, and on his brow were many royal diadems; the name written there is one that only he knows.  He went clad in a garment deep dyed with blood, and the name by which he is called is the Word of God; the armies of heaven followed him, mounted on white horses, and clad in linen, white and clean. From his mouth came a two-edged sword, ready to smite the nations; he will herd them like sheep with a crook of iron. He treads out the wine-press, whose wine is the avenging anger of almighty God. And his title is written on his cloak, over his thigh, The King of Kings, and the Lord of lords. (Apocalypse 19. Vv.11-16)


































In the Autumn of 2018 the ceiling of St Joseph the Carpenter also collapsed in Rome.

This Church was built over the ancient Mamertine prison, in which it is thought that both St Peter and st. Paul were held before their martyrdoms.

Again, no one was injured.

The Church of st. Joseph - protector of the Church,

St. Paul the Great Apostle,

St. Peter, appointed by Jesus Christ to lead and feed His flock.





"For this people’s heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them." Isaiah quoted by Christ (Matt. 13:15)

sword in a stone St Joseph's Church Rome collapse (St Peter's prison)