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The Trinity




It is amazing that the greatest truth of our Faith is the Trinity, and it is something we really never think about. Everything proceeds from the Trinity, and everything returns to the Trinity. In fact none of creation would be here, and human beings would not be here, if it was not the will of the Trinity.


It is interesting to note that Allah has a very solitary quality.  He is a distant god who seems to have more in common with the god of the Deists. He is, a complete misrepresentation of the one true God. Islam’s notion of God is rather like a traveller getting off the train before he reaches his destination and then taking a train in the opposite direction and ending up, not even at home, but in the wrong place altogether.  Judaism’s view of God is rather like the traveller, who has to make an important journey to a rendezvous of the greatest moment, and then gets completely distracted by the packing and the minutiae of the travel arrangements. Both religions completely misunderstand who Christ is.  Jews think Christ is an heretical preacher, and the Muslims think he is a great man, and a great prophet, but not God.  This affects their whole thinking about how to live their lives. It does nothing to help them comprehend the mystery of the Trinity.


Jews are very good to their fellow Jews, but one feels there is no real universal fellow feeling for the other nations of the World. Islam is impelled to convert, even with the sword, but has no concept, whatsoever of charity. Both religions have missed the point, that God is not lonely, because he is three persons, and One God. He does not need us, for he is perfect in himself, a perfect community of love, or perhaps better still a communion of infinite love, for community is an overused and ill used word.


One can describe the Trinity no better than Frank Sheed does in his great book “Theology and Sanity” where he quotes from the Athenasian Creed:


In the one divine Nature, there are three Persons --- the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The Father is not the Son, the Son is not the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is not the Father: no one of the Persons is either of the others.

The Father is God, the Son is God, the Holy Spirit is God.

There are not three Gods, but one God. (Theology and Sanity, p. 51)


He goes on the emphasize that the three Persons are distinct, but not separate, and that the Divine nature is not 'shared out' between them, for each is fully and totally God.  This is beyond our imaginations, which is not surprising as we are dealing the greatest mystery, which is The Triune God.  It should engender in us feelings of tremendous awe, something rather alien to Western Christians, both Catholic and Protestant who live, for the most part in a  world of half-baked ideas, questionable moral standards, and sentimental man centred Theology. We need something of Moses’ awe before the Burning Bush, and Isaiah’s amazement at the great  vision of God in the Temple, which makes him realize what a sinner he is, and how infinitely powerful and majestic God is.  When we realize our woeful sinfulness, and God’s majesty, omnipotence, greatness and love, then perhaps the World will begin to improve. If we do not, then the chaos invading Africa at the hands of Muslim zealots, the madness in the Ukraine, and the terrors of ISIS in Iraq will only get worse and become more terrible. Religious awe is what is required of the West, and at present there seems to be little of that around.


Mary Mirror of The Trinity pray for us.