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The Web of War

The Web of War

written on the eve of the olympic games in London 2012


Dedicated to Our Lady Seat of Wisdom



           My fellow hermits have asked me to try to tie together the various strands of information, and probably misinformation, which I came across in looking around the internet.


           Misinformation there certainly is. And it was so obvious in the rather chilling story and pictures of surface to air missiles dotted around London. Certainly the pictures didn’t lie, it was a military and police practice for what they intend putting into place for the duration of the Olympics. But was the  story correct which accompanied it? True, it did say that the RAF would be supplying ground radar systems, but it then continued: “while the Army deploys air observers and high-velocity missiles. The observers would be placed at 14 sites to spot potential air threats using binoculars with thermal imaging detecting systems.”  Detecting potential air threats using binoculars! Surely the army could do better than that, or at least come up with a better story!


           It reminds me of what I learnt from my mother about the misinformation given out to the British public in the early days of WWII. The official line was then that the British pilots were able to find the German planes due to their eyesight being improved by eating large quantities of carrots. My mother, and the other WAAFs staring at the first radar screens, knew the true story, that it was technology that was steering the spitfires to their prey, not carrots.


           So in 1939 it was carrots, this year it is binoculars. But it doesn’t matter, we already know of satellite and spy planes and drones etc. etc. that are capable of recognising airborne threats, so why the lie, is it to explain why binoculars are to be used, can’t we be trusted with the fact that the binoculars may well be watching for any individual of ill-intent.


            But let us put this small detail of misinformation into a larger context. Why is it that we need such a high level of security for what is, actually, just a sporting event? What is wrong with the world? Is there a ‘War on Terror’, or is it in reality a ‘War of Terror’, with us, the public, being the ones who have to be controlled by fear, so that the world powers can increase their power? This possibility has to be examined seriously, as historically, loss of freedom of the people. also includes loss of freedom to worship. For, as dictators of all sides have known, people who recognise God as their Lord and their King are not, (and should not be), so easily controlled by fear of what may happen to them in this life, as they are looking forward to eternal life with God.


            Am I calling David Cameron a potential dictator, definitely not, he is not the type, neither is Ed Millibrand, and I do not think that Nick Clegg is either, although he is certainly more politically astute, but I don’t think he is the dictator of the future. I also do not think it is Barak Obama, or the next American President, or any other Western political leader, they all appear to be puppets controlled by others, even Vladimir Putin and Hu Jintao the present Chinese leader are unlikely to be the future dictators. So what is this dictatorship I see looming? If I am right, and I pray I am not, it is not a person but a cartel of the power brokers of the world: military leaders, financiers, media moguls, the intelligence agencies, and some super-rich families who love and abuse power. That is, the type of people who attend the secret meetings where world policies are discussed and ‘kings’, (or at least US Presidents), are made. For more details of the Bohemian Grove and Bilderberg meetings please see my article ‘Links, interesting links, and very interesting links).


Some of the agenda for this year’s Bilderberg conference which will be held at the end of June 2012 has been leaked, and if true it is as follows:

Re-define a new role for NATO

- To get Germany to pay more NATO bills and have more military participation in it

- Create a world treasury department

- A war with Israel involved

- Broaden Bilderberg’s influence to upcoming economies like China, Australia and New Zealand which ties in with a Trans-Pacific partnership.



           Now last year’s Bilderberg conference in Switzerland discussed introducing internet censorship, making use of unrest in the Middle East to increase the NATO’s military presence in that area, and to make use of the financial woes of some to the European Union Countries to centralize Europe’s financial system. They even spoke about using war as a means of population control!


            “They are unified on their war project,” said Tucker, citing his Trilateralist-Bilderberg source, “they rationalize the world is too crowded anyway, they have to limit the population growth, the one way to do it is with wars. They have been emphasizing that all day.” 

These details were leaked at the time by one of the delegates, and as we have seen this year, it is coming true. So it is likely that the information about this year’s agenda is also accurate.


           Although there are delegates from most European Countries together with the United States and last year China, some politicians disagree strongly with the secrecy with which wide ranging international policies are made. A brave few politicians tried to get into the conference last year, but were man-handled away by the security men.


            It was thought that this year it would be held in Haifa, but possibly that was a hoax, or maybe Israel became too dangerous, because the venue this year will be in Virginia. It has been noted that the meeting does normally take place in America every four years, during the Presidential election year, (could there possibly be a connection?).


            Two other significant meetings will be held in the USA this year, the Bohemian Grove weekend in July as usual, and the NATO summit, which is surprisingly being held in down town Chicago this month (May 2012).


As the publicity propaganda says:

            “The summit offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our city -- and especially our students -- to witness world leaders working together to address global challenges. We encourage you to use this momentous occasion to learn more about our world, expand your horizons, and become more of a global citizen.”


           That is the problem – become more of a global citizen; does being a ‘global citizen’ mean that you are part of a ‘one world order’? And should we not be straining to become citizens of heaven, and be trying to make God’s kingdom visible on earth by the way we behave: “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one for another.” (John. 13:35)


            Also, is Chicago the sensible place in the USA to host the NATO conference; where the leaders of 28 Nations are expected to attend in person, only two of whom coming from that side of the Atlantic Ocean, all the rest are European or Euro-Asian (Turkey). We associate Chicago with gangster movies and police TV series, and it is true, there is a very high crime rate in the city – it is improving, but the official figures show that violent crime there is still four times the American national average. So why drag almost all the leaders of Europe to such a dangerous place? I am sure Chicago has much to commend it, but something about the arrangement feels wrong.


           The unfortunate Chicago citizens are in a position similar to the residents around the Olympic site in London. Many roads are to be restricted or blocked, and they have been told that they may be evacuated. Not that the American Government meant to tell them, but the memo asking the Red Cross to arrange shelters outside the city in case of evacuation was leaked to the media. And it must be true, because it has been denied! As Claude Cockburn said, “don’t believe anything until it has been officially denied”. Besides that some residents have received strongly worded letters, I quote: “We are STRONGLY recommending that all residents find places to stay during the conference from May 18 through May 21.” … “In the event of a riot or the potential of one near the building, all access doors will be locked including the garage door,” the letter from the apartment management continues. “For everyone’s safety, we will be instructing anyone in the building to stay in his or her unit.” 


           There are also the worrying reports of internment camps scattered throughout the USA, staffed but empty, railway cars being fitted with shackles, Barak Obama using his ‘Executive power’ ( that is the same as a Royal Decree) to enable American citizens to be imprisoned if they do not comply with the Federal authority orders, or are considered a threat. (People who believe in the Bible and go to church are considered a threat in America, this was said on television some years ago by the then U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno, and is still included in military training in the USA). Peaceful protests have been redefined as ‘low level terrorism’, and the USA army are actively recruiting soldiers to be interment officers. In these ‘prison/labour camps’ the prisoners will be expected to work, and will be ‘re-educated’ to gain an: “understanding and appreciation of U.S. policies and actions.”  I am not imagining this, some of my information even comes from American State and Army documents as you will see by following the links, and many of the camps you can see for yourself by looking at Google satellite maps. But you will say, this is all in America, we are not being threatened in this way in Britain. Sorry, but we may well be.


           Listen to this! “In Britain, on instructions from the CIA, secret courts are to deal with "terror suspects". Habeas Corpus is dying. The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that five men, including three British citizens, can be extradited to the US even though none except one has been charged with a crime.”  One of these British Citizens has been diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia and is in a mental hospital - so in this country he would be deemed not mentally well enough to be charged with anything, however, to America he must go!

          We are a major source of service personal and arms for NATO, we are associated with all the recent excursions of the “Big Brother” into sovereign countries in Europe and Asia, we are a very useful aircraft carrier for USA,  and we speak (almost) the same language. We may well soon also be policed by the same organisation! You may have seen the report in the Times newspaper on the 3rd of May this year about the £1.5 Billion ‘privatisation’ of the West Midlands and Surrey police forces, the private company who wins the contract will be tasked to perform functions such including patrols, detention and aspects of criminal investigation.  One of the four short listed companies from a starting field of over 200 is the US military-industrial company Kellogg Brown & Root. Now besides that fact that this firm helped build Guantanamo Bay detention facility, it was also given the contract in 2006 for developing the internment camps in the USA, and, as of December 2011, it was actively recruiting subcontractors for: catering, temporary fencing and barricades, laundry and medical services, power generation, refuse collection, and other services required for temporary “emergency environment” camps located in five regions of the United States. So, if you are unemployed and happen to get detained by someone from Kellogg Brown and Root, you could always ask for a job in one of their concentration camps!


           Talking about police forces, something strange happened about two weeks ago. A nuclear missile went missing! And in this particular case it seems that the Thames Valley Police Force might have hampered rather than helped NATO to track this missile.

          To start from the beginning, apparently there were four nuclear missiles in Germany which shouldn’t have been there anyway. About the 20th of April 2012 one of these missiles was loaded by the British Navy onto a German built submarine in the port of Bremerhaven. Present were members of the MI6, the American National Security Agency, and the Office of Naval Intelligence, Someone who asked was told that this was a ‘counter-terrorism surveillance operation’ .Anyway, the submarine sailed away into the harbour – then could not be tracked!

          An odd comment came from the authorities that the nationality of the crew is not known, and they do not know where it is headed!

          In Oxfordshire there was a senior NATO official with diplomatic immunity. He was arrested and held for twelve hours then released without charge. His officially held surveillance equipment (with which I suppose might have been able to track the submarine) was confiscated. Were the police unknowingly helping the submarine get away? Another coincidence was that all seven of the aircraft which are capable of finding the missing hydrogen bomb were grounded one week earlier for servicing. It seems that America and the UK wanted that missile to go missing, but why?



To conclude:


           USA top military brass are stating that they would need just three weeks to defeat Iran’s armed forces.

           Israel seems split between the trigger-happy and the cautious. Russia and China are siding with Iran, Israel and the USA would love to find a reason to attack Iran, and the UK always sides with America. So two nuclear powers on one side, three nuclear powers on the other side, and poor old Iran with no nuclear weapons stuck in the middle.

           Many of the Islamic countries are in a state of turmoil, with NATO sticking its nose in on one side or the other.

           London and Chicago are being turned into temporary military bases, and a hydrogen bomb is missing by all accounts.

           America is turning itself into a very large concentration camp.

           And Christians being classified as dangerous citizens!


And, as a very serious business journal put it:


          “Authoritarian liberalism has taken over Obama administration policy.  People must be forced to accept anything and everything in the name of tolerance.  The only valid belief is no belief.  Acting on one’s faith must be punished”….

          “However, the threat posed by Washington to Americans’ liberties goes far beyond medicine.  The contraception rule should act as a clarion call for religious believers to resist the continued expansion of state power even for supposedly beneficent purposes.  The regulation is a direct attack on religious faith with no serious, let alone compelling, justification.

           President Obama once said that freedom of conscience is important.  Yet his administration has decided that forcing people to subsidize the choice to have sex is more important than protecting the right to act on one’s deepest religious beliefs.  Authoritarian liberalism is the new governing philosophy in Washington.” 



Oh well, it could be worse:

Popocatepetl and Etna, although both are erupting, are not doing too much harm.

A major earthquake was forecast for the west coast of America a few days ago, and it didn’t happen.

The Fukushima nuclear power station in Japan hasn’t yet imploded, and it may not.

And ever since the drought in England was announced it hasn’t stopped raining!




The world is dark, very dark at present.

Remember who the prince of the world is, Satan,

and while people are following him by loving power and hating God and mankind,

the world will be a dark place.

And be not afraid if slips further into the darkness.

Satan has lost the battle,

and this world, his temporary princedom, will end.

Christ will return,

He has already vanquished Satan by his Death and Resurrection.



Let the words of our Lord and God calm and reassure you:

“I say to you my friends:

Be not afraid of them who kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do.

But I will show you whom you shall fear:

fear ye him, who after he hath killed, hath power to cast into hell.

Yea, I say to you, fear him.”

(Lk. 12:4-5).


So pick up your cross and follow the Good Shepherd,

preach the Word of God fearlessly wherever and whenever by word and action,

but especially by loving our neighbour and our enemy alike.

Then Jesus himself will lead us to his Father, and we will be with him for ever in his heavenly kingdom.






“Let not your heart be troubled.

You believe in God, believe also in me.

In my Father’s house there are many mansions.

If not, I would have told you:

because I go to prepare a place for you.

And if I shall go, and prepare a place for you,

I will come again, and will take you to myself;

that where I am, you also may be.”

(Jn. 14:1-3)



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