Christ stilling the waves

The Trumpeteer

dead Palestinian boy

Just over 2000 years ago the Holy Family had to flee the rulers of Israel and seek refuge in Egypt. The ruler of Israel, in order to secure his earthly throne and power, did not just try to kill the Christ Child, but massacred the young children of the entire region around Bethlehem using the Israeli Army as his tool. A massive show of Israeli military strength slaughtering the vulnerable. And Egypt opened its border to those refugees who were in need of protection from the violent hatred of the leadership of Israel just as it has again this past week.

Now, in July 2014 a very similar scenario is being played out. Why? Is it really about the tragic murders of the three Israeli youths and the torture and murder of the Palestinian youth? Or does it stem instead from motives nearer to those of 2000 years ago?

If you look beyond the mainline news outlets to the investigative journalist’s reports, intriguing facts emerge. Such as why did Tamir Pardo, the Chief of Mossad, say during a Security Cabinet meeting on the 5th June whilst discussing a new anti-terrorist law “We’d better get this passed, for what if three teens are kidnapped from Gaza and end up dead”. The three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and killed one week later on the 12th of June.

The Israeli Government say that they are punishing Hamas for the death of the three youths. However, it was not Hammas who kidnapped the trio, for a very different group have claimed responsibility, they are an Islamic Jihadist group who have sworn allegiance to ISIS. So why isn’t Israel pursuing ISIS with all the vehemence they are showing against Hamas and the poor inhabitants of the Gaza strip? This is where truth is stranger than fiction. In March this year an Austrian military officer of the United Nations Disengagement Force “confirmed that Israel has provided large scale logistical and military support to the (ISIS and Al Nusrah) terrorists and rebels in different parts of Syria.” The Official also confirmed the existence of “a joint operations room” for the purpose of “the delivery of (Israeli) assistance to the terrorists.”

So, if indeed Israel are in cahoots with the killers of the poor trio, what is their attack on Gaza really about? Like the fighting in Iraq and Syria, could it possibly be about oil and gas? You see, there is estimated to be over 4 billion dollars-worth of gas just off the Gaza coast, and during the last Israeli invasion of Gaza Israel confiscated all the Gaza oil fields.

But maybe it is just a power thing: we can destroy them, so we will destroy them, and show them ‘who is boss’, then they will bow before us and worship us.

Oh Israel, you who showed no mercy to the Messiah, your long awaited one, repent and become
merciful as God is merciful. Your persecution by the Nazi’s is still fresh in your mind, but you are now the persecutors. It is true, the persecuted have become the persecutors. But you can change, you can show that you are ‘made in the image of God’.

Bibi Netanyahu, your brother was a hero, giving his life to save others. You too can be a hero, saving the lives of the needy, but it would take real bravery on your part. But look at the pictures of Palestinian men carrying the tiny bodies of their young dead children, killed on your orders, and remember the love and tenderness you feel when you look down on your young grandchildren. And remember that the same God made them all.

And may God have mercy on us all.


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