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A 'Transgender' Memorandum



“Although they knew God, they did not honour him as God, but they became futile in their thinking as their foolish hearts were darkened…..And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind, to do what ought not to be done.”  (Rom. 1: 21, 28)


1. The “transgender” concept is an invention, having no basis in scientific fact or even agreement among ‘trans’ activists.


2. So-called “gender dysphoria” is a psychiatric disorder and has always been recognised as such by medical authorities, until recently, when these authorities have given way to political correctness; pronouncing true what they know to be false.


3. The “transgender” movement is a cult.  And like all cults it needs to propagate itself through sustained and accelerated recruitment drives.  Hence, its inclusion in school curricula.


4. The “transgender” cult preys upon children and young people particularly, as is usual for cults.  It seeks to sow the seeds of confusion in young and impressionable minds, taking advantage of difficulties, doubts, and anxieties which are the normal accompaniments of puberty.


5. Most young people who experience a certain confusion about their sexual identity grow out of it in time, and develop a normal heterosexual identity; that is, unless they are subjected to LGBT ideologues and so-called “experts” who for political and philosophical purposes insidiously manipulate these young minds and convince them that they are suffering from “gender dysphoria”, an Orwellian Newspeak term.


6. The manipulation and indoctrination of young people and children in the interests of political correctness and of the “transgender” mania is a form of child abuse.


7. The forced sterility through hormone/puberty blockers and the surgical removal of healthy bodily parts is a form of child abuse.


8. The “transgender” cult, which has become a popular delusion, is a mutilation cult, similar to the debased pagan religions of the ancient world and of various primitive societies.  It is also akin to the evil of “female circumcision” practiced by some Islamic cultures.


9. The “transgender” cult is an evil ideology which uses, misuses, abuses and deforms children.


10. Girls who have “crushes” on other girls at school sooner or later grow out of it, as do “tom-boys”. To refer such girls for “gender re-assignment” (another Orwellian newspeak term) is criminal. Therefore, institutions like the Tavistock clinic in the U.K. are engaged in criminal activity.


11. Doctors and consultants who disagree with or have doubts about “gender dysphoria” are forced to resign because of the pressure put on them to prescribe body altering medicine, without being allowed to properly evaluate the children and young people referred to them. Five NHS consultants in the U.K. have recently been forced into this action.


12. Dissenting parents who object to their children being “gender re-assigned” and who oppose “transgender” ideology in the school curriculum are threatened by the State with the removal of their child from their care if they do not support their “trans” child or the LGBT content of sex education classes.  This is State totalitarianism, similar to Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, and George Orwell’s nightmare world of “1984”.


13. Beyond childhood and adolescence, those very small minority of people who still exhibit confusion about their sexuality are in fact suffering from a mental disorder, not “gender dysphoria”, and therefore should be treated for such in psychiatric clinics.  Because any person who wants to deny biological facts, remove or disguise healthy body parts, or attempt to add opposite sex body parts, is clearly suffering from a mental disorder.


14. Those who “transition” to the opposite sex, ‘transgenders’ , ‘transsexuals’, are prone to anxiety and clinical depression, and research has shown that the suicide rate among ‘transsexuals’,  homosexuals, and lesbians, is far higher than it is among the general population.


15. ‘Transsexuals’ suffer from higher rates of mental disorder and psychiatric hospitalization than is the proportional average among the general population.


16. ‘Transsexuals’ suffer from higher rates of heart disease, liver damage, and cancer than is the proportional average among the general population.  This is due to “opposite-sex hormone therapy” and the nature of the medical treatment involved.


17. Despite it being an ideological movement with no basis in scientific reality, despite it being a cult, a fashion, and a mass delusion, despite it being a self-harming, self-mutilating mental disorder, despite it being an organized system of child-abuse, the ‘Transgender’ madness is promoted actively by Western governments through their education systems, and their legal systems, as well as by Western Media, Western medical facilities, the arts, entertainment, sports, and social media.


18. In the U.K. the ‘Trans charity’ “Mermaids” is supported and sponsored by Princes William and Harry through their institute “The Royal Foundation”.  The latter’s wife Meghan, is a well-known LGBT activist, as well as being a firm supporter of killing babies in the womb, otherwise known as abortion. That the Windsors have traditionally taken great care to align themselves with the prevailing fashions of the British Establishment is irrefutable (for they know on which side their bread is buttered), but here we see their seasoned self-interest amorality becoming active immorality with Harry and Meghan actually promoting a movement which is so detrimental to the physical, mental, and moral health of the those involved in it; and this includes, as has been said above, the cynical manipulation of school children, which is a form of child abuse (But then again, the two princes’ grand-mother, “Elizabeth Regina”, signed both the Abortion Act and the Gay marriage Act, so ‘it’s all in the family’, as they say).


19. The ‘Transsexual’ frenzy is spreading like wild-fire in the U.K., as well as in certain other countries, conspicuously the U.S.A. (where there is at least a resistance movement to the madness).  The ‘Mermaids’ charity, headed by the herald from hell, Suzie Green, is at the forefront of this deranged fad and is well supported and well founded by the usual shadow people who have an interest in promoting moral chaos and the further disintegration of a once Christian society.  Doubtless that well-known crackpot ‘Prince Charles’ will soon enough reveal his support for it (as a promoter of the Arms Trade he is already well-established in the culture of death).


20. “Sex-change” is a biological impossibility. People who undergo sex reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa.  Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women i.e. nancy boys and butchy girls. “Sex-change” is pure fantasy and those doctors involved in it are criminally culpable in the disfigurement, physical and mental, of otherwise healthy if somewhat confused, human beings.


21. The ultimate source, the controlling mind behind the ‘Transgender’ craze is of course the Devil, who seeks to distort and destroy what God has created; and God has created human beings made and female with a natural attraction to each other, which is to be consecrated in the holy estate of marriage, and fulfilled in the procreation of children.  Therefore, “Transexualism” is both anti-God and anti-human.  It is demonic.


22. In the Holy Gospels we read that Christ went about exorcising and healing those possessed by the Devil, casting out the demons within those afflicted, and clothing them in their right mind. Likewise with all those trapped within the Satanic web of “transexualism”, they can only be fully restored to sanity and true humanity by the healing Word and the cleansing touch of Jesus Christ.


23. The Western Christian churches, with the exception of certain Evangelical groups, have been complicit in the advancedment and success of the ‘Transgender’ movement, as they have been in the case of homosexualism. Through cowardice, and respectability, and a seemingly insatiable desire for popularity, the churches have played the whore with this new form of idolatry and self-worship, which ‘transsexualism’  is; for ‘transgenders’, particularly the male variety, are obsessed with sex and pre-occupied with themselves, to the exclusion of almost everything and everyone else.  There can be nothing Christian about ‘transgenderism’.  It is self-worship and a radical defiance of God and the natural order he has created.


24. The so-called ‘Anglican Communion’ in particular, has colluded with the LGBT movement to such an extent, that those unfortunate young people and children who are exposed to the influence of Anglicanism, either through church schools or church attendance, will have their minds warped, will be made easy prey for Satanic seduction, and will be generally emasculated if they are male and generally masculinized if they are female.  Such is the politically correct world of ‘Anglicanism’.  The Anglican clergy is now populated by an increasing array of homo-lesbian opportunists, latent (and not so latent) paedophiles, self-promoting cranks and Bible-hating agnostics and atheists.  No wonder that the LGBT Rainbow flag is so often to be found flying atop of Anglican churches on “Gay Pride” days: Anglicanism is now (except the African Anglicans, GAFCON, and Anglican free churches) an integral part of the LGBT movement, having apostatized from orthodox Biblical Christianity. We await the arrival of transie bishops, looking even more silly and creepy than Anglican bishops (male&female) normally do; some kind of grotesque cross between Aaron in his high priestly robes, medieval clowns, and pantomime Dames.


25. The ‘Transgender’ movement is but the latest phase in a continuum of de-humanization, satanically engineered, which ultimately aims at forging the “indeterminate” human being, neither male nor female; genderless, sexless, and sterile.  Such a “human-being” would truly be a freak, who in days of yore would be found in a circus “freak show.”  Alternatively, such “indeterminate” beings are often found in Sci-fi horror films, where the aliens are depicted as neither male nor female.  And we can see in our day that Huxley’s nightmarish “Brave New World” has come to pass, and has in fact been surpassed.  For the ‘transsexuals’, who have purposely rendered themselves sterile, will need an every-increasing supply of frozen sperm and frozen eggs, stored in “test-tube baby” factories (“incubatories”) which mass produce made-to-order human beings.  And that will also be the case in the soon to emerge “indeterminate” species, or perhaps cloning will be the order of the day, as they seek to perpetuate themselves --- these genderless, sexless, humanoid creatures.  “Dr. Frankenstein, I presume?


26. A sex-obsessed Western World which, having ‘educated’ itself into imbecility, is now moving towards a state of total insanity; from which will emerge eventually, and ironically, a Western World of general sterility --- a sexless society of genetically-engineered clones.  Truly, “fearful symmetry”. No more sperm, no more eggs, no more penises or vaginas, no more men, no more women, no more wombs, no more children, no more family: the death of society, and only a dark, loveless, humanless asylum of manufactured aliens, made in the image of Satan.


27. We were not created by God to be homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, indeterminate, or ‘queer’. These LGBT categories are deviations from God’s natural order. At best, they are psychiatric disorders. But in reality, they are Satanic delusions. Only Christ can cast out these demons and heal those afflicted by them. Only Christ can restore broken humanity.


28. Any Christian who is involved with the LGBT, or willingly takes part in Gay Pride rallies, automatically excommunicates themselves from Jesus Christ. For they may as well participate in a Satanic ritual and be members of a Satanic coven. Yet Christ awaits their repentance and their return to Him.






O Mankind, look at yourself.

What kind of madness has come upon you?  

Is this what you really want?

You were created by God in perfection, male and female,

yet you are making yourself into monsters, freaks, abominations.


God willed us to be fruitful, to be pro-creators, to fill the earth with our offspring, sprung out of harmonious loving marriages between men and women.


Instead we are following the promptings of the sterile, sexless, Devil – Satan himself. He cannot reproduce, so he has led us to will this same nightmare for ourselves.


Yet it is not too late to turn from the prince of death to the King of Life Eternal.

gay pride

Jonah van Jesus